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Tara R.

13 April 2019

I very highly recommend Pamela to anyone wanting to slow down, calm down, and find healing and centering. So, to everyone.Pamela's space is within the beautiful oasis of Casa de Luz, a compound dedicated to wellness. Stay after your appointment, if you can, for a delicious vegan meal at their restaurant. It's absolutely unique and always tasty, and would be a nice buffer before launching back into the world.Of Pamela and her work, I can't say enough. I've been seeing her for years, and of the various self-care commitments I've made over time this one has proven essential. The work appears subtle at first, which it is, physically speaking. There's little movement, as Pamela holds and subtly guides your body systems into a more relaxed, parasympathetic state. Yet over the years, this work more than anything else has lifted and shaped my awareness of the complex and powerful inner landscape we hold inside ourselves. Prana, energy, craniosacral fluids. Our body is always in motion. Now that Pamela has helped me tune into that flow, the work no longer feels subtle - it's life-changing. I can come in feeling like a crazy monkey, but I leave feeling completely zen and right with the world.The physical work is only part of it. The conversations I've had with Pamela have helped me to find healing and balance in my usually over-scheduled life. Over the years, she has provided essential guidance (spiritual and practical), and tips/tools touching on everything from meditation tactics, yoga poses, breathing methods, supplements, alkalizing tea recipes, sleep tricks and all manner of grounding practices. Allow yourself to slow down with Pamela, and you'll find a great depth of knowledge and resources will come to your aid.If you're not familiar with craniosacral therapy, Pamela has a nice description on the Treatments page of her website. Or, call her! She's a lovely, sweet person and easy to talk to. More...


Craig I.

11 June 2015

Pamela's healing touch calmed me down and helped me focus the week of my wedding.  My mind was swimming with stress and excitement, unable to take in the world around me.  I went to see Pamela at her calming location for a session.  She started on my head performing CranioSacral Therepy. She could sense that my mind would not slow down and mindfully moved to my feet to bring the energy level under control.Pamela's gift should be enjoyed by anyone who can benefit from brining focus and calm to their mind and body.  Her skills are far beyond your standard massage therapist; her spirit, her training across disciplines and specifically CranioSacral set her apart. More...


Michael D.

10 June 2015

I've been seeing Pamela regularly for the last few years at the recommendation of my sister who found her. Her therapy helps me tremendously for my anxiety and TMJ (likely brought on by stress). I cannot recommend her highly enough. More...

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