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Wanting to find the most natural way in working with dogs Brian started looking into to the dogs instinctual drives for survival and their relationship to all the behaviors seen in our dogs. Pack Drive, Defense Drive and Prey Drive are the 3 instinctual drives our dogs have to survive.


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Richard K.

21 August 2016

So it's been a year.  What a year.  Tugboat is doing so much better and we are so much better at managing him.  True to his word Brian has been here for us.  Tugboat is still a lot of work and I'm sure there will always be things about him to be cautious of.  But he has become a loved member of our family and we are grateful for all of Brian's never ending help. More...


Kari B.

6 July 2016

Brian has been a phenomenal trainer for my pitbull. He understands how to train my girl, I have tried multiple other trainers before finding Brian. The results speak for themselves. I would recommend him to all my friends with fur babies. More...


Jenna G.

10 February 2012

We rescued a new pup to give him a better life, but without Brian's help we would never be able to do that. When we rescued Charlie we were prepared for some issues...what we got was soon to become the terror of West Hollywood.  With a face so cute it would melt the ice caps, everyone loved Charlie -- until his spontaneous 'Chucky' side would appear.  The biting, the constant nighttime barking...it was like having a 2year old (if that 2year old transformed into a velociraptor gnawing on your arm, leg or face whenever he got scared).  We tried a couple of different recommended trainers - and were afraid we'd have to give him up when nobody seemed to be able to help.Then we met Brian.  Brian is amazing!!!!  I'd give him more stars if I could as I truly owe my dog to him.Where other trainers seemed to throw up their hands in frustration and confusion at what to do next, Brian knew exactly how to not only help Charlie but to help us help Charlie.  This isn't trick-training.  Charlie can learn to sit, down, stay, high-five in 1-hour flat via some video we downloaded off the internet.  Brian helped to make this 15lb terror no longer a liability to us.We live in West Hollywood but I will not take Charlie anywhere else for training or boarding.  Brian has been the best resource for all of those questions that we thought we'd know what to do but found out we had no idea.  He's been a life-saver for both us and our baby C. More...

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Helping owners understand why their dogs have the behaviors they do. A big part of training is the skill to transfer the training to the owners so that it sticks. This is where most training can fail if the proper time isnt spent with the owner.

The compassion I have for animals and their owners

I have a vast knowledge of all training styles and know what works and what doesnt. I also look at the dog from a holistic approach and not just from theri "bad" behavior.