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We are a family owned garden center with 2 locations. Both locations are tucked away off the beaten path, but once you find us you’ll be back again and again. Our Naperville garden center is located on Plank Road, 3 blocks east of Naper Blvd and just south of Ogden Ave.


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Rae Elegant

My kids and I love the Growing Place! All the plants I need (and so many more!) And a fun sandbox and slide for the kids.


Tamra Burnette Harrington

My favorite Garden Center �������... I love the variety and quality of the plants. I alway enjoy coming to the Naperville Store


Jan Hummel

Was at your Naperville location yesterday and I want you to know how helpful and pleasant it was to deal with Liz from you annuals section. She is a keeper!


Karla Bauer

I love coming here to get ideas for my planting beds! They have a very knowledgeable staff and many flowers, plants, trees, and yard décor to choose from. This is my favorite Garden Center around! More...


Den Sue DeWeerdt

I am always amazed by the knowledge when I visit the Aurora location. I came in last weekend and showed Joanie what I though might be weeds only to find she immediately identified the 1" saplings as Rudbeckia. How nice it is to know what is sprouting. We are always asked if we need help and greeted with a friendly smile. Love to visit! More...


Nora Bautista Gorman

Everyone was so nice, knowledgeable and approachable! The variety of plants, trees, herbs, etc. are beyond my expectations! Thanks and we will be back!!! :-)


George Miller

My favorite garden place! They always have the best quality plants, shrubs, and trees. They are my first stop each growing season!


Breanna Sobotka

I personally have only come here for decorations and bulbs but they have a lot of options and it's a very cute center.


Karen Baetzel Mellenthin

Love this Garden Center. They have some of the COOLEST and most unique plants around !! I live a little far away but it's worth the drive & I constantly get people stopping in front of my house to ask what this or that is & it's ALWAYS from The Growing Place Naperville.


MaryEllen O'Brien

Love this place! loads of great ideas and healthy plants, trees etc. a fun garden to get lost in. Staff is great, go here you'll love it too!


Monika Pandya Burchfield

Little pricey, but the Staff is knowledgeable and I love they have a sand pit for kids to play in while I shop.


Debbie Nelson Talaska

A great place to get a new plant for the garden, replace that parkway tree, get a diagnosis on a leaf problem or start a new landscape with one of the professional designers. They can help you grow your garden. More...


Jonna Frazier Gajda

A wondeful place not only for the best plants flowers and vegetables but also to feed the soul with the beauty of the place


Melissa Lee

Very nice garden center. I loved the layout and my kids loved the pumpkin event today. Bought some really nice mums too at a good price �


Ken Meyer

They have multiple sod signs through the entrance including one on the street that says "sod today" so I went in to buy 30 rolls which is not a large quantity when it comes to sod, they only had 10 rolls available. Should not post that many sod signs if they have such a small quantity. Need to purchase larger quantities to meet demand especially early in the season. More...


Kim Mcconville Tobak

We love The Growing Place! We’ve been coming here for years to buy flowers, outdoor decor and holiday decorations. This is great place to visit all year round. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and creative. They work with a few local landscapers to complete larger jobs. Highly recommend! More...


Rex Fermier

The growing Place in the winter is a wonderful place to visit. Whether you're looking for a Christmas tree or boughs of evergreen branches for the perfect swag, this is the place to go. The gift shop is full of nifty gift ideas and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. I go there for all my Christmas decorations. More...


Lorene Smith Keller

I LOVE how they have things out in gardens that are themed (shade or butterfly, etc) so you can get an idea of what things will look like grouped together...


Niki Portillo Thompson

I’ve had great experiences here. Randy gave me all kinds of tips for pear and peach trees. Everybody I’ve spoken with has been very friendly and helpful.


Karen Strunk

Best experience for a gardener looking for high quality plants that are also healthy for birds and bees, which is important to me. There’s better place for gaining knowledge and ideas from the huge variety of annuals, perennials, vegetables and spice gardens you will see if you visit. Highly recommend! More...



Our Design Philosophy The Growing Place designs new, renovates old or works within existing landscapes to create a balanced whole. Our Design Team is deeply rooted in The Growing Place tradition of planting the right plant in the right place to reduce maintenance and contribute to a successful, long-lasting landscape. We use a diverse selection of plants to satisfy every garden style and cultural needs. To schedule, an appointment contact us at 630-820-8088 x125 or e-mail landscape@thegrowingplace.com. In-Store Coaching for DIY & Simple Spaces For example: adding plants to smaller existing areas, a corner of your yard, adding to or creating a small flower garden. The appointments are $50 for up to 30 minutes. At your appointment, we will discuss your project as we walk and view plants, and write summary notes. In-Store Design for Installation Projects This can also include areas that needs more detail based on your photos and measurements. For example: redesigning an average front yard or one side of the backyard, a specialty garden, or any single area. The appointments are $80 for up to 1-hour. They include an assessment of your project and a sketch with plant placement and more detailed notes. At-Home Design Coaching, Site Sketch or Scaled Drawing Design Services You can choose from 3 options. Design service area is within 10 miles of either location. Walk-around Coaching for DIY Projects They can help you ID plants, or advise on a single space or work with several little spaces, talk about plant health and maintenance and answer garden questions. They’ll provide notes and/or mark plant placements at your home as needed. $100 for up to an hour and $40 for each additional 1/2 hour. Not for projects needing estimates for installations. At-Home Site Sketch Design for Installation Projects Designers can create a more detailed Site Sketch for your front yard or a section of your back yard with enough information for installation. $180 for up to 1 1/2 hour and $50 for each additional 1/2 hour. Scaled Drawings for Installation Projects Designer Scaled Drawing: Create a master plan for your property or redo a single area. These designs are drawn out to scale like a blueprint. Designers come to your home for a consultation to discuss options and site documentation. The completed design is then presented at our store offices. Your design packet includes plan copies, plant pictures, maintenance information and an estimate. Plans start at $250 for one area/view.