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Michael H.

7 September 2019

I don't do yelp ratings because I just don't but...... I can't leave this place without shouting to the universe how good their food,  music, beer,  atmosphere ... well all of it is.  We stopped into this place just to grab a drink as we were waiting for a table at another place,  we loved the name and were drawn in by the smell and the vibe.  We were quickly welcomed and sat down next at the bar (my favorite place In a place like this) after taking a sip of the local beers my husband and I looked at each other and said well... you want to look at the menu,  smells and looks amazing and like our kind of place (foodie junkies here).  We looked at the menu and decided we would give it a shot. So happy we did.  The gentleman sitting next to us asked if we had any questions so I told him I had a couple options and wondered which to go with.  He quickly steered me to the Thai Chili sausage and OMG so glad he did.  I am not joking when I say the sausage and the sauce was on point,  makes my mouth water thinking about it still.  We also ordered the bahn mi dog and brisket queso.  When the brisket queso came out we knew we wouldn't be disappointed.  To say I could drink the  queso would be an understatement,  dang so good.  Turns out the guy next to us ended up being the owner,  and really cares about his workers and this restaurant.  This is our first time in Portland but we are already talking about going back tomorrow just because we want to try the next item.  Highly recommend.  Thank you Thirsty Pig!!! More...


Jay B.

1 September 2019

Stopped in here for a drink after doing a bit of exploring all morning. Staff was friendly and the beer was cold. Did not get a chance to eat since we only had time for one drink; however, the food smelled great. All the orders passing our table looked really good so next time we will have to try some food... and a few more beers. Sat outside and enjoyed the patio area. There was a small garden with the cutest little watermelons. It was pretty sunny so I was glad we got the last table with an umbrella. Happy Hunting Yelpers!!! More...


Arya H.

2 August 2019

This is my first time in Portland and this is my favorite place already. Affordable, delicious hot dogs with a slew of toppings - I couldn't stop eating them! Friendly servers who are ready to help! Fantastic live music! This place has it all!! More...


Bob B.

30 July 2019

Wow, that was one of the best lunches of my life!  I had the jalapeño sausage sandwich and it was just perfect. Go to this place!


Austin A.

20 July 2019

I loved this place. All local brews and a truly killer sausage. I had the Thai chili dog. It came on a griddled white hot dog bun. Staff was awesome.


Melissa D.

17 July 2019

Any menu item, including the specialty dogs, on their long menu of various hot dogs and sausages can be made vegan or vegetarian. The staff here are so accommodating and great for us veg-heads. The veggie dogs are absolutely delicious. I go here often with lots of different people, and they are always impressed (meat- and non-meat-eaters alike) by the food menu. I think my favorite thing to get is the 2 hot dog basket loaded with cheddar cheese, "carmies" (caramelized onions), and bbq sauce. Their bbq sauce SLAPS. It's so incredible.The place itself is awesome. Very laid back vibe all around. The interior is dark, and you just order at the bar, but there is often live music, and the back deck/patio is where it's at. It's so spacious while also being removed from the typical chaos of downtown, especially in the summer months. A great place to spend a summer afternoon--one of my favorites in Portland, in fact.For draaank, they have lots of different rotating taps for beers and ciders including those that are local and some from afar. Yesterday I tried their Archer Roose cider. It was crisp and delightful.Overall, I highly recommend Thirsty Pig any day of the week. More...


Cait L.

16 July 2019

This was the dankest hot dog I've ever had. Both my bf and I got the icelandic dog and it was SO good. I thought a hot dog was a hot dog, but nope. Now I can never go to a regular BBQ again.The drinks were also great. They mixed one of the beers with prosecco and it was incredible. I forgot exactly what it was called but I heard the bartender offering it to another woman and it sounded dope so I had to get in on that. My bf got some other weird IPA.The place was super nice and cool. They had a TON of outdoor seating which is awesome during the summer. More...


Meg K.

12 July 2019

What an awesome place! They have fantastic sausages- we recommend the Sampler because you can try a little of everything! Even my tween gave the hotdog a thumbs up! I was most impressed that there was a vegetarian sausage option for my teen. She was so happy! There was also live music and it was so much fun! The owner was available and friendly. Go here- you won't regret it! More...


Audrey H.

7 July 2019

They very sweetly opened early to let us, including a 3 month old baby, watch the Women's World Cup after we awkwardly knocked on the door at 1030 am. A+ draft choices and very nice & friendly owners (or managers? Either way, you cool). More...


Dylan Z.

6 July 2019

Went here for lunch with my girlfriend, her sister and the dog while visiting Portland for the day and the food was great. My girlfriend being lactose intolerant it's difficult to find somewhere that has appetizing food for her. But she went with the chorizo and she really enjoyed it. (Which is surprising for how unhappy she usually is when we go out to eat). I opted for the pulled pork dip and a "taz dog" and I was very pleased. We sat outback on the porch and it was a beautiful day. Overall was a great lunch spot and also they were very dog friendly! Next time we come to visit we'll be making It back to this gem. More...


Amanda P.

4 July 2019

Wandered down to the Old Port on the 4th and they were flush with tourists, naturally. All staff handled the crowds like a champ, explaining all of the beers and sausage choices, being helpful but apologetic to the next person in line for any wait. I got the blueberry chicken sausage and my husband got the slow burn (which I tried a bite of and the name is SO apt, and the onions on top DELICIOUS) and as always it was delicious. They had music start at 2 shortly before we headed out that was appreciated and good, and at a reasonable volume despite having to have all live music inside now due to the (IMO stupid) ordinances. As always, thoroughly recommend the Thirsty Pig! More...


Kat L.

1 July 2019

This was a surprisingly great spot to bring our kids out for lunch during the off-season when things are quieter around the Old Port. Great vegan hot dogs and sausages and maybe a tall cold one, why not. Not sure I would attempt this during the summer, but it is a great spot if you are hankering for a vegan dog and a good local beer! More...


Eli H.

28 June 2019

great beer+vegan options! yes pleasestaff was friendly,nice outdoor seating. cute spot to relax after a full day of exploring:)


Candace M.

15 June 2019

Got into Portland and we were hungry, getting close to hangry. Quickly searched for vegan food and also had my eye out for a place that would have great beer. One of the highest results was another place a little farther from the center of downtown. We drove there and it was a supermarket, a famous one, a nice one, yet still a chain and I was pretty disappointed in my yelp community for letting me, a tourist, end up there as one of the highest ranked spots w vegan food. Now that might be true, but, I didn't come to Portland for the grocery stores, however nice! Quickly go back on yelp and found this spot: fit the bill- all brats, vegan food too, and really good beer. Sold. Parking is a little wild on all the side streets but it's all walkable downtown. Great little spot. Has tv w vintage or 90s or 00s DVDs playing. Selection of something for everyone. Vegan Brat was very filling!  Had Bissel Bros on tap which is rare even in the city it's made. Price added up quickly ($40 w tip for two brat sandwiches, two very nice beers) for what we had but overall enjoyable and better than a chain grocery store and it's fancy pub! I hope you'll go here instead and support a local business! More...


Kristin D.

26 May 2019

Vegan and vegetarian friendly! Every staff member I interacted with was helpful, friendly, and charismatic. The interior is trendy and quant. I switched up my order and they were happy to accommodate, vegan bratwurst with select toppings, no bun. We also got the side pickle, cucumber salad and sauerkraut. All delish. Looking forward to coming back when I'm in Portland next. More...


Kelsey K.

16 February 2019

Second time at Thirsty Pig and we again had a great time, sat in the exact same seats and it reminded us of last years experience. We got the Sausage Sampler to share of all the pork sausages and it was ah-mazing! They have such a great beer selection and are always playing a classic movie. The place to go for some good food, great beer and a casual atmosphere with live music More...


B. M.

3 January 2019

Great beer and amazing homemade sausage, the staff gives off a warm feel and comfortable feel!  This is a must if your in Portland


Sarah C.

28 December 2018

One of my favorite stops in Portland.  Not sure what they put in their hotdogs but they are incredible!  Good service and great beer too.


Jennifer N.

28 December 2018

Awesome atmosphere! Family friendly...great beer, home made root beer, Blueberry pop, hot dogs and sausage. Definitely will return!


Sarah M.

11 November 2018

Stopped here on the whim for lunch with my family this last weekend. We had a great time. The restaurant is small and there is not much seating. We lucked out finding an open booth for 6. The atmosphere is great - there was upbeat music playing and plenty of things to look at on the walls. Price was moderate. Food was good. I am mostly vegetarian (not the best place to go but my family loves meat) so I only got vegan chili and a hummus dip platter. My family gobbled all their hot dogs/pulled pork sandwiches right down. Note: most products have a spice to them! This place is a fun, low key place to get some good pork food. Nobody waits on you, you order at the counter. There is a good selection of beer too! More...


Brendan C.

9 November 2018

The quintessential spot for me when I visit Portland. Great hot dogs and house made sausage. Beautiful outdoor deck. But the beer and the staff bring me back just as much as the food. Please never change.


Sevie S.

3 November 2018

Amazing sausage!! Really enjoyed our meal. I had the General Tso's rice bowl with chicken sausage & husband had the ball park sausage. Live music, great atmosphere!


Nick N.

3 November 2018

The sausages were great. I loved the beer paring as well. I'm from the NY area, I wish we had this back home. Go to spot!


Rhiannon B.

19 October 2018

The menu is pretty much hot dogs and sausage links, which makes sense with the name being Thirsty Pig. The food was great and the staff were all very friendly. It's a nice place for a cheaper, casual meal. Would definitely go back. More...


Haydn W.

11 October 2018

While in Portland with some friends this past weekend, we stopped by The Thirsty Pig for lunch on a whim. I can certainly say that this place did not disappoint! There are so many traditional and unique types of hot dogs and sausages, and the pretzel with cheese dip makes a perfect side. They have a huge space inside with table perfect for either dates or large groups, and there is a huge patio out back as well. They have games on the back patio to entertain the crowds, which adds a nice touch. The service was super fast and the service was awesome; all of the people were so friendly. The next time I am in Maine, I will definitely make a return to The Thirsty Pig, and I can't wait to try more of the sausages on the menu! More...


Kayla F.

5 October 2018

This place has a great selection of beer, even though we were guided here by the vegetarian hot dogs. There is ample outdoor seating and a great space inside with games. Staff was also very friendly. Would recommend this place as a starting point or ending point of the night with food and a nightcap if you don't spend the whole night here. More...


Maggie G.

3 October 2018

You've got to try the Icelandic and Chili veggie dogs - They were delicious! The buns are grilled perfectly, and the flavors are outstanding. The house made veggie sausage was incredibly flavorful, too. If you like seltzer, I recommend the house made grapefruit flavored seltzer. Friendly staff and laid back atmosphere. Great experience on our first night in Portland. More...


Grace L.

28 September 2018

We came here on a Thursday afternoon right when the restaurant opened and were delighted to find a very simple menu of pork products and beer/drinks. We dove in and ordered the sausage sampler which was as enormous as all the pictures looked. We had a variety of sausages with their toppings as well as the pickled sides. Each one was delicious, cooked to perfection, and nicely balanced. We also ordered a few beers which were the perfect compliment to a pretty meat-heavy meal. Would definitely recommend this place if you are tired of eating seafood (which we were). More...


Brian L.

25 September 2018

Awesome beer selection and it's so rare to find restaurants still making any of their own sausage, let alone so many tasty and original varieties. Dog friendly area of the outside eating area was comfortable and not as "on the street" as many other places that theoretically allow dogs outside but make you tie them up outside a fence. More...


Cameron K.

25 September 2018

Place is the bomb! This is a great place to be... tons of drink options, chill atmosphere, and most importantly the food is amazing... I had the Thai chili and the blueberry sausages. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and a perfect temperature inside. This place has a very unique menu with tons of most try flavors... I will definitely be back to try a few more kinds! Overall a must when visiting Portland. More...


Robert C.

24 September 2018

We called the Thirsty Pig to see if they could co-handle a little bit of the catering for our wedding this past weekend.  We have several friends who are vegan/vegetarian and we wanted to make sure they had some delicious food to eat from our BBQ buffet.  Thusly so, we ordered some of their Vegan Sausages and Vegan Cole Slaw and they were both a huge hit.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed having the variety and the cole slaw was some of the best people had ever tasted.  Pickup and scheduling was a piece of cake and overall we had a great experience working with this awesome restaurant.  Thanks! More...


Tanya B.

14 September 2018

OMG. The all time best homemade sausage I ever had. Outstanding quality and great mix of flavors provides a great dining experience. Great beers from local breweries. Jersey girl in love with this place. Friends from Maryland/DMV agree. Waiter/bartender with the beard top notch too. A Portland must stop. More...


Melissa Hipple

14 September 2018

Their beer and cherry cider were excellent. We're from somewhere with lots of seasonings so their dogs were a little bland by comparison but still tasty. We were introduced to a pickle wis was both sweet and dill, a new and pleasant experience for us. More...


Russell Sylvia

14 September 2018

Great food! But is way under staffed.
Only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars.


