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Los Angeles

29 May 2018

My dog loves this place, and that's good enough for me.


Twitcher Sees-u

29 May 2018

Love this place! Very quaint and you could tell that these are dog people with the occasional cat praise thrown into the mix haha


Jeffery Trevathan

20 January 2018

Very kind and accommodating to my animal.
Thank you Mike and everyone!


Kelly Croteau

29 May 2016

I only trust The Loved Dog when I go away on vacation or for business. They treat my puppy with such care and are extremely knowledgable with anything and everything having to do with dogs. My pup always come back clean, trimmed and happy! I highly recommend The Loved Dog! More...


Robert Broadway

30 May 2013

The Loved Dog is the only place we would ever trust with Tyson. We had to go out of town right after Tyson scratched his cornea with his nails and was on both an antihistamine/prednisone taper and 4-times-a-day eye drops of two different kinds. You all took perfect care of him; it didn't stop us from fretting about leaving him, but we knew he couldn't be in better hands. Leaving Tyson with you is better than leaving him with family. More...


Melanie Tran

30 May 2013

The people here at The Loved Dog loved my dogs as I do. It's a safe environment and the dogs are treated well.



24 August 2011

Excellent Service! I have been going here for years now. My dog loves the atmosphere and always comes home in a good mood. Where other dog walkers/groomers treat their ""clients"" just as a meal ticket, Johnny and Ty truly take an interest in knowing and caring for the the dogs in their care. I recommend them to everyone who cares about their pet. You really get your money?s worth on the dog walking and overnight stays. I have used other kennels prior and it takes my dog a week to forgive me when I get back to town. With Johnny and Ty she doesn't want to come home!! I highly recommend them!!! More...



8 July 2010

I have been using ""the Loved Dog"" for day care as well as boarding for the past 8 years and have been consistently impressed with their level of care and service. The best testimonial however comes from my dog, whose entire body begins to wag when we approach the building and who always drags me inside and runs to greet his friends, both human and canine, without even a look back. I can't recommend it enough! More...



14 December 2009

I took my little dog here for a short trip and was very satisfied when I returned. The dogs were all being walked and played with and the facility was clean. It looks like a new GM is there and I noticed a difference. I will be back. More...


Love Little Dogs

1 December 2009

Please allow me to address some of the concerns I have read and thank those who have taken the time to give us positive reviews. As the new manager of the facility it was clear that we had great staff, a loving atmosphere and happy dogs but also that some improvements were needed. We have listened to our customers suggestions and many improvements have been made. Over the past month we have been doing renovations on the facility. The improvements include repairs and upgrades to the bridges, fresh paint, facility repairs, a new lobby and an expanded upstairs area for small dogs and puppies. More improvements will continue and in early 2010 we look forward to hosting a Grand Re-Opening Party that will show off our new look. If anyone would like to make further suggestions or has requests please feel free to contact me. I would love the opportunity to win your trust and business. You can contact me at 310-914-3033 More...



17 October 2009

Im a current employee that has been around a while and im pretty shocked at the reviews that this place has gotten from clients. Ive decided to clear up some things for people that have had a ""bad"" experience at this establishment. Ive read most of the reviews and thought i could easily clear up some problems people have had/still have. First ill discuss a big problem most have which is the smell, dogs are dogs they play with eachother, they get all slobbered up and dirty. They dont come here to sit and look pretty they come to play their little hearts out and have fun no matter where you take your dog wether it be another kennel/daycare or dog park its going to get a little stinky. We offer baths and we baby whipe them before they leave to go home. As far as peoples problems with employees i understand that we might have hired a few bad apples but thats why they arent around any longer. Everyone that i have worked with has had a huge obsession and love for dogs and treat every dog like its their own. This next problem is a strange on someone was complaining about the dogs barking. That to me is pretty ignorant to be honest. They come to let loose and have fun dogs will bark when their happy they bark to communicate and bark just to bark. They get it all out of their system here and absolutly love it. Pricing is standard to all the doggie daycares around the area. And as far as dogs getting sick its very rare and it happens just like sending your kid to a daycare the chances are just the same. Kennel cough, giradia, and warts are all things that happen but when they do we take immediate action to contain that dog and get in contact with the owner and discuss options to have them pick it up or to have us take it to the vet. We use mops with diluted bleach water to sanitize the floor, we also use pinesol to help with sanitizing and polishing up the floor, we wipe down everything in this building including the walls to yes even the ceiling. We use air freshener with a bacteria killing agent thats safe and also we peridically spray the most used places/objects such as cabanas and kennels with chlorox disinfectant spray after wiping it down with a warm rag and pinesol. We take every step we can to make sure that your dog stays healthy and safe because we miss your dog when its not here just as much as you miss your dog when you're on vacation. So please if you have had problems before or now just let us know and well fix it or explain thing to you just please dont automatically assume things are wrong and discredit our name. I did this out of the kindness of my heart and for the love of all the dogs i have worked with and am looking forward to working with not because anyone told me. Thank you so much for reading this and take all of what i said into consideration. More...



