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The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery

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Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon (the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery; and the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada).


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Pat M.

9 November 2019

I first sought out Dr. Jacobs after I saw the great face lift he did on a friend of mine. She looked fresh and natural and I wanted the same for myself. I got my facelift and peel a month ago and I am thrilled.  From the very first moment I contacted Dr. Jacobs' office I felt confident.  I was already acquainted with two other plastic surgeons, one in Santa Rosa and a top rated surgeon in San Francisco whose work I also thought was very good, but Dr. Jacobs' office was the whole package - superb surgeon and great medical and administrative staff. Dr. Jacobs is an outstanding facial plastic surgeon - triple certified with a wealth of experience at some of the top medical institutions in the US and Canada -- that was very important to me.  I felt I could ask him anything I wanted to know about.  He took his time with me, was kind, straightforward, interested in me, and had a calm and elegant professionalism that assured that I was going to be fully informed about my choices and not be pushed or sold something I didn't need or want. But that's not all. Dr. Jacobs' staff is stellar for me as a patient and my husband who came to office visits with me. The office is elegant and run by a beautiful team of grownups. Scheduling, post-op care and questions are all handled with perfection. Even now, one month after my facelift and peel, office visit wait times are minimal, and I never feel as though I am being rushed once I am seen. I can text the office and get prompt responses to my questions anytime.Bottom line? Fantastic. I give Dr. Jacobs and The Jacobs Center for Cosmetic Surgery top ratings for their care and professionalism, and of course results!  I can't wait to see how my healing continues. It's already so good! More...


Ally G.

23 June 2019

Dr. Jacobs is very professional and his office and staff are very welcoming and open. The Healdsburg office is in a very accessible location and easy to find. Anyways, I have a protruding bump on my nose which I've been insecure about for years. I finally had the nonsurgical rhinoplasty done and it couldn't have gone any better. Dr. Jacobs was very gentle and made sure nothing was uncomfortable. I then had a follow up appointment and it was the same; very comfortable and easy. I paid $750 for the quick 15 min procedure which was worth it to me personally. I will continue to go to Dr. Jacobs office because he's very kind and definitely knows what he's doing. More...


Leslie Weaver

17 April 2019

Dr Jacobs has an honest and direct way of approaching skincare with a wonderful bedside manner. The staff are also very warm and welcoming


Danielle Morrison

22 February 2019

I recommend Dr Jacobs' office to everybody, for SURE! I've gone for several procedures, all of which were successful. Great team of warm people and the place is gorgeous.


Arden M.

29 August 2018

I have been to Dr. Jacobs office for many treatments including botox and Kybella. Lisa has done my botox and it has always turned out beautifully. I also received 3 Kybella treatments last year. The results are phenomenal! I am a relatively fit person and I was frustrated by my minor double chin. I just wanted a defined jawline. Kybella is a treatment that you have to have faith in because it doesn't work immediately, it's about the longterm, permanent results. Since getting it done early last year, my jaw line is more defined than ever, even after having a baby this year. I love the way my profile looks and it is really noticeable in pictures. Dr. Jacobs and Lisa walked me through everything and really showed precision in what they do. I have recommended them to many friends and have had a friend receive Kybella and lip filler and another friend got an eyelid lift and peel. Everyone who goes to Dr. Jacobs office ends up looking great and enjoy their experience! The office is beautiful and comfortable and the entire staff is extremely welcoming and professional. I am so grateful for them! More...


Stephanie M.

13 June 2018

Dr. Jacobs and his team are fabulous. From their warm professionalism to Dr. Jacobs' skill as a sculptor, every bit of their well-tuned teamwork has resulted in a very happy outcome for me. I would give them 10 stars, if possible. More...


Andrea B.

22 April 2018

Can't say enough good things about this practice. Lisa is my girl! She spent time teaching and educating me about their practice as well as the services before she began my treatment. I love this place and am a loyal patient forever now More...


Mandy L.