Chelsea Tipton

14 September 2018

I am still thinking about the chorizo sausage. It was amazing. I am so sad there isn't one closer to me. The only reason I didn't give it 5 was there was a pretty lengthy wait for our food (don't go in if you're starving and I was) but it was absolutely worth the wait. I will go out of my way to come back to this place again. Highly recommended! More...


Heidi L. Geslien

14 September 2018

Best pub in Portland -- total 5 star gem!! Their house-made sausage (no nitrates or nitrites) is hands-down the BEST we've ever had. Add to this the variety of creative and delicious toppings they serve, along with their all-beef specialty dogs, and selection of local brews.... this place is a MUST while in Portland! We had their spicy Caribbean sausage, made with scotch bonnet peppers, Caribbean five spice, and ginger topped with daikon pineapple slaw, as well as their Banh Mi dog served with cucumber, pickled carrot, cilantro and chili aioli. Just amaaaazingly mouthwatering! In fact their sausage is sooooo delicious, we bought a bunch to take back home to New York with us!! Allison and Dave are down to earth, knowledgeable, fun to hang with....oh and their Thirsty Pig? It is quite possibly the best pub on the entire east coast (at least to naturegal6469 & I)!! More...


Chris Lavoie

14 September 2018

Amazing house made meat and sausages made with care and always a great rotating local draft list. The staff is also always very friendly and you will be greeted with smiling faces every time.This place is a Portland staple!!


Jack Slaughter

14 September 2018

A very chill place, with great beer... staff was super friendly and helpful


Rose Griffin

14 September 2018

Super friendly people and yummy drinks! I would recommend to anyone visiting.


Tami Simonetti Hardy

14 September 2018

Love this place. Great wait staff and fun atmosphere


John Besson

14 September 2018

Great beer and atmosphere. If your going to Portland, it’s a must.


Angelica McIntyre

14 September 2018

Great brews on tap and a fantastic sausage sampler. Get thee to the Thirsty Pig!


Jason Robert

14 September 2018

Awesome taplist and can selection.. highly recommend for those visiting the Portland area.. will be back on my next trip to Maine.


Ishmeel Daniels

14 September 2018

This place is great! Catered to us and the baby no problem. We'll be back for sure.


Lisa Gomez Johnson

14 September 2018

What a great place, atmosphere was so relaxing and food was spectacular


Mark Fernald

14 September 2018

Classic hot dogs with a twist. Fun atmosphere with a friendly staff. Burgers would be a nice addition to the lineup.


Elke Carr

14 September 2018

Great atmosphere, a large selection of draft beers and ciders, and of course very tasty sausages.


Deborah Martinez

14 September 2018

Love the food. The vegan sausage is amazing. I am a meat eater, but I love it. Good beers and music too.


Dean Ellis

14 September 2018

This place has an amazing atmosphere the people from employees to customers are amazing!!! Excellent food matched with the best homemade toppings!!! Awesome beer selection!!!


Jacob Phinney

14 September 2018

Walk in, smell the absolutely amazing smell of whatever sausage is cooking. Walk to the bar area, where there may be a line of people, as they have a fantastic beer selection. While waiting, look towards the small, very open, small kitchen and notice how small it is. Realize that it could take a little while to get your order because the kitchen is small and there's room for one person to cook. Inhale again and realize it's probably worth the wait and price. Eventually get to the front of the line and notice how nice the person is that's serving you, and how they want to find the right beer for you. Remember there are probably a lot of people behind you, and maybe don't try to taste every beer on tap, but just one that seems like something you may like. Take the very nice server up on their suggestion or look behind and below them at the cooler and order a can you know you like. Stay inside in heavenly-sausage-smell land, or walk out to their beautiful patio. Notice it's a wonderful little oasis in Portland where you can still do some amazing people watching, but tucked away surrounded by ivy and other beer lovers. Maybe go to the lower level by the street and pat a dog or try and bum a cigarette off someone, or listen to some live music if someone is playing. Perhaps spot Dwight Yoakam sitting there eating and drinking before his performance at Aura. Realize this would be an amazing, cozy spot in a snow storm, full of sausage smells, and not full of people. Get drunk and make some like-minded friends for the night, or don't get drunk if you usually turn into a jerk. Pay your tab, tip generously to those really nice people that told you about a beer you hadn't tried yet and might have not otherwise. Leave content, go home, pass out. Wake up the following morning and smell your shirt for more of that amazing sausage smell, or just go back and repeat. More...


Ridge W.

10 September 2018

Fantastic Allagash Belgian White ~ & don't get us started on the homemade sausage Thirsty Pig Yum!!!


Steve L.

6 September 2018

Fun, hip/quasi-divey craft beer bar with a very respectable craft beer list and an equally impressive bar menu, specializing in elaborate (and seemingly very tasty) hot dogs and sausages. They also have a pretty large outdoor patio deck space, which makes for some very relaxing day-drinking! More...


Reid F.

18 August 2018

Terrific beer, cider, and sausages in a place where everyone feels welcome and there is excellent, nightly live music. My wife and I love this place.


Emily A.

13 August 2018

If the weather is nice, please sit outside! It is a beautiful deck with tons of ivy on brick. The sausage sampler was amazing and so fun.


Anna M.

10 August 2018

Didn't stay. They only serve beer here and had a performer playing guitar and singing. Looked like a cool place to chill if you like beer


Laura K.

8 August 2018

So my husband and I went there after a so so dinner at a German Restaurant. Wish we had gone there first. The homemade sausage was amazing! Since we had already ate we took it home and had it for breakfast the next day. We are so going back to try more of their menu. More...


Alia T.

1 August 2018

The beer selection is great and there is a large food menu (mostly sausage and hotdogs) we really enjoyed the outdoor space.


Stacy H.

31 July 2018

After a day of sightseeing, we opted to order food to go and watch a movie together. My husband walked up to The Thirsty Pig to pick up the order we called in. My favorite items from the Thirsty Pig are Matt's BBQ Banh Mi, Icelandic Hot Dog, and the Potato Salad. For a casual, balanced, and delicious hot dog or sausage definitely try The Thirsty Pig.  ​ More...


Susan C.

26 July 2018

Great no frills joint with ever changing tap choices. All the servers were friendly and informative. Chili bomb dog awesome ( spicy). Chorizo sausage home made yummy delicious. More...


Dakan M.

23 July 2018

A bit hard to find when you visit Portland but it's worth it. Best food I've had in Portland. Great hamburgers. Mouthwatering menu and so much more. If you ever get the chance I would recommend this place! More...


Haley M.

20 July 2018

A thirsty pig I was! This place is all beer and dogs, literally. The have a stacked menu of local wieners and sausages with unique flavors and combinations of toppings. Grab yourself a hotdoggie, cold local brew, and a seat on the back porch to enjoy the summer season! More...


A K.

19 July 2018

Great place, nice staff and laidback vibe. The sampler was solid and they have an impressive beer selection. We really enjoyed being able to chill with our dog.


Dvorah L.

18 July 2018

I loved the dark beer and the sausage sandwich.  So good.  Outdoor setting is really nice.


Patrick A.

12 July 2018

Great food and great selection of beverages.  A great place for lunch. We could spend hours here just relaxing and enjoying the local food and drinks. Super pleasant staff.  Great job!!! More...


Jess L.

11 July 2018

Really good hotdogs, atmosphere, and beer list. My boyfriend and I liked it so much we went for lunch both of the two days we were in town. I'd recommend the New Englander, the Icelandic Hot Dog, and the Chicago Hot Dog. I want to try Matt's BBQ Bahn Mi the next time I go to Portland! The beans and coleslaw were delicious, but if i have to give a critique, I will say that the potato salad had a little too much dill for our liking. Just a warning for the potato salad lovers who don't like dill! Only reason I couldn't give 5 stars. I wish I could give more than 4 though. We loved this place! More...


Treadwell J.

9 July 2018

File under oh my god that's the best Wiener I have ever stuck in my mouth!   I ordered the BBQ bahm mi dog and the flavor was right tight and brightGreat local beer selection and super chill vibe.


Victoria S.

12 June 2018

Exceptional!  The beer selection was outstanding and the wheat ale did not disappoint! We also ordered from the menu, hummus (remarkably flavorful and served with warm pita wedges - mmmmm, and veg!), and each had a different sausage dish - mine a Caribbean sausage served over salad, and my hubby had a Thai chili sausage in a delicious bun (actually too good to just be called a bun). Absolutely stop by, you won't be disappointed! More...


Marc L.

1 June 2018

What a different type of restaurant.  Home madesausages in all kinds of styles & Flavor, specialty hot dogs. Good pretzel & the best chili  I have ever, ever, ever Had.Stop in & enjoy


Justin T.

1 June 2018

Visited The Thirsty Pig on a Tuesday night with the wife and loved every minute of it. For Portland, the Thirsty Pig offers a reasonably priced menu, tasty home-made sausages, a huge outdoor patio and a killer selection of local craft beers. The perfect spot to dress down, save your wallet and chill with a beer and dog. We will definitely come back on our next adventure to Portland. More...


Jenny D.

18 May 2018

Two things I love: outdoor patios and sausage. This place rocks both!  There's plenty of outdoor seating (esp for Portland which seems to have chronically tiny seating) in a nook of the Old Port. Additionally, the menu is meat-tastic. A wide variety of sausages are available and all of them tasty. On our visit today, two of us got hot dog baskets (a pair of Shields Meats' natural casing hot dogs locally made in Kennebunk) and one of us got the Lithuanian kielbasa. All of it was cooked well and paired great with the cider and beer of choice. The buttered split toasted bun was the delightful vehicle to deliver these sausages to our mouths. Not too dark, not too light--a terrific complement to our meats. Those housemade pickles were sweet and TART AF. My face screwed up as the flavor went from sweet to tang and made me crave an entire bucket of them. So unexpectedly bright and lively in flavor. Is $9 expensive for two good hot dogs? Maybe, but Five Guys charges $4.50 a hot dog and they aren't locally sourced or as flavorful. At the end, we were still peckish and ordered the pub pretzel. The pub cheese wasn't my style, but I did enjoy the mustard. This pretzel had the ideal coating of pretzel salt--no bite went without. Not my absolute favorite pretzel in town, but it certainly earned the right to be ordered again in the future. Excellent and friendly service, chill 5pm vibe on the patio, and tasty noms. This is a definite snack spot and drink experience for locals or tourists. More...


Vikkie N.

15 May 2018

The sausages; the dogs; the links; the bangers -- whatever you want to call them... is what brought us here.  The one that tickled my fancy on the day was the gyro sausage plate (it's on the Share area of the menu).First and foremost, it was delicious.  However, there was not really enough to 'Share' with anyone else.  Had anyone tried to to share my one lovely lamb merguez sausage they would have suffered a fork accident (my fork in the back of their hand).  It was served with soft and warm grilled pita and a small side of greens.  The tzatziki served as a salad dressing as I didn't try the red pepper sauce that came with it.As I don't drink beer they also get kudos for having Downeast cider on tap. More...


Daniel L.

13 May 2018

Not much to say here - fantastic beer selection, good music, amazing links of meaty joy.. Nothing like lubing up your esophagus with some of Portland's best beer and sliding those slick Willies down into your tummy. Get the pickletizer too, good palate cleanser, you filthy piggies. Godly beer cheese. I gained 8 lbs today in Portland, thank you and goodnight. If you were looking for a review with some substance, order the Substance IPA from Bissell Brothers. More...


Leslie S.

11 May 2018

A must do in Portland if you are into gourmet hot dogs and sausage links! This place is also great if you are looking for a more reasonably priced meal. Most of the other restaurants are on the fancier and more expensive side. We tried to look for a place with lobster but all the restaurants had 'market price' for the lobsters which, since it was off season, it meant the prices would be pretty steep. Plus we already had plenty of lobster the days before so we were good.There are so many sausage choices! In addition, there are also lots of choices for premade hot dogs. I was pleased to see that the hot dogs were all beef so I decided to order one of those.I ordered the chili bomb, which is basically a chili dog, and my husband ordered the Chicago dog. Instead of a hot dog bun, the restaurant serves the dogs on a delicious and perfectly toasted slice of bread. I loved the chili dog and my husband liked the Chicago dog except that he is used to having it on a traditional poppy seed bun but other than that it was perfect! We ordered a side of hummus to share and it was also pretty good. We were actually still hungry so I recommend to pay the $13 to mix and match 2 types of hot dogs. We ended up buying and sharing a third hot dog. We went with the flavor of the month, which was a Mexican street corn hot dog complete with seasoned corn, tortilla chips, and mayo. It was delicious! Heads up you can enter on 2 sides of the restaurant. We entered on the main street side with booths and tables but there is also a back patio area where people enter from the alley on the other side. This kinda creates a problem because no one knew where to stand in line. There was just one big crowd of people. Fortunately, the orders are taken pretty quickly so if you accidentally cut in line or someone cuts in front of you, everyone puts their order in within a quick amount of time.Still worth a visit. Enjoy!! More...


