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Araciel B.

29 May 2019

This gym just acquired new management; current rates are very competitive. The gym is spacious and there's a variety of classes including but not limited to Olympic lifting, power lifting and competition classes. Coaches are incredibly knowledgeable. They are extremely well with orienting and integrating beginners. There's weight loss challenges and amazing deals on their website. I've been a member  with the company for 3 years. The owners are very friendly and go out of their way to make sure members' needs are met. More...


Jack M.

22 March 2019

4.5/5, not the whole 5 stars because facilities have some deferred maintenance that has been deferred too long.  Otherwise great, especially the coaches and people.  Unfortunately, this place doesn't exist anymore.  As of March 2019 it was bought by Iron Battalion and the gym has changed for worse.  Too many people, not enough parking, morning schedule inconvenient, buddy workouts, new coaches not that great.  Go somewhere else until the new management figures out how to run the place. More...


Kelly Lenhert

30 December 2018

Very encouraging environment and team of trainers. First time there, they spent time making sure I understood the techniques. They are very attentive to details. More...


Kristen C

29 May 2018

Awesome atmosphere, very welcoming and not intimidating for first timers. The classes are great and the vibe is perfect.


Miss Sefian

29 May 2018

Great atmosphere, very motivating also. Amy made me feel welcome my first time. I’d never tried CrossFit before so I was a bit worried. Amy took the time to make sure I was doing everything correctly. I bought a bunch of class on Groupon and I will probably sign up to a membership once my classes are used up. More...


Ramon M. Tovar

29 May 2018

This place is family. Matan is the owner and his whole crew are friendly and knowledge about fitness and lifting. What I like most is that they notice when you are gone for a while. They ask you if you're doing well and motivate you to improve your fitness and your lifting technique. This is my home away from home. More...


Ramon T.

26 March 2018

They are a big family here. They work with people at all levels and the coaches all know their shit when it comes to training, especially about the lifts. I love this place and It has become an essential place of my training regiment. More...


Jen F.

6 March 2018

Quality coaches. Flexible schedule and payment options. Motivating staff AND clients. That's right - mean people suck and Team Crossfit has the best clients. Parking is never a problem. Teacher discount. Did I mention there's even a kid area included with your (very reasonable) membership? OMG I love this place and results are immediate. Want to get stronger? Tired of trying and failing to be skinny and realized it's time to get buff? It does not matter if you are in shape, out of shape, or if round is your shape. These are the coaches who work with you! Have an injury? No problem! I am so grateful that I found this place. Haress at the front desk is the best! Coaches Amy, Lindsey, plus the others I worked out with briefly are INSPIRING and BADASS! Thank you for all you do! I will proudly continue to  promote this unique fitness experience. Your team is truly one of a kind. Blessings! More...


Mike C.

24 February 2018

I left my CrossFit gym in Santa Monica in search of a new gym closer to my house, and a friend recommended Team CrossFit. I signed up for a week long trial membership, and have gone the last 5 days in a row to try and get a feeling of how they program their WODs.I have not been disappointed! All of the WODs have felt like true CrossFit workouts. Probably helps that I started the week of the 18.1 Open. Nevertheless, the coaches are phenomenal, the members are very friendly and the equipment is top notch. The space is huge as well. You really can't ask for a better box.Although I'm still in my week long  (7 day) trial period, I already know that I'm going to sign up for the Unlimited membership. Super excited to join this group! More...


Shelly B.

24 February 2018

This gym is amazing! I have been going for about 5 months now and i look forward to every class. The instructors make you feel so welcome, they somehow remember everyone's name which makes you feel more comfortable when your new to the gym and crossfit. They take their time showing you the different moves for that days workout. I love all the instructors! Thank you Amy, Ernie and Rachel you truly make working out fun! More...


Samantha E.

29 January 2018

I bought 15 classes for $65 on Groupon while I was home for the holidays. For such a great price, I wasn't expecting much, but Team CrossFit quickly became the best part of my day! The space is huge and they have all the equipment you have ever seen used in the Games, and enough of it for everyone to use at once. I mostly took classes with Amy, who always made me feel like a badass. I went to the 5 pm classes (a bit overwhelmingly busy for me) and the noon class (perfect!). The members were welcoming - anyone I saw daily went out of their way to introduce themselves and say hi. This is definitely NOT a competitive gym, but a place where anyone can learn new skills and improve their strength and times. I really enjoyed the programming: we didn't do as much strength training as I have done at other gyms, but the WODs were tough, we did plenty of classics, I PR'd several lifts, and I honed some new skills (looking at you, rope climbs). I will be back next time I am in town! More...


Brent G.

