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John B.

30 June 2019

Very pleased with the great service and the ability to track my campaign delivery live via GPS. I highly recommend this company for the delivery of your door hangers and other material.


Rhonda S.

18 June 2019

I gave Take 1 Marketing a chance even without ever using his service before, all because I heard great things about him and his business.   I was incredibly satisfied with what I paid for - Koid and his team of flyer distributors were very effective at getting the job done and getting the word out about my business.   I appreciate his hard work, his dedication to getting the job done no matter what and the very affordable costs he has for his services.   Koid used to be a recording artist and had some moderate success once upon a time in the entertainment industry - I can only imagine if he had stuck to that dream and followed his musical aspirations, where he'd be right now - probably headlining shows across the world and outselling Drake and everyone else.   The way it turned out, Koid wound up retiring from a life of entertainment and while that's a shame for sure, it worked out well for my company as his flyer service has been instrumental (get it?  lol) in helping us reach the next level of marketing in our area.   Koid was knowledgeable about what demographic we should target for our business and was very friendly and approachable.   I thought maybe he'd be a little less friendly since he was so intense as a recording artist back in the day and had a huge cult following fan base as a performer, selling CDs all over, so I was a little apprehensive and intimidated when I sat down with him for our 1st meeting to discuss our approach to tackling the marketing ideas I had to get our new business off the ground the right away and how to reach the most amount of people.  Thankfully, Koid was nothing like his old music persona and was a down to Earth, friendly, charismatic, funny and charming person.  I don't even know if he knows that I was a major fan of his back in the day when he did music and don't know if he knows that I even know about his former profession, as I was too afraid to bring it up in conversation (at first because I didn't want to seem like some crazy fan who was stalking him because of his success in the music business years ago and was using this as an excuse to meet him, and then later because I wasn't sure if he wanted to discuss his old career anymore since he didn't have any platinum or gold records hanging up or anything, I didn't know if that old life was one he wanted to leave back in the 90's and was just doing this new thing as his only focus now, so I didn't mention it at all at the time, but the 1st thing I did when I got home was dig out my old CD collection and play some of his best hits and they're still great, very enjoyable to listen to - even after all these years).   But I wanted to make sure I mentioned i on his review here because deep down I wanted him to know that, even though he's not doing that anymore, his art is legendary and he had some really huge fans like me back in the day so I just wanted to give credit where it's due.  But back on the flyers - Koid was all that and a bag of chips when it came to marketing my business and now we've got a great head start on the competition thanks to Koid getting our name out there via the flyer distribution and getting the whole project done so quickly and so professionally without any hiccups at all.   Ive tried other companies in the past who offer similar services but haven't had nearly the success with them as I've had with Koid's Take 1 Marketing company.  These guys know what they're doing and they get it done better than anyone else i've used before and with better pricing too.   Great service with a smile and the fact that I got to work on this project with the guy who used to be my favorite artist of all time back in the 90's, even though we didn't discuss it, was just a cherry on top.   I will be back soon to get more marketing projects handled by Koid Starks and Take 1 Marketing!   Thank you and have a very wonderful rest of your day More...


Salvador T.

20 May 2019

I hired Koid to distribute doorhangers in the Modesto area and was very happy with his service. I was sent GPS tracking while they were distributing the doorhangers via text and email. Prices are reasonable and well worth the cost. Easy to work with and dependable. I will definitely be using this service again. I highly recommend them. More...


Christopher V.

20 September 2018

The peace of mind in regards to the distribution service was amazing. I didn't really know what to expect but Koid broke it down very clearly and patiently. I was able to get real time updates and gps tracking while my flyers were being distributed and even suggestions on how to route the distribution. Everything was up to me but well guided and the comfort of that was worth every penny. Thanks guys, above and beyond my expectations. The mastery is evident More...


Tonie A.

22 March 2018

Couldn't be happier. I sent Koid the specifications for a local magazine im going to be featured in and he was able to create exactly what I needed, in a quick time frame. After me and my friend tried to make an ad ourselves we realized we had no idea what we were doing. Koid came in to save the day ! Thank you ! More...


Better B.

26 January 2018

Great service! Take 1 Marketing has been our go to company for several years now, they seem to always go above and beyond for us.  Thank you Take 1 Marketing for your hard work and dedication in keeping our business up and running by passing out our flyers. Love this Marketing Company! More...


Mateo M.

10 December 2013

I have been using Take 1 Marketing for a few years now, and have always received excellent service. Koid cares about his customers and it shows... Once when some items were slightly misprinted, he reprinted them immediately after he notified me, and even let me buy the misprints off of him for a huge discount. More...


Larry G.

16 January 2012

Del Paso Boulevard Partnership uses Take 1 Marketing bringing our event news to the neighborhoods in Old North Sacramento. Friendly, accountable and always just a phone call away.  Thanks Koid for your services! More...


Reid T.

11 January 2012

Koid gets the job done correctly and he gets the job done on time. I have used him for over four years encompassing over two dozen jobs.


Sara S.

9 September 2010

A BIG  thank you to Koid at Take 1 Marketing for coming out to my shop and designing business cards for my entire staff..... all in less than an hour !!  You saved me valuable time, and money which is HUGE when operating a small business.  If you are looking for marketing materials I highly recommend Take 1 Marketing. More...


Keith M.

3 August 2010

These guys always deliver! Great service for about half the price of everyone else. I don't trust my marketing to anyone but Take 1.