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The Stutz Artists Association

Indianapolis, Indiana


The Stutz Artists Association

Indianapolis, Indiana


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Jane Knight

Nice crowd.people eemed to be enjoying the art and building.


Myra Tate Hunter

Amazing. What a feast! Such a great group of artists. Totally a valuable investment of time and energy!


Ouida Norris

Indy is lucky to have this wonderful place. It inspires me and delightful to get to talk one on one to an artist and see their skills and techniques. Thanks Stutz and Mr Lafollette for everything. More...


April Weller

History, and artist, and all the people I met while I was leading a hand to a fellow artist beth, she is awesome, and so is april, wonderful to put faces of pictures to actually real people!!!


Kathleen F. Rhodes

Love it! Art, live music, food and drink! What more could anyone want? Everywhere we turned there were more amazingly talented folks and surprises! I do believe however, there will be a lot of women with very sore feet! Tip: Don't wear your stilettos! I found so many wonderous items I shall save to get next year! More...


Roger Rimmer

The car collection is one of the best in Indy, I was there for a banquet but spent most of the time checking out the cars.


Vicki Parks

I attended the open house with my grandson and we both thought it was phenomenal. To be able to you and learn about the Exquisite automobiles and all the art and artists that there are in the Stutz building was a privilege for both of us . thank you for doing this and having it available to Children also. More...


Shahn Franklin

LOVE love love the space and the atmosphere and the tenants studios too!


Evan Shearin

It’s an interesting space, but it can be difficult to find your way around. I took a staircase from the fourth floor to the first, and wound up trapped without an exit. I had to go back up a floor and walk to the other side of the building. More...


Jerry Jung

A hidden gem and a way to connect with both experienced and aspiring artists. Stop by before you go downtown on your way to dinner. The free museum of cars was a bonus. More...

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