Audra M.

10 May 2018

- Great prices- delicious food- clean place- they give free food if they mess up your order- friendly staff- cool/hip atmosphere


Hallie F.

6 May 2018

During our trip to Portland, we stopped by The Thirsty Pig for a few drinks. The atmosphere of the bar was fun and we loved being able to sit out on the back patio. Very unique concept of going up to the counter to order (for both drinks and food.) The line to order did get long while we were in it, but it went fast. My only complaint - it was the Kentucky Derby but the bar didn't have it on! Instead a movie was on. But otherwise it was a really cool spot and we will be back to hang out here again (and will try some food next time!) More...


Becky M.

15 April 2018

Solid choice in the old port for beers and munchies. They have a great tap selection and although a large menu, they keep it simple with sausage and hot dog options with classic and unique toppings. I really appreciate that they now have lots of vegetarian and vegan options! If someone vegan is craving a beer and a classic American hot dog covered with fried onions, relish, etc... I think it's pretty great they can come into The Thirsty Pig and leave satisfied. They have a big deck outside right in the heart of Old Port and comfy booths inside. Ordering works by going up to the counter so no table service here. I wouldn't call this bar trendy, touristy or hipster.... just a great late-night bar to get a little tipsy on local brews and to soak it all up with some sausage and pickles! Only complaint is the line for the bathrooms can get a little ridiculous. More...


Tim B.

9 April 2018

I love the Pig! Great beer selection and live music! And the sausage is delicious. Can be crowded in the summer but always fun. And the people working their know their beer! One thing I hate: you ALWAYS smell like food when you leave. More...


Jackie T.

1 April 2018

Atmosphere: a real laid-back place. You grab your own menu, seat yourself, and order with the cashier whenever you're ready. Pretty cool ambience! Food: I got the pickltizer, (pickle appetizer), which was so good. Pickle lovers, this is your thing. It also came in a jar, which I thought was kinda hip and cool! I also got a custom hot dog, and I'd say it was good, but pretty average. Still good, but I've had better hot dogs in LA. My friend got their pretzel appt., and charcuterie, which was actually average. She didn't end up finishing either of them. She also said her beer was average, didn't finish it either. Maybe she wasn't as hungry as I was I certainly finished everything... I'd just say stick to the pickltizer and their signature dogs! I thought they were pretty good. Tip: there's street parking, just not on the 2nd and 4th of every month between a certain time. We parked a couple mins away and walked over. Overall: cool workers, ambiance, and food is good, but nothing too special. Good place for bar food and to drink! More...


Nicole C.

31 March 2018

Love this spot to grab a good craft beer before a movie. I haven't tried their food but I've been meaning to. Great little spot that usually isn't too crowded.


Alexandra W.

3 March 2018

Great spot in Portland for a quick bite! Thirsty Pig provides a fun, relaxed atmosphere and great drinks with reasonably priced food. We ordered the Dave "Taz" Dog and the house made Ball Park sausage each with the potato salad. Both were packed with flavor. We also each ordered a beer from their extensive selection. Would definitely recommend for a casual comfort food meal but maybe not for a nice dinner out. Total including the two beers came to about $35. Will definitely be returning. More...


Sarah M.

13 February 2018

Popped in for lunch today and it was delicious! The guy who was there today was super friendly. The food was great and at a great price too. I was sad I couldn't get my Chicago dog in Chicago last weekend so I was glad to get it here! The slaw was also fantastic. Couldn't have had a nicer surprise after going here on a whim. More...


Rayni K.

31 January 2018

The Thirsty Pig was our third and final stop of the evening on our recent visit to Portland. By the time we arrived, their kitchen had closed for the night, but that was fine by us since we were still full from dinner and the beers we'd consumed thus far. This also led us to only have one beer, but it turned out to be my favorite of the night.The atmosphere was pretty cool, and unfortunately it was too cold to enjoy Dan's Big Deck (tee hee), but I would imagine it to be a pretty cool area to hang out in when the weather is more accommodating. They have booths and tables inside, and two long bars that people can sit/stand at. Admittedly, the one along the back wall can get awkwardly tight when it's crowded.We ended our evening on a good note here, and it's definitely a good bar to stop at when you're bar-hopping in the area. More...


Jules F.

13 January 2018

This is my go-to when I find myself in need of a drink in the Old Port.I will say, I like the layout in here less since the reno - there used to be cozy, wooden booths along the right wall - and now there is one high-top bar. I suppose they can seat more people this way.ANYWAY-5 stars because:- the ambience. It's cozy, it's not pretentious. It's welcoming. The servers are kind.- the BEER. Oh. EM. Gee. They always have something on tap for everyone. They almost always have a delicious Bissell on tap, which is my go-to. They have wines too - beer and wine only.- the old school card trivia. I cannot even count the number of times I have sat in this bar or on the patio with my bf and with friends quizzing each other on random facts of the 1950s. It's free, cheap fun.- the bathrooms. IDK about the men's room, but the ladies' room is nicer than my apartment, tbh.- the patio rULES. In the summer, the green vines reach up, you're secluded - it feels like a true Maine experience. In the winter they used to have the patio open with the heating things - not sure that's still happening. If not, they should bring it back.- the food - they serve mainly sausages, but serve a vegan sausage too! Can I get a YAS. Their pretzels rule.The only time I despise this place is when it's filled to the brim with screaming drunk bros that can't hold their alcohol and crash into you as you're waiting in line for a drink. That is not great. But, it's in the OP. What do you expect, I guess?The line can get long here. That's not great either. Plan accordingly.I came here on Christmas, as it was one of the only places open, and I do not regret it. It was fab. This is a true Portland bar. More...


Lauren K.

11 January 2018

I have never eaten here but I have gone for drinks. It's a fun spot especially in the warmer months when the outside seating is open. They have a nice selection of beer. More...


Melinda M.

3 December 2017

Had a Thanksgiving evening beer here while visiting Portland.  Beer was good - we were probably a little old for the rest of the customers but we enjoyed ourselves.


Rob G.

15 November 2017

If you are new to Portland, ME and hanging out in Old Port, The Thirsty Pig is a great spot to gather your bearings, grab a bite to eat and some local beer.  My family and friends who visit Portland all use "The Thirsty" as a base for our adventures.  The location is convenient to a ton of hotels and a quick walk or Uber ride to the East or West Ends.  The food menu is full of fun and inventive items - get the Pickletizer or a Pub Pretzel to start.  Add a hotdog or two, this weekend we had a Reuben Dog and a hotdog with Mac & Cheese topped with Dorito dust!!  Their house-made sausages do not disappoint either with rotating seasonal flavors.  The taps are always from the best and brightest Maine, Vermont and New England brewers.  For a chill atmosphere, friendly service, a big outdoor deck and great food and beer - go to The Thirsty Pig. More...


Gabrielle B.

12 November 2017

Had a bad experience here years ago and didn't go back until this weekend when I had a great experience. Was so happy to see 2 Foam Brewer's beers on draft from Vermont along with top of the line local beers. I didn't have any food but would like to return for brews and snacks. They have various brewery shirts available to purchase as well. Service was prompt- I've got nothing bad to say! More...


Nicole M.

30 October 2017

FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!!! I loved this place so much, got the vegan sausage and my sister got a regular kind, plus pickled veggies and a pretzel. I have been on a sausage/pretzel/pickle kick ever since, but none as good as here. I came on vacation but wish i lived closer so i could come here regularly. Have already recommended to a handful of people in the last few weeks - MUST TRY! More...


Caleb T.

26 October 2017

This place is amazing! Great food and atmosphere! Must go in my opinion! The staff is friendly and helpful!


Rosie Q.

9 October 2017

A place I would definitely recommend to visit first when people are out in Portland would be The Thirsty Pig. This is the perfect stop to grab and drink and stay awhile. Everything about this place is warm and inviting. The rustic atmosphere, energetic folks, live music, bar snacks, outside seating when the weather permits and voila, you got yourself a charming little pub to start-off your stay in Maine.Sausage Chili Bowl-  This is a comforting, chunky and hearty bowl of delicious chili. Pub Pretzel- Soft, right-out-of-the-oven pretzel that will paired perfectly with any seasonal beer. Overall Service: They got the friendliness formula down pat! You have to order in the middle where the register is located and they'll find you and bring over the food. I love it and we will certainly be coming back here again. More...


Mallory R.

2 October 2017

Went with my husband for a little bite and some beers while in Portland on our honeymoon. Really cool environment with a great beer list and menu. We had a couple different beers with a delicious charcuterie board and pretzel. Would definitely go back! More...


Cynthia L.

29 September 2017

One of the best sausages I've ever had. They're all homemade and their variety is amazing. I wished I got the sausage sampler but I know I wouldn't have finished it. I got the Caribbean Jerk sausage and it was delicious. The flavors were strong but and not overwhelming. The casing was soft but not chewy. I tried some of my friend's chorizo and blueberry chicken sausages and they were great. My favorite had to be the blueberry chicken. The blueberry was subtle and the you would get light notes of the blueberry sweetness. I wish I could try more of their menus but I always get full after two links. This is definitely a spot for me to hit anytime I go to Portland again. More...


Alyssa C.

23 September 2017

This was a must try for me on a trip out to Portland. The sausages definitely lived up to their reputation. I tried the fiesta which was a special at the time I was there. There was so many toppings on it that each bite was extremely tasty. You have to wait in line to order your drink and food, then you find a seat and they bring it over to you. I went for lunch when they first opened for the day but I saw the line get longer and longer throughout the day. They have a lot of local beer options to try as well. I'll definitely be back when I'm in the area! More...


Mandy B.

20 September 2017

Great outdoor porch setting area. Awesome spot to enjoy on a beautiful day. They have beer but no liquor. They do have good beer options and when I was there they had a hard cider as well for those who are into that it was good. They also have some small plates. Good lunch meet up spot with friends. More...


Matt B.

16 September 2017

If you like beer and sausage, this is your place. I usually sit at the bar, where awesome music and wicked good 80s movie are playing. Owner and staff are friendly and their back patio is nice for a summer day. More...


Sydney F.

16 September 2017

The best Buffalo chicken quesadilla ever! 10/10! Also, sit on the tables outside to really get a good experience


Alex H.

5 September 2017

Great beer selection and has an outdoor space! I came in the summer so I was looking for a place with an outdoor space. This has a handful of tables and some umbrellas. The beer selection is good and the pretzel is decent. The mustard is 1,000x better than the beer cheese (which doesn't taste like much, in my opinion). I'd come back for an outdoor beverage :) More...


Jaclyn B.

1 September 2017

Creative flavor combinations for the adventurous, and good chili hot dogs for the rest of us. The chili is black bean and meat, which was surprising and tasty. We sat on the sunny back patio.


Jeff C.

29 August 2017

Great atmosphere, wonderful meats and beer selection. I will definitely be back. If o had one recommendation it would be to add another item or two to the menu for kids. The hotdogs were great and the pretzel spectacular, but perhaps one or two more. Just a thought, but either way, I'm coming back.  Well done. More...


Ryan V.

26 July 2017

This is a great spot for beer.  They were making a special sausage that was built off of what was found at the farmer's market the next day, but sadly, I never got around to having a sausage.  They looked and sounded great though.We were all about the drinks here.  When we got there, my wife asked the bartender if they had a cocktail menu.  She told my wife, quite bluntly, that "this a craft beer bar."  I thought it was hilarious.  It only cemented that they knew good beer.  I had a few and I have to say that they had one of the better selections in the city.  It wasn't just all one or two breweries like most had.  My wife had a Jello Sake.  It comes in a can, looks like fizzy jelly when it's poured, and tastes... different.  I can't say I could drink a whole one, but it was definitely a unique beverage.Very worthwhile coming here.  Cheers! More...


Janet E.

25 July 2017

Great food, service, ambiance, outdoor seating and beer! Plus they have board games! Highly recommend this place!


Ian E.

30 June 2017

Great place to get a sausage or specialty hotdogs. Lots of great local beer choices. I have been to the Pig many times and it is one of my favorite spots in Portland. Though most of their food is for carnivores, they do have some really good vegetarian options as well. The staff is friendly and the service is fast. They have outdoor and indoor seating which always a nice choice to have. More...


Bette P.

25 June 2017

The Mediterranean Gyro was AMAZING! And the pub pretzel with mustard and beer cheese can't be beat. Belly up to the bar and have a shipyard summer ale.


John L.

14 June 2017

We walked in on the Day of the Portland Festival.  Bad idea.  The place was jammed & food was out of the question.Great place for the twenty to thirty somethings and not an under fed, grouchy, over heated old crab like me.  However, I would like to return on a less popular day for a pint & a bite. More...


Michelle L.

