The Dumpling Bros

The Dumpling Bros

The Dumpling Bros  locationDenton, Texas, Denton

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We are a Korean food truck company that does it all! We have a fleet of food trucks so we can be at different locations at the same time. An advantage that some food trucks do not have. We offer Authentic, Korean "Hand-Made' dumplings, Korean street tacos, Award winning Korean rueben sandwich, vegetable fried rice and Korean Scallion Pancake and much more!

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The Dumpling Bros  Reviews

The Dumpling Bros Reviews

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Allison Groves
1 21/03/2018 Allison Groves

Great food. Owner is a two timing wife beater- fact not bias.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Jess Strauss
1 24/02/2018 Jess Strauss

These guys park right next to residential properties and run a very loud generator for hours on end...approximately 6 hours...disturbing residents and when asked to either turn off the generator or move 20-30 feet so small children can sleep, just state they are permitted to be there and to just deal with it. So I guess they don't care about the public unless you are paying for them to be there. I was hung up on and they weren't willing to move 20-30 feet to stop disturbing an entire apartment complex. So famous they don't care about the community the are supposedly serving...horrid!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Zach Lundy
2 20/11/2017 Zach Lundy

The customer service is good, there always kind polite and answer any questions i may have. that being said there food is just OK at best. i ordered the fried rice and it was undercooked, was able to receive a refund so points to them for that. they have a limited menu choices and their portion size are small. if i pay $10 for sme dumplings i want it to fill me up.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Channen Alega
4 23/10/2017 Channen Alega

The food was good, although i didnt like how they put the kimchi beside the dumplings cause they fried it and now because of the kimchi juice it got soggy. I do like the side radish. I also had to wait a while for the food too but will i buy from them again? Ofcourse YES!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Lindsay Tarwater
5 09/08/2017 Lindsay Tarwater

Best food truck in Denton, HANDS DOWN! Great service and AMAZING food. You are really missing out if you don't try this place! I went with a group of friends after enjoying a night out in Downtown Denton and The Dumpling Bros did not disappoint! :)

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by andrew Henderson
5 04/08/2017 andrew Henderson

Great food at amazing prices! My wife loves their dumpling plate. The ladies that served us were polite, sweet and fast with our food. Just great services all around! Totally recommend everyone to try them out!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Jeremiah Rogers
5 09/06/2017 Jeremiah Rogers

Delicious dumpling plus other good stuff. Good prices, friendly service. I must visit when out at night in Denton and you have the munchies. Portions are great and the Korean dude who owns and runs it is pretty cool and will make you something not on the menu if you ask him to or want something different. Ask him for a Korean Reuben sandwich if you are feeeling adventurous. Good folks and good food. Word.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by alice carr
4 09/06/2017 alice carr

Love the food! I grew up eating Korean food and was so happy to find a fast place to get back to my ethnic food cravings when I need it. The staff has always been awesome and friendly especially the owner goes out of his way to ensure your experience with his food is great.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Steve Cole
5 Steve Cole

I've eaten a lot of dumplings, from a lot of places, and these rank WAY up at the top of the list. The street tacos were great, too, though I'll probably ask for extra spicy next time. Great, great stuff.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Francis Chen
5 Francis Chen

Consistently excellent (read, yummilicious) food and great staff.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Ben Esely
5 Ben Esely

First, I'm a carnivore so I had the beef fried dumplings with a side of fried rice. Spot on! Both the dumplings and the fried rice blew me away! (never referred to fried rice in such a positive way)
Then, despite my carnivorous nature, I ate every last bite of the Kimchi (kinda spicy cabbage) and Daikon (their sweet pickled radish)!! If they can get me to eat my veggies, these Dumpling Bros have to be frickin' amazing chefs!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Hannah Kassahun
5 Hannah Kassahun

Absolutley loved the veggie fried rice!! Presentation was excellent and the flavor was on point, definitely coming back

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Eddie Renz
5 Eddie Renz

Great food. Great people. I am a huge fan of dumplings and these are some of the best I've ever had. And now they have frozen take home dumplings too so I can enjoy them anytime! If you see their food truck then be sure and stop and treat yo self. My favorite plate is the chef's special.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Jennifer Shirey Barfknecht
5 Jennifer Shirey Barfknecht

ONLY your kimchi and veggie fried rice with a fried egg can get my homebody hubby out on a Friday night....he was on such a fermented cabbage high tonight at East Side, that he sat down with strangers (I had happily accepted their invite to share their table and he doesn't really like people...), chatted (I've never used the term "chatted" in reference to him) AND bought everyone a round of drinks.....thanks to y'all, our social life just might perk up! Haha!
Seriously, the best food! The tacos are MY fave!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Tristan Tucker
5 Tristan Tucker

I'd tried to get with you guys a couple of times but bad timing kept me from ya. But yesterday? Nay. You came in clutch.

As we parked the Dodge Ram, I had a fleeting thought, "What if these dumplings aren't as great as I've heard? What if I've waited for weeks for nothing special?" But, as I approached, the groan of the air conditioner and the sound of the cook grinding away at his cook top drew us in.

The smells wafting from the trailer - sweet from the dumplings, salty from the soy sauce, fresh vegetables cooking... Those smells reassured us.

