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Rebekah Lohr

12 May 2019

Im giving this 4 and not 5 only because they had run out of most everything when i got there at 2 on a Saturday


Joyce Lanzer

27 March 2019

Very cool place to enjoy a treat! I recently went there the day after my birthday with a friend this year to have a cupcake together. There are always a lot of interesting as well as common choices to pick from. It's a little pricey for a medium-size cupcake ($2.50 each), but so nice to be able to enjoy just one whenever you feel like celebrating! They offer a discount punch card to earn a free cupcake after every 5 purchases or on the fifth visit with purchase, not sure which. I'd go there more often if only they had some healthy lunch options, because I really like the atmosphere.They have a few small tables for eating-in and offer high-quality disposable plates and forks to make it seem very special. This "fancy" touch is in stark contrast to the utilitarian, industrial decor, which I find very comfortable. It's so very clean, and it has a cozy feel very unlike Chipotle. (I LOVE Chipotle, but only take-out.) However, I would enjoy it SO much more if these paper and plastic serving pieces could be easily recycled on their premises - right after eating. I really hate tossing them into their trash can on my way out. Still, I return a couple times a year.... I will express my concern next time.I rarely eat unhealthy food, especially desserts. When I do, though, I love going here because I really love cupcakes and theirs taste as good as or better than most homemade. (Mine are healthier and better tasting, BUT I very rarely make them because I would eat too many!!) They also now sell homemade DOGGIE cupcake treats! Plus, four types of ADORABLE 6" multi-layer cakes. And pie cupcakes? Will have to ask about those next visit. I highly recommend! More...


Mary Spangler

27 March 2019

This is the best little place to get fresh, delicious , and beautifully decorated cupcakes. This is also a great place to get a cake that is just as good as the cupcakes.


MiLi CoRnBall

25 February 2019

THE SERVICE WAS GREAT! The two lady’s had a lot of patience with me choosing. 10/10 Would go again.



25 February 2019

Amazing cakes. They do wedding! They did me and my wife's wedding they was cheap. Great customer service. They set up the cale the day of the weddings it looked fantastic. If your looking for someone to do your wedding. The cupcake company is where it's at. They also have cupcakes to die for. Amazing all around I would give 10 stars if I could. More...


Katrina Huerth

26 January 2019

I’ve been in your shop twice in the last two weeks. Both times I’ve been purchasing dessert for a family get together. Both times I’ve bought a cupcake of the week on the side. Both times I’ve given this cupcake away to a friend or coworker that needed a special thank you or a reason to smile! I plan to make this a weekly tradition. Share a cupcake and make someone smile! Thank you for providing delicious goodies at a reasonable price! Your cupcakes are not too sweet, not too big, they do not have too much icing, they are just perfection!! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and always patient while I make the difficult decision of which flavors to purchase. I would recommend this shop for a special occasion or because it’s Wednesday and you want a cupcake! More...


Barry Thomas

30 June 2018

Incredible! Best quality and selection. Worth the trip from Pennsylvania


Becky Crowley

15 June 2018

We always make it a point to stop here when we're on vacation at Massanutten. Their cupcakes are so good! And they have a nice selection of yummy gluten free cupcakes, too. Yum!


Michaela Minore

16 October 2017

Fine cupcakes that are addictive. They get a little pricey if you aren't buying them for special occasions, and as your chocolate fix instead. There are reward card punches available if you visit 10 times. More...


Doug L.

12 September 2017

Buy at least 4 then run for the door! This place serves amazing cupcakes that'll have you emptying your wallet cuz you wanna eat em all!


Jonathan D

30 April 2017

If you want a real snack for get about the over hyped doughnut neighbor. They take your sweet tooth to a new satisfied state. Also have gluten free and vegan options. More...


Carol Colna

9 January 2017

I drive from PA to NC several times a year. I always stop in Harrisonburg to fuel up. This time around I seen the cupcake company and bought a half dozen. Omg... the best cupcakes ever. The only disappointment was when I was driving back I wanted to pick some up to take home and well they were closed on a Sunday. So I went home without my cakes!!!! More...


Ben D

30 October 2016

My wife and I get cupcakes all over the place and this is one of the better places we've come across. great selection of flavors. the cakes were moist without being too heavy. The icing was just sweet enough, it wasn't piled up ridiculously high like some places. You can tell everything is made fresh every day and not just because you can walk in and see them making and icing the cupcakes. For us, this was in the top five cupcake places that we've been to and would definitely come again if we're in the area. More...

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