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Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma

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The Law Office of Paul Miller

Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma



I offer compassionate, experienced, and cost-effective estate planning services (Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives.)

I also assist individuals with the administration of a loved one's estate.

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Michael C.

1 September 2019

I was worried about my trust and had really been dreading dealing with it, but after meeting with Paul all the dread went by the wayside. Paul is very easy to talk with and took a real interest in my situation. We went over my concerns and he checked out the trust, on his own time, assuring me that all is well. I would encourage any and all to make an appointment with Paul. Could not have had a better experience. More...


Steven G.

1 September 2019

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Mr. Paul Miller recently.  The task was to review an existing Revocable Trust/Estate Plan created several years ago, to see if and what potentially needed updating.  Paul was extremely straight talking, knowledgeable and most importantly -- not pushy or aggressive.  I was very happy to hear him tell us he would review our current Estate Plan, provide several options, if appropriate, ranging from a minor modification to an entire re-write with costs for each option detailed.  Well; wasn't I surprised when after reviewing our plan, Paul indicated the existing Trust and Estate Plan as written was effective and no changes were needed. What a wonderful experience to have with an Estate Planning Attorney.  Thank you Paul! I now know who to go to, should we need Estate Planning services in the future. More...


Madge F.

10 August 2019

All of Paul's excellent  5 star reviews are accurate, in my opinion. I could not have had a better experience creating my trust. Paul has the expertise, and he communicates very well so there are no surprises. He is patient and responds in a timely manner to all questions and concerns. Making an appointment is a breeze. He worked within a reasonable time frame to complete the trust. He's very professional and friendly as well. My trust came bound in a beautiful leather binder, with a full printed copy and a memory stick.  Lastly his fee was very reasonable. I highly recommend him! More...


Kira S.

5 August 2019

We were referred to Paul by good friends/coworkers and couldn't have had a more positive experience. All reviews coming before ours are spot on: Paul was personable, informative, easily accessible, responsive, patient and (most importantly for us because we found ourselves dragging our feet in setting up a trust) understanding and motivational. We reached back out to Paul for a question nearly a year after completion and he responded immediately and thoroughly. He makes it easy to highly recommend him! More...


Nicole C.

26 June 2019

Paul Miller is an exceptional lawyer and thoughtful, kind person. I knew nothing about estate planning, wills, trusts, etc. before meeting with him. Paul was able to thoughtfully explain the process in layperson terms. He was incredibly efficient throughout the process, while patiently giving me the time and information that I needed to make important decisions affecting me and my loved ones. Paul is honest, sincere, caring and non-judgmental. He is competent, has a strong work ethic and is committed to quality service for all of his clients. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with such important legal decisions and paperwork. Look no further. I give my highest recommendation to the Law Office of Paul Miller. More...


Jaemie R.

1 April 2019

Paul responded quickly, communicated very clearly, was overall super helpful and friendly, and his service fit within my budget. I'm in a different state, and we were able to conduct the business entirely via email which made the process a breeze. Thank you, Paul! More...


Carol P.

26 February 2019

Paul helped me with my trust. I was dreading the process but he made me feel comfortable, resulting in a smooth process. I never felt rushed despite my many questions. He is knowledgeable, honest, dependable and his fees are reasonable. I should know as I shopped around. Also, he is just a nice, personable guy. More...


b bollinger

6 February 2019

Paul is thorough and professional and I would highly recommend him.


Susan R.

30 September 2018

In 2017 my husband and I employed Paul Miller to begin a family trust to protect our property and assets for our descendants. Paul was very clear in the legal requirements and in his explanations of them. He made us comfortable with very sensitive topics such as our mortality, medical directives, and other end of life decisions. Just as we had assembled all the required documents, they were destroyed when our house burned down in the Tubbs fire just north of Santa Rosa. Paul exhibited great patience with us while we put our lives back together. With his help we were able to reconstruct the documents and completed the family trust in August 2018. We highly recommend Paul Miller to anyone who is seeking to set up a trust for the benefit of their own family. More...


Raquel M.

6 September 2018

My experience with Paul was exceptional. Paul discussed, at length, my late fathers estate. He was very informative, professional, and a straight shooter. My conversation was well over 45 minutes at no charge. More...