16 July 2017

I've been going here 2 1/2 years now, and I've been happy with the results.  Coaches are all cool and work with everybody's skill level.   I make sure to go at least 3 or 4 times a week, and notice the difference it makes for my strength and cardio in my hobby sports like surfing, swimming and mountain biking.  Would definitely recommend to anybody looking to get back in shape, maintain fitness, or trying to take themselves to the next level.  People of all ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome here. More...


Scott B.

9 June 2017

I've been an attending Team Crossfit on and off over the last few years. Due to some work changes, I had to put my membership on hold for a bit. Now I am back, and they are better than ever! Its been a pleasure meeting coaches I hadn't met before (like Amy) and catching up with those that I worked with for a while (shout out to Lindsey!). Harass in the office is super cool, as well! The facility is impeccable. Huge variety of tools to get you strong, like yokes, GHDs, peg boards, assault bikes...you name it. Last, but definitely not least, the community is incredibly welcoming. I attend open gym, so far, everyone is cool as well as inspiring. Seriously, there are some strong peeps working out around lunch time. So glad to be back with Team. More...


Donald Jay

29 May 2017

Signed up for a drop-in workout while on business this past Saturday. The staff was responsive on email, Horace at the desk was very friendly and helpful and the coach was professional and helpful The athletes were great - a warm and accepting bunch -- of all ages and abilities. Nice facility and a good sized class (15-20). Try them out next time you are in Woodland Hills. More...


Andersson R.

20 May 2017

This is an incredible CrossFit gym. I used to go to the 6am and 6pm classes before I moved out of the Valley.  Starting out with a WOD was always the best way to start the day. The coaches were amazing and so were the people who came to the classes. I always worked out here with kind encouraging people who wanted to get stronger and improve themselves.Besides the great people you will meet here the gym is huge! They maintain a clean facility and have all of the equipment you could ask for. If you are looking for an incredible place to work out, get stronger, meet cool people, and learn lifting, join. More...


Christine B.

2 May 2017

This place is amazing. I switched gyms at a really crazy time in the crossfit world (week of the open!!!) and I felt right at home from the get go. A lot of people say crossfit is a community. You feel like family. I totally feel that here at this box. Everyone is really nice, friendly and hard working. No one tries to make you feel awkward or inferior. The coaches are really motivating. I'm a really shy person, but the coaches and staff here have made me feel super comfortable. Another thing that makes this place awesome are the owners Matan and Sadie. They are down to earth people and work out with you too! I'm really happy that I've been having a good experience here. I've only been here two months, been crossfitting for over a year, but I already feel myself progressing here. The class variety is very attractive. You have crossfit, barbell strength to work on certain lifts, ROMWOD to get that much needed stretch in, and boot camp. If crossfit ever crosses your Mind, try this box. More...


Michael B.

1 April 2017

Can't say enough about the facility, fellow crossfit mates and most of all, the staff. Hands down, the best crossfit gym in town.


Brian D.

11 March 2017

Great gym and great coaches. Lots of room and plenty of equipment. Constantly updating the gym too.


Kelly S.

11 March 2017

Best decision...ever. Here is the story:So, I have been active most of my life (running, swimming, cycling, T25, Insanity, etc). I tried many things including spinning, barre classes, and yoga, but the truth is...I got bored. Excitement lasted a few months and then I just could not keep doing the same things over and over again.Flashback to Summer of 2016. I joined ClassPass (a service that allows you to take classes at several studios without committing to one studio/place in particular). This was perfect because I could try many different things. Then, I attended a class at Team Crossfit/Lyfe Fitness and it all changed (yes, it sounds dramatic). But it was!After my first class, I thought 'I can do this for a while.' After the second class I said: "This is it." I cancelled my ClassPass membership and the rest is history. I have been coming to Team Crossfit/Lyfe Fitness for over 8 months and the excitement is still there - actually - I look forward to working out. I love it. I truly do.Was I intimidated to walk into the 'box'? Yes! (That is what they call the gym/location. Insert eye rolling here).I actually was not sure I would 'fit-in' - after all they are a very close 'familia.' But I just kept going, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and pretending I was just doing my thing. But, here is the thing: Everyone...EVERYONE is super cool, kind, and supportive. The coaches are beyond amazing: Rachel, Matt, Ernie, Lindsay, Penelope, Carrie...They actually pay attention and look after form and other million things to make sure you get the most out of the workout.I am still learning, working on posture/form, judging the weight I should use and so on, but it is all really worth it. I just LOVE coming here. It has become part of my life...Intimidated about coming and checking it out? Get over it - just do it.Kels More...


Christine F.

