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James Charlton

21 November 2018

My law firm (5 lawyers) needed something done right now. We called and they came right then. Nice


Gerry Stanley

23 June 2018

Awesome people, great work. Most definitely recommend...


Kelsie Guarente

6 June 2018

Great customer service! I will be a future customer for sure.


Deplorable Dave

6 June 2018

Very professional and helpful folks.


John Gallard

15 November 2017

They did a great job. Very friendly and will keep you informed if more work needs to be done. The price is awesome for the work done.


Harry Engel

6 June 2016

They get the job done.


Wendy Martin

6 June 2016

These guys are awesome. Went above and beyond and couldn't have asked for more. A great ending to a week of nightmares. Thank you guys


Samuraislash600 .

6 June 2016

Had a problem where the heat sink of my CPU waterblock was stuck on my motherboard. The screws were completely stripped. The guy was able to hold one of the ends of the screws with a pair of plyers while I unscrewed the stuck bolts. Voila! Fixed! Didn't even charge me for it! Absolutely love these guys and would go to them again for assistance! More...


Gordon Trom

12 February 2016

I needed a simple part, although they are not a retail outlet, they helped me out. Then proceeded to help me prevent more issues with great advice and directions!
When my machine does need to go in, they are definitely the ones that are going to get to do it!
I highly recommend them to anybody that needs help with their machine!


Lindsay Lins

6 June 2013

So.. let me start by saying, I don't live close enough to actually set foot in the shop, but that dont stop them from helping! If they can help, they will and all that WITH a smile =) There was a time my laptop wouldn't start up anymore and i had no way of getting online to let them help me. So he called me, talked me trough the repair and that phonecall was like 3 hours! And yes...at the end of those 3 hours my laptop worked again like a charm! I was scared of doing something wrong but he calmed me down and made sure i understood what he was saying r asking me to do and telling me its ok even when i asked the same question like 5 times before i actually did what he asked! Never did i feel like i was annoying or stupid. On the contrary, he made sure i understood and when i didnt he explained.. even if he needed to explain it 3 r 4 times ..he didnt mind =) They are patient...friendly.. and know what they are doing =)There have been number of times i needed help and as i said, they always helped me out! AND explained what i did wrong r what was wrong.. and im over 7000 miles away!! Technology is something so amazing as long as it works correctly.And if it doesnt.. u know where to go... Tech gods at yer service even over remote control help =)BTW thank you for all the times you helped me out =) More...