26 March 2018

In conducting my research I had a mixed bag of consultations from the various doctors I selected to interview for my surgery.  Dr. Jacobs came highly recommended by online search and people I know so I called for a consult but had to be placed on a wait list after setting my consult up because initially I couldn't get into Dr. Jacobs in the timeline I wanted to schedule my surgery. I originally cancelled my consult and scheduled with another doctor due to my timeline constraints but the day after my cancellation his office called me due to a cancellation in their book so they could see me in the timeline that worked for my schedule! At first I said no, but then thought maybe this was the universe's way of making it happen so I scheduled right away.  Truth be told, when I went into Dr. Jacobs I was already scheduled with another doctor for my surgery, but I felt it was prudent to speak to all the doctors on my list.  I was wowed by his team. The professionalism I experienced at the center exceeded my other consults by leaps and bounds.  The team took extensive photos (like 15) that they use on day of surgery on a board for reference from ALL angles and facial expressions. He was kind and fantastic to make sure I understood what he planned to do in surgery.  His explanation was technical but broken down enough in layman's terms so I fully understood what I was signing up for. I was impressed with his breadth of experience and knowledge.  It felt the most in depth out of all my consults and I felt he "got it" when I was in there as far as what I was looking for.   I never gave a "this is what I want" discussion.  Our discussion was centered more around what I didn't want anymore.  I focused with him on what I didn't like and why I was there as I felt that was more prudent than bringing a random photo to mimic.  He gave me exactly what I asked for! I was clear I didn't want to do this again, I didn't want my nose to collapse on my face like Michael Jackson, and I wanted natural results. I wasn't ashamed of how I look; I just wanted it more in harmony with the rest of my face. My results are natural, fit perfectly with my face and feel great.  I wasn't sure at first if I loved my results because it wasn't a huge transformation like I would have expected pre-surgery, but in the end he gave me everything I asked for and I think it takes a true artist to make the changes he did and keep it natural.  I don't look like I had work done and I think that is the greatest skill to achieve.  Most people just tell me how great I look and don't realize that the difference in my appearance.  I'm two months post-op and loving it more and more every day. More...


Marianne Asaro Cloonan

16 December 2017

I had my upper and lower lid blepharoplasty yesterday. From my first phone call contact with the office a few months ago to my actual surgery I was treated with the utmost respect and compassion. Everyone in the office is professional in their roles and it is demonstrated by their knowledge, skill set and efficiency. Dr. Jacobs, Robert the anesthetist, Kim, Lisa, Julie and Hillary are the individuals I interacted with the most. I was amazed at the length of time Dr. Jacobs spent with me explaining the procedure, postop care and computer imaging. Kim RN also was very detailed in the instructions regarding pre and post care including medication education. I absolutely have no pain postoperatively and am looking forward to my new eye look. I would recommend this staff and office to anyone seeking improvement in their appearance. More...


Melissa Berman

9 November 2017

Where do I begin, and how do I say it all without a really long review? Day 32 after Dr. Jacob’s synergy facelift, and I am 100% pleased with the result so far. First, I am 68, and got the face I deserved in part from 20 years of smoking, even though I stopped that habit over 30 years ago. So in addition to the usual sags and turkey neck, I had deep vertical lines above my upper lip. One month after surgery, I can already see that many years have been erased from my face. I have been able to go out and feel fine about people seeing me for a couple of weeks now. I use a tinted sunscreen to cover the slight redness that remains from the dermabrasion around my mouth, and otherwise, no makeup. I have always had a certain lack of symmetry to my face (the 2 sides a bit different) and to my complete surprise and utter delight, I can see this been corrected to a large extent by the facelift. Dr Jacob’s work, as far as I am concerned, borders on artistic genius. After having him assure me my “before and after” pictures would not be used without my permission, I just may insist that he use them. I think the contrast will be striking, and may reassure others about undertaking this kind of surgery. I could not recommend this talented surgeon more highly. More...


Chris R.

20 August 2017

I was absolutely thrilled with the results of my procedure from Dr. Stanley Jacobs.  I had done extensive research before selecting a plastic surgeon and Dr. Jacobs is considered to be one of the best plastic surgeons in the industry.  During my first appointment with Dr. Jacobs he listened to every word I said.  He meticulously explained and reviewed what would be accomplished in the operating room.  I have never had such a thorough and thoughtful explanation from a Dr.  I was confident that I would be getting the very best care from the moment I left the consultation.  It's evident that Dr. Jacobs selects only the top medical team to assist him during surgery.  Operating room nurse Kim is extremely knowledgeable, professional, caring and on top of every detail.  I have never felt so comfortable and calm during a medical procedure as I have with Dr. Jacobs and Nurse Kim.  I would also like to add that I felt little to no pain after my surgery.  I have no doubt this is a direct result from a gifted surgeon who has remarkable technical ability and extensive experience. His work is so natural looking and almost everyone I know has commented on how incredible my face looks.  After my transformation I can honestly say that Dr. Jacobs is one of the most talented and artistically gifted surgeons practicing today. More...