23 January 2017

After suffering a shoulder injury that kept me out of the gym for over a year, it was finally time to kick my ass back into shape. I've been at this gym for about 4 months now and I could not be happier with my decision to start coming here. I checked out a few gyms in the area before finally choosing Team Crossfit because the first impression I got when I walked in the first time (thanks Penelope!).The gym is HUGE and clean! They have plenty of space and equipment to handle big classes. There's a big variety of classes so it's easy to find something you're interested in. What I love about this place is the programming. You can tell that a lot of thought goes into it and it feels like every workout has a real purpose. I've been to a number of different crossfit gyms and can tell you from experience that well thought-out programming is really hard to find.The programming is on point and the coaches are even better. They really know how to simplify the different movements and break them down to help people understand how to do something safely and effectively. If you take a class with Ernie, you'll get an extra ab workout just from laughing before and after (and sometimes during) the workout. Toby's barbell class is amazing for someone who really wants to focus on their olympic lifting. He'll identify and fix every last inch of your lift so you can be stronger and faster, but with good form. Lindsay's ROMWOD class is the most painful 25 minutes you'll ever spend at the gym, but it's so worth out to come out feeling like gumby.The owners are awesome and you can tell they're dedicated to making sure their members are getting the most out of their time at the gym. All the members are awesome and it's a great community to be a part of. I seriously could not recommend this place more! More...


Jeff S.

7 January 2017

I had the hardest time working up the nerve to put my shoes on and head to a gym. My wife tried for years to get me to join her in a more active lifestyle. In the summer of 2015 she presented me a gift of a half dozen private training sessions with a coach she insisted would be a great fit for me to try it out to see how I'd like it.She was right, Coach Ernie instantly put me at ease and helped me get off the ground. I ended up becoming a full time member within a couple months. I'm feeling stronger and more confident and I'm very happy with my progress in the last year and a half. There are a bunch of great coaches, Ernie, Carrie, Rachel, Lindsay, CJ, Penelope, that all take the time to learn your name and offer feedback and advice. They push just enough to help you get better without any shaming.The equipment is in great condition. I'm always really happy to find things are clean and uncluttered. The owners really put a lot of love into the place and it shows. If this review does convince you to try it out, please let me know if you see me there! More...


Yury O.

30 December 2016

Great CF box!!  Large and clean, always top-notch equipment, and awesome (knowledgeable and personable) coaches!  It's also great to see that the owners constantly work on improving every aspect of this facility and training. Great community, good folks - you feel like a part of the family here.  Honestly, it's a stark contrast when compared to any commercial gym (and even to some other CF boxes).  Highly recommended to try out for yourself if at all interested in this type of programming.  They also have great classes for kids 2x week at 4pm (it's hard to find good CF kids classes like this) - my 10-year old loves it here! More...


Amanda H.

29 December 2016

This gym is the best!I had tried sooo many gyms before and was convinced I hated crossfit. Other gyms did not provide instruction on the different movements or feedback on how to have better form, so I just had a 24 hr fitness membership. Team Crossfit really is a family whose friendly and supportive environment makes it easier to go regularly, unlike training alone at 24 hr. After one year training four times a week I would never go anywhere else. I highly recommend the barbell weight lifting class taught by Coach Toby. He is great at teaching new lifters (me) as well as lifters who are intermediate or super advanced and competing. The crossfit classes are great for practicing weight lifting skills as well as other strengthening movements. Speedx is like crossfit but with more cardio which is wonderful for endurance. RomWod is like yoga. All the instructors that I have taken are amazing! Huge thank-you's (in alphabetical order) to coaches Carrie, CJ, Ernie, Lindsay, Penelope, and Rachel for being so knowledgeable and supportive and creating such a wonderful community! More...


Sean M.

19 December 2016

I travel a lot for work so I am always looking for a place to workout. I recently got into Crossfit within the past year so I like to visit Crossfit gyms wherever I go. This place is one of the best! The coaching staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. The owner Matan is certified in both Crossfit and USAW and his wife is a chiropractor, so they are very knowledgeable on form and will work with you to help you with the movements. I was in town for a few weeks and they really made me feel like one of their own, even inviting me to compete in the in-house competition and out to eat after some of the workouts. If I lived in the California area I would join this gym without hesitation, don't miss this opportunity!! More...


Mika S.

18 December 2016

I absolutely love this place, going on 10 weeks straight - attending Crossfit 5-6 times a week. From day one I felt like I became part of a team; the Coaches/Instructors are incredible, encouraging and attentive to everyone in class. Every class I've participated in has always brought a smile to my face; not only am I getting a serious workout, I'm also motivated by my fellow athletes around me pushing harder and further in each workout. Everyone in class is cheering each other on which elevates the atmosphere and the overall experience, knowing you're not alone or an outsider but you/we are one with the Team.I'm going to continue my fitness journey with Lyfe Fitness, I am addicted to my 6 a.m/9 a.m class. It'll mess up the Feng Shui of my day/week if I'm not here, giving my all and having fun while doing so. More...


