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Naters Murray

30 June 2018

Mutiple stages make for an interesting evening of music. The acoustics are great, and the neighborhood has everything you need to prefunk and post party


Curtis Murray

23 June 2018

A good place with a reasonable sound system, this space gets extra props for being the venue where we can gather and enjoy some electronic, experimental, or "difficult" music. Door price was fair and the staff was super courteous. I'll come back for sure. More...


Robert Fertig

11 June 2018

Great place to practice with a band. Good equipment - might want to bring something of your own if you've got specific needs around foot switches (as an example). Very well priced per hour


I R O N- M T N.

29 May 2018

Admittedly the first time I went to this place I couldn't stand it The Sound was terrible and aesthetically it just wasn't very pleasing. Fast forward a year and a half and everything has improved and this is turning into a fine venue More...


Chris Diamond

15 April 2018

Perfect place to rent to practice, affordable and all equipment you need. Drum kit is rented with out cymbals. Bring your own guitar etc. Friendly staff. Venue as well as bar later on! Really great service! More...


Andrew Gemkow

13 February 2018

Premier music venue and one of the best booking agents in the history of Seattle Music. Go here!


Timofey Grebenyuk

6 February 2018

Grungy environment so perfect for underground shows. I went to Psy Ops event and they truly used the venue like it was meant to. Loved the whole experience.


Zoe Bartosh

3 February 2018

Great variety of live shows 7 days a week. So happy to have this spot in the neighborhood.


Warren Rice

30 January 2018

Nice practice rooms with functional equipment, and a well-stocked bar.


Tanya Dean

24 January 2018

This place is awesome! The sound was great for the whole night. Definitely coming back for more!


Lofrenda Pallister

11 January 2018

Small place. Good only for invites.


Colette Taylor

30 November 2017

Especially excellent with BKK Karaoke and burlesque shows.


rose prince

21 November 2017

This place reeks of old Seattle in the best possible way. Grungy and drafty and laid out weirdly, it's everything that's the best about our scene. Host lots of great events like Cabaret of evil. More...


Ryan Milbrath

12 November 2017

PsyOps crew was great. Staff just needs to smile more and the sound needs to improve in the main room. No bass.


Locke Bell

11 November 2017

Great venue. Open and intimate.


Flannel Cockerspaniel

11 August 2017

Long time client and a fan of what these entrepreneurs are doing for the Seattle music scene.


Ryan Saggerson

28 July 2017

Great space. Friendly chill people interested in the arts! Cheap drinks what's not to love?


Lu Sousal

10 July 2017

The place is nice, they have a old atari video game in the back but the real highlight were the live shows. The band went so crazy I thought they were gonna bring the stage apart. Quantum split rocks!!


James Schweda

4 June 2017

The most affordable monthly rehearsal spaces in town with 24 hours access and a very permissive rental policy.


Joseph Gabaldon

14 April 2017

Cool venue and practice place. You can get a room for hours and perform in their main stage. Glad there are places like this in such a musical town. Not much parking space though.


Keith Comeau

8 March 2017

decent price, owner is chill, 24 hr access and everyone is nice.


Eric Franks

25 December 2016

What a great place to see a venue, intimate yet spacious! They do have all ages shows, but must show I'D to drink (upon entering)

This place has accessible restrooms for wheelchairs, and accessible entrance! All inclusive venue! It sometimes hosts free (donate what you can) shows! Good for local/regional indie shows!