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The Fitness Center of Havre de Grace

Havre de Grace

The Fitness Center of Havre de Grace logo

The Fitness Center of Havre de Grace

Havre de Grace


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Justin Beavers

26 September 2019

I Love this gym! I highly recommend joining! Excellent staff and friendly environment! 24 Hours!!!


Eric Scheerer

2 September 2019

Friendly staff, open all night, good advice from staff when asked for.


Amy Kenney-Stout

27 August 2019

the owners are wonderful!


Jonathan Padilla

24 July 2019

Good and clean atmosphere


Baron Cole

16 July 2019

The Fitness Center of Havre de Grace is one of the best facilities I've ever trained at. Not only a convenient location, but it is an essential and much needed addition to the community. There are other great fitness centers around the area, but they all seem to not focus on the tried and true, old school way of sculpting your body. All the trainers are great, professional and know exactly what they're doing. Get in there and pump some iron! More...


Ethan Schmidt

16 June 2019

best gym in harford county by far


Shelly Shenk

10 June 2019

Staff is very welcoming and helpful!


Robert A Lyon

31 May 2019

Good Gym. Quality Equipment.


Tiffany Meyers

22 May 2019

Quick take: This place is great! I recommend it! Details: First impression was how welcoming everyone at the gym was! Not just the staff but even the other gym goers. The facility is clean and carries a wide range of equipment. TRX, ropes, tires, sleds, boxes... etc in addition to the traditional treadmill/bike/adjustable weight machines. They have a range of classes choose from and staff trainers that can help you reach goals. Oh and it’s 24HOURS! Keyfob entry so you can access anytime as many times as you want with 12 hours out of the day staffed! I knew I needed a gym but wasn’t 100% set on which one to join. Once I saw everything this place has to offer, I knew this was the one! More...


Amee Polk

4 May 2019

Great trainers, fun classes, and awesome atmosphere!

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