Dan H.

9 December 2016

This gym isn't just for people that are already jacked. I dropped in, didn't know what to expect, and a few months later find myself part of an awesome community. It's become part of my daily regiment. Facility is huge, staff is knowledgeable, and the other members are great too. More...


Gary E.

30 November 2016

I cannot recommend this gym enough. It's facility, staff, programming and gym community are top notch.  Joining LYFE/ Team Crossfit was one of the best things I've ever done.  And they keep getting better!


Shuki L.

23 November 2016

Team CrossFit is great for beginners and advanced athlete. You will find there athletes of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels - and they are all welcoming, supporting and very friendly. I started some 2 years ago, not able to do a single pull-up or deadlift 100#. Today, I have 24 unbroken pull ups and I deadlift 285#, but what's more important is that I feel great and I enjoy being a part of this family. The hardest part is to show up for your first lesson, but from there - I guarantee that you will love it. More...


Lula Z.

22 November 2016

When I moved to Los Angeles, I was nervous about finding a new gym. I knew that my ability to stay committed to a workout regimen was heavily influenced by how engaged, challenged, welcomed, and satisfied I was in the gym. I picked LYFE/Team CrossFit because of their location, and I feel like it was a lucky match. I have been so happy with this choice: The workouts are always challenging and fun, the gym is clean and welcoming, and the coaches are dedicated, competent, approachable, and supportive. And the other members are my community and are fun and nice. I've stuck to my commitment to exercising about 4 times a week (when I'm in town) because I crave going to this gym and miss it when I don't. If you want to increase your fitness, get your sweat on, and be surrounded by positive, hard-working, supportive, and fun people, this is your spot - join me! :) More...


Jeuel H.

21 November 2016

I've been a member for over a year now, and it only took my wife 3-4 years to get me in the door. But I'm so glad she never gave up on me, the community and motivation at Team Crossfit is unlike anything you'll ever get at any other gym. I highly recommend Team. Just give it a try and I promise you that you won't regret it. More...


Sheri L.

14 November 2016

I have been coming here for about a year and I love it!  The coaches are caring, knowledgeable and professional.  The atmosphere is very friendly and they accommodate and welcome all skill levels.


Eva B.

14 November 2016

I am on my 3rd year and this place has changed my life. Not only do I feel better and stronger, but mentally I feel like a rock star. I have more energy....and look good. It's a win/win. The coaches are AMAZING.   I love them for their support, their knowledge and their laughs. I never thought I would stick with getting up at 5:40 AM to work out....yet here I am. Three years later....and still loving it. Thank you LYFE Fitness-Team Crossfit. Thank you for making me a better person--both inside and out. --Eva More...


E W.

13 November 2016

Thank you Lyfe Fitness for providing the BEST BOX IN TOWN! I've been a member of Lyfe Fitness (formerly Team CrossFit) for about 3 years and cannot say enough! The classes are beyond challenging, but can be scaled for beginners. The community is welcoming and fun. The trainers are on time, professional and run the classes efficiently. Most importantly I LOOK FORWARD to going to class and am disappointed when I have to miss a day. More...


Karen H.

13 November 2016

I've been to 3 other boxes in the Valley and this is by far the best! The coaches are amazing, the other athletes are all soooo supportive.  Whether you're a top competitor or just starting, this is the place! More...


Paul L.

9 November 2016

I've been waiting and trying to sum up about all the great things I can think of about Team Crossfit.  Before joining TCF, I probably tried most of the commercial fitness videos from P90x, Insanity, Asylum, etc. and also have tried going to globo gyms consistently, but I just can never stay committed to them.  After being a member for a year with Team Crossfit, committing to working out is not the problem with me anymore.  The problem now is keeping me away from this place.  There are many reasons why I keep coming back to this place for more.  1) The coaches and staff are awesome.  All of them have different personalities, but all have one thing in common: they truly have your physical health in mind and your safety is one of their top priorities.  They won't shy away from pointing out if you're form or technique are wrong.  You definitely won't hear any type of generic comments and feedback from them.  Their knowledge crossfit, health, and fitness is abundant.  2) Cleanliness.  Cleanliness is a top priority for James (Team Crossfit owner).  I haven't been to other crossfit gyms, but from stories I've heard from other members, Team Crossfit is the cleanest place they have been to.  You can also tell how clean it is from the moment you walk in the building and notice how all the equipments are organized.  Also, it's consistently emphasized by the coaches to wipe and clean the equipment you used after a workout.  It only make sense that you want to use clean equipment when it's your turn to use them.3) Team Crossfit community. The amount of encouragement you receive from the coaches and other members is amazing.  It doesn't matter whether you're a veteran member or a newbie at Team Crossfit, everyone is treated and encouraged the same way until the workout is done.  You definitely don't get that kind of encouragement at a globo gym.  4) Results.  The way the workout programs are constructed truly measures how your body and health has improved over time.  I know this because of my experience from doing the benchmark workouts, the occasional 6-week physical and diet challenges, and coaches' feedback, suggestions, Q&As...After one year, I can honestly say that I'm doing things now that I never thought was possible before joining Team Crossfit.  I can continue and write more things about all the positives I've gained since becoming a member of Team Crossfit, but I figured those 4 main points will the most important for anyone looking to try Crossfit or switching to a new gym.  No better place than Team Crossfit. More...