11 May 2017

I really was surprised to find I had not reviewed The Thirsty Pig yet, as it is one of the first places I ever came when I moved to Portland.I absolutely love The Thirsty Pig in nice weather and have positive, but less excited feelings about it during the winter or on a rainy day. The tap list is great, always lots of local options to try and they switch it up regularly. If you're not drinking beer they do have some ginger brew bottles available as well, and probably some other soda options. The sausages are good, though I'm not always 100% in the mood for a sausage, and you really need to be cool with eating that to enjoy the food. You order food inside and they will come deliver it to your table when it is ready.Here's the best part: the back patio. Why don't more places have a nice patio like this?! We get such a short nice season, I want to be outside for as much of it as possible. In worse weather, the indoor space is best for groups of 2-4 people, much bigger and you will struggle with where to be. They recently changed the layout a bit to add more tall seating/standing room, but it still gets a little tight when they're busy.Still, always a chill spot to spend some time, and a staple of the Maine craft beer community. Cheers to the Thirsty Pig! More...


Snickity N.

8 May 2017

We came here for a late lunch so the atmosphere was a bit quiet, but I imagine it can get going at night.  This place was the perfect change up from the abundance of seafood and pub food located throughout the downtown area. We ordered hotdogs and a pulled pork sandwich, both of which were excellent.  The staff was friendly and welcoming. There is a large selection of local Maine craft beer which also did not disappoint. We had fun quizzing each other with the cards of trivia they keep on the counters. Overall cool spot! More...


Paul H.

30 April 2017

Tubes of sausages, Maine beer, reasonably priced, downtown location, cool decor and great outside seating. Come on, why would you hate on this place.  It's a good bar that earns a passing grade. More...


Kali C.

11 April 2017

We gave this place a try after seeing it on Yelp. What a great choice! Homemade sausage & more. Everything was delicious and the food came out quickly, I would definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the area!Also, loved the music choice!


Rachel S.

9 April 2017

Very causal, laid back place. They have vegan and vegetarian options which is awesome for a hotdog place. I ordered the vegan chili, and veggie dog. The chili was spicy but flavorful. As for the veggie dog, I'm not sure if it was an actual veggie dog. It had a tint of beef hotdog flavor. If it was a veggie dog they did a good job of disguising it. More...


Veronica F.

8 April 2017

Awesome place! Great to come in with a group of people to grab drinks or food or both! Everything was delicious and service was phenomenal. Great selection of beer, cider and other really cool and interesting drinks. We tried the lavender lemonade which was interesting and refreshing! The bartenders were so nice and accommodating. Definitely recommend!! More...


Reinne T.

26 February 2017

We liked the music by the live band, the atmosphere and the charades on the table. Seems more like a self serve atmosphere similar to a coffee shop- only you get your  beer and choose a game to play with friends.


Hannah U.

21 February 2017

go here!!!! eat a sausage or a hot dog!!! have a delicious local beer!!!! i promise you will NOT regret it.


Benji H.

19 February 2017

Delicious!! We wanted a casual brunch and this place was perfect. My friend loved her vegan sausage and I enjoyed the Lithuanian. Everything was killer and homemade. The braised cabbage side was also insanely good. Also enjoyed the local beer selection. More...


Meaghan C.

19 February 2017

The best (and only) vegan hot dog I've ever had! As a vegetarian I'm always struggling to replace my craving for hot dogs and The Thirsty Pig hit the spot. For a restaurant with an animal in the name, they had a lot of vegetarian options on the menu. They also have a great assortment of local beers on tap as well. Great place for a quick bite! More...


Steph F.

12 February 2017

Visited last Fall and I still think about the pickles, beer, and hotdogs. Will be back next time in Portland!


Amanda R.

12 February 2017

This place was so cool! From the packs of Trivial Pursuit cards to play to the old movies to pick to play on the TV, the Thirsty Pig was a great stop. The people working are so nice and friendly and the live music on Saturday's is entertaining and fun! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, relaxing beer or quick bite to eat. More...


Beth D.

11 February 2017

What an awesome place to spend a snow-stormy Saturday afternoon.  The music pulled us in - Kris Rogers on keys is such a talent - and we were ready to switch to beer after an afternoon of Irish Coffee.  Plus, I'm vegetarian and was hungry.  I know, why go to a place known for sausage when you're vegetarian?  For the music, the ambience and the excellent beer selection, including one of my very favorite local IPA's.  I ordered a cup of vegan chili, and it was unfortunately too salty to eat.  Staff was very understanding, and I was able to order the hummus plate to replace it.  Oh, dear, that was too salty, too.  I suggest a much lighter hand on the salt, at least when it comes to the vegetarian offerings. Beyond that, the afternoon was perfect.  Thanks so much for such a great time. More...


Morgan S.

17 December 2016

Sausage and beer, what more do you need? We ended up at the Pig after hearing Duckfat had a two hour wait and I'm so happy we did. I had the Thai chili sausage and it was delicious. We would've stayed for a second beer but a bachelorette party showed up and the place got a little crowded/ I'll definitely go back. More...


Rose P.

9 December 2016

We went to this place on our first night in Portland.  I loved it.  Fresh homemade sausage, pretzels and cheese.  Great beer.  Very relaxed atmosphere.


Danielle M.

8 December 2016

We were in town for a quick vacation and had checked out The Thirsty Pig online before our trip! We were VERY impressed with the attentiveness and knowledge of the bar staff! We ordered a cheese board and a sausage sampler and were beyond pleased! The owner came over and spoke with us and she was very welcoming! It's great to know that she has so much passion about the food she serves and she really wants to spread her knowledge to their customers! Will definitely be in next time we visit! More...


Jenn D.

5 December 2016

I LOVE this place! Every time I go there is a new beer to try in addition to a go-to selection. The service is super laid back and chill but always welcoming. I love their little bar where I always meet a new person to chat about beer with and if there's no seat there,the adorable booths are so cozy. Their deck is one of my favorites to sit on during warmer weather. The food is always fresh and delicious! More...


John F.

21 November 2016

We stopped here before a dinner down the street. We were originally only planning on exploring the diverse beer menu, but the sausage sucked us in. This is borderline divey, which is GREAT, and the sausage is really good. It is a great stop, or probably a nice spot to spend some time... and eat some good food. The can get away with their very good prices because there isn't really table service. You order at the counter. We had no problem with this, but some people around us apparently did.The only real downside in my mind is that we specifically ordered the sausage naked, but ended up getting it on a bun... and buns cost a bit more money. More...


Lauren C.

13 October 2016

We stopped in here on a Friday evening for a pre-dinner drink and snack. It was a great choice because the food and drink were great as well as the atmosphere.I had the Spicy Caribbean Sausage and a Ram Island Lavender Lemonade Mead. The sausage had an excellent flavor and texture. The pineapple slaw on top paired well with the spices in the sausage. The mead was delicious. My husband had the Lithuanian Kielbasa and an Allagash beer. The Lithuanian Kielbasa was definitely the stand out between the two sausages. Great flavor! We also enjoyed a Cheese Board that was full of delicious every day cheeses and breads. Seating options included tables and booths inside or tables on a deck outside. Since it was a beautiful day we opted to sit on the outdoor patio. The patio was a great way to enjoy our food, drink, and the beautiful day. More...


Leah W.

27 September 2016

TAKE HOME SAUSAGE PARTAYYYY. (side note:  My friend Kate asked the guy at the counter about this and got a hilarious response.  Plus one star for hilarity/being a good sport.)I solidly like Thirsty Pig.  I go here at least three times a month.  Expect:  cheaply priced, but great selection of beer and other drinks - these rotatea rustic/dive bar type atmosphererandom live music that's mostly pretty awesome  - GO TIM BERGERON!!!!dive bar food - i.e. sausages, low maintenance apps, etcfriendly knowledgeable counter service, prompt delivery of foodDon't Expect:super classy or refined - this isn't a traditional dive bar because it's fairly clean and everyone is cool, however it's definitely a bit hipster/casual.  full meals - you CAN get full on the food and they aren't stingy but this is more of a happy hour/beer and snack type placeThirsty Pig is a go to happy hour, sleepy Saturday afternoon, sunday funday type place where you can chill, get a decent  drink at a normal/non ridiculous price, and hang out in your flannel, bean boots, flip flops, and/or yoga pants.  I'll certainly be back. More...


Andrew S.

7 September 2016

Made our way here from Novare Res on a Sunday afternoon, looking for some good food. Got some sausage sandwiches and Bissel Bros. Food was very good and the beer was great. Nice outdoor seating and live music was great for a relaxing Sunday. Highly suggest for a quick bite to eat and a couple of the finest local brews. More...


Rick C.

4 September 2016

Can't speak to the food as we only stopped in for drinks.  There is a nice patio outside and they had a lone singer out back who brought a good atmosphere to the outside crowd.  The tap selection is small (6-10 beers ) but the selection is made up with quality beers. More...


Sonofnothing ..

21 August 2016

Had some beers, came back had some more beers. Awesome t shirt designs if you want some swag. Portland is loaded with pretty, young, hip, fuckable humans, and the Thirsty Pig was occupied by many of them. Good selection of local brews on tap, and cheap shit beers for 2.5 a can.. Can't beat it! More...


Jeanette G.

16 August 2016

We stumbled upon this place for dinner on a Sunday. We were tired from driving all day and this place had the perfect laid back atmosphere. We grabbed a couple beers and ordered at the counter, then hung out on the patio in back. Food and beer were both great. More...


Paul T.

14 August 2016

HOLY HOTDOGS!!!! This is one of Portland's best restaurants! Did I mention they have awesome beers too? Cause they do!!! Mainly local drafts, which is a good thing. Chili dog and Chicago dogs were phenomenal!!! I wish I could have tried them all. Can't wait for our next visit More...


Juli H.

10 August 2016

Oh man....where do I begin? Oh, yeah! Hoards of meat. Felt like Oprah, "You get a sausage! You get a sausage! You get a sausage!" Tried the sausage sampler- $40 for 5 different types of sausage. We got to choose a couple because they weren't busy, but it's usually chef's choice. Had: blueberry (yum), Greek (ok), ballpark (good), maple (yum), and hot Italian (good, but spicy). Husband was a little shocked I wanted the sampler, but I assured him I was hungry and we could take leftovers home. Um, what leftovers Ended up getting a "classic" hotdog to go-  ketchup, mustard, relish, and sauerkraut...pass! Wasn't even natural casing and really not much flavor. Stick to the sausage. Yum, yum sausage! (That's what she said). More...


Lori B.

7 August 2016

Had some delicious smoked turkey, sausage, and ribs!  Yum..yum...topped it off with some good brew and live music..thank you Thirsty Pig!


Timothy J.

6 August 2016

This place is great. The sausage is fucking bomb. I would definitely try it if you are in the area. Beer and sausage is probably one of the best combos on the planet.


Abby V.

6 August 2016

The coolest spot in Portland! There is always a movie that you haven't seen in 15 years on! Today it is Wayne's World. The food is cooked as you order it! The hot dogs are all amazing! The beer is cold and from local Brewers! The staff are awesome. We come here all the time and have never been disappointed!! Don't pass this place up! More...


John R.

6 August 2016

Family of 4.   Two kids.  We were walking around and needed a break for a drink.  Snack.  And to rest our feetGreat beer menu.   DJ on the back deck was spinning tunes.   We had a pretzel and fries.  Comfortable scene.   We even played Tricia pursuit at a table inside.   I liked the beers.  Allagash white and Stoneface pale ale on tap. More...


Joe M.

29 July 2016

I've found my new home!This place is the most chill, comfortable place with great beer and sausages.  I like the "order at the counter" method.  The selection of tabletop games too, help make this a place you want to stay in.  A great concept, well executed, real.  Like the CBGBs of beer.  Authentic and you can see the owners care about what matters most. More...


Rick H.

29 July 2016

Love the Pig - A must visit for a different dining experience. Casual, laid back and fun.  We had the Blueberry Sausage, Caribbean Sausage, Hotdog and Pulled Pork.  All great items.  Also, a variety of great beer.  Inside and outdoor dining is available. More...


Nicomima D.

15 July 2016

Simple good foods! Best hot dog I've had in a long time. Great brews on tap. Will be back again for the homemade sausage.


Melissa B.

7 July 2016

Who can say no to house-made sausages? Not me! I got the kielbasa and it was excellent. I do wish I had asked for mustard on the side though, because there was too much on mine, but that's a lesson for next time. The girl behind the counter recommended a great beer. The ordering/service/paying is... weird. But otherwise a nice little spot. More...


Holly C.

6 July 2016

Short draught list but cold, good beers! Wish I had room for food; it smelled and looked amazing. We had a lovely time sitting out with the dog drinking beer, meeting people, and listening to live music. The owner was also buzzing around and making sure people were doing well--good sign for a great place! More...


Kim Z.

5 July 2016

A bit awkward at first. Came here on a Sunday evening for dinner and my boyfriend and I thought we were suppose to seat ourselves since there was no hostess stand, and then a server would come over. We quickly realized that you're suppose to order at the awkward counter in the middle of the restaurant. We thought people were just paying their final bill at first. We eventually found a random menu laying around and ordered all our food and drinks at the counter. They give you a number and then you go seat yourself. We found a spot outside on their deck which was a pretty cool spot surrounded by old, ivy-covered buildings. My boyfriend ordered a sausage sandwich with the chorizo sausage. He said it was excellent! He especially loved the jalapeño creme on top. I also ordered a sausage sandwich but with the spicy Caribbean sausage. Also very good! They were much larger than normal sausages you buy at the grocery store. We were both stuffed after our meal. We had also ordered a soft pretzel to split, which was good but definitely not needed. More...


