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William Sweasy

28 July 2018

Amazing. This guy is a BBQ genius. Burnt ends that melt apart when you bite in, hardly have to chew. More like your tongue does a dance and then the food is gone and you need more. Brisket that will make your mouth salivate like Niagra falls. And the turkey. Oh my. I almost didn’t even share for Thanksgiving. And thought well it is my family, but this bird is so good, but they are my family and this is a day of thanks and sharing. So I only pulled over and ate about a fifth of the bird before getting home Haha. It just smelled so good. I’m not even going to talk about his bbq sauce. I can’t. I don’t have the words and I’m afraid thinking about it may make me drive over there and get more. Please Tex, I’ll trade you my TV for more sauce! Haha Seriously though, Don’t try it unless you are ready for more. More...


Krystale Gonzalez

19 January 2018

Tex’s BBQ is mouthwatering delicious! The meat is cooked to perfection and is moist. You can’t beat the flavor of his bbq either!


Walter Omelchenko

6 July 2017

Tex,s BBQ is the best,tender, moist and flavorful. We have him do our turkey and ham for the holidays and everyone loved them. The tri tip he smokes is to die for . I will go back again and again . Very worth it. Thanks Tex More...


Ashley Jason Pipkins

1 July 2017

This food is the best. I especially like the tri tip beef. You can tell that great care is taken in the preparation of everything. I look forward to the next opportunity that I have to eat Tex's BBQue! More...


Jacob Irish Kirtley

30 June 2017

Good ol fashion Texas BBQ done right. Tex, the man, the myth, the BBQ legend...


Tim Vinci

30 June 2017

This is the stuff as a self proclaimed cook i know flavor and the temperature of properly cooked meats. These guys hit it on the head everytime. When I'm in town i search them out for BBQ. Gteat good, incredible talent. I think this guy could Smoke or BBQ a FlipFlop snd it would taste great! More...


David Ortega Jr.

30 June 2017

Outstanding barbecue, outstanding flavor, Tex definitely has barbecue know how. I especially dig his tri-tip and pulled pork pizzas! Highly recommend him for your next party or catering event. More...


Dan Castle

30 June 2017

You know what they say comes from Texas only steers and good Texas BBQ. Great ribs, good Tri-Tip, wood fired, to give it that authentic Texas flavor. A must recommend if you like BBQ.


Barbra Ortega

29 June 2017

Love, love, love!! Never had a bad recipie from Tex. Perfect taste, flavor and best around!!!


Nancy Lola Lopp

17 May 2017

Don't miss out on the best Texas BBQ In California!


Grace Santiago

1 April 2017

Love this guy and his food!!! Amazing...I could eat this every day!