10 July 2009

I was looking up something and came across this page and was horrified by how nasty some people are. I thought I would take the time and write my own review because it seems that most reviews that get posted are negative.... all the rest of us are so satisfied we would never think to write one. I can't speak about what happened previous to my coming to The Loved Dog but from the moment I walked in and saw my dogs tails were wagging I knew this was the place for us! We have been coming for 6 months and I've always been treated nice, my dogs look forward to playing with their friends (2 & 4 legs) and when I pick them up they are just as happy. There were comments about the scent....hellooooo, it's a place filled with active dogs it's not going to smell like fresh roses. I have been there on several occasions and have met Ms. Geller, she was very nice and inquired if I was happy with the service...I told her I was. So all of you complainers out there, there are many of us that are happy with The Loved Dog....if we weren't, there wouldn't be so many happy dogs playing there. More...



20 October 2008

My son, Jack and I, happened upon this canine gem last spring. He was needing community service hours for his school. We met the manager, and many of the employees there. We went there for three days, during different times of the day. Each time, we saw happy dogs, and happy workers. We loved it there. I spoke to the receptionist each time I was there as my son vanished upstairs to care for the smaller dogs. They knew all of the dogs by name, knew what they liked and I saw for myself through the window, many dogs happily playing whilst caregivers doled out the love and praise. These dogs are loved. I have two dogs myself, and assure you that when I go on vacation, it's the loved dog for them. This place is spotless. No sooner did a dog eliminate, then it was cleaned up. The staff to dog ratio was quite impressive. Plus, they groom dogs, they sell great dog food (that my dogs devoured),and the space is huge. There is ample room for dogs to be dogs, and run and play. I was and am very impressed with the facility, and the staff. Way to go, The Loved Dog. More...



10 July 2008

I used to work at TLD and left a few months ago for personal reasons. After reading the reviews left by supposed clients, I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed. Everyone I worked with knows about dogs, and if there's something that they don't know, they are ALL eager to learn. Every single staff member does love your dog -- the employees who aren't there for the dogs generally end up getting fired. Brendan, Lena, Evette, Lisa & Nate have ALL taken dives to ensure that your dog is safe, and they spend the majority of their time showering your dog with affection. Half of the time, your pup is getting free training from the staff -- you'll notice this if you look through the window when Brendan has half of the pack sitting patiently on the slide awaiting his command. So your dog ends up coming home a little stinky. You know what? When you're working out at the gym, running around and getting all sweaty, you don't come home smelling so hot yourself. Give your pooch a bath or baby wipe him and get over it. No dogs are being abused. I've worked the overnight shift before with no dogs in stalls, just happy puppies laying in piles on me or on the floor and plenty of water throughout the night. Anyone writing otherwise is straight up lying and needs to get over it. More...



17 May 2008

Boy, I don't usually write or review, but after reading some of the negative remarks about The Loved Dog, I had to. Sounds like some fired ex-employee has a HUGE grudge. My dog loves to go to The Loved Dog. He comes home tired and happy. I've boarded him there (they have cage free boarding) and when I pick him up, he is trim (which is wonderful because he is a food driven Beagle) bright eyed and happy with a glossy coat. He is always excited walking in the door when I take him to The Loved Dog, which is a SURE sign that he likes it there. Dogs can't lie about that. But it seems humans do. I highly recommend The Loved Dog. More...



16 May 2008

I have to say I was a bit taken aback by some of the scathing reviews. This has not in any way been my experience. Yes....dog daycares smell, but I have been to a few and they're pretty much the same. My experience with the staff has been great. They greet my dog with excitement and truly seem to love the dogs. I have found the manager to be very knowledgeable about dog behavior and she has on more than one occasion taken time to give me helpful advice on positive dog training. Some of the reviews are so vitriolic ( ie: referring to a staff member as overweight, referring to someone's ethnicity?) that I can't help but wonder what the motive is behind them. Anyway...me and my fur kid love the loved dog!!! More...



