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Tern CrossFit

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Tern CrossFit Reviews

Tern CrossFit Reviews

Review of Tern CrossFit by Bryson Dean
5 23/11/2017 Bryson Dean

This CrossFit location is great, the coaches are amazingly supportive and I'm noticing results for my self as I get in better shape than I have been in years.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Sousou
5 07/11/2017 Sousou

I contemplated doing Crossfit for years, but honestly I was intimated. I felt I wasn't fit enough to "fit in", and then I decided to give it a go!! I chose Tern after a friend invited me there because they are an incredible bunch. Although all my trainers are fit and look phenomenal, they are super down-to-earth and friendly. I still lack a lot of endurance and feel behind many times but they treat me like I am a champ and make me feel so equal and welcomed. Love this place.

Review of Tern CrossFit by NFP Nation
5 05/01/2017 NFP Nation

The staff here are great. The atmosphere here is awesome! It's a great facility that is well maintained. The staff are all encouraging and they're all such great people! This is a great place to come, so if your looking for a crossfit gym, look no further!

Review of Tern CrossFit by Raiza Cabral
5 21/03/2016 Raiza Cabral

Great box to join or drop in if in the area! Coaches are extremely patient, friendly and have a wealth of information for those just starting as well as the more advanced athlete looking to improve overall performance. The box is well maintained and the equipment is all of good quality. Certainly worth a visit!

Review of Tern CrossFit by Cristoforo romano
5 26/06/2015 Cristoforo romano

Dropped in this morning from Atlanta. One of the best boxes I've visited. If you're looking for a good community and coaches who know what they're doing this would be a place to go.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Mandi Fram
5 Mandi Fram

Tried this place out and loved it! Great facility and everyone was nice. I'm looking forward to returning.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Elisa Schauer
5 Elisa Schauer

Awesome!! Friendly staff & members. Great space as well ��

Review of Tern CrossFit by Ben Cockshott
5 Ben Cockshott

As a former affiliate owner, I couldn't have found a better place to be a part of. From the coaching to the members. Extremely friendly and inviting, not to mention knowledgeable.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Autumn Peters Fenech
5 Autumn Peters Fenech

I'm so happy Nichole is back where she belongs as my trainer again! Thank you for a great facility, welcoming atmosphere and second to none programming and trainers!

Review of Tern CrossFit by April Glowacki
5 April Glowacki

Home away from home! Literally, I have to drag my husband home to feed him. It's the BEST place in Tampa to push yourself past what you ever thought you were capable of.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Jim Wimsatt
5 Jim Wimsatt

Tern Crossfit is an amazing place. The coaching is on point and well delivered. I'm so very happy I found this place.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Seth Dingus
5 Seth Dingus

The coaches are great. It’s a great mix of being pushed but with correct technique to stay healthy. The relationships with coaches and athletes is why I love this place. #TernUp

Review of Tern CrossFit by Steve Edwards
5 Steve Edwards

When decided which crossfit gym your gonna go to don't just look at equipment or facility. Ask your coach what certs and qualifications they have. Most all scrape by with just the bare minimum level 1. Coach Nicole on the other hand is one of the most highly qualified trainers in the country. She has her level 1,2 and 3, strongman, mobility, Olympic lifting, gymnastics and almost every cert that exists. Not only is she more qualified but she also leads by example as she is ridiculously lean from always eating a paleo diet and ridiculously strong from years of consistency. Don't believe me then see for yourself the difference. Just dont be mad when a 114lb girl out squats you.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Tuyen Tran
5 Tuyen Tran

I've been through a few gyms over the last five years and each one has taught me a lot about myself and pushed me to be better. My experience with Tern Crossfit has been exceptional. The coaching and workouts,from stretching to strength and wod are perfectly planned and executed. I feel like I'm part of a close knit family.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Mike Hulgin
5 Mike Hulgin

You'll be hard pressed to keep up with Nicole. But that's what it's all about. Getting yourself to that level. It takes time and hard work. If you're just starting out, you should see results in about 6-8 weeks. Just don't quit ! Never give up because that day that you look in the mirror and see that hard work does pay dividends......

Review of Tern CrossFit by Barry Minnis
5 Barry Minnis

Tern is my home away from home. It's evident, the owners and coaches strive to make it a family atmosphere. I've dropped into crossfit boxes in California, New York, DC and Miami...with the training I've received from Tern and the coaches I competed in my 1st CF competition a few months ago. In addition, ive made some great friends while training hard. Thank you!