Jim Z.

8 November 2016

I've been a member at this gym for almost twoyears and I can say that this place has both saved my life and changed my life forever. I first started coming here when I realized that I had to do something about my weight and fitness level. A friend who was already a member for two years has tried to get me to come here multiple times but I was too afraid to start. I was never the athletic type and was very much overweight so the thought of lifting weights and doing CrossFit was not something that I was willing to try. What pushed me over the edge was a formal party that we threw for my daughter and me realizing that I just did not like what I saw in the mirror. I called the gym and signed up for their 6 week challenge and prepaid for another three months of membership. I knew that if I did that, it would force me to go. My first class was scary. Not only did I not know the movements but I also couldn't do simple things like running, push ups, sits up, etc. Luckily for me, my coach took me aside and explained to me that CrossFit in its core can be modified and scaled and I could do it at my own pace. It was hard to do that considering that there were clearly some amazing athletes there but then something happened which bolstered my confidence level and got me to stick with it. The athletes themselves started cheering me on, giving me tips, offering to workout with me and generally welcoming me into their community. I was so pumped up that I went to the office and asked them to upgrade my membership to an unlimited membership and that is when I was really surprised. My coach refused to do so. My coach told me to stay at the 3 times per week membership until he told me to upgrade. He has many reasons for that but it didn't make a difference. The gym chose my safety and well being over sales. As the months progressed and I became more efficient with the movements and stronger overall, I was constantly reminded of how far I've come by the coaches. It was a gentle reminder and a warning to make sure that I don't get to cocky or overconfident. I started helping out new members, working out with them and paying forward everything that I got from the gym when I started and they in turn did the same thing.Team CrossFit saved my life by giving me a new lease on life. I've gotten more and more fit over the years and I've been able to do more and more. Considering that almost 10 years ago I was laying in a hospital for a month due to various complications from Diabetes (including a MRSA infection which caused partial paralysis of my foot), I never thought that I'd be able to do what I do today. I tell everyone that thanks to this gym, I may be 45 years old but I feel like I am 35 years old. Ten years ago it was the opposite. It has changed my life forever by making me realize that no matter what obstacles are in my way, I have what it takes to get over those obstacles and move forward. For that, I will always be grateful to the owners and coaches of this amazing place. More...


Ali F.

3 October 2016

I have been coming to Lyfe Fitness (Team Crossfit) for nearly two years now and it's been the best fitness decision I have made to date. Although the group has grown along with the size of the facilities which is a great thing, the team that takes care of you has only gotten better. Everyone from the front of the house team to the individual trainers is really focused on giving you the best experience possible. Unlike many other gyms there is no pressure to lift heavy weights or go beyond what you can do. Instead, you get lots of positive reinforcement from not only the coaches but more importantly your fellow Crossfiters. The coaches (Carrie, Rachel, CJ, Lindsey, and especially Ernie) are always focused on making sure you are doings correctly and improving in the right way. Even in a class where you may have many fellow team mates working out they never cease to provide you one on one feedback and ensure you are not going down the wrong path of incorrect form. This is very important as learning good lifting and movement habits is key to long term growth and avoiding injury. You are going to get great value here for what you pay and get to grow in a positive environment. I don't go anywhere else or waste my time at old school gyms anymore. My results and experience here are the hands down winner. More...


Massagewhore E.