Jac R.

3 July 2016

What an awesome spot for live music and great beer on the outdoor patio. The service was super friendly. We also tried the spicy Caribbean sausage dish and loved it. I highly recommend this place for an easy, chill time with friends. More...


James D.

25 June 2016

Great food and beer selection. I love the sausages here and my wife loves the veggie hot dog. They also have the best potato salad I've ever had. That isn't something I ever thought I would say, but it truly stands out. More...


Gary D.

17 June 2016

Cool place with an outdoor seating area and a large selection of beers. They have good hotdogs and sausages that come on good bread.


S A.

3 June 2016

This place was great!  Lots of local beers, champagne in a can with a sippy straw, sausages were so good we stopped and loaded up on our way out of town.  Twenty-something ages mostly but with outdoor seating and relaxed atmosphere.There were 6 of us and it was raining so there wasn't a lot of group seating options, but we just dragged extra seating up to the bar and no one seemed to mind. More...


Joe G.

2 June 2016

Casual, local craft beer with great sausage selection. Greats beers, nice people. I will return.


Steven F.

29 May 2016

We stopped in here for lunch today with 2 kids. We all had hot dogs and the toppings were awesomeGot to site outside which was nice - and played cornhole together


Sheila S.

27 May 2016

Hot dogs are good. Chili was only okay. You can get these food items cheaper elsewhere and just as good.  They have alcohol and a decent selection of it.


David W.

25 May 2016

Stumbled on this gem on my recent trip to Portland. They seemed to be the only bar opened before 4pm lol. They had a great selection of beer but the food was the best part. We ordered their taco sausage special and a hot dog which were great. The bartender was a real nice guy (Dave i think) who told us of how they make their own sausage in site. He also recommended some things for us to do while in town which ended up leading to us having a great time. We had to stop by again before we left town to bring some of their frozen sausage home with us. I recommend the Lithuanian! More...


Denise C.

25 May 2016

Went to Portland as a destination on our roadtrip around the East Coast. Most stores in Portland close pretty early, but the music scene is pretty cool/unbeatable at the Thirsty Pig. There is a huge patio outside and there was a live band playing when we were there. Friends and families hang out in the patio with balloons and laughter, it was just a blast. Draft options are decent but not fantastic, good place to grab a beer before dinner. Bartender was nice and friendly too! More...


Walleyecrue W.

22 May 2016

Outstanding selection of local beer. Enjoyed the sausage platter that had five very different  sausages. Grab a seat on the rear patio.


Uncle J.

20 May 2016

I just popped in here with a group of 20 people and the service was super slow!! Just kidding, and no offense to that dude, but c'mon man... if you walk into any restaurant with 20 people without making a reservation what do you expect. They don't take reservations here, but even a phone call a day or two advance as a heads up, odds are they would have done a lot more to accommodate you.I digress, but certainly don't base a visit on that review. I will say the only downside to this place is that it can get busy, but you can't blame a place for being popular! I hate to even write this review as I don't want it packed all summer, but I think the secret's out anyhow.Someone else complained about the smell, and maybe they hit it when there was a problem but if someone said that to me about this place I'd smack em upside their head because this place smells like heaven. Grilled sausage heaven. I left my backpack here one night (bonus points for it still being there the next day) and it picked up that amazing sausage smell. I seriously sniffed my backpack for like 2 straight days just to get that smell. Call me a weirdo, but you wait! The kitchen here is SMALL and open, hence the smell, but they bang it out, but you might have to wait a bit if it's busy (even if you don't roll in with 20 peeps) as they just can't cook a ton at the same time. Worth it though!!Fantastic draft selection, in fact I think of it more as place to grab a fantastic local beer at a decent price, with a cool vibe, and snack on something really delicious, if needed. I think it's somewhere around 7 taps, but they make the most of them. A close relationship with Bissell Bros means they almost have one of theirs on, and overall it's just a badass selection. Usually something from other parts of Maine you just don't really see at any other places in Portland, then maybe Novare Res (handily across the street!). OH, and the staff here is fantastic, just lovely. They're passionate about the beer they carry, they seem to like working there, and are just a nice bunch. Super easy to talk to in my experience which always makes me feel at home. So don't go and leave all the patio tables open for me. More...


Victoria P.

13 May 2016

Homemade sausage links? Sign me up! I was SO intrigued by the menu that initially I was legit going to order 5 sausages (yes, just for myself), but realized how unhealthy that may have been sooooo I stuck with ordering only two. I ordered Chorizo and Spicy Italian. Both were very delicious. The Chorizo was not quite what I expected, but it was tasty. I'm all about flavor and if it works - great! Absolutely will be paying another visit in the near future! I need to try the other 3 sausages I missed out on hahaOh! Only slight downside to this place is seating. I got here at the wrong time because it was PACKED. We stood at the bar trying to eat our food until a table opened up. By the time we were done eating it was like the crowd had disappeared. This place can get very busy so plan accordingly to either dine in or eat out. Service was great - friendly and quick despite the busy crowd. More...


Joan R.

12 May 2016

We were drawn to this place by the name as it described our situation perfectly (we were a couple of fatties wanting to kick a back some beers before our fancy dinner reservations).It's a really nice bar, cool and casual without any divey feel to it. It was very laid back and although it was a weekend night we were able to move around freely from the bar to a vacant seat without bumping into a sweaty crowd. The draft beers was very budget friendly. The menu has an interesting selection of sausages and hot dog meals. They host live entertainment (you can see who's playing in the event calendar on their website). We were fortunate to see this awesome blue grass band. I was impressed with the chill ambiance and the value of their drafts. I have unfinished business with this place...I can not wait to go back to Portland so I can try their sausages! More...


G J W.

9 May 2016

It was fun discovering a place for vegetarians to eat hot dogs and chili with hard cider in fun pub in the downtown arts/port area. The veggie chili was very tasty, the veggie dogs were special only because they weren't meat but still satisfying. Would go back again to try the other taps. More...


Maria A.

3 April 2016

Had an amazing brunch and sausages. We're delicious... great atmosphere great staff. We will be back!


Brian H.

25 March 2016

Great beer garden simple friendly and great simple food. The best thing is no domestics beer at all


Devin S.

12 March 2016

Go for the food, stay because the beer is really really good! The sausage is out of this world, there is not one bad option to choose from and the beer selection is full of local taps that are out of this world! If you happen to get bored while waiting for your food, walk over to the bathroom and before you go in grab a board game from the wall of options they have available to you! This place is so unique and friendly to the customers, that is makes you just not want to leave! More...


Erika G.

24 February 2016

Great food & beer along with a casual atmopshere. The Pulled Pork was fantasic. Fast-casual service where you order at the bar & they give you a number. Good for small groups or a casual date. More...


Meredith S.

22 February 2016

If I lived in Portland, this is the bar I'd become a regular at!  I loved the laid back ambiance of the place, the solid beer list and the overall vibe.  The kitchen was closed both nights we were there, so we only had a few beers, but I was happy to be able to try a few new to me, local beers, at a fair price.  Knowledgeable staff and tasty beer made it a win for me! More...


Jared F.

9 February 2016

Came here with my girlfriend just because they had an awesome sign out front! I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. We were so glad we came! Awesome beer selection and even better sausages. They are absolutely great. I recommend the kielbasa and the thai chili sausages. My girlfriend on a recommendation tried a seasonal pumpkin sausage patty which was absolutely incredible. I love that they have seasonal and weekly additions to the menu. Great lunch spot in Portland or just to grab a good Maine beer. More...


Nicholas P.

1 February 2016

$3.50 for pints of Allagash White during happy hour. What else could you need?!Came here early on a Thursday evening (around 4) for a few beers before having dinner near Old Port and have got to say, it really was a gem. Being from out of town, the GF and I just wanted a low-key, casual place to grab some drinks and this place turned out to be that and much more. Grabbed a table for the two of us and scanned around - locals seemed to be mingling by the bar area and families were near the back outdoor/veranda section which is nice, but a bit too cold for us to sit in. There is a HUGE library of games/books/other vintage shenanigans in a cupboard space by the bathrooms, a fun way to keep occupied and make the time go by.Oh, and the sausages. Had two before we stopped because we remembered we were eating dinner after this. But dangerously good and pairs perfectly with a beer (or five). More...


Cory S.

15 January 2016

I found the WWE trivia game to be that rare golden nugget in their pile of board games. A+


Mallory C.

28 December 2015

Great food! Sausage chili is to die for! And they have trivial pursuit for each customer to play with. Great atmosphere!


Erika M.

28 December 2015

The Thirsty Pig had a solid beer list for a small, casual place. We wish we had tackled the food menu because the hotdog and sausage options looked SO good (we heard the food is terrific), so we will definitely stop back next time for a bite.The atmosphere is super casual and also fun with board/table games available to play. There is limited indoor seating and a small bar area, and it's also "seat/serve" yourself, so no frills. The outdoor seating area looked really nice for when the weather cooperates.Nice bartenders and servers, but slow service and long lines to get to the bar (to order beer/food), so just kick back and enjoy. More...


Jimmy L.

22 December 2015

I love this place. I just had the Reuben Dog with a side of potato salad. Absolutely delicious.


Patrick C.

24 November 2015

Looking for some good food for a "bad food Friday" and ended up stopping by the Thirsty Pig. Very glad we did!! Not really just a restaurant, not really just a bar, cool place, nice vibe, outdoor deck (will be nice to check out in better weather). Nice selection of beers, local and other.My girl had the "Reuben dog" and enjoyed it very much. I did the "New Englander"...tasty house made dog, with baked beans, bacon and Cole slaw, on a grilled bun. Very good!!So if you are looking for a cool local place to stop in for a bite, recommend this one. More...


Bill W.

15 November 2015

Great me and my family decided to try this on a whim, and we were glad we did.  The food was great.  The beer selection is amazing for such a small place.  I really loved it we will be back. More...


H B.

27 October 2015

Delicious vegetarian food and cool vibe.  Experienced guitarist was playing electric music, adequate seating and the beers on tap were delicious.This is an integral part of the Portland ME experience! I ate the pretzel bites and the vegan hotdog with much dressings.  Great taste at a good price.Thanks, Thirsty pig! More...


Andre W.

20 October 2015

New in town and stumbled upon this cool vibes spot . Very friendly and very chill atmosphere . If you've never been please check them out !


Amy Z.

24 September 2015

My husband and I spent a few days in Portland last week, and this place was first on our hit list (after reading great reviews online).  We almost walked past it at first, as it is sandwiched between many other store fronts, but, alas, we saw the pig logo.  We arrived around 1 pm, and they were busy but not crowded.  There were plenty of tables open to choose from.My husband enjoyed their craft beer selection, and we shared what the menu listed as Pretzelkins - it came as a full-sized soft/hot pretzel.  It came with stone ground mustard and a beer cheese sauce.  The beer cheese was excellent - predominant beer flavor.  We both ordered from their sausage menu, and I must say both sausages were RIDICULOUS!!  You were given the option of having the sausage plain, as a sandwich, or on a bed of greens.I ordered the chicken Caesar Sausage on a bed of greens.  Not knowing what to expect from a sausage with that description, I was amazed that the sausage literally tasted like a chicken Caesar salad - chicken, dressing, cheese, and lettuce flavor all packed in one meaty bite.  The bed of greens, which had a strong raw onion component, wasn't necessary to make this sausage outstanding.My husband, a huge fan of Thai food, ordered the Thai chili sausage as a sandwich.  It was, in his words, "surprisingly sweet with a little spice on the back end."The Thirsty Pig stood out as our favorite eatery in Portland for its fabulous, unique food and comfortable, "chill" atmosphere.  This will be our first stop on our next trip to town, where we already plan on ordering the sausage sampler platter.Cheers to The Thirsty Pig!  (Portland must love you, too - we saw your logo stickers all over town in the most random of locations!) More...


David J.

23 September 2015

When you enter this restaurant/bar, you have to remember, not every restaurant sits you down with a hostess, and waits on you, with that said, the Thirsty Pig is a great joint. When you enter the door of this restaurant you will be impressed by the dark wood trim and walls. The restaurant is open, and can be a tad loud, but that is ok, because that is the vibe of this place. If you are looking for a place to bring a family with kids, unless you are hip and ok with that kind of environment, I would suggest somewhere else. This location is for the carnivores that enjoy tube meats--a wide variety of such--and beer, good beer. There is always a movie playing on the television above the bar, and board and trivia games are stored in the corner.Pick up the menu that looks like a sausage, and decide on dinner and a beer, or cider. After you have figured that out, walk up to the counter and place your order cafeteria style. Sit down with your drink, and they will bring your dinner to you. When the weather is warm, or cold for that matter--it is Maine after all--sit outside on the back deck flanked by the brick buildings on each side. What they do is limited, and it is good! They do tube meat, and who doesn't love that. Sausages and hot dogs. Chicago dogs and a Maine dog. Try them all overtime. They have great happy hour specials, so swing in and grab a cheap beer. Like I said. This is a great place, just don't expect sit down service. There is a young vibe here. More...