Review of Tern CrossFit by JoseDavid Martinez
5 JoseDavid Martinez

best box in all of the Tampa bay area. The coaches here genuinely care about the members and are always willing to assist and answer questions about form, workouts, and diet! very knowledgeable coaches!!!!!!! the Family of members is also very closee which is the icing on the cake!!! love this place!!! can't see myself anywhere else! JDM

Review of Tern CrossFit by Robert Nelson Hood
5 Robert Nelson Hood

Folks, whether you live in Tampa, or are just visiting (like me), you must check out Tern CrossFit. It’s my home away from home!!

Review of Tern CrossFit by Irene Froehlich
5 Irene Froehlich

My daughter has just started attending Crossfit kids and the coaches have been incredibly welcoming and encouraging to her. They scale the workouts to her ability level and they know how to motivate while keeping it fun. We are only a few weeks in, but she enjoys it far more than gymnastics or ballet.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Laura Young
5 Laura Young

I had a great experience dropping in at Tern CrossFit! The coaches and athletes were welcoming, the facility was well organized and well-maintained, the programming was intelligent, and the coaches did a great job making me feel included and observed. There was a strong emphasis on fundamentals (we definitely did the Burgener warm-up before hitting a 1RM snatch) and technique and the environment was friendly and welcoming. I will definitely reTERN to Tern CrossFit any time I'm in the Palm Harbor area and would heartily recommend it to anyone who is thinking about trying CF for the first time!

Review of Tern CrossFit by Tracey Coward
5 Tracey Coward

Tern CrossFit is my home away from home! The coaching is unlike any gym or box that I have experienced. Nichole has always believed in me and guided my training to the point that I am doing workouts and movements that I never thought I was capable of. Nichole's knowledge and experience ensures that I am performing all my movements correctly so I don't get hurt, which is huge. The community at Tern is supportive and inspiring! I seriously consider my fellow Tern-mates as family. I'm so grateful to have so much positivity in my life!

Review of Tern CrossFit by Camille Prado
5 Camille Prado

My third home (aside from my own & my folks). Love the trainers and the community of folks at the gym. There are days that I think that programming sessions is just impossible but the trainers and gyms members encourage you to just go after it. My kids enjoy going too; either to Crossfit Kids or to hangout with their friends when I am working out. All in all fun place to be.

Review of Tern CrossFit by Laura Stomber
5 Laura Stomber

This is definitely my second home. I can't say enough good things not only about this facility but the owners and coaches. Everyone and I mean everyone (down to all members) are encouraging, kind and generous. Not to mention the coaching style and technique is above all else. Moving all over the country I have been to a variety of Crossfit Gyms (at least 15 by now) and this is one of the top gyms in not only experience but making you feel as if you are apart of the family :)

Review of Tern CrossFit by Kyle Massey
5 Kyle Massey

Where to start?

Tern CrossFit has become a "home away from home." My girlfriend and I love Tern! We cannot get enough! What we found most interesting and great about Tern was that Tern doesn't "just" focus on CrossFit; they focus on their members, the community, and are very personable. Tern is very family and community oriented. Members and the community is number one. It's one big family and it's a family that continues to grow and shine brighter and brighter everyday.

The coaching staff is very very enthusiastic and upbeat and compassionate; where if you might have had a bad day prior to being at the gym; don't plan on having a bad day at Tern. That frown gets turned right side up when you're there. The community and camaraderie is amazing! I've not seen so many people that are supportive and motivating as the people at Tern.

The coaching staff is extremely educated and knowledgeable which is great too! They bring so much to the table and are there to help you in any way possible. Whether it be with your nutrition; (they have a nutrition specialist) your physical health (they offer massages with "Perfect Massage") or as simple as a question on how to scale a movement in a workout. There's always a answer and always something that they offer to better YOU.

Thank you Tern from my family to yours for the amazing experiences.
We would recommend this gym to any and all peoples looking to try or find a CrossFit gym. �j

Review of Tern CrossFit by Rob DiGiore
5 Rob DiGiore

Great gym with an awesome group of members. The coaches are outstanding and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend. Lots of class times to choose from.

Tern CrossFit

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