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Lovefood S.

5 June 2015

Each time I have come here I fell in love with this venue more and more. Always a fine experience. No complaints!!


Noosh M.

4 April 2015

Two of my favorite bands were on tour together, wanting to see them brought me to the palace theater in Stratford Springs. The 7-8 miles of off the freeway to the theater in the heavy fog was very scary but at the end worth it. This is one very charming venue, the staff were very welcoming, the air quality was nice and fresh inside. One could see the stage where ever you stood and it had adequate sitting for a event as such. What I liked was it was not over crowded and i was able to enjoy hearing both of the bands I had come to see. The only thing that I would question is how loud the performance was, I'm not sure if this sound problem was the fault of the artist or the venue. More...


Sara S.

4 April 2015

I went to a show here last night and I was pleasantly surprised by the venue. The artist I was seeing often plays in dumpy venues but this one was not a dump at all! The venue was very small and there was not one bad spot in the house. It was designed in a way that you could see the stage no matter where you stood. They had plenty of tall chairs and tables which was a huge relief because I did not feel like standing. The venue staff were very nice including the gentleman at the box office and the security. The sound was nice and clear. My only issue was the sound was extremely loud even for a concert and it gave me a headache. They only had two stalls in the women's bathroom but it was very clean. I did not notice a parking lot but I was able to find free parking on main street. The worst thing about this venue was the 7 mile drive after you exit off of 84. It was windy and foggy and had barely any visibility. The venue was located in the middle of nowhere as far as I could tell but I would come back if an artist I like were to play there again. More...


Daniel M.

8 April 2014

I've been to the Palace Theater twice for a couple of shows.  I was here last Saturday night for the Red Dragon Cartel show and saw the Cherie Currie band back in November.  The staff are very courteous and the venue was not over crowded.  The method of buy drinks from the bar was a little interesting.  You have to buy drink tickets from the guy who also sells the band merchandise and then you take the ticket over to the bar and they give you your drink there. The Palace is mostly standing room only with the exception of a few small tables on the sides.  The venue is clean, including the bathrooms, which is a plus.  The drinks/beers are also reasonably priced.  If the band is doing a meet and greet after the show the staff lets you hang out in the venue and it's very organized. Great place for local New England rock/metal bands to be booked and play a show in front of decent crowd that are true rock/metal fans.  Hidden gem for local area rock shows for sure. More...


renee m.

20 October 2013

Most definitely would go back.  A lot different from and better kept than some other small places we've been to!  Housed in a restored historic building in an historic section of the town, they even have old-fashioned frosted window panes on the bathroom doors which say "Ladies" and "Gents" on them.  Everything very nice and tidy and pleasant staff.  Went to see Soulfly there last week and though the crowd was small, they and the band still tore the place up.  Some balcony seating as well as a moderate amount of GA standing room, and even from the farthest point in the venue, one can still get a great view.  Acoustics are good also!  Wonder what else is on their agenda for that place! More...

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