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The Downtown Market Of Fayetteville



The Downtown Market Of Fayetteville



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Melene Gilliam Hatcher

8 October 2019

It is so exciting that Fayetteville has a place like this to shop and buy local produce. The owner, Johanna, is very passionate and knowledgeable about all of her products. Beautiful flowers too!


Fred Cutter

6 August 2019

DMF is delightful gem in downtown, and a wonderful emerging business in the Fayetteville community.


Sharon Hughes

24 July 2019

The beautiful flowers, great items and great customer service.


Stacie Jackson

8 June 2019

I absolutely love her bouquets of fresh flowers.


Niki Marion Hudson

25 April 2019

Awesome chocolate milk and gorgeous flower arrangements! I loved stopping in the other day!


Mark Dodd

20 April 2019

Farm Fresh and local. North Carolina products. So much good stuff. Something for everyone. Way above and beyond what you'll find in the supermarket


Janice Vinson

13 April 2019

I picked up some chocolate milk today. It was gone within ten minutes of getting home. I guess I’ll be back tomorrow. This is a wonderful shop!


David Wilkes

20 March 2019

I was very surprised at all the locally produced stuff in here including milk and meats from local farms. I bought ice cream and strawberry nutella cake. really good.


Ariel Matthews

5 March 2019

Steady supply of all the fresh dairy in my fridge and beautiful new selection of fresh flowers every time we go in!


Krysten Patton

16 February 2019

We love this market. I can get Cheshire Pork without driving to Goldsboro, my favorite butter without driving to Raleigh, and local eggs. Stop in, you won't be disappointed! More...


Katrina Jones

19 January 2019

Wonderful place to shop with lots of local products!


Nikki Rae

16 January 2019

Yay! Fresh milk delivery. Amazing!!!!!! Thank you DTM The Milk Man!


Niarties Graham Jr.

14 January 2019

Best selection around Can't beat the prices


Theresa Rossa

31 December 2018

Love everything about the place! Especially the milk and home decor! The helpful friendly staff too!


Donny Terrell

22 December 2018

Awesome market ! Highly recommend .


Kristy Smith Collins

27 November 2018

Such an amazing shop. Great food and speciality items and the owner is completely AMAZING!!!!!


Crista McKinley

25 November 2018

A lovely family owned store that provides everything you need in one stop and they deliver! A must see in Downtown Fayetteville! ☕


Ashley Tucker

30 September 2018

We love visiting Johanna at the Downtown Market. Fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy are from local farmers. Plus home decor and flowers! It’s always a treat to visit!


Dianne Williams

24 August 2018

I really enjoyed shopping there.


Carrie Sacco Callahan

24 August 2018

Awesome local market—and some of the best ever ice cream sandwiches!


Patricia Griffin Caulder

14 July 2018

Johanna has a great selection of farm to table items along with beautiful decorative items for your home.


Lynne Bissette Greene

11 June 2018

Great vibe in this downtown shop. Picked up fresh vegetables, a variety of cheese and even locally made chocolate candy! They also have home delivery which I'm getting ready to try. Can't wait for my first order to arrive at my door. More...


LaVern S OxenDine

10 June 2018

Finally we have a grocery market in downtown! Love it!


Kristen Dore

5 June 2018

I was in this past weekend and loved the store, very cute and very friendly and helpful staff. Looking forward to visiting again.


Lindsay Renee

3 June 2018

If for no other reason you must start a weekly delivery for their chocolate milk! You can adjust your orders to fit your meal plans and don’t forget to visit their store too- they often have special items you can pick up! What a lovely business, run by the sweetest gal, with the cutest pup! More...


Jocelyn Thagard

27 May 2018

Love this place. This will be one of my favorite local spot!!


Victor Johnston

18 May 2018

I had some of the most delicious strawberries here. The place is clean, the owner is awesome, the products are delicious, and you support the local farmers. Shopping here is winning all around. More...


Jeannie M Romanello

20 April 2018

Just what I have even looking for! Thank you. Especially for your assistance and kindness when we visited the store�.


Juanita Smith

29 December 2017

I love all the store that are downtown. The people who own the store are so friendly. I worked downtown a many years, and it have change for the good now.


Malia Kalua Allen

1 May 2017

Best butter I've ever tasted. So yummy and fresh. The chocolate milk is to die for. My boys love it.


Elaine Kelley

1 May 2017

I am in love with the chocolate milk. It is fabulous. So rich and creamy and so much better in a glass container. I am ready to bring my bottle back to get a new one. A Downtown jewel.