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Jordan Elpern-Waxman

11 May 2018

This place is the perfect refuge from the city. For full disclosure, I am a member, so I can go any time, but it is open any time a member is there - one of the membership responsibilities is that if you visit you have to open it to the public while you are there, so everyone can enjoy it - which usually includes most weekends and weekday afternoons/evenings when the weather is nice. Becoming a member is easy, too; check out the details on the bulletin board by the garden gates! More...


Flora Roberto

10 July 2017

Incredible community garden with a chicken coop included! Open to public on weekends


GM Briggs

6 July 2016

Fabulous community garden. Generally open on the weekends (and when garden members are present). Friendly and beautiful. Say hello to the chickens!