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Madelaine Jacobs

8 May 2019

Amazing food!! There was a DJ playing music and it created a great atmosphere. I went with my family because we are boring people that are not familiar with Caribbean food, and the ladies who were working there were very patient with us, and very helpful and sweet. And like I said, the food was awesome! Great place just to chill and eat good food or to dance in their bar/stage/dance floor area! More...


Danielle Hill

29 April 2019

Best Jerk chicken I've had in a while. My daughter loves their beef patties! Prices and portions are reasonable.


Nimi I

30 March 2019

Their weekly lunch buffet is worth it. They even have a to go option. You are limited in your selections but you get a good portion. It is a bit pricey to visit on a daily basis - upwards of $11 but a good treat for a once in a while visit. More...


Blake York

28 February 2019

Hands down my favorite place to eat in Plano! Family owned Caribbean restaurant with a small bodega style store with unique products from Guyana culture. There's even a Jamaican dance hall for some after hours Reggae fun. Food is simply amazing and is obvious that these recipes are passed down from the owners family legacy. More...


Malcom Hardy

29 January 2019

The food is great. Love the Thursday and Friday buffets as well as the regular menu. Good vegetarian selection as well. I'm a pescatarian, so I never have a problem finding something.


Vincent Gaines

29 January 2019

Caribbean food is great. This place makes home style cooking that is much better than I expected. I usually avoid fried things but had to try the potatoes ball and the little meat pies. Everything we are was good. We had a ginger beer and pineapple sodas with the meal and we shared the dishes so we could taste more variety. The coconut shrimp is not too be missed. The process are reasonable. More...


Khalisah Callam

23 June 2018

So excited to find a real island food spot in Plano. Surprisingly it .. lots of choices and a lil grocery plus a night life. Reasonable prices and portion is large just the way Caribbean folks expects it to be. Lots of people comes in and out ordering food and there is seating and bathroom. More...


Zoe Angeline Robinson

19 June 2018

When we walked in my husband couldn't stop dancing! The food was better than the music! I got jerk chicken, which was phenomenal, and hubby got oxtails. In the small store I was able to buy everything to make seamoss shakes at home, and we got a couple cans of the same drink with lunch. They have a variety of alcohol you can purchase with your meal, but you don't need it to have a good time here! Maybe we'll visit again today. More...


Ann-Marrie Russell

24 May 2018

I have been going pretty much from the day it opened. 40 minutes to drive but well worth. Highly recommended to all!


riann davis

22 March 2018

Man! I have been looking for real island food for years and finally found one down the street from my new house! The food was excellent and the owner was nice. They even have happy hour and do live music. In the past week I've already been there twice. More...

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