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North Valley, Nevada

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North Valley, Nevada



I'm so glad we met! My life is a Pinterest board of Disney princess quality. I have a husband who dances with me in the snow. My favorite pictures are of people laughing. I love music and food and travel and hanging out with people who have silly quirks and twitches and still love life.


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2 April 2019

Desiree has a great eye for pictures and is fun to spend time with! I felt that she truly captured my emotions and essence of joy, adventure, and neediness in her pictures! Would definitely recommend!

Thanks Elisabeth! You were a joy to photograph!



1 April 2019

She did my college graduation pictures and they turned out super well. It was a super fun session!


Luz Raygoza

14 February 2019

the pictures she took of my daughter were AMAZING!!!


Kimberly Seifert

12 February 2019

She is by far one of the best photographers & professional dancers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with in BOTH arenas! I highly recommend!

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A picture says a thousand words. Figure out what you're trying to say. OR what your subject is trying to say. Are they shy? Confident? Eccentric? Are they a fighter? Do they have wounds that they are screaming about, but no one sees? You figure out what your subject is trying to say, and say it out loud. Clearly. With power. People connect with people. If you spend enough time with your subject, you will be able to pick up on the subtleties in their character, and hone in on those. Make your photographed moments real. Don't force your subject to fit into your picture frame. Capture them. True. Raw. Beautiful.

I ask what their favorite color is, and why. I ask what their favorite pastime is. Steering the conversation toward something they are comfortable talking about, relaxes the muscles in the shoulders, and the face. Fake smiles can be spotted a mile away. I want to capture them in their element.

I love the connection with people. It is so special to see someone overcome a fear. To be more beautiful than they thought they could ever be. I help people be confident, graceful, and real.

I was tired of having to jump through hoops that weren't mine. I wanted to help people do something I believed would truly benefit their lives.

I want every client I have to walk away with a new friend. I am so passionate about how people see themselves. I want them to leave me feeling as amazing as everyone sees them. Like I see them.


This is a $300 service. I arrive at your event, and teach 1-2 hours of group ballroom dance instruction, and encourage people to continue dancing throughout the evening. I can tailor the class type to the theme of the event, (ie, Charleston, hustle, Country Line dancing, Tango, Salsa, Winter Waltz).

Private lessons- $70 an hour Get one on one instruction for you and a partner, focusing on whichever dance you choose! Private group class- (for parties of 10 or more) -$10 per person This is a great option for a ladies night out, work party, or team-building event. Have the floor to yourselves, and get a group class together! General group classes - $10 per person These classes are prescheduled at the ballroom, drop-ins welcome, no partner needed, all levels accepted! The class schedule is on my facebook page, The Dancing Photographer

Everything from events to infant portraits! Contact me for more information at my website! https://www.desireestudios.net/contact-basic