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Jose Salazar

30 December 2016

My friend and I decided to visit waxahachie. Once there we stop at dove,s nest for lunch but the hostess nevet seated us. We wait and wait and she seated a lot a people whI came after us. So we decided to left. I know she did it on purpose. I don't want to say she is racist but I don't see other reasons. ( we are Hispanics) So definitely bad experience. Most of the menu is sandwiches and salads. More...


Becky Williams Guinn

3 October 2016

Judy' taste is impeccable and creative! Love her style!


Cindy Hobbs Camp

2 October 2016

Judy searches for lovely vintage pieces. She just recently returned from the French markets to bring back just the right item that you will want.


Charles Flowers

15 September 2016

The Dove's Nest Just a hop off the historic town square in downtown Waxahachie, The Dove's Nest offers an eclectic mix of soups, salads, and entrees prepared with a new American flair in understated French country surroundings. Chef Andrew Burch and wife, Cindy Burch, welcome you. Enjoy a delicious lunch and browse Marilyn's Antiques and Gifts. Portions generous and prices low for a recent lunch that was a gourmet delight. The Field Greens Salad, dressed with a unique basil-lime dressing tossed with toasted chopped pecans and crumbled cotija cheese was a treat. The delicious soup of the day, Squash Cheese Soup, was just the right blend of squash in a light creamy soup base hinting of cumin and other delightful spices, topped with a sprinkling of chopped green onion and melted cotija cheese. Special of the Day was Bowtie Pasta with Chopped Ham and Cream Sauce, finished with a generous sprinkling of blue cheese and chopped green onion. The eclectic mix of the pasta dish was a pleasant dining experience. Finishing with Buttermilk Cheese Pie was a good decision. The pie had the perfect crust, perfect consistency and full vanilla taste one would expect from a great pie. The delightful crunch of the caramelized sugar topping was divine. As always, The Dove's Nest offers a refreshing Orange Spice Iced Tea along with friendly, attentive, and efficient service. More...



24 May 2015

Noise level. So loud you couldn't enjoy your guest and meal. Everyone was trying to talk above everyone else that it was almost unbearable, especially for my "86" yr old mother.



23 October 2013

Fresh and great salads, atmosphere is almost tea room setting. I would not take young children here. You will not find better pie anywhere.



27 September 2013

Such a great place for lunch. My favorite is the club with a Caesar salad and of course the Bourbon Pecan Pie for dessert!



21 September 2013

Bland food



23 July 2013

Pricey but so worth it! This place is the best place to have lunch and located close to the courthouse! Everything we had was amazing!



8 July 2013

Very nice little lunch spot!. We were visiting Waxahachie and stopped in this little restaurant. We knew it must be good because it was packed. The staff was very friendly and our food was excellent. We enjoyed looking around the gift shop too. We highly recommend this if you are ever in Waxahachie. Just a real nice, relaxing place to eat. Their desserts looked fabulous - we didn't get one but noticed almost everyone else did. They were all $5 and less and most seemed to split them because they were large. More...


Joe C.

18 June 2012

This is not your typical sandwich shop. I've been coming here for years. Everything's homemade. This is a chef run restaurant. You wont find their recipes anywhere else. I never get tired of this place More...


Ashleigh Callis

13 March 2012

Good lunch spot if you have at least an hour to wait, order, and eat. this place tries to be "old money" snobby, but comes across trying too hard. personally, I love the menu items, and the desserts are incredible. it's definitely not $10 or under. Expect to drop more if you get more than a Salad and water. More...



12 March 2012

My mother said if u don't have anything nice to say, then keep ur mouth shut. NOTHING NICE I could tell u about this place.


Stephanie Wright

3 March 2012

This place was horrible! Tasteless food, rude waitresses, and small portions:/ I would never eat here again and I wish I could get back my hour and a half I sat there.



23 November 2010

Always a treat..... The Doves Nest is a little refuge. It is perfect for a wonderful lunch or celebrating a friends birthday. We have never had a meal there we didn't love. Their white chili chicken is amazing!!! I have had the club panini many of times and it is great. The service is good, setting is relaxed but unique being in a very old building. My only wish would be that they had a few more desserts. Most of their desserts are very southern and old fashioned and with nuts. I think they need a great chocolate cake (with no nuts) because many of times when celebrating a birthday there we had to get dessert somewhere else when we left. To sum it up Doves Nest is a treat and a must if you are in the area. More...



27 June 2010

Wonderful!. It's always a treat to eat at The Dove's Nest! The apricot chicken salad is awesome but my favorite is the caesar salad with smoked salmon - absolutely incredible! The blackberry bread pudding is to die for. I just want to try everything on the menu! More...



9 June 2010

Always a treat!. We have been to the Dove's Nest many times. We love the orange spice iced tea, the chicken apricot salad, and the blackberry bread pudding is a must. It is hard to find something that isn't good there. Shopping in the gift shop is fun too. More...



16 December 2009

Rude hostess. Tiny portions, overpriced. Tries to be snobby yet wait staff wears jeans & T-shirts. Wait staff badly trained. Clear plates and drop tab while diners still eating. Just not worth the trip. More...


Morgan McDonald

4 August 2009

Apricot salad sandwich is wonderful! Best resturant on the square. :) I would recommend to anybody.