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Tarot Readings With Lorri

Wilmington, North Carolina


Tarot Readings With Lorri

Wilmington, North Carolina


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Jasmine Hucks

15 September 2019

Simply amazing! I went to Lorri last year and was blown away on how she was so accurate on me! Will be booking another session! She is very nice and loved the peaceful energy of her home. More...


Penelope Ellerson

25 August 2019

Absolutely amazing! She was spot on! I would totally recommend her to anyone interested in understanding themselves in a new way.


Grayson Teague

1 October 2018

I’ve heard a lot about readings and how accurate they were but wow! I was in for a treat. Not only is Lorrie very accurate but also gives you a great story that can give you a lot of insight on life. To any of you who have never had a reading or who are very sceptical; you have to do this! Lorries home office was very welcoming and relaxing. More...


Hannah Yamane

29 May 2018

I just want to start off by saying everybody should do this!! I was super curious about psychics and readings and I sent Lorri a bunch of questions via email and she responded very quickly with answers to all of them! You can easily book online, which is a plus. Lorri is so friendly and I have to say that I was smiling and had chills during my entire reading because I couldn't even believe how spot on she was with the things she was telling me. She lets you record it, which I recommend doing because it is a lot of information at one time! I highly highly recommend Lorri to everyone!! She is great and it is worth every penny! Thank you Lorri for my reading, I will definitely be back! More...