12 July 2016

I KNOW IT'S LONG BUT PLEASE READ ALL!!For anyone who knows me, in any caliber, they are aware that I am not a fan of working out/exercising. Until recently, I wasn't even strong enough to pick up 10 pounds without complaining terribly. Then I decided to quit being scared of failing and go for what I wanted. I first tried going to the gym. They make it sound so awesome. Before you join you get a tour of an insanely huge facility and all of the numerous machines and even get a free personal training workout. At the end I was told I was an "skinny obese" woman.My confidence was shot and I joined immediately, hoping that I could see a difference. But unlike some people, not only did I hate waiting for a machine to open but... I needed a good trainer. I needed somebody that was going to push me harder than I would be able to do myself.I then joined a 6-week challenge at a local CrossFit box. I immediately fell in love. The course taught me patience within myself (yes, I might have cried a couple of times) and discipline when it came to my wants versus my needs. When the challenge was over, I walked away with acceptance, strength, courage, and a new great bunch of friends ... but again I was lost. Now where do I go? The box (Crossfit term for gym) that I had finished my six week course with was painfully expensive and wanted a six-month minimum contract. I, being as you know, the forward one, decided that I was going to find a box that was what I wanted AND what I needed. I gathered up the community of girls that I had met and started searching high and low in the valley for the best box. It felt like forever (maybe 2 weeks at most) but after being used to a month and a half of three days a week, it was hard not to do anything. I couldn't believe that I actually wanted to work out!! I interviewed several boxes between Woodland Hills and Granada Hills. Some were OK but one set out from the pack. I went to a free class and brought my girls with me. The coach was awesome as he pushed is all forward even when we were sluggish. The music was loud and had great beats. And the new community was so friendly. By the end we were drenched in sweat but again I loved it and no longer felt lost. That day me and my pack of 5, joined LYFE CROSSFIT in Woodland Hills. We couldn't refuse. Before hand, I spoke with the owner of the facility, Chris. He was very friendly, answering all my questions and was extremely knowledgeable.But the absolute best came last night when I spoke with Chris. I told him that I might know a handful or two of people that want to change the way they feel about themselves; more confident and positive about who they are physically, mentally and emotionally. He told me that he loves my positivity and personality. He stated that if I could get 6+ people, they could get the same great deal that I got. I know I'm not there yet, but I'm so close!! And with the help of my community and trainers, I'll be there full force in a blink of an eye.There aren't any excuses!! Summer is here!! This is your life... And you only get one. Make it count!!Contact me privately if you have any questions. More...


James Lee

29 May 2016

This is the best CrossFit Woodland Hills hands down! They also have Krav Maga, bootcamp, cardio classes, yoga and more. Huge parking lot, they are open all day so I can use the gym on my own at any time, super clean and huge!


Hilda M.

8 April 2016

The best fitness community without a doubt! If you feel like you can't do Crossfit, heavy bag, weightlifting, speed training, etc., visit and you'll leave feeling pumped. Anyone can do anything once you join! I was hooked after my first day. Everyone makes you feel awesome and encourages you no matter your athletic level. I joined Nov 2014 and saw my body and my being transform in just 3 months. On a personal level, I took a lil time off but I kept in touch with my CF friends. Everyone is friendly which feels more like a family. Moreover Chris, the owner, personally welcomed me back and was super supportive. I'm feeling pretty awesome because this box is genuine and cares about your health and wellbeing. Take time to read the reviews because what you read is real. I regret coming to LYFE fitness said no one ever! You'll walk out feeling accomplished each time! More...


Genevieve V.

7 April 2016

Lyfe Fitness won us over! Specifically our favorite coach Ernie. All the coaches are great of course, but Ernie's expertise and down to earth vibe make us actually want to exercise. Before Lyfe Fitness, my boyfriend had never exercised in his life, so I suggested we try something new that we could do together. If Ernie hadn't been our coach the first day I probably wouldn't have been able to get my bf back into another gym. Ernie scaled the work outs for us and was totally non-judgmental, while also showing us proper form and encouraging us to push ourselves. Now we've been going for more than a year and we're super happy with the results!  The fees are reasonable and they offer a ton of classes to fit your schedule. The gym is clean and stocked with equipment and the entire staff is friendly and helpful. More...


Ethan K.

6 April 2016

I figured I'd review this after almost two years coming.Brief history: I was never athletic as a kid, only really getting into doing stuff outside/at a gym when I started running marathons/half marathons about 8 years ago. I still never did much outside of that.I joined Team Crossfit almost two years ago after the urging of a friend who goes to a gym in Santa Monica when we ran the Ragnar Relay together.My warnings about Crossfit:1) You'll be addicted. I check the website religiously at 9PM every night for tomorrows WOD, and more often than not go to sleep looking forward to coming in the next day, even if I shouldn't (because I should be resting)2) You'll need to buy new clothing. Not just gym clothing and shoes that won't melt when you climb a rope, but all clothing. I lost 20 pounds and three inches. Nothing fit, especially after going paleo.3) You'll make an entirely new group of friends. The coaches, fellow athletes, etc. You may even socialize when not at the gym.The coaches are phenomenal. On weekends the lounge is full of kids playing Minecraft while their parents work out. The place is kept meticulously clean as well and the equipment always in working order.To describe starting at Lyfe/Team Crossfit as a life changer is an understatement. More...


Valerie B.