Robin Pori

6 July 2018

My Mother and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Miller regarding family matters in June of 2018. He and his staff were so warm and welcoming we felt right at home. Mr. Miller gave us excellent advice and didn't charge for it, amazing. I would highly recommend him for any legal needs. More...


Daily Dazzle and Dawn

6 June 2018

Awesome experience - Miller has excellent attention to detail!


DawnStamp erOfApproval

17 May 2018

Awesome experience - Miller has excellent attention to detail!



17 April 2018

Great experience, wonderful lawyer, highly recommended. Very thorough , communicates beautifully, listens carefully to what your needs are, respectful, reasonable prices. You can't ask for more ...


Melinda K.

9 December 2017

We had Paul do our living trust last year. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient with us. We had a hard time making certain decisions but he let us decide in our own time and touched base with us every so often to see where we were. He never pressured us into making rapid fire decisions. He would gently guide us when we really didnt know how to handle a certain scenario which we appreciated. Paul is very personable and friendly and we would absolutely recommend him to anyone. More...


Christine Guerne

21 November 2017

I can not say enough great things about this law firm, completely amazing! You are beautiful, much thanks!


Alison M.

7 November 2017

I interviewed several other lawyers before I found Paul Miller. The Yelp reviews are accurate! From our first conversation, Paul met my queries with empathy as well as expertise. He came to my mom's house for our first meeting and walked us through all the options to update our trust. He also had a point of view and reasoned recommendations, which was so helpful! Once we got into the paperwork, his awesome sister Sheila (this is a brother-and-sister operation) stepped in, walking my mom through all the documents to make sure she understood exactly what she was signing. We now have all the proper paperwork in place, and I trust Paul and Sheila will be available for any twists down the road. Thanks guys! More...


Greg T.

29 August 2017

Paul is a Will and Estate pro who made the entire process simple, friendly and warm.  Paul's fees were a flat upfront reasonable price so there were no surprises. You will know the cost before you sign anything.I am a picky and demanding client:  No problem for Paul.  Multiple properties in different counties? a complicated Estate Plan? lots of questions?.  No problem for Paul!  He is patient, knowledgeable and quick to reply.Now that this is all over, I feel that my family has been given a great gift of comfort and safety knowing that everything that we want for them is now legally protected in writing.Thank You Paul! More...


Rudy V.

23 July 2017

Kudo's to Paul Miller and his law practice.  I've found him to be professional, responsive, very cost effective and a compassionate, warm person.  Like all the other reviews here on Yelp, I'm one more impressed client and unhesitatingly recommend him for legal services. More...


Calvin B.

16 February 2017

I met Paul while traveling a  long time ago while traveling in a far away land and i immediately liked him.  I was glad to hear he was an estate lawyer because i was wanting to create all the documents for my own estate.  So he helped me formulate my first set of estate documents about ten years ago and it was a great experience.  And this year i decided to update all the documents and he walked me through the process.  And just like the first time, it was an absolute pleasure working with him.  He made the process easy and efficient.  And he is such a personable individual.  It is no surprise to me that he doesn't have a single Yelp review under 5 stars.  I would recommend him for estate planning without a reservation.  Thanks Paul for being such a great resource. More...


Peter Workman

25 October 2016

Paul Miller is gracious, organized/efficient, knowledgeable, and cost effective. We have a complex financial structure and Paul was able to work through it with dispatch and make some very sound recommendations for our current situation and for the future which is of course the reason for developing an estate plan in the first place. This was very reassuring to my wife and I.

If you are in the market for a person with the above skills and the proper temperament and demeanor, then you should give this man a call. You won't regret your decision.

Peter W. & MiMi T.


Carolyn R.

19 August 2016

Yelp reviews led me to Paul Miller and I concur with all the good things said!Paul Miller is gracious, patient, informative, easy to talk with, responsive, and prompt in his replies!He is welcoming and very sympathetic; organized and knowledgeable.He was inventive in the solutions he found to my particular dilemmas and willing to do the back-and-forth I needed to come to decisions. I Highly Recommend him to you for your estate and trust needs. More...


Rick V.