Javier M.

17 September 2015

Really good. Exactly what I was looking for. A local place close to everything but without the tourist crowd, where you can enjoy the local brews while bantering with the guys across the bar and your fellow patrons. And if you want to see their head explode, ask for a hot dog with a chorizo sausage. It's worth doing it just for the laughs. But it's really really good too More...


Melissa B.

10 September 2015

House made sausage and local beer with a casual atmosphere. Hit this place twice during my visit and it was fantastic. Recommended for a quick bite.


Thomas D.

18 August 2015

Love the sausage here! Great atmosphere, and plenty of seating in the summer inside & outside. Drinks are always good as well - just a great late night spot in Portland that's not a trashy dive bar. Such a rewarding find!


Tommy L.

3 August 2015

I love the thirsty pig! Every time I'm in Portland I make sure to chow down on their selection of sausages and beer. It's perfect for those with kids. Super informal, with games inside and a huge courtyard with bean bags to keep everyone entertained. All the food was good but really loved the chorizo, hot Italian, and Thai chicken. Throw in 2.50 shipyards for happy hour and a super friendly staff - boom! What else can you ask for? More...


Susan L.

2 August 2015

Went here with my husband and two children. We each ordered a different type of sausage and they were all fantastic. I loved the blueberry chicken sausage. All house made. Paired it with some craft beers and it was a nice evening! Casual atmosphere. Live music several evenings. More...


Nicole M.

30 July 2015

We loved this place. We got the sausage sampler platter and ours included: chicken satay, blueberry chicken, Caribbean chicken, chorizo and Korean bulgogi. I shared it with my husband, and it was enough (with the pickles and bread) to keep us until we went for milkshakes. The sampler was excellent and just improved as we went down the board. I loved that it included selections we would never have made, and we loved those too. We discussed going back to the Thirsty Pig for the remainder of the nights we were in Portland. Bonus, they have a nice, but small, beer selection, and there are boxes of Trivial Pursuit cards to distract you from the impulse to buy a second sampler. More...


Matt C.

20 July 2015

Any place that plays Frank Zappa on the stereo gets an instant 5-stars.While we're on the subject, this is a great place to grab a couple kind brews and slam down some grub.Great beers on tap, oh yeaaahhh. Big time, big time. More...


Cheryl J.

20 July 2015

Just, Wow. The food is super fresh and all made in house with quality ingredients. The beer selection was top notch.  It was easy to sit, the bartenders were friendly and the service was fast. Loved the house-made spicy relish, the sour pickles, the cartoons on the TV, the live music. Really high quality and affordable, I'll be going back next time I'm in Maine. More...


Reed O.

19 July 2015

Great food great atmosphere trivial pursuit order from bar...love this place.....chili ok as awesome!


Michael B.

17 July 2015

Really really good! And good beer's on tap! I want to try more but so far just pulled pork and it was very good.


Annie E.

9 July 2015

I LOVE THIS PLACE! My family isn't super into cities or places like this, but they absolutely loved it. It's eclectic and the food is bangin'. I got the buffalo chicken quesadilla, and my parents ordered the pulled pork bbq and Lithuanian sausage. We were all swapping plates and sharing the whole time. The logo design is incredible, the beer selection is good and worth a try, and SIT OUTSIDE if you can. The place is clean and the staff is incredibly friendly. They'll also give you recipes for their food if you ask. The only things I noticed was that the service was a little slow and the water wasn't cold. Besides that, it's incredible. You have to visit if you're in Portland. More...


Lina M.

5 July 2015

Delicious food! I got the pulled pork quesadilla and it was very tasty, well seasoned and yummy. Great outdoor sitting area and good beer. What else can you ask for?


Rebecca A.

26 June 2015

This place is hidden gem. I love the fact that they use morse's pickles, which are my absolute favorite. If you haven't had the chance to try one, you are missing out. They also serve some great maine beers, such as allagash. The sausages are all made in house and are served on a bun, in a salad or without a bun. I can't wait to try all the flavors of sauasage and all the exciting toppings, but I could only fit a couple in my belly. I tried the thai chili and keilbasa. They each come with one side. The potao salad was delicious, packed with delightful flavor. They have wonderful outdoor seating in the back or cozy seating inside. Don't forget there is no waitstaff, so order at the counter. More...


Celeste M.

10 June 2015

Over the past couple of weeks The Thirsty Pig has turned into my go-to spot for drinks, snacks and board games. Yes. Board Games. This place is set-up so that whatever vibe you're looking for, it's there. Divey, rustic, order-at-the-bar service? Check. DJ on the weekends up front if your in the mood to shake-it? Check. Outdoor deck for people watching complete with corn-hole and a projected movie? Check. Also, have I mentioned boardgames for those of us that like to bring our cometitive side out at a bar? Mucho check. They have a rotating draft list and killer sausages. I like it a little spicy, so I go for the chicago dog loaded with those sweet but hot little sport peppers. It's a great spot to start or even end your night! More...


Allison B.

26 May 2015

Great ambiance, a beautiful back deck, an extensive microbrew selection, and delicious food. This place has it all! I'm in love with the Caesar Sausage. So yummy.


Connor P.

8 May 2015

I guess this review would be for the bar portion only as i have only tried one of their hot dogs.  This is also an early evening review as I know it picks up towards the evening.I would consider this bar to be one of my favorites for an after-work beer on Friday.It's a little small of a joint but they have their deck open in the spring/summer which makes it quite a bit larger...and who doesn't like a deck!?I'm always impressed with the beer selection that they have on tap considering they only have 8(?) rotational taps, but they are always filled with great local Maine brews.  You can also get tall-boy cans and other beers if that's your style.Shipyards are $2.50 after work.  I'm not sure the exact details of their happy hour but I am always ok with getting 2 Shipyards for $5. The atmosphere is more of a local atmosphere than most bars around Portland.  It's not surprising to see the same people in there from previous times.  Bar tenders have always been attentive and friendly.  From 5-7PM I've never had a problem ordering a beer or finding a spot to sit/stand. More...


Carrianne C.

24 February 2015

This place is fun! Serving sausages, hot dogs, and plenty of beer, how could it not be? Fun toppings/flavors like..... Thai chili! Jalapenos! Bacon-wrapped! Even a veggie dog!There are board games on the tables, an easy method of ordering, and its not particularly expensive. Check it out. More...


Erica K.

21 February 2015

I wish I had more time to eat here, but on our way out of the city, my partner and I stopped here for a quick bite to eat. We got the Greek sausage with pickled onions and while my partner liked the pickled onions,I did not. Mostly because I am not too into sour but he loved them!!! The Greek sausage was perfect, juicy and delicious. We split it but I wish we had ordered more. Next time we are in Portland, we will have to come back! More...


Angela S.

29 January 2015

Wandered in on a quiet, snowy weekday and so glad I did. Funky and cozy atmosphere with The Goonies playing on the bar TV. House made sausages and a few other options. Vegan, chicken, and international choices to mix it up. We got the pretzel bite appetizer with two condiments which were super tasty. Tons of beer choices and the staff was really knowledgeable about what they were serving and even talking to each other about what new options they were rotating in. More...


Samantha J.

28 January 2015

This place was amazing. I was visiting Portland for the weekend, and came here to have lunch. The hot dogs were delicious. I wish they had more of a beer selection, but the hard cider I had was yummy. I plan on visiting Portland again in the warmer seasons, and plan on coming back to The Thirsty Pig. More...


Kelly C.

20 December 2014

Belly up to the bar here and you're greeted with a nice little selection of microbrews and standards with some tasty food offerings to compliment them if you choose. The best part, the sausages are house made and chock fully of tasty and indulgent love! My husband and I popped in while we meandered about Portland on a lazy weekend. Just before ducking in here, it had started to rain and the bar filled up quick. We sampled some sausages; the Thai chili and Lithuanian. He had his with a salad and I had mine with the crostini. They were flavorful and delicious, hitting the spot and jiving well with our ME draughts of choice. The bar was eclectic and relaxed and the bartender was polite and attentive. We will be back for sure and are looking forward to it! Great relaxed atmosphere for a beer and some great sausage, so take a chance and give them a try, you won't be disappointed! More...


Christopher B.

15 December 2014

Fantastic sausage with some interesting flavors. If it wasn't lunch and I didn't have to stare at a computer afterward,  I would have gotten the platter! Great local beer selection on tap.


Jim B.

6 November 2014

Here for #PortlandBeerWeek. Nice idea, although it seems again like much ado about beer in Portland. I guess we already know that Portland suffers from an abundance of riches in that area, right?The beer hall across the street was jam-packed with hipsters seeking a Bill Murray sighting, so I was in and back out the door. I hate hanging out by myself in crowds of clique-y people.The Thirsty Pig was perfect--less crowded--more than enough beer for my tastes, and the acoustic blues being performed by Frank Fotusky, (doing his best Jorma Kaukonen imitation), was a nice bonus. This guy can definitely play.The gentleman to my left was visiting Portland from Delaware, so I got to play tour guide, answering his questions about Portland, including some tips for food options and a bit of beer history. Do I get a bonus check from the Convention & Visitors Bureau?I could see the Pig being a place for me to get beyond my aversion to drinking in the middle of the afternoon. Those who know of my transition from full-time nine-to-fiver sitting in a cubicle for Whitey the Man, to freelancer about town, know that I struggle with having an adult beverage in the middle of the afternoon. I mean, am I going to fire myself? I'll continue to work on that irrational fear and places like the Thirsty Pig might be able to assist me.The menu looked interesting if you have a hankering for dogs, sausages, and pretzels. I do like those options, but on this visit, I was bent on beer. Good selection on tap. I went with one by Banded Horn (from Biddeford) and Rising Tide's Zephyr. Both went down well and that's all there is to my Wednesday night, #PortlandBeerWeek adventure. And sorry--no Bill Murray sightings for me to report. More...



22 October 2014

interesting place and lots of intersting choices for pork and beer.  Oh and they have games too, because lets be honest bars can be boring!


Liz K.

20 October 2014

This place is great! I dropped in for a couple of hours with my family, and we loved that it wasn't too packed on a Friday evening, and had a fantastic happy hour ($2.50 shipyard drafts) and outdoor seating. The crowd seemed to be late-20s, mostly groups of friends/coworkers. There are a bunch of board games you can borrow, including several ancient trivial pursuit decks, on the bookshelf. More...


Dawn T.

5 October 2014

The Thirsty Pig is one of my favorite casual places in this city. The proprietress is the most impressive part of this business, followed by the beer list and the menu. Outdoor seating and bands with no cover round out the reasons why I love this joint. Thank you Allison. More...


Betsy G.

27 September 2014

Great food and service. Five of us ordered several things and no one wanted to share it was so good. We are from Georgia and the waiter even spoke Massachusetts accent for us.


Rick K.

25 August 2014

Well described in prior reviews as a "solid" stop in Portland.  In for lunch after a 1/2 day charter out of Portland and we caught it at a very quiet time (about 2PM).  Ended up using the public parking garage about 2 blocks away rather than exhausting ourselves trying to find a spot mid-day during the week (I think it was $6 so well worth it).  Neat concept (we Yelped before stopping so we knew) and it was just what we were looking for after 5 hours at sea.  Started with the soft pretzels and as is one of my favorite things to do, ordered the chili with it to dip the pretzels into.  Chili dog for me, same for my boys; and the Lithuanian Kielbasa for Big John.  All were devoured quickly at a nice outdoor table in the back.  Had a nice brown ale with it and we were on our way quickly.   This is a simple one - if you like sausage, dogs and craft beer make it a stop.  If not, then keep on trucking. More...


Bryan D.

18 August 2014

This is a good bar with great sausages and hot dogs. Its not what I would consider a full restaurant, more of a bar with takeout type food that they'll bring over to your table when its ready.


Jason N.

30 July 2014

Great local beers on draft, excellent sausages i wont bring my child here again just because she didnt like the low lights. This is an awesome place to have a brew with friends though i will be back. More...


Jessica C.

19 July 2014

Went mid afternoon for a beer and cidah and it wasn't busy at all just a couple of groups so we were able to sit outside. I would assume if it is later on in the evening they would seat you themselves but we just walked outside and sat after ordering at the bar.They had an extensive beer and cidah menu on tap. There was a group on the terrace that had a barrel of beer on their table if everyone could decide which one to agree on, looks like it would be fun.The sausage list was amazing and the bartender recommended the popular ones to us. It.was.delicious! The pineapple salsa on top of ours was really good and we gobbled it up quickly.cod that came with were a little stale but the pickle that came with was the best I've ever had (literally).Loved the atmosphere and even though parking is metered it was only two dollars for the max.Definitely go if you are in the area! More...


Clint B.