6 April 2016

The best group workout I've ever done. Great community of athletes of every level. I'm a former college athlete and find the workouts challenging every time, but totally accessible because the instructors are so knowledgeable and helpful. I'm hooked!


Anthony W.

6 April 2016

First and foremost I love this place! I live in Long Beach and come here to workout. The classes are all awesome and the instructors are as well. Whether you're new to fitness or an elite athlete you'll love this gym. Last but not least there are some hotties that train here which is just some additional motivation when going for that last rep.Don't cheat yourself treat yourself! More...


Alexis C.

4 April 2016

I love this place it is my second home. The coaches and staff are all so amazing. I've been doing crossfit for almost two years and recently started heavy bag, I have never felt better. I'm so grateful to be apart of this community. I love that there are so many different classes offered I'm constantly being exposed to new workouts so it is never boring. Lyfe fitness is hands down the best training facility around. More...


Galina V.

3 April 2016

Amazing gym with even more amazing trainers!  Friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  I highly recommend Speed X class - cardio mixed with weight training, this class is both fun and effective.  This gym offers variety of classes - great fit for everyone. More...


Melissa A.

2 April 2016

This is my second home. Basically made a gym family for LYFE. Good energy and great people to motivate and teach you so much along the way. It's not just about getting fit and how much you can lift, it's an amazing environment to grow in. So happy I found this place and blessed to be a part of it. MORE THAN JUST A GYM, WE'RE A FAMILY!! #fitfam #teamcrossfit #lyfefitness More...


Melissa S.

12 February 2016

All of the coaches give attention to each athlete and are incredibly knowledgable and encouraging. Not only do they stress proper form and safety, but they encourage you to do your best, and inspire you to do more.They offer plenty of classes and a variety to choose from, whether its Crossfit, BootcampX, Barbell Strength, and Yoga! The box itself is HUGE, and all of their equipment is in pristine shape and CLEAN! Team Crossfit - LYFE Fitness is more than a community. It's a family, and it's one of the stronger families you will find in a crossfit gym. I highly recommend dropping by and joining so that you can take that leap into your fitness journey! The results are real! More...


Nicole M.

28 January 2016

So happy I was introduced to this gym. From the first day I came in here I was welcomed by everyone. All of the coaches are very friendly. I was nervous coming in because I was still a newbie to crossfit but every exercise is scalable to your ability and the coaches show you the moves. They also offer great rates! More...


Rose H.

15 January 2016

I just recently became a part of this wonderful Crossfit community.   I have been working out sporadically and wanted to improve my health and fitness level.   It is the best decision I made for the New Year.  First, this group is definitely a community and you feel the support from the the entire team.   The group leaders are knowledgeable and are attentive to all participants in the class, ensuring that the movements are executed correctly and safely.  They readily provide suggestions to modify exercises for participants when needed, to prevent injury and maximize the benefit of the workout.  I would definitely recommend LYFE fitness for anyone at any fitness level.  Most importantly,  IT IS FUN! More...


Krista S.

2 December 2015

Love this gym! Rachel was so helpful staff was very friendly. Impressed how easy it was to find,a lot of parking, & the gym was clean and organized. Talk about a great atmosphere to get my sweat on!! Highly recommended & Looking forward to my next work out!! More...


Gedina B.

8 October 2015

"Here we all work hard. Here we all make sacrifices. Here we all help each other. Here we all learn together. Here we all chase the same dream. Here we all support each other. Here we all make mistakes. Here we all go through pain. Here we all respect each other. Here we seen each other hurt. Here we all push each other. Here we are all a team. Here we all friends. Here we are all brothers and sisters. Here we are a family." Couldn't ask for more and would recommend it to anyone looking for a game changer in the area of self care, personal growth, self defense, and physical health. Home sweet home More...


Aric H.

6 October 2015

I was really struggling at 24 hour fitness with motivation.  A friend told me about this place because it had a bunch of different types of fitness classes: Crossfit, Speedx, Krav Maga.  Turns out this is exactly what I was looking for.  The instructors are amazing and it gives me the variety of work outs so I dont get bored.  I'm excited to get in a workout now! More...


Erica W.

