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At the Giersch Group, being passionate about small business is not just something we do; it's everything we do. Many of us come from families of entrepreneurs and have first-hand experience with family-run enterprises. A successful small business starts with knowing the numbers and making decisions based on data.


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Tom Mainville

29 May 2018

I can't say enough about the Giersch Group- we have worked with Peter over the years and really value the honest approach he takes in helping us fine tune our business. The attention to detail and creative suggestions his firm offers has taken our business to the next level. More...


Katherine Frances M. Wilson

29 May 2018

The Giersch Group continues to provide me with incredible advice on all aspects of running an organization. I trust their wisdom and expertise and I'm impressed with how much my organization has grown under their guidance. I would definitely recommend working with them. Dr. Katherine Wilson - ED Zeidler Center More...


Jenny Wagner

29 May 2018

Peter and his team have been invaluable to us. We have often used the “trainer” comparison... if you want to succeed in your work out you hire a personal trainer, why wouldn’t you tap into the help of an expert to run and grow your business? The Giersch Group has been an asset to us at Vesta Senior Network, and I would certainly recommend their services. More...


Alyssa J

29 May 2018

I was recently hired as a marketing intern at the Giersch Group, and it has been a wonderful experience. Their entire team is extremely ambitious, and they are dedicated securing financial success for their clients.The company is focused on growth for both clients and their employees. The atmosphere is welcoming, and my fellow employees have been extremely helpful. More...


Pam Foti

29 May 2018

I can confidently say that without Peter and his team of experts at The Giersch Group, our business, Vesta Senior Network, would not be where it is today. In our 4 years working with Peter, our business has tripled, and Peter is largely responsible for instilling the courage and confidence that it took to get us where we are today. Although we weren't sure that we could afford this sort of assistance when our business was so small, we know now that the reality is that we can't afford not to work with The Giersch Group. More...


Angelina LeWand

29 May 2018

I am a new marketing intern at the Giersch Group. It has been such a great experience. I love working with the other interns in such a positive and friendly atmosphere. Everyone here is always willing to help and hard working. More...


William Scholtens

29 May 2018

I run an architecture + design firm. For the past 4 past years, The Giersch Group has given me clarity in my financials and solid business counsel. I have found everyone in their group to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. Knowing I have The Giersch Group helping me organize and understand my financials allows me to focus on what I love to do- design beautiful buildings. It is with joy that I recommend Peter and his group to yours. More...


Matt Kemper

29 May 2018

I just started working for The Giersch Group in a Intern Associate Position. I have been welcomed by friendly coworkers and a great boss. I would recommend this agency to anyone in need of a bookkeeping service! More...


Amy Scholz

29 May 2018

Our firm uses Giersch Group for both book keeping and consulting. They are a bit more expensive than using our part timer, but they are WAY cheaper than paying our accountant to FIX our part timer work. Highly, highly recommend


Jennifer Grieve

29 May 2018

My husband and I have used Giersch Group for our business and they are fantastic! More then just giving you your books, they teach you how to use and interpret them. I can't imagine NOT using them.


Tom G

29 May 2018

I use them for my business and HIGHLY recommend!


Jack Golatke

2 January 2018

We have worked with Peter Giersch for more than two years. Our business, Story Hill Renovations, has become more focused, profitable, and organized as a result of Peter's consulting work. Peter and his group do an outstanding job of providing intuitive financial insight. It is also beneficial to have someone from outside our firm provide feedback on new company initiatives. The Giersch Group provides us with a diverse business consulting skill set. We have recently grown our relationship with his firm to include our book keeping. Keep up the great work! More...

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The Giersch Group provides professional bookkeeping, full accrual accounting & consulting services for a wide variety of businesses throughout the Milwaukee area.

Our areas of expertise include working with the construction industry and contractors (home remodelers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC companies, fire & water damage restoration companies); professional services (interior designers, engineers, coaches & trainers, marketing firms, catering companies, tech firms); the hospitality and service industry (restaurants & bars, hotels, bed & breakfasts, retail stores) and service organizations (schools, rehabilitation centers, soup kitchens, life skills training).

You’ll have less weight on your shoulders and more time on your hands. Reap the benefits of working with an experienced financial officer without the expense of hiring a full-time in-house employee.

Most new hires need time to get up to speed, but our experienced professionals contribute value immediately. Your business will benefit from our years of experience helping small businesses in many industries get their books in order, solve problems and grow.

Every person who works at the Giersch Group has a passion for small enterprise, and many of us come from families of entrepreneurs and/or family businesses. We take pride in providing affordable professional services for Milwaukee area business owners and nonprofit managers.

While there is a place in this world for institutions and corporations, it is the small business owner or non-profit volunteer who is our hero. It is our pleasure to support the free market and the entrepreneurial spirit by using the best corporate and institutional practices adapted for the small enterprise.

Bookkeeping is at the heart of our operating strategy. We provide the best value in Milwaukee bookkeeping for small businesses.



The Giersch Group bookkeeping services provide full accrual accounting, accurate reporting and a clear picture of the financial health of your business so you can make better decisions. The primary function of our bookkeeping service is to provide a monthly, quarterly and annual reporting package in full accrual accounting. The Giersch Group can facilitate a transfer to QuickBooks Online™ and train you in the viewing of reports from the online software. We'll help you understand how to use your financial statements to make decisions for the good of your business.

The Giersch Group consulting services provide customized strategies for startups small & mid-sized businesses in Milwaukee, Brookfield and the surrounding areas. The foundation of our consulting services is establishing a clear understanding of the health of your business through accurate financial reporting. Our business analysis will provide feedback and recommendations on your business model, market positioning, cash flow management and operating structure.