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My photography specialties are peaceful landscapes and soulful street art. I am also a portrait photographer, especially children. I especially like portraits in natural light and often in Black and White. I don't do Headshots. I'm a native New Yorker born & and raised in Manhattan.

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Susan Siegel-Reuveni

23 July 2018

I just love this awesome photography. It's very comforting! Thanks for sharing your artistic talent... Continue to keep your beautiful eyes on the lenses.


Kelly Orrick Carroll

23 July 2018

I am the proud owner of many pieces of this amazingly talented woman's photography. I love her work and will continue to adorn my walls. Thanks for sharing your talent for all of us to enjoy! More...

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The secret is not the camera, it's the person who takes the photographs.

What kind of photography project do you need? What are you looking for in my photography? Will there be people in the photos or landscapes? Will it be indoors or outdoors?

Well, everything. I love working with people. I am a native New Yorker and I love being out in the city taking photos. I have lots of street art and landscape photos. I have done childrens portraits and enjoy working with kids of all ages. I am very good with Social Media and I find that is a huge help when it comes to what I do. I can get my stuff out there and get feedback immediately. I am on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more!

I have to say that I have had two passions in my life. The first was my career in the music biz (behind the scenes) and my second is photography. I am a native New Yorker who loves Street Art. I have a huge portfolio from many places. I love working with people, i'm especially good with kids and i'm very fair and honest.

I'm honest, I like people, I have a car and I know my way around NYC.