9 July 2014

I came here last Wednesday with the legendary community director Steff D. of the Yelp Elite Community, and we had a blast.  Anyways, this is a pretty solid place.  We came right after opening for the day, so we were the only two here for the majority of the visit.When you first come to this place, you grab a menu, order, pay, and take a seat (at least that's what we did).  This place has a great offering of a variety of different sausages, including a vegan sausage.  I had a Blueberry Chicken Sausage which was unlike anything I have had in the past.  The Thirsty Pig also boasts a good selection of different local and regional brews.  Two beers ($6) and two sausage sandwiches with sides ($10) came to $32 before tip and tax.Service seemed a little slow, finding parking can be a pain (per usual in downtown Portland), and I would not recommend coming here if you skipped a few meals and you're super hungry (as it could get pretty expensive).  But overall, this is a solid place in the Old Port to grab some lunch. More...


Jeremy N.

4 June 2014

This bar/restaurant is in a great location on Exchange street. They also have a cool outside deck area which you don't see at a lot of places right in the Old Port. A big plus in my book.I don't know if I would call this a full restaurant because they really only do sausages. The beer selection is pretty good.I tried the Lithuanian sausage and liked it a lot. I couldn't say whether it is authentic or not. I'll have to bring some of my Lithuanian friends there and get their expert opinions. I thought it was really good though. I will definitely try some of the other selections next time. More...


Anna D.

10 May 2014

Great outdoor patio when it's nice out and fantastic buffalo chicken dip!


Michael T.

25 February 2014

Thirsty?  Yes!  Great beer selection.  Go with a Peeper, how can you lose.Hungry?  Yes!  Great sausage with carmies...expertly camelized carmies...what could be better?  Josh and Zack were as friendly as could be.Great lunch stop in the old port! More...


Kelly O.

29 December 2013

One of my go-to lunch spots in Portland. Love the house-made sausages- great quality and variety, and really cheap to boot-, and they always have a great local beer tap rotation. It's basically counter service, so you can hang out at your own pace, and the music (90s alternative) and movies (Total Recall) they play just add to the chill, casual atmosphere. I always make a trip here when I'm in town. More...


Dave H.

11 December 2013

Great house made sausage and great beer. What more could you want for a quick, delicious meal? Nice laid back vibe and quiet enough that you can actually have a conversation unlike other places in town. In the summer they have a nice outdoor seating area hidden away out back. One of my favorite places in Portland to grab a bite and a beer. More...


Price D.

10 December 2013

Lithuanian with the slaw and an Allagash saison. In town for a job interview. This place is extraordinary. The sausage is hearty and the kraut brought some nice acidity. There is no substitute for great mustard either which was not lacking here. The slaw is great, not too vinegary. just right. A real standout were the pickle chips. I wish I could take a bucket of them home. The Allagash deserves it's own review but matched perfect. Overall a great spot to get a quick lunch and I would definitely come back. More...


Christine P.

24 November 2013

We stumbled upon this place while out shopping and exploring downtown. What a nice little find.  Quiet street, great outdoor seating, and good live music.  Great way to chill out on a Sunday afternoon at the end of our Maine Vacation. More...


Andrew K.

18 November 2013

Realized that I have never reviewed this place! A fair amount of time has passed since I was last out on the east coast, but this place still deserves some more love.Great, relaxing little bar with a good selection of tasty beers local to the area. I didn't get a chance to try any food when I was here, which is the only thing really stopping me from giving this place a 5 (Gotta try it to have an opinion, of course!). The service was easily a 5 though - Some of the best I've had at a bar anywhere - Some friendly folks here that made this west-coaster feel right at home!One of these days, I'll be back in Maine. And the first place I'm going for a beer will be the Thirsty Pig! More...


Jason B.

28 October 2013

I would like to write a more cogent review of The Thirsty Pig, but alas. We were in town for the Harvest on the Harbor festival (food and wine under a massive tent) and post-event bar hopping was a thing. We got here before the kitchen closed, but we spent too long dickering over the menu, and the kitchen closed. Totally our fault.  They were super nice to us, and treated us kindly even though we were a little schnackered.  We watched the Sox lose game 3 of the World Series, and they bought us a sympathy round. :(I like these folks a lot. More...


Kimberly K.

23 October 2013

What a Clever concept - microbrews and home made hot dogs and sauages with anything but the kitchen sink to add as a topping -oh and BTW you can have Doritos with your dog!   Sat down at the bar - ordered the Chili Dog and the hot dog was not salty with no fillers.  Watched the guy ( bartender/hotdog guy) grill my hotdog and topped it off with chilli was full of ground beef with a sweet tomato sauce.  A handfull of fresh grated Cheddar and chooped sweet onions were added as a topper.  Yummy! Lots of local brews from Maine - I wish I could stop by for their Happy Hour after work but I'm back in Philly- BUMMMER.  Can't wait to the part 2 trip to Portland - such a great vibe there! More...


Bruce D.

15 October 2013

I'm really a fan. Very Maine, very good! Blueberry Chicken Sausage, Bacon Baked Beans and an Allagash Porter. Do I really need to say more? Also, I had some amazing peach beer that wasn't too sweet and the Pig is the only place I can find it. The atmosphere here is always chill and friendly; very pub-style and down-home. On top of all that, they have one of the best outdoor seating areas in the Old Port - a hot commodity here! Pair that with some fair service and a few friends and you've got a winner! The menu is full of smaller items, mostly things like sausages and kielbasa, but  sides like Baked Beans (a Maine tradition) and other things (that I can't remember now because I always get the baked beans) and low prices on the menu translate to "worth it"! More...


John A.

15 October 2013

This is where you need to go before a night of boozing and partying in Portland. The Thirsty Pig serves up great home made sausages and other things in buns at an affordable price.  They also offer a great selection of both draft and bottled beer including some of the swanky Allagash beers.  Think FV13 and Merveilleux.  The waitstaff was young and chill and the whole place had a relaxed vibe.  Definitely the place to go and fill up before a big night on the town. More...


Michelle P.

2 October 2013

I use to go here more often, when I still worked in-town, and I do miss the happy hour Shipyard pitcher of beer. I however recently went here on a Friday night & I have to say, it is a pretty great place still. Indoor/Outdoor seating, live music, great staff, awesome beer, and even a vegan option to eat!I eat fish from time to time but never land animals. So a place with a giant pig as the sign is usually not going to draw me in. However, they have a fantastic vegan hot dog! It is really good! And what made it better was that when I ordered, they made sure I understood that it was going to be cooked on a grill that is contaminated by meat, which allowed me to decide if I wanted it still. That was very considerate of the staff to check with me. A friend told me they have since started to cook them away from the meat, not sure if that is the case or not. Also, order the pickletizer! YUM. I think is a great place to meet some pals for a drink and a snack. I have never had the meat part of the menu, but everyone always seems to love it. More...


Erin T.

9 September 2013

Sausage and beer... it doesn't get better. Definitely one of our go to spots in Portland!


Billiam M.

27 August 2013

Our first stop on our visit to Portland. The bar area and outdoor seating is awesome, great looking space!! Local beer selections and house-made sausages - grilled RIGHT BEHIND THE BAR! You can order your sausages without the bun. We had the Kielbasa, Italian Hot, and Greek Chicken - All were amazing!!! They have a pickled vegetable relish that tastes great on EVERYTHING!!! (It's pulverized giardinara!!!) We had a great time with a fun and welcoming staff. Bryn quickly guided us to some additional stops to round out our night. This is a great place to relax, eat great sausages and local beer. Overall vibe was a little dead, but that allowed us to open up conversation with those around us. A definite stop when in Portland! More...


Lauren P.

5 August 2013

This place has just the right amount of quirk for me to love it.  Seems like a good place for a group or a casual date.1) You order at the front by the kitchen.  There's a short list menu and no formal drink menu.  Beers change frequently, so you order by the chalkboard list of draft beer and bottles.  Pretty big variety in terms of beers.2) The food is good.  Not amazing, but not terrible.  Two folks in our group got the chicken dip and the quesadilla.  I tried a little of both and liked them.  If we'd come here for dinner I would have tried a chicken sausage.3) THEY HAVE GAMES!  I love it when bars have board games.4) Big outdoor seating area, which was really nice to have.  The weather was perfect for it late at night.5) It wasn't too busy when we first got there, but picked up and it seemed to have a good late night crowd.6) Single stall bathrooms -- so be prepared for a line if it gets busy. More...


Jane O.

4 August 2013

Great local beer on tap. Staff was helpful in guiding beer choices.  Sausages were good too (all they have for food, pretty much, is sausages).  You order at the bar, so it is a casual place but fantastic for what it is. More...


Timothy R.

8 July 2013

This is a perfect local dive with good service, good beer and great sausages.  I did like the beer selection with a lot of local and regional options.  The sausages are changed regularly so there are various flavors for all palates.  My daughters even opted for the sausage platter that came with 6 flavors and toppings.  They were good.  I wished a couple were spicier but they were still good and the toppings well paired.I would certainly go back to enjoy some brews and sausages.If you want a chicken sandwich, go somewhere else! More...


Benjamin C.

7 July 2013

Stopped in for some sausage! Tried the chili (excellent), chorizo with baked beans, and apple chicken. The sausages were very good. The bread they were served in was spectacular. Not a bad price for what you get. Cozy atmosphere and outside dining. I'd go again. More...


Bill T.

23 June 2013

A highlight of my trip to Portland!My friends and I stopped in here while waiting for dinner reservations.  They had a nice beer selection and the bartender was super friendly.  Also, the other patrons were nice as I had a great conversation with a lovely couple at the bar.We sat on the back deck and had our beers and asked each other Trivial Pursuit questions.  It was a great experience...laid back, relaxed and fun.  I think a lot of bars aspire to have this fun type of atmosphere, but get this place a hammer because The Thirsty Pig nails it. More...


Ryan S.

22 June 2013

Very Portland. Great selection of local beers. And they had trivial pursuit and dominos on the tables!Good mix of locals and tourists. Staff was welcoming to us as tourists and weren't snobby as they could be given the coolness of the place. More...


Clarida M.

27 May 2013

This place is really cute!  It has a pretty cool scene and the bar and "kitchen" are all in the same area.  The menu is limited, but it goes with the ambience.  It's full with yummy subs, dips, etc.  I really enjoyed watching the bartender and cook do their thing.  Service was friendly and the place was busy.  One thing that stood out was the shelves full of games for people to grab and play.  Honey and I played some trivial pursuit (which I lost), while we waited for our snacks.I got the buffalo chicken dip and honey got the pretzel.  The chicken dip was delish.  I normally would have liked more buffalo sauce, but there was something about the dip - it really didn't need it.  It was yummy!  And the warm baguette they serve with the dip was just the right touch. mmmmmm.We will be back here on our next visit to Portland. More...


Damien S.

8 April 2013

Dogs with a snap, hogs lugging kegs, smokey sides and something called the Pickletizer? Don't even unlock the door; I'm already inside.Seriously, we snuck in pre-opening.Accidentally, of course, but the siren call of housemade sausages ranging from Thai Chili pork to Lithuanian Kielbasa (including the ever-elusive Buffalo Chicken sassitch) proved to be overwhelming, as we ignored door locks and business times to perch eagerly at the storefront booth.It's a bar, and bars have beers and TVs and free peanuts (well, used to have peanuts - they proved to be too effective of a loss leader) and wiener wizards wielding grinder cranks in one hand and draft taps in the other. House blends in a sandwich will run $8 a pop including a side (4 avail: S&V chips, slaw, oniony bacon baked beans or sautéed squash for you out-of-place veggies), or $5 naked and topped.Or for a $5 lunch, check this hack: the $6 Dog Basket is two pups on buttered, toasted rolls, topped with pretty much anything but their housemade four-sausage chili and cheese. Bring someone you can trust with your second dog, order a pair of $2 fountain soda and BAM! cheap date. They'll even split the cole slaw between two paper ramekins if your coy ways have you giggling at the thought of eating from the same basket. Teehee, teehee, teeheeheehee.Order the Pickletizer. It's just a $3 plate of mustard pickle chips covered in hot relish. And a $3 plate of hot relish-covered pickle chips is what most of us need in our lives. More...


Heidi F.

8 January 2013

We wandered into the Thirsty Pig after finding it on Yelp under happy hour specials and walking distance to our hotel on a very cold night. As soon as we arrived we got really bad news about a family member and our moods turned somber quickly. The bartender (woman) immediately picked up on our change in demander, was attentive, and noticed our iphone was dying during our frequent calls to family. She offered to charge the phone for us which we greatly appreciated and checked up with us to make sure we had everything we needed as we ordered food and drinks. We really appreciated the gesture and will be back when we're back in town. More...


Jess S.

15 December 2012

As a 26-year-old new mom (and professional beer judge) I was so thrilled to find a place that welcomed my 3-month-old with open arms (after being denied entrance to Novare Res)  and had an awesome atmosphere and beer selection. Their Maine beer options were varied but well-curated. There was lots to like (though, I only tried bits of a few drinks--ah, lactation....) and they served their cask ESB warmish (finally!), just as it should be. Not only that, but their spicy italian sausage was easily the best sausage of my life. The pickle on top (cabbage, carrot, onion) was tangy and delicious. I loved it. I've had a lot of sausage in my life. This was just so perfect.The atmosphere in there is lively and friendly. Highly recommend. More...


