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Casey Keene

Such a rad place! Jeff immediately made us feel comfortable and had a great sense of humor and Jax served delightful drinks. The theming was wonderful and the effects were pretty rad. Mrs Applebottom took excellent care of us as well. Amazing place!

Also we beat the attic in 37 minutes!


Amber Roth

So much fun! Our group of 5 found this to be one of the best escape room experiences...even better than the escape room franchses. A lot of the fun was thanks to Ian, who an amazing host and actor. We will be back for sure! More...


Michelle Smith

I was so delighted to be included when the Asheville Mardi Gras Board and volunteers were invited to experience Dinner au Noire at this unique restaurant and bar. The food was delicious and skillfully served in the pitch dark! So we had the chance to use all our other sense to experience the dinner and the stories that came along. We had a great time. Highly recommend this experience. It's unlike any other in Asheville. More...


Victoria Olive Davidson

We stopped here on our pubcycle and I had high hopes for this place. I thought drinks were way to expensive for their size. For the price of the drinks you'd think the chex mix, and pretzels would be free. I got the mint julep, and I couldn't taste the mint it all. It tasted just of bitters, which was a disappointment again for the price of the drink and the size of it. More...


Thomas Cahill

"Where were you when the lights went out? " If you had been with the 12 of us at the conundrum you would have been experiencing something really unique -- Dinner Au Noir! Sharing a delicious dinner and hilarious stories without the use of our sense of sight allowed us to experience each other and the food in a totally new way. Even if you don't try one of their "escape" experiences or the Dinner Au Noir, at least stop in to The Conundrum for a cocktail to check out the "steam-punk-game-of-clue-Sherlock-Holmes decor and the charming staff. More...


Micheal DeAngelis

Freindly staff, fun and challenging puzzles. Our first escape room and would absolutely go again! Certainly a pleasant and memorable experience. :)


Matthew Martin

Enter the Conundrum was by far our favorite Escape Room in Asheville and offered a fresh experience unlike any I’ve encountered in the 30+ rooms I have played. Found in the Grove Arcade area of downtown Asheville, there is a stairway down into the building that leads you into the speakeasy themed bar. We went there to do both “The Attic” and “The Brewery of WunderBrugghen” escape rooms. The element that takes Enter the Conundrum (ETC for the rest) to the next level is its incorporation of immersive theater. After a safety briefing, you meet your gamemaster, who is in character and adds a layer of immersion beyond standard fare. In the case of “The Attic” our host (Scott) was a caretaker for the household with a British accent. He was hilarious and made asking for clues an absolute delight.
As for the rooms themselves, both rooms are 100% custom built and the puzzles were designed in house. “The Attic” is a theme where you are called in to investigate strange occurrences. The design of the room was fairly immersive with a few elements that broke the theme but the soundtrack played throughout made the enter room feel the creepy vibe that you would associate with an old attic. The puzzles were laid out in a logical progression that rarely made you feel stuck. We played this room with only two people and were able to get out. Our gamemaster was even kind enough to give us some extra time at the end since we were the last group of the night and since a directional lock was temperamental.
We returned the next night (which we planned because Scott was going to be our gamester again) to play the Brewery room. This room had a total of three immersive game hosts (all played by Scott) to continue to the story. In comparison, we did feel that this was the weaker of the rooms in that it didn’t feel as immersive and there were a couple of puzzles that were time intensive (which made it difficult for two people to complete). We didn’t get out but we were walked through the end of the game to see how it would have ended. There was a broken element in the room that Scott skipped us past since it wasn’t working.
Even with the second room being a little bit of a let-down, I am still giving this 5 stars purely due to the acting and interactions we got throughout the experience from Scott. Due to the use of live actors, your experience may vary a little bit, but I feel that the approach to these rooms are thought out and with the addition of an actor it just bumps the overall experience to the next level. I would highly suggest trying out The Attic if you are in the Asheville area as it isn’t an experience you would want to miss and if you have a party of more than 2 and want a challenge, give the Brewery a try (after you do the awesome Attic room of course).


Rose Forbes

Nice quality wines that will appeal to wine geeks and those new to the world of wine. Really great pairing of small finger foods that bring out the personality of each wine. We had a private tasting with "Wolfy" and he let us guide the pace of the tasting in the dark. Whether you are a casual wine drinker or a wine snob, you will have fun and probably learn something about wine too. More...


Amber Harmon

What a lovely bar! This is our second visit and it's so much fun. Great theme and you can really tell that the staff loves what they do. The friendly banter was entertaining as we hear a group departing the blind wine tasting talking about "Handsy Gary". I feel like there is a back story to their experience that I would have loved to witness. What a fun place. Can't wait to come back!! More...


Karyn Dixon Chester

Our family of 4 had a great time in the Brewery escape room. While we did not make it out in time, we have all been inspired to come and try again in another scenario. This was our first "escape room" experience and we enjoyed our guide Max but will know next time to ask better questions and take advantage of our host as a resource to solve the mystery. More...


Marissa Smith

We had a great time in the brewery escape room! Everyone was beyond welcoming and made it a fun and memorable experience. We will absolutely be back. Thank you!


Sara Williams Ellis

We had an excellent time! The room is still haunting me(where did we go wrong?)We didn’t make it out but we will be back to try again. Cool atmosphere, funky music, completely worth every penny! More...


Raina Williams

We had a great time! Excellent staff, amazing atmosphere and perfect experience for the first time in an escape room. Would love to go back again and see if we can make it out.


Megan Blair

I took my family of 4 (13 and 15 year old kiddos) and we had so much fun at the Conundrum!! It was great to spend time together as a family having fun without looking at screens! We’ll definitely go back!


Brian Rohrbaugh

We did the wine tasting in the dark and it was the most awesomest adventure we have had on a vacation. I've been here just to drink before and the staff is always top notch. If you go to Asheville,. Get here


Michael Franco

This joint has one of the coolest vibes in Asheville. From needing to give a password at the door to get in, to the interesting puzzles laying around to the cool steampunk vibe, it's a great spot to get your cocktail on. Oh, and speaking of cocktails, the bartenders rock it! Absinthe baby. Absinthe. More...


Mike Orren

The bar is fun and the people are great. Well-made drinks. The escape room is hard but worth it. A great place all-round.


Emery McTindal Ortiz

After seeing many highly rated reviews I was very excited to try the Bier Noire experience and drink a few cocktails. For the price we paid, it was sadly a mediocre experience. Before the tasting, the cocktails were not great at all (which, granted, Asheville has some great cocktail spots, so the bar is high). The beer in the tasting was standard stuff you could get at any supermarket, and the food pairings consisted of a stale tortilla chip, a pickle, and a pretzel chip with pimento cheese. It lasted maybe 45 minutes and the crowd in the room was more entertaining than the host. I hate leaving negative reviews, but this was honest. I do not feel it was worth the price. More...


Alexa Bonsey

My team and I did The Attic, and it was the best escape room I have ever done! The clues are dynamic and encourage you to problem solve in many different ways and levels, and our host’s theatrical involvement added to the fun. The added bonus of the bar is a nice feature, too. Thank you, Conundrum, for such a great night! More...


Lee Thomas

The Conundrum is an awesome place to visit. It has an eccentric feel - like you are stepping back in time. The atmosphere is totally fun and challenging - especially the escapes. The staff was equally just as impressive. I recommend it to locals and visitors. More...

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