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FOUNDED in 1988, TECHEAD is a woman-owned business enterprise headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. TECHEAD has over 30 years of experience providing Technical, Creative and Cyber Security experts for large and small projects.

CLIENTS AND INDUSTRIES that TECHEAD serves are broad, ranging from public to private sector businesses across 16 states and around the world.



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We do follow a process that we have developed over 30 years in business. We help our clients figure out what part of their process needs execution. Then we follow up with the Job description with contract options for you to consider.

Our staff or one of our Subject Matter Experts will participate in the initial call to make sure we have all the information need to get the right talent to get the project done. The Job Description includes various branches of questions until we have exhausted all possible known problems of the subject skills needed.

Connecting people to opportunities and connect companies to talented professionals.

30 yrs ago. The princepals were 2 fine art majors who decided to start Desktop Publishing Staffing Business to help intergrate talent people in corporate America.

Also, we may not be the right fit. The reality of Professional Staffing Consulting company compare to a freelance is more expenses. TECHEAD offers more various guarantees and insurance.

OUR MISSION is a big part of who we are at TECHEAD. Our core strengths allow us to bridge the relationship between the client and candidate. Our success is based on our passion for helping our clients find solutions to their business challenges and assisting our associates to achieve their career goals. The key to TECHEAD has always been to place the talented on-site associate in an environment where they can produce and prosper. We value the work-life balance and strive to make the relationship between candidates and the client as successful as possible. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, dental, vision, long-term/short-term disability. Our goal is to support and care for all TECHEAD employees — whether they work in our offices or in yours.