Brian A.

30 November 2012

I had been casing this place for some time now waiting for the right time to bust in. Been twice in the past month and it was good each time. First visit I came with a friend and we tried their sausage sampler. 6 homemade sausages for $30 seemed a little steep but each one of them was great in their own way. Standouts were the Thai chili and the garlic chicken but they were all tasty. We both left satisfied in a meat induced coma. The next visit I got the Thai chili ala cart. It does not come with a bun but came with some tasty salt & vinegar chips and some house made mustard pickles. Very good.Happy hour (M-F, 4-7pm) is great here too. Shipyard Chamberlain drafts for $2.50? That shit is criminal! I think they also have some deals on food items during their happy hour as well. Daily specials are displayed up above the counter where you order.The service is kinda strange here as in there is really no table service and I don't believe they have a sign up that tells you to seat yourself. You have to be proactive here and find someone to get your food and drinks for you which is fine with me.Solid Old Port option if you like meat and beer. I like the trivial pursuit questions at each table as well. Nice touch. I'll be back. More...


Stephen W.

16 October 2012

Outstanding atmosphere and service ad well as very good food and beer.  Buffalo chicken dip was exceptional.


JoseLuis A.

15 October 2012

someone told me about the big easy blues club monday nights for live funk jams so i really wanted to check that out. it was too early for that so i saw the thirsty pig across the street and gave it a shot. im so glad i did.monday night football means football bingo at the thirsty pig. even though i like football, i cant really say i follow much. i joined the game anyways, who cares? the bartender was a super nice guy. he asks what i wanted to drink. "something awesome and local" i said. he tells me they only carry local and awesome. thats a good start. im an ipa guy so i told him this. he introduced me to lunch ipa by maine brewing company. hell yeah. big bottle too so theres one, two, three beers i drank. i dont wanna say i was drunk (not yet), but i was definitely not sober so i knew i had to get something to eat so i ask for a menu. sausage links, thats what they do. hence the name the thirsty pig. now it all makes sense man. i truly dig this place and ive been running my mouth about it ever since. More...


Erin O.

3 October 2012

Stopped in for a couple of a la carte sausages on a trip; one with blueberries and one kielbasa.  Both were pretty righteous, and the fact that everything is local (if not in-house) is something that appealed to me greatly.Logistics didn't work out for beer-drinking, but hopefully I can make it back someday to try that out as well.  Also, their signage is too cool.  Go check it out. More...


Steve C.

18 September 2012

Check it out!  Maine beers on draft.  Fair prices. Unpretentious.  House made sausage varieties.  We were across the street at Navari Res and were a little overwhelmed by excessive prices and a bit of a little too hip scenario and clientele.  Don't get me wrong... If you want Belgians Navari is it.  But for an easy going environment, knowledgable bar staff, and Maine beers the Pig is it.  Heck, they're almost adjacent... Try both. More...


Jay H.

24 August 2012

The best happy hour in all the land. $2.50 Shipyard draught and free peanuts! 4-7pm. It does not seem to ever be claustrophobia-inducing crowded.


Ross M.

9 August 2012

This place is fantastic!  Great choice of local brews, a very tasty food menu an Awesome deck to enjoy a chilly beer on. This place is right in the middle of the Old Port......No need to go anyplace else!


Joseph A.

8 August 2012

"she was one big fat thirsty pig!"..excellent..all around..two toothbrushes up!..ccj styles..i'll be back with my dirty whiite biitch!..you 'all..best be 'poppin!'...


Gregory P.

3 August 2012

I love the look of this place.  It has dark wood ever everywhere with dim lighting giving it this classy feel but it's not hoity toity at all. I went there with my girlfriend to grab a few drinks and we sat out on there patio which is a floor above the street giving you a great view without pedestrians getting in the way.  It was a Saturday night and given how beautiful it was outside that night we were surprised how dead it was.  So we picked the best table and drank and talked.  Eventually more and more people came but never overcrowded.Definitely a great place to grab a few drinks with friends or take a date when you just want to talk and have a good time with drinks. More...


Shamus A.

29 June 2012

Fantastic service! Bartender James is quick with a joke and the beers... Though as a Giants fan, he's in the wrong town!Food is quick and delicious... BBQ baked beans, sausage links, and great happy hour specials. This is a new place that seems destined to be a neighborhood favorite! More...


Emily H.

22 June 2012

A happy hour haunt, for sure, with local beers at very reasonable prices and somebody walking around with little sausage bits on toothpicks - nice!I want to like this place way more than I do like it... the potential is there for being an oasis of sanity in the ridiculousness that is the Old Port.  Awesome, hardwood and brass interior and cool, ivy-grown patio outside.  A dose of Christmas lights on the patio, a few more tables in the interior and a little bit clearer instruction for customers on how to order would make this a 5-star rating.Every time we go in there's either no one at the counter, which looks like a host stand, or someone is there jetting off to do something yelling 'sit anywhere you like!'  Twice now we've sat for a little longer than we wanted with our menus closed, never having been greeted, and just decided to go somewhere else... no one seems to notice when we're on our way out.However!  If you do manage to seat yourself somewhere obvious, catch the attention of someone who is capable of operating a POS system, and order... the place is great.  Great selections on the menu and delicious homemade sausages.  I like how you can add additional dogs for a smaller price.  A little strange that chips don't come with your $3 hot dog or $5 tofu dog, etc., you have to buy them extra.  Whatever -- the sour pickle is an excellent palette cleanser anyways.  I haven't ever had anything other than a hot dog there, but going for happy hour and getting a dog, a beer and some good company for an hour for under $10... awesome. More...


Kris Z.

18 June 2012

We found this place while wandering the streets of portland during vacation. Excellent homemade sausage with a great selection of local brews.  They had very friendly service in a low key atmosphere. It  was the perfect place to chill out and have a beer. More...


Susie Q.

13 May 2012

This review is for a place that has a great atmosphere.  Laid back, patio out back and friendly service.  I don't mind the small menu but beware, it is a limited.  They do have a tofu- sausage (I THINK) for vegetarians.  Otherwise, it's just a nice little spot with decent priced beer and sausages.  And the sausages are pretty tasty too.  I definitely recommend! More...


Shane L.

28 April 2012

This is a great "hole in the wall" kinda place.  Selection of beers are great and they change them out all of the time targeting local brews.  We drank Allagash Black on draft and it was delicious.They also have home made sausages that we did not partake in but it smelled amazing.Service was friendly and owner sounds passionate about beer. Nice little place. More...


Michael B.

4 April 2012

Spicy sausage!! Yup delic and $2 pumpkin heads ... Great times


Kelley K.

8 March 2012

I never thought I'd describe a sausage as sublime.  But the buffalo chicken sausage at The Thirsty Pig is sublime. Homemade sausage (all the sausages are), served on a grilled, buttered hot dog bun with blue cheese.  It's like wings without the mess!Despite the fact that I really don't like chicken sausage, the buffalo chicken sausage came highly recommended.  And it was amazing.  I can't wait to get back to the Thirsty Pig.Speaking of buffalo, the buffalo chicken dip is also amazing.  I think the owners must have first-hand knowledge of upstate NY!On another visit I tried the Lithuanian kielbasa.  Now, I'm part Polish and was raised on Polish butcher shop kielbasa.  No grocery store/Hillshire Farm for this girl.  If it's not from a butcher -- preferably a Polish butcher -- I don't bother.What else should you try?  The beer.  All (ok, maybe mostly) craft beer; the ones I tried were also local.  A perfect place for the craft beer afficionado and the gourmand.Looking for the gastropub of your dreams?  I'm still dreaming of it.  Might even drive up to Portland just for another visit! More...


Abigail W.

29 February 2012

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, the staff is super friendly.  The perfect place to go to lay back and just hang out.  They have a really good selection of local cider and beer.  All in all, you have to check it out! More...


Adrienne N.

22 February 2012

We loved this place!  Beer, hot dogs, and homemade sausage - what's not to love?!  The service was great, the food delicious, and the beer cold.


Win F.

20 February 2012

Stopped for lunch.  Homemade sausages - had the BBQ Banger.  Tasty and meaty - no filler here. Also, a nice selection of local beer.



9 December 2011

FREE PEANUTS! They come down like jellybeans in those long tubes.Service is great, I think the lady who served us was a little tipsy by the end of her shift but still got our drinks down. I was introduced to SeaDog's Blueberry Smashed....3 in the afternoon. It looked extra bright when I walked outside, the world was moving faster than I was. But that's just me, not everyone is the same.This place is so comfortable I had to come back twice in one day. Peanuts were stil l free then too! Wish I didnt live across the country or I'd come every weekend. More...


Traci K.

2 November 2011

This place is a delight. My two favorite things - beer and sausages together! Forever! Delicious.The beer specials are crazy affordable. Being from the Puritancal-Rex known as Massachusetts, we don't have Happy Hour. We don't have drink specials. It's sad. We moseyed into the Thirsty Pig on a Friday early evening and were offered $2.50 Shipyard drafts. $2.50 for a beer. Hah. This is what the rest of the country gets to enjoy.We had a couple beers a piece and two tasty encassed meats. I had a sausage with onions and BBQ sauce. (BBQ Banger, maybe?) it was pretty dang good. The fella had a sausage with kraut and mustard. Also tasty. We both had the coleslaw which was peppered with poppyseeds and not too mayonaisey. Yum.Best part? Free peanuts! A wall of lovely peanuts for the taking. A note on the peanut wall contraption: easier to pull out the drawer rather than wrestling with the dispenser. Service was lovely. Beers are great. Sausages - top notch. Yay! More...


Paul S.

13 October 2011

One of my absolutely favorite places in Portland!  We were traveling the East Coast for our honeymoon and ran into this place for a beer in between shopping.  The owner obviously nailed the concept - craft beer and pork products!  Ah, how I love Portland.  A few beers and a tray of complementary peanuts later, we decided our evening of shopping could wait until the next day - and it was time to order dinner.  Their sausages are all made in-house.  The menu has a nice variety.  We had an excellent meal (even tried their Lobster Roll which was good too).  Very chill spot with some excellent food.  Highly recommended! More...


Bro H.

19 September 2011

Nice patio, good beer selection/prices, decent (but not amazing) sausage at a reasonable price.Not bad at all.


Miriam L.

14 September 2011

On a chilly (dreaded) sunny day in Portland, Maine, sausages and beer were what looked good. A new joint, The Thirsty Pig was intriguing in a dive-bar-meets-hipster-hangout way, but not being Brooklyn, this locale was far less Urban Outfitters and far more funky young types.In case it isn't obvious, sausages are The Thirsty Pig's specialty. All reasonably priced and all made in-house, it was hard to pick just one tubular meat to sample. The first pig - I mean PICK - was the chicken, apple and sage sausage. Sadly, it seemed to be everyone else's preferred banger that day, so the Greek Chicken was selected instead.And what a delightful sausage! In fact, I don't think I knew that encased meat could be so light, so juicy and so non-encased-tasting. This was no mere sausage: it was a work of art in a vague tube form. Barely greasy and not at all tough and gristly, the Greek spicing shone through the delectable chicken meat.With a fabulous beer list, genuinely friendly vibe, I can't wait to head back and sample more of the goods. More...


Nick F.

8 August 2011

This place rocks very friendly, down to earth atmosphere. Great food as well. Would recommend this place to anyone that wants to have a good time.  Great local beers too


Brian C.

6 August 2011

A nice place for an afternoon beer on the patio, if you can handle the awful music being played.  They do $2.50 Shipyard drafts during happy hour, which is as fine a deal as any you'll find around the Old Port I suspect.


L J.

15 June 2011

So I was walking around on a dreary, overcast Tuesday in Portland when I dropped in for a beer.  Off the bat, the bartender put some peanuts in front of me and gave me a rundown of the beer selection.  Let's focus on the beer selection for a minute-- they've got a wide range of local brews on tap that'll quench your thirst.  She poured out a sample or two, and I went with a pint of Maine Logger Lager.After another round and some good conversation with the menu infront of me, I decided to purchase a Sweet Italian Sausage.  It came with caramelized onions, peppers, and a side of baked beans (or slaw), and the sausage was immediately satisfying (that's what she said).You can't talk about sausage with a female bar tender without making a joke, but all jokes aside this place is awesome.  It's clean, but old-fashioned.  Big, but cozy.  Inexpensive, but quality.  They've got bar seating, booths, tables inside and out-- PLUS the music choice on the stereo was tastefully low volume bluegrass.When you get out of work, bring your crew and head over to this place.  If you don't work, head over on your bike and hit up the Happy Hour drinks.  If you don't like beer, or sausage, or new experiences-- check out this place just the same, and see if you can re-think your life.For me, this place is golden.  I'll be back for sure. More...