Patricia E.

4 May 2017

I look in the mirror and I see a wonderful difference! No more droopy, jowly, mean-old-lady face! Dr. Jacobs is a highly talented doctor. I use the word talented, because his work goes beyond technical expertise, he has a gift, an artistic talent. I had a vector lift and I look like MYSELF, just younger.  His care and procedures are top notch. His staff are friendly, thoughtful, and professional. This experience was truly "all good". I really trust my first impressions, so when I met with Dr. Jacobs and found he was committed to doing only his finest work under the best possible conditions, no exceptions, I knew he was the right choice for me. He even motivated me to quit smoking, because it would compromise my results and he just wouldn't do the proceedure until I did.Wow! I wanted the best and that's exactly what I got. More...


fran c.

4 November 2016

Had a Mini Lift with Dr. Jacobs, after attending several of his lectures on Plastic Surgery. Having known other surgeons before and much research, he is one of he best I have found.  He is deeply committed to his work and is on top of the most advancements in his field.  He will not try to sell you on anything, but will seriously consider your best options for the ultimate result towards your concerns.  He has an office in San Francisco and in Healdsburg and being that I am in San Rafael, it has been convenient for me.  I was happy to know that my procedure was done in his offices and  I was able to go home a few hours after.  I healed easily, with no pain and my results are what I wanted, smoother and natural looking, not super stretched out.  I did not need an anesthesiologist, just local or did I need to go to a Hospital, bringing costs down.  His fees, compared with other top Cosmetic Surgeons, are very reasonable. More...


K K.

20 November 2015

So I was initially weary in having a rhinoplasty, and I was referred to Dr. Jacobs through one of his former patients, my cousin, that had the same procedure done and turned out looking absolutely beautiful. Now, I am at the final stage of recovery, and I am so beyond satisfied with the quality of my entire experience, that I simply must share it. I knew that if I was going to do this, I wanted the best of the best, and I'm going to tell you all why Dr. Jacobs is it. Firstly - Dr. Jacobs and his staff - absolutely incredible. I have never been made to feel more supported and cared for by a medical staff as I have here. I had to move my surgery from June 23rd to July 21st due to a cough, and Dr. Jacobs was FAR more reassuring as to what the cough was and what I could do about it than any of the physicians I had visited before talking to him about it (which, in my desperation, totaled three), who simply told me they had no idea what it was and sent me on my merry way. This, to me, was a sign of general competence as a doctor. Apart from that, as a surgeon, he's phenomenal. A surgeon of his artistic touch, eye for detail, and all around high caliber is rare. Very rare. He is truly very knowledgable and very considerate of his patient, and I could tell just by speaking to him that he knows very well exactly what he's doing (just look at his credentials). My nose is still pretty swollen at this stage, but even so I am extremely satisfied with it. It is in much better harmony with the rest of my features than it was before, particularly in that it makes my round face look more slender, feminine, and it accentuates my cheek bones. And what I really appreciate most about all this is that Dr. Jacobs' work came out very natural, with the necessary corrections to nature's errors. I've never felt more beautiful.*** As for what I'm sure prospective patients are worried about - preparing for surgery, the surgery itself, and the recovery - below is how my experience went. *** Pre-Surgery: Two weeks prior to surgery, there are a number of things you are not supposed to do and medications you are not supposed to take. Given that I had a terrible cough which started out as a tickle in my throat, I thought I had allergies and then a cold, which led me to have a lot of questions. I was calling the office nearly every day, and the staff was extremely patient with me every time. Not once did I feel rushed or feel like I was asking a stupid question, they were very kind to me and understanding of my worried state. I even spoke with Dr. Jacobs on a number of occasions during this time, and while his staff and nurses were more than capable of answering my questions, I was very appreciative to have this access to him.Surgery day: I was made to feel extremely comfortable at the office. Being nervous before surgery is absolutely natural, and his staff is clearly well versed on taking care of patients during this time. The atmosphere was very peaceful, and I was kept in full awareness of everything that was going on. As a result I felt very, very confident in the fact that everyone there knew exactly what they were doing. This helped with my anxiety. I was initially worried about pain from the IV in my arm, about feeling the procedure and being conscious during it (because Dr. Jacobs uses IV sedation), but I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever and I slept deeply like a baby. Dr. Jacobs was the last person I saw before falling asleep and the first person I saw upon waking up from surgery. I took two tylenols immediately after surgery and that was the extent of my need for pain killers. I needed none after that.Recovery: I didn't believe my cousin when she told me how easy her recovery was, I thought for sure that she must have had a simpler procedure than me, and that mine would be much worse because there was "more to do", so to speak.  The recovery was a breeze from the moment I woke up to the moment I got my cast off. The most difficult part was changing the pads under my nose, and even that was only slightly tedious, not actually 'difficult', and I only had to do that for about a day.I expected to have a giant cast and ball of gauze on my face like I'd seen on the internet - I had one tiny plastic cast. I expected bruising - there was NONE! I expected to be congested for weeks - I could breathe after the surgery. I expected pain - there was no pain to speak of. I expected complications - there were none. I'm certainly no surgeon, but I truly believe that my positive recovery experience is a result of the high quality of Dr. Jacobs' work. So there! I'm two weeks post-op now and, with the exception of slight numbness in the tip of my nose, I'm back to feeling completely normal, like I didn't have a surgery at all! I had no reason to worry and I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone and everyone! Brilliant surgeon, brilliant staff, happy patient(s)! :) More...


