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Tacos San Buena

South San Francisco, CA


Tacos San Buena

South San Francisco, CA


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Nelly Santana Paulin

17 September 2019

Love their al pastor tacos and burritos!!!


Zach H.

24 June 2019

Amazing place!! Had a chicken super torta, made perfectly! Super fast service, too, and at a very reasonable price!


Lauren R.

1 May 2019

Quick, great tacos with friendly service. Recommend the carnitas tacos - 2-3 is plenty for lunch!


Naomi A.

20 December 2018

Aw, I'm so sad I don't happen to work around the corner from these folks anymore, they make such a solid Super Veggie Burrito - good size for lunch (not too big, not too small) and while the components are totally standard (rice, whole pintos, pico, guac, lettuce, sour cream, cheese), they all come together so nicely into a delectable example of the classic. On regular occasion I'd see him chopping up the veggies for the pico right there as he made the burrito, and the beans have a slightly smokey taste, almost like they have some barbecue sauce in them? Beauty in a lunch staple (: More...


Daisy Y.

15 April 2018

I'm used to super cheap Mexican food, so paying $8 for a burrito was a little steep for me. Then again, it's a food truck with no other Mexican food competition in the same price range nearby. Food wasn't bad, and definitely did the job of filling me up. Not sure I'd go out of my way to get this again, but if I'm in the area and craving Mexican, I wouldn't mind eating it again. More...


Marina A.

9 February 2018

Awesome quesadillas! I recommend it for sure. The taste was incredible and not spicy as the way I've asked.


Irvin H.

29 September 2017

Came here during lunch and got a super burrito with lengua. Quick service and fair price,  I'd come back again.


Liz G.

7 May 2017

Best authentic tacos in Bay Area! Past few years, we've had the pleasure to enjoy their delicious tacos at a friend's annual summer party in the heart of La Mission District in SF. When the taco truck drove up to the house, we all formed in line to carefully select our 1st plate, only to return for a 2d and yes sometimes 3ds! My favorites are the pastor and carnitas perfectly seasoned meats spread in homemade corn tortilla and salsa, w/ slices of lime and cilantro. Can't wait til the next party coming soon! More...


Christopher G.

31 January 2017

Was around the area for work and always saw this food truck here but never had time to try it until today, they are pretty good. The fact that the there is a coffee truck right next to this makes it a even better reason to come by. I ordered the fish taco and burrito and it was nice pretty good! I recommend trying their fish taco, it is worth it and make you want to keep ordering more. Pricing wise isn't that bad either it's the same price almost that you can get from other Mexican restaurant, super burrito for $8.50 and fish taco for $2. What a awesome deal!   Overall a great food truck if your around the financial district area, and craving some Mexican food. Definitely going to come back to try the rest of their menu! More...


Sarah I.

9 November 2016

This place is a few blocks away from my work and my coworker swears it's the best Mexican food truck she's had. Pretty hard to judge that it's the best noting I'm from Los Angeles and we have some amazing Mexican food in general there. Anyways after a short walk it seems like everyone was ordering a burrito. They have a regular vs super. The difference is that the super one (for 50 cents more) gets guacamole and sour cream. Everyone was ordering al pastor so I went along and get a super al pastor burrito. Now my standard for good Mexican food truck style food is high and I can say this is on par with LA trucks. For $8.50 you get a huge burrito! Def recommend getting the al pastor. Super flavorful and they ask if you want it spicy or mild. I also got the horchata for $2.50 but you should skip it. It was such a tiny cup and wasn't worth it. Come for the burrito and head over to the rooftop garden to have an amazing lunch! Lines may be long but they are really fast! More...


Matt J.

18 July 2016

This is definitely the best burrito I've had in the financial district. I have not had the tacos, but friends have and they are reportedly good as well. They have a slightly wider selection of meats than many places, including lengua. Fast and efficient. Even when the line is long it doesn't take more than ten minutes to get through it. More...


Laura M.

11 July 2016

This is my new favorite taco spot in the neighborhood. Also, the burritos are incredible. I don't know what the put in the rice, but it's some sort of garlicky amazingness.


Narek A.

31 March 2016

Carne asada burrito was awesome. Better than Pancho Villa or Buen Sabor have been recently.


Shelly C.

28 March 2016

I was able to walk my dog, conveniently order a super al pastor burrito, watch the man cook it in a timely and clean manner, and go back home! Quick, simple, and geezus, this is one solid burrito.As much as people tell me to go to El Farrolito and that it's their favorite, I just won't go there anymore. This taco truck is my new spot because the al pasto burrito was oozing with flavor and authenticity and it's slighter closer to my house by one block. The al pastor was marinated just right and did not leave a greasy feel in my mouth like El Farolito's burrito.To the bike haters below...let me count how many times ya'll illegally don't stop at the Harrison stop sign. Oh yeah, I lost count because ya'll never stop! That's a safety hazard, too. You don't even stop for a pedestrian and her dog! GO FIND ANOTHER STREET TO BIKE ON.Anyway, this food truck is delicious. Ignore the haters because from their reviews they obviously haven't tried the food. More...


Cynthia T.

25 January 2016

Not usually a fan of Mexican food but today I decided to get a burrito for lunch. My coworkers always come here and recommended that I should try it one of these days. Well, today i did! Ordered a regular beef burrito which comes with beans, rice, onion, cilantro, and your choice of meet. Beef was cooked perfectly and it was the perfect combo of rice with the rest of the toppings. The burrito itself was HUGE for being a regular size. Pretty sure I don't have to eat for the rest of the day lol. will definitely be back! More...


Julia Frederick

20 November 2015

Best taco truck in the city!! I frequent the truck on 22nd and Harrison with two yr old twin boys. The carnitas is bomb, chips and salsa verde super yummy and the servers very friendly!


Pstephan A.

22 October 2015

I just had lunch at this great place! What a find down the street from my office SFGH. The chicken flautas were amazing! Would be great for group settings. I'm definitely coming back and trying more dishes on the menu.-P More...


Nicholas D.

10 October 2015

Such good Mexican food. Probably the best I have found in San Francisco. It's not overpriced which Mexican food is dirt cheap so I don't know how anyone could charge more than $7 for a burrito..The guy who owns this truck makes the food right in front of you quickly and its delicious. Is it bad I go here twice a week? More...


Holly P.

5 October 2015

I usually get the super carne asada burrito with mild salsa. The chips for an additional $1 is a must! Very good especially for the price compared to other places in the area. Get there early to avoid long lines and before their chips sell out (total bummer when it does). More...


Dominic A.

21 September 2015

Not bad for quick on the go lunch the guy taking the order was a little rude, but the burