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You can train your own dog in one of my 4 programs that suits your lifestyle. All of my training programs are geared for obedience and control for every day life, off leash. You can customize these programs to you and your dog. All of the target training exercises can be trained to your expectations for your dog.



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I love working with the dogs. Protection Dog Sports Training is a cooperative effort between dog trainers: Crystal, Ed and Lesli. Together we collectively bring our dog training experience and dedication to you. We want to help you achieve controlled obedience and protection for real every day life.

Having acquired a highly trained personal protection dog I was fascinated with the training. I had to learn to maintain that training. I loved it. I wanted to provide dogs of that caliber of training to clients in my area as I couldn't find a dog locally at that time.

My partner's and I are passionate about our profession. Dog training is ongoing throughout the dogs life. They, like humans, never stop learning or needing guidance. People just don't think about dogs full potential.