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Ryan Elliott MSW: Co-Director and Founder of the Lightheart Center. Ryan has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and made many other radio and TV appearances for his expertise in hypnotherapy. He is a Board Certified Medical Hypnoanalyst, a long-time member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


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14 February 2019

Absolutely the best. I was quite unsure if this would work as I have been smoking for a long time and enjoy it but wanted to quit. Here I am on day 3 of no smoking and so happy and proud! THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER He is very kind, thoughtful and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend!!!



Sue Michaelsen

7 January 2019

Wonderful staff and soothing, healing environment. Amazing training.



22 December 2018

Ryan is skilled, professional, and insightful, as well as extremely helpful and compassionate,

Thank you very much Nancy!


Patrick Riordan

7 September 2018

Tai chi Awesome



22 July 2018

Way back in 1994 I underwent Hypnotherapy when I tried to stop smoking. Ryan's abilities as a hypnotherapist are remarkable. I stopped smoking with 5 sessions as the program advertised and have never smoked again since 1994. I had no withdrawal and last 5 lbs as well! He is a genius. About 2008 my husband and I went back to see him for problems with anxiety and migraine for me. He helped us both and my migraines now come perhaps once every 3 months whereas I used to get them 5 out of 7 days. He's the real thing and totally professional. I'm so glad I heard of him from a friend so many years ago! More...



12 March 2018

I love Ryan!! He has helped me so much with PTSD and got me on a much better path to health and happiness!! Thank you so much Ryan


David Sapolis

10 March 2018

I worked with Ryan Elliott in 1992, and today I am still being blessed by my decision to work with him. I visited Ryan as a pool player, looking to improve my game by overcoming mental stumbling blocks, but unexpectedly, I received so much more than that. Ryan was so helpful to me - and I would recommend him if you are looking to improve yourself and to improve your quality of life. I give him 5 stars - and I would have given him 10 stars if it was an option. Look no further, Ryan Elliott is the absolute best. More...

David, you are too kind. Thanks so much. Ryan


Ron Newman

28 November 2017

Caring and healing


Janet Wehr

26 September 2017

In 2016, I chose to work with Ryan Elliott, at the Lightheart Center in Winfield, IL, for an emotional trauma that I was experiencing during that time. I chose correctly: Ryan's vast knowledge and experience, coupled with his supportive personality, guided me through that difficult time with great success. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone struggling with trauma, addiction, fear, PTSD, or any other condition that keeps them from living life fully, because he will help that person to produce permanent change. I am eternally grateful for the healing that Ryan helped me to accomplish. More...


Christine Field

25 September 2017

I consulted Ryan with insomnia issues. I am now off all sleeping meds! I have learned how to relax and tune into what is going on in my head and my body. Ryan is a gifted healer and also an excellent talk-based therapist. He has helped my life in innumerable ways and I recommend him to friends and relatives without hesitation. More...


Kim Savage

19 September 2017

This is a great resource for wellness.


Lori Ashbaugh

17 August 2016

Renee gives a great Young Living Raindrop Treatment. She is kind and caring.

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I love helping people change their lives, changing emotional slavery to subconscious freedom to be happy and successful. By removing anxiety, depression, fear, low self esteem, guilt and self sabotage, spiritual exhaustion, and addictions, one can live the life he or she was meant to live. For Smokers . . .

I offer a 6 session, one month long smoking cessation/nicotine detox program where we treat smoking on 3 levels: the habit, physically, and subconsciously finding and surfacing the hidden motivation to smoke. while finding new habits to replace the cigarettes and fading the nicotine out of the body. This 3 dimensional approach has produced a 90% success rate with a long term follow up. The schedule is twice weekly for the first two weeks and then once/week after. Quitting happens during the third week after the subconscious motivation has surfaced, your subconscious mind has been changed to work for you instead of AGAINST you which it is doing right now, and the nicotine you've consuming has been cut by 75%. Can you understand how well this works?

However, I can make you do anything you don't want to do. You have to WANT to quit.

Most smoking cessation programs can only offer a limited time success rate of near 30%.

If you're interested, please contact me but if you're more than 15 miles away, you might want to find someone closer due to the time commitment this program requires.

There's no magic. It takes some effort, willingness, and patience on your part. That said, rest assured I will do my best to help you reach your goals.

My own issues compelled me to find solutions, which I did with three treatment options: hypnoanalysis, EMDR, and Neurofeedback. Even as a teenager, I knew I wanted to help people but quit high school because I had so much anxiety then went to college after a transcendent experience but still had lots of anxiety. Once I found a hypnoanalyst and removed the source of the anxiety, a near death experience in childhood, I was free to live the life I was meant to.

Ok, I wrote the book on Medical Hypnoanalysis, "The Secrets from Your Subconscious Mind", and have 40 years experience in curing people, have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and have helped hundreds of clients over the years. Ok, I'm a Mensa Member and Board Certified by The American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts and have been a long time member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.