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Andre P.

20 June 2017

I consider myself a pretty crafty individual so I was stoked when my coworkers and I decided to come here for a team building outing - I did not expect it to be so much fun.Their motto is "if you're thinking, you're drinking" - something I live by vicariously. The Drunken Palette encourages its guests to express art freely and creatively. They have a spacious environment and a wonderful staff.Melinda was our group instructor and she was phenomenal - super personable, funny and kept every moment of the night interesting and alive. She lead our team through the entire night with a lot of spirit and encouragement. My first experience was nothing short of perfect and I can't wait to be back! More...


Shona N.

6 April 2017

I work for a radio station in New London and we hosted a station event here and it was awesome!  Felicia (the owner) and her staff were professional and fun from start to end. Felicia was responsive during the planning phase and thru the entire process whenever I reached out to her with questions she was quick to respond.  When I got there for setup I was greeted warmly by Adam and Morgan who were our instructors for the evening.  They were so friendly and helpful. Adam and Morgan were amazing and kept all of our attendees laughing and having a good time.  They were patient with people who needed help with their paintings and I know that Morgan saved my painting from becoming a total disaster more than a few times.  Haha.  It is a very laid back and chill environment as well.  I will definitely use them for events in the future and for sure be back for other events they host. More...


Debbie Warren

26 February 2017

Absolutely a blast!! Highly recommend. Will be back for sure!!


Barbara Harrison

23 January 2017

The best experience ever!! Knowledgeable, fun and patient instructors! A happy addition to anyone's life!


Lauren B.

3 January 2017

My friends and I came here for a private event during the week. It was a great way to get together, hang out, and do something fun! Felicia was a great teacher, talented painter and made us feel at home. I would definitely recommend coming here to others and I'm sure I will return one day. More...


De DeLorenzo

1 January 2017

awesome experience!!! took the whole family, our instructor was great!!


Fatima G.

29 December 2016

I had an awesome time here!  It was a very laid back chill type of environment.  Everyone was very friendly.  When we first started painting I had no idea what the finished painting looked like so it was madness and mayhem on the palette but that made it even more fun.  We didn't have any preconception of how bad or good we were doing.  About halfway through the instructor showed us the finished painting and it was like woa!  It was gorgeous.  I didn't know if my painting would look like that but it was close and I loved it. The good humor and awesome vibes in the place make me want to go back! More...


Daniel C.

17 June 2016

Closed on a Friday night?! I made a reservation to take my mom for her birthday, and when I got there the door was locked, even after I was called to confirm my reservation. There was also another party waiting outside who said they were told the instructor was on her way there, but we all left when no one showed after half an hour.  This place has been fun in the past, so I'm not lowering this to one star, but it was a pretty big disappointment tonight. More...


Aisha B.

1 May 2016

This past Friday was my first time at the Drunken Palette. The environment was very fun and laid back. All positive vibes. You can bring your own food and drinks. The instructor was extremely fun and helpful but sometimes she went a bit too fast or I couldn't see what she was doing. Although my painting didn't come out as good as the instructor's, I was still impressed with how close I came to replicating the painting of the night. I will definitely be back in the near future. More...


Tara Cavallaro Hofer

12 March 2016

Thank you so much for a great time! While I was a little hard on my art skills my 8 year old told me my painting was great! She is excited to try a painting herself! More...


Marisa Mora

3 March 2016

Love coming here so relaxing and a lot of fun!!!


Lori Niles OSullivan

24 October 2015

I loved going. You relax and have fun. You don't have to know how to paint. I will be going again for sure ! :)


Paula Bridges

18 October 2015

A big THANK YOU to Emily for helping me and my family have a great night. I have a great memory to go off to NJ with.


Meredith Trumbull

4 September 2015

Such a great girls night! Looking forward to going again!


Ava Reyna-Balsamo

18 July 2015

Awesome time was had by all, no painting experience necessary, super easy and fun!!


Haley Ford

3 May 2015

So much fun! The instructor was great. I loved the private party!


Amy Havener-Brown

26 February 2015

Had a great time!! Painting was easy and directions were clear. Marisa was fun and energetic and clearly loves what she does. Her mood was infectious and really made our night out even more fun! Great time and highly recommend it! More...


Jeanette Siegel Wimmer

1 January 2015

The place was very nice and the instructor was fun, and gave very clear instructions. The paint and brushes were laid out making it easy to start. My only complain was that the class had 50 people and only one instructor. Clearly with that amount of people another instructor was needed. More...


Sheryl Floyd

21 December 2014

What fun night out we had. Very organized and clean studio. Marissa our teacher was fun and easy to follow. Great place for a girls night out!


Myly N.

19 June 2014

We had a group come back in March.  It was really crowded but that's to be expected.  (We also made the mistake of bringing too much food and booze.  There really isn't much room to put all these things.)  We had a great instructor who just let us do our own thing.  One of the girls in our group wasn't liking the painting so she did her own thing which the instructor was totally cool with.  We had a blast but we're all in agreement that we should have picked a night with a different painting to learn to do.   A group next to us had painted beautiful plumerias while ours were fireflies aka flying eggs.  (We had fun making fun of our own paintings though!)   They also have classes where you paint wine glasses/goblets or beer mugs.  Really neat! More...


Dawn B.

18 December 2013

Love this place! We made a covered bridge. Which is a little above my experience level. But the teacher was great! She did a great job making this a fun experience and a definite do again!


Viktoriya K.

29 November 2013

Where do I start?!  I am sure there are a lot of local patrons that like this place and I don't want to be too negative. Overall it SHOULD be a good experience, a fun time to enjoy with your friends and family BUT not if one of the teachers is having a bad day! Felicia seemed miserable and wanted to pick apart my painting every step of the way! This is supposed to be fun and care free but that is not what she made it to be. Her tone was very negative and degrading In times, and instead of suggestions she just fixed my painting. WHY? We are not artists! This is supposed to be fun! I wish there were other alternatives to this place but just in case never take a class with Felicia!!!!! More...

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