10 August 2015

I love this place!!!  I've been a part of Team Crossfit / Lyfe Fitness since the beginning and it's truly amazing to see how it's evolved and become even better!!!  There's seriously no better place to Crossfit in Woodland Hills!!! From a small, cramped space they started in on Victory to the beautiful new facility they opened last year on Variel, the one thing that hasn't changed is the high level of coaching and the community feel!!  Everybody us so awesome and nice!!!!  It truly feels like a family, and all the coaches are super motivating and highly knowledgeable. They're all about being smart and preventing injuries which isn't always the case at Crossfit gyms!!  In addition to Crossfit, they've opened up several other classes, including SpeedX (which is the most ridiculous cardio workout that completely kicks my butt). Seriously - kills me!!  They also have a Krav Maga program. I strongly believe that EVERYONE should take a self-defense class. Chris is the lead instructor and he's an awesome teacher - super intense but in a make me want to work harder and kick some serious butt kind of way!!  And my personal favorite are the bag classes - essentially kickboxing on heavy bags. They are SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!  There's something so empowering about kicking the crap out of a heavy bag and I'm always completely soaked in sweat by the end!!!!  So ... If you couldn't tell by my gushing review, they're amazing and have a variety of options for whatever your fitness tastes are. I love them. The end. :) More...


Marina B.

11 May 2015

Love this place! I am so glad I signed up! Found them because I was looking for Krav Maga, but it is so much more! The coaches and team members are friendly and encouraging! And that makes the workouts so much more fun and enjoyable! Even if you are dripping with sweat and sore all over the next day! :) More...


Nykia E.

14 April 2015

I am so happy I chose Team CrossFit for my first experience in the world of CrossFit. The facility is great, the coaches are awesome and the fellow athletes are very encouraging. I admit I was intimidated about CrossFit going in because I have some considerable weight to lose...but Coach James, Coach Juvie and many others put my fears to rest. I immediately felt like part of the family and I actually surprised myself with just how strong I am. And, I'm already seeing gains after only going 2x/week for the last three months. CrossFit is the perfect complement to my tennis game. My speed, strength and endurance has grown leaps and bounds. If you like to challenge yourself, this workout is definitely for you. If I can do it, so can you! More...


Stephanie B.

9 March 2015

I've only been here once and I'm in love. Had Rachael judge me for my first CrossFit open. Very encouraging. Everyone was nice and smiled. Very welcoming considering I was a nervous wreck. I'm thinking of signing up for classes or the open gym portion. More...


Jeremy S.

2 September 2014

Team Crossfit is far & away the BEST box I've encountered in the area! 1. The parking lot is large & easy to navigate.2. The staff are highly qualified & experienced.3. The equipment is pristine & the floor space is the biggest around.4. For the price of ONE membership I get unlimited Krav-Maga, Crossfit, Yoga,  & Kick-Boxing classes.You simply won't find a better experience anywhere near Woodland Hills! More...


Tamara Q.

20 August 2014

I am on a two week vacation bouncing around the west coast and was looking for a crossfit gym in the area and decided to come here. And I am SOOO glad I did. I spoke to Nova the day before I booked a class and she answered all of my questions and asked a few of her own. They are ridiculously thorough on covering the bases to make sure they know you and your limitations and make sure the trainers are aware of any injuries as well. The classes are great and challenging. When I arrived in the morning Nova showed me around the whole facility (it's beautiful btw). I worked with Tina and she was really encouraging and made sure we went through all the movements before we started the workout. After that Nova called me over to ask how I felt and what I thought. Another class started but I continued to stretch anyway and no one said anything (in fact, they encouraged it). The atmosphere is really amazing and it makes you want to push yourself. I am trying to rearrange my schedule to stay in the area a bit longer so that I can come back! I highly highly highly recommend. More...


Jen B.

2 August 2014

I miss this place always wanted to write a review James is great instructor for Krav Maga had a blast every one was awesome there great staff and people had us working our asses off but we'll worth it this place I recommend if u wanna get in shape ASAP of a looking for a work out challenge  !!


Jessica C.

17 July 2014

This box is, by far, the best I've been to.  I come all the way from Pasadena to Woodland Hills (I used to live near Woodland Hills) because I love the people and the coaches.  I could very easily go to one closer to me in Pasadena but I'm loyal to Team Crossfit in Woodland Hills and what they've helped me achieve.The coaches are tough and will push you to progress.  Once you feel like you've gotten to where you think you're good, they'll push you to go even further.  I've learned discipline and gained a newfound love for weightlifting.  My lifestyle has overall improved into a healthier one and I can't imagine not going to this box. More...


Angelo J.

21 June 2014

Best place to work out. Clean and well managed, and friendly environment. They make sure that you are safe before you begin the workout. Lost 5% body fat in 16 days, work hard, eat right, and listen to the coach. More...


Mark Denner

30 May 2012

Team Crossfit very graciously hosted me while I was working in LA for a week. Good quality instructors, very nice facility and a great vibe - extremely friendly and welcoming.



4 October 2009

if you want to get in shape or improve your sport, CrossFit is the way to go. I lost 20lb since i've been a member and i feel sooo good. the best part about Team CrossFit is that the workouts are always changing. there's no routine. plus the community there is so great. everyone is friends, very supportive and motivating. They also have Krav Maga self defense so you get everything you need! More...