2 May 2008

I have been bringing my dog to daycare since before it was fashionable. My 13 year old terrier mix, may he rest in peace spent years with Tamar and her staff at The Loved Dog. He went for daycare as well as boarding when my husband & I traveled. He was always happy to go, running out of the car to the lobby to greet the receptionists. They were knowledgeable and nice and I know they loved him as much as I did. Even when he passed they donated to the Lange Foundation in his name, it made me cry. We have added a new pup to our family and I am happy to say she is getting her training, daycare and slumber party need filled at The Loved Dog. Thank you Tamar for being a pioneer in the business and a lover of dogs, especially mine. More...



25 April 2008

I've leaving both of my dogs at the Loved Dog for about 2 years now and never had a problem. As a matter fact my small dog always gets stressed on car drives but when I tell her that we are going to the ""Dog Park"" or ""Day Care"" she stops shaking and panting. She gets excited when we arrive at daycare as well as the park. If the Loved Dog were as bad as some of these people say I know for a fact my dog would not resond this way. More...



23 April 2008

Can we say bitter old employee )-: Tamar's training technique has worked for me with both of my dogs which is why I chose to go to the Loved Dog. My dogs are pugs who go to the second floor which has a window for me to see my dogs. So nothing was hidden from me. Last, I don't think Oprah Winfrey would use Tamar Geller as a trainer if what you say is true. More...



23 April 2008

After reading the poor reviews I just had say something in defense of the Loved Dog. Some of the reviews complain about a screening fee but all daycares charge a screening fee. Some complained about their dog smelling after day care but dogs get dirty from playing in daycare or the dog park. And they cost just as much as the other daycares in the area. More...



21 April 2008

I read the previous reviews and I found them to be absolutely false. I had my dog stay at two day cares in the same area and I found The Loved Dog to be much much better. Dogs are never unattended which was a huge factor for me. The other two day cares left the dogs unsupervised...I guess some folks are okay with that...weird. I recommed this place if you want hands on care. More...



21 April 2008

I have taken both of my dogs here before on several different occasions and had wonderful experiences. I have found the staff not only friendly but helpful and very ""hands on"" with the dogs. I would recommend the Loved Dog to anyone who needs a good spot for their pup whether it's just for a couple of hours or a couple of days. More...



28 February 2008

I have been taking my dog to The Loved Dog for over 5 years, and she absolutely LOVES it here! She was a bit tentative at first, I think because she had been a shelter dog, and she was leery of new surroundings. But the people at The Loved Dog were very patient with her, and willing to work with her. Within a short time she was in love with the place! Yes, there has been employee turnover during the last 5 years, but everyone I have dealt with has been warm and friendly and definitely dog lovers! When I take her for daycare, she can't wait to go into the lobby to say Hi to Angie or Lena or whoever is sitting at the desk at the time! I know that she is being treated well, or she would not exhibit such exuberance and enthusiasm! Dogs are very straightforward with their emotions, and if she was being mis-treated, she would balk at going in - I have never experienced that. It warms my heart to see her so happy, and gives me great peace of mind knowing she is well taken care of while she is there. More...



19 October 2007

I love The Loved Dog and so does my dog! My dog can play hard with the active pack on the main floor or he nap and chill with the mellow pack upstairs. The staff is friendly. The hours are super flexible and the rates are totally reasonable. I also love that the owner is a credible behaviorist, trainer, dog owner and author who believes in Non-Aggressive training. Many people get into the business because they want to cash in on the pet pampering craze, but this place was the first and has been doing it for 12 years! I think all the trash talking is being made by disgruntled employees with an axe to grind. See for yourself! More...



11 October 2007

I used this facility last week, and it was wonderful. Very clean with great staff, and my dog loved it, I did ask about the reports I read here, and apparently, they were aware of the problems and totally changed their staff a couple of months ago.



20 May 2002

The only downside I've found to owning dogs is the worry that goes along with finding the right person to watch them when I go out of town. Family is great--but they don't live nearby. Friends are terrific--but I can only ask so often. Kennels are convenient, but leaving them in cage breaks my heart. The Loved Dog offers the best of all worlds. The staff offers the care and attention that my family would, while always being available. And, the fact that it's a cage-free kennel--and the dogs get to play with each other all day--is wonderful. Sure, it's expensive, but the peace of mind is definitely worth it. More...