20 May 2016

I am handling a rather small estate, that won't require probate. So, I called Paul and scheduled a consultation. Paul was very helpful. He was available at our scheduled time, answered all of my questions, was very courteous and professional. I really appreciated Paul's time, as well as his offer to answer any questions that I may have going forward. I highly recommend Paul for any estate/probate related issues. I won't hesitate to call him again, should the need arise. More...


Danielle J.

6 February 2016

I called several estate planning attorneys in regards to reading some documents we received regarding a deceased family member from another state. I was more than happy to pay a fee for this service because I wanted to be sure that we understood the paperwork before sending it back notarized with a signature. Paul Miller was the ONLY attorney in the entire North Bay area who was willing to look at our paperwork through an email and give us much needed translation/advice. Not only was Paul very responsive but he was also very professional and friendly. We never did meet Paul but he was really a great guy on the phone who helped us promptly and WITHOUT a fee! Wow. I am still very thankful and impressed with the help we received from Paul. We will be back if we ever need an estate planning attorney, and will recommend him with 100% confidence! Thank you!!! More...


Joe S.

15 September 2014

Pretty much repeating what others have said; Paul is knowledgeable, personable-yet-professional, patient and responsive to questions in-person and in-email, particularly appreciated by someone like myself who asks a lot of questions. He spent a lot of time one-on-one with me and others involved in a Trust, explaining the process thoroughly and the legal aspects involved. Highly recommend. More...


Mikki P.

3 January 2014

We're in our 60's and needed somebody to walk us through setting up our will, a living trust, and a durable power of attorney.  We were pretty ignorant about the process, and we wanted somebody in whom we felt a very high degree of trust, as well as somebody who really knew what he was doing.  The icing on the cake that we didn't expect was really how personable, kind, and enjoyable Paul is. Also, unlike most attorneys, he is willing and able to explain in layman's terms the in's and out's of the legal morass that one enters when it's time to get this done. He told us how long it would take and how much it would cost at the beginning.  He kept to the timeline with no hidden costs and never rushed us.A very nice aside is his willingness to come to your house, rather than require that we go to his office.  We almost wish we had to do it again! More...


Steve R.

10 September 2013

We were diligent in our research on who to hire for our estate planning, going to lengths such as interviewing about a half dozen attorneys we were considering. Not only was Paul the only attorney that did all the work from start to finish, he made house calls and made himself available either in person, on the phone, or through email. His expertise and honesty kept us on track throughout the estate planning process.Really glad we went with Paul. More...


Dan K.

9 July 2013

I was in a atv accident and had a high dollar medical amount that was way over my head and stressful as well but i called paul and it was a great choice!Wouldn't choose anyone else,Paul answered all my questions and made my case very smooth.very quick to get back to me anytime I didn't understand something and made me feel assured with my case.even if it was a saturday he would help out,overall a great guy to call! Great on prices,even came to my house to help with questions I couldn't answer if I ever run into another situation he would be the guy I'd call thanks again Paul! Great working with you. More...


Sheila M.

3 May 2013

Paul helped my family and me with estate planning and transfer ofproperty.  He explained things clearly and made something that is complicatedunderstandable to us.  He is patient and clear and low pressure.  Itwas relief to get a handle on these issues.  Paul educated me andcounseled me so that I could make informed decisions and do the bestI can for my family. More...


Fleurdelis S.

10 December 2012

Paul Miller was a fantastic attorney to work with.  My case involved intellectual property theft and it was very complicated.  Paul, worked very hard to resolve the problem and he helped me to understand the entire process.  He has a lot of patience and he is exceptionally good at what he does.  I would highly recommend him, especially because of how he deals with you.  You always feel heard and a part of the process. More...



24 October 2012

Guess what? I called Paul Miller--he had a good review on Yelp, which is always where I start a search. He got right back to me on the phone, and followed up with a nice email. Guess what else He makes house calls! He was willing and knowledgeable about my questions having to do with some estate planning. He gave me great advice and an idea that I ran by our CPA, who said he could take care it. If that, (slightly more convenient), tack doesn't work out, I'm calling Paul Miller back and giving him the job. The guy is on the ball and seems, from what I've seen, to play fair. I love that in an attorney. Rare and wonderful. More...