Stacey Avila Bernd

24 October 2015

Just went in yesterday and had the Dermasweep, absolutely loved it. Dr. Jacobs was extremely professional and helpful. Going back in a month!


Melissa C.

28 April 2015

Caring staff, talented surgeon, great results, utmost patient safety. All-around great experience. Felt well cared-for and respected. Surgeon skill is topnotch..I would highly recommend Dr. Stanley Jacobs for any of your cosmetic surgery needs. More...


julie b.

24 September 2014

Last November after so much research I had a facelift done by Dr. Jacobs, I really made the right choice of doctors. I could not be happier. The results far exceed what my expectations were and my face just looks better and better. The procedure went very well, Dr. Jacobs could not be more thorough explaining what to expect, his bedside manner was so comforting and the after care has been spectacular. If you arecurious about what a facelift might do for you, I strongly recommend consulting withDr Jacobs and going for it. I will be 62 years old and could pass for 48!!Julie B More...


Heidi C.

28 August 2014

It's been 3 months since my upper eye and lower face lift.  I could not be happier with the results.  It looks natural while at the same time erasing years of sagging skin,I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs and his staff in the Healdsburg office. More...


Rochelle C.

26 August 2014

It's been five months since my full face lift, deep chemical peel to improve widespread acne scarring and undereye surgery to deal with chronic fat bags. The results are completely natural looking. Jowls and neck wattle are gone. The scarring is dramatically diminished. No more undereye pouches. What's great is I don't have any tell-tale signs of having had plastic surgery. I just look 20 years younger, which is more than I'd hoped for. More...


Robyn A.

6 December 2013

I had been considering a mini lift for about a year when I went for a consultation with Dr. Jacobs.  He spent a considerable amount of time explaining the process, showing me pictures, answering my questions, and calming my concerns.  I opted to have the procedure and I'm very happy with the results.  He and his staff were caring, professional, and supportive during and after surgery.  I highly recommend Dr. Jacobs.Robyn A. More...


Warren F.

8 November 2013

I couldn't be happier. I had my eyelids done, and three months later, I look considerably younger and it all looks 100% natural. I thought I was making the decision for professional reasons--my work requires some TV and speaking. However, it's amazing how it has energized me. I get treated as if I am younger, and that has more impact than I could have imagined on how I feel. More...


Janie M.

26 September 2013

I am thoroughly impressed with the competency and professionalism of Dr. Jacobs and all of his staff.  I would HIGHLY recommend him for any facial cosmetic procedure.  As promised, the procedure was comfortable and painless.  I required no pain medications during the recovery.  I am extremely pleased with the result and all of my expectations were not only met but exceeded.  Dr. Jacobs and his team definitely deserve a 5 star rating!  Thank you. More...


