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The Phoenix Group is a modern digital marketing agency, developing business solutions for a diverse range of customers, markets, and industries. Our client-focused approach has been proven to drive real results for our clientele. When working with clients, we become an integrated strategic partner that shares their vision to achieve maximum potential and success for the organization.


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Michael Feinman

15 August 2019

I needed a last-minute project completed, and Verity (owner) completed the job within 30 minutes from the first phone call. She was very responsive with the design that I sent over to her, and sent me proofs before she started engraving. I'd highly recommend Jabberwocky Laser Design for any custom engraving projects that you have in the future. More...


Mark Brunt

23 June 2019

I admire the work done. These guys are real professionals, and I have never deal with such a great laser design before.


Gregory Holder

21 June 2019

Superb design work and immediate delivery. I’m placing additional orders.


Nancy Fisher

31 October 2018

Jabberwocky Laser Design has done several projects for us. Each and every item is just beautifully done. Top Notch Company!


Mary Wlodarczyk Sanginiti

31 October 2018

I've ordered a few items from Jabberwocky Laser Design and have been very happy with the items I've received. Most recently I ordered engraved wine bottles and wine glasses for my sons engagement. I couldn't be happier with the final result and my son and his fiancé were absolutely thrilled. Verity is very artistic and will work with you to get the outcome that you are looking for. She goes out of her way to please you! More...

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