As we waited in the sweltering heat, our hunger grew more and more with each pass of the smells from the trailer drifting out; tempting my nose holes. Finally, after twelve minutes of agony, I hear it "Tristan - number twenty two."

We grab our food and head home because it's too hot to properly enjoy this delicacy outdoors. As we sit down and prepare to eat, my mouth begins to water. The first bite - juice pours into my mouth from the most perfect beef dumpling I've ever had the privilege to mastacate. I chew, smiling at the simplicity and perfection I am enjoying. Oh the perfection.

Next bite? The rice - OH THE RICE. From the perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked grains of rice to the sumptuous peas, carrots, broccoli and corn. The rice was perfection, cooked up and served in an attractive red and white box.

Thank you.

Thank you.

TL;DR: This shit is dank.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Nick Amanda Conrad
5 Nick Amanda Conrad

Tried this for the first time today - dumplings, fried rice and street tacos were so yummy!! We will definitely be back!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Brenton Keith Rucker
5 Brenton Keith Rucker

John and his awesome staff took time out of there life's and came down to Houston to feed the first responders during this last week. I was blessed to be one of those fist responders. It is people like John and his staff that make this world a better place. I know there are reviews that speak negative about this company but I would give them 10 stars if I could. If I'm ever in the Denton area I will be eating at their location.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Galen Rosenberg
1 Galen Rosenberg

Wish I could rate the food, but after standing at the counter for six minutes unacknowledged I became bored and walked away.
Seriously, ladies, if you plan on having problems keeping up with a crowd (not one here at Texas Ale, BTW) bring a third to work your window.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Page Butler
5 Page Butler

Out of this world good....If you crave some Korean food, this is the guy for you...Outstanding!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Alexandria Aldaco
5 Alexandria Aldaco

Best Tacos I've ever had!! Dumplings are good to, they are quick at getting food out

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Maggie Nelan
2 Maggie Nelan

I am usually a huge fan of this place and the food is always on point. But tonight they had some serious problems with service. I ordered and waited around 30 minutes for my combo and they served the guy who was behind me and ordered that same thing as me before me. My friends also ordered, again it took much longer than usual and they forgot one of their orders. Always get a receipt because the wanted to see the receipt before making his food, which will not take forever to get. Really good food but be prepared to wait awhile and make sure you keep on them or you might never get your meal.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Raquel Harris
5 Raquel Harris

Famous Dumpling Bros? More like Best Dumpling Bros! Seriously, food is great/super tasty and staff is friendly!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Kaelyn Marie Boen
5 Kaelyn Marie Boen

Best street tacos in the world! Stopped by on a whim and ive never been more impressed in my life! The Korean street tacos will not leave you disappointed!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Anyah Brittain Martinez
5 Anyah Brittain Martinez

I thought the fried rice and dumpling dishes were awesome, until tonight. I had the Korean Ruben and it slated me dead. Fantastic sandwich. No need for sad ruffles that came with it.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Katina Stone-Butler
5 Katina Stone-Butler

I frequent this food truck often with my family! I love the dumplings, rice and pancakes! I did a catering order for my office’s lunch meeting today. They delivered promptly, food was hot and my staff LOVED it. I cant say enough about the excellent food and service!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Christian Daigle
5 Christian Daigle

This place is wonderful. I was craving dumplings all week, and I knew there was only one place to go. The Dumpling Bros are my favorite food truck in Denton. Can't wait to go back.

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Yolanda Ude
5 Yolanda Ude

My kids and I had the pleasure of trying dumplings for the first time and I can already tell we are hooked! I’m not sure how I will handle it when the dumpling cravings come (and they will because it was just that good) once I am back in Oklahoma, but I need to think of something quick. We had the combo and had the tacos. The food was served hot, fresh, and delicious! If you are in the Denton area, I would definitely give them a try!

Review of The Dumpling Bros  by Derik Emroe
1 Derik Emroe

Owner, John, is inconsiderate and rather rude. Was looking forward to meeting him, having heard his story, but his demeanor was unpleasant to say the least and absolutely did not care for conversation. I don't care how good your food can be, management is the face of the business- frankly, if the owner doesn't truly care about you outside of the workplace, you can guarantee he doesn't truly care about you in the workplace. Lost all respect, if there was any.

The Dumpling Bros

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The Dumpling Bros Location

208 N. Austin St. (Next to Eastside Drafthouse), Denton, TX 76201, (WE ARE MOBILE - SO PLEASE CALL AHEAD), Denton, TX 76201, USA

The Dumpling Bros  Q&A

The Dumpling Bros Q&A

What’s your signature dish?

The "Combo". Which is a combination of our famous dumplings and fresh vegetable fried rice, Kimchi and Dakon on the side along with a custom soy sauce for dipping!

How do you go about creating the perfect menu for your clients?

We ask what your budget is and how we can accommodate YOUR needs NOT ours! Quality is our main priority along with customer satisfaction!

What do you love most about your job?

We do all types of jobs. Weddings, corporate meetings/events, festivals, private gatherings, school events so the mixture of all different events makes our line of business amazing!

What inspired you to start your own business?

After my father passed away several years ago, he was a successful restauranteur and I wanted to carry out his legacy.

Why should our clients choose you?

We pride ourselves in Quality and customer service. If you are not happy, we are not happy! We will customize a menu to whatever fits your occasion and we are RELIABLE!!

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