Allen A.

25 June 2013

Great guys! I love Dr. Jacobs & Dr Bari! I am so happy with my results and had such a great experience with their office! Highly recommend!



9 May 2013

I went to Dr. Sina Bari & Dr. Stanley Jacobs and am thoroughly impressed with their care and most importantly..MY AMAZING RESULTS! I had been all around the Bay Area and even went to the Los Angeles area looking for the right docs for my breast augmentation, liposuction and nose job aka rhinoplasty...these guys are the most caring, passionate and intelligent docs I've met so far. I felt like I was part of the family. I had a million questions and fears regarding these procedures but was completely at ease after my consult and they seem to be the most affordable in the Bay Area too! LOVE!  Its been 4 months since my surgeries and I look and feel amazing. I had wanted my mommy makeover for years and finally was able to feel comfortable enough to make the decision. NO REGRETS! Their office staff was incredibly friendly and loving. The Nurses were outstanding and compassionate. I have referred my mother to their practice for a lower facelift and arm lift and she is also extremely pleased with her results.   I highly recommend these guys! The best plastic surgeons in California!!!!!!!!! More...


Kate M.

18 February 2013

For 18 years I wanted to get a rhinoplasty (nose job) and I did much research over the years trying to decide on a surgeon.  I decided to choose Dr. Stanley Jacobs and I am so glad I did.  After I got the surgery quote, I never felt pressured into having the surgery.  Dr. Jacobs is professional in objectively discussing potential improvements that can be made using surgery and is clearly an expert.  I ended up with a rhinoplasty and chin implant to balance out my features.  I could not be happier, I am over the moon!  Dr. Jacobs is funny, easy to talk to, down to earth, and a true artist as well as an exceptional health care provider.  My results exceeded my expectations.  For the first time in my life I feel beautiful and that is thanks to Dr. Jacobs.Additionally Dr. Jacobs' staff is absolutely fantastic, professional, supportive, and a pleasure.  As a health care provider myself I can say with full confidence that I would trust any of my loved ones in the hands of Dr. Jacobs and his team.  I have been to both his Healdsburg and San Francisco offices and they are beautifully kept.  His surgery center is comfortable and gorgeous.   I want to give special acknowledgment to Rachael Lopez, LVN for answering all my questions and providing reassurance.   I want to thank Robert Block, anesthetist, for keeping me comfortable during the procedure and for his great sense of humor.  Most of all I want to thank Dr. Jacobs for giving me excellent care and respect.  He even impressed my grandfather and trust me, that is not an easy task.  I am so surprised more people are not here on yelp talking about this wonderful practice.  If I could give more than 5 stars I would! More...


P. G.

8 July 2011

I had a partial face-lift (lower) and nose refinement done awhile back by Dr. Jacobs.  While my profile is greatly improved, I have very visible scars in front of my ears and under my chin. The scars are very white and can be seen easily.  They show every stitch plus the incision line.  I wasn't expecting that and feel it could have been made clearer.  Overall, I was pleased with the experience, but the scars are disappointing.  Maybe they use superglue or steri-strips now.  If you're planning surgery, ask specific questions about the scarring. More...


Warren b.

28 October 2010

I am a aging male who desired some cosmetic work to tighten  skin on the lower part of my face and under my chin. I interviewed 3 different Cosmetic Surgeons and settled with Dr. Jacobs. He was recommended by my health club/spa.  He gave the best detailed description of the procedure and never once did I feel pressured to move ahead. He answered all my questions.  At all times his staff made me feel comfortable. The results and follow up met all my expectations. More...


sarah s.

30 June 2010

dr.mark is amazing!!!!!!!!! ,i love how he is always is honest with what he thinks is best,he is all about natural,so i never feel like people kno what i have done with my face.
i never feel unsure when im there [which is a good feeling].thanx dr.mark!!!!


D R.

12 May 2008

Dr. Mark is kind, knowledgeable and highly skilled in every procedure he offers. He is honest about each procedure and does not push or pressure. He takes as much time as needed to answer all questions. From the moment you step into the office, you are treated with first class service. Plus, you leave looking revived and refreshed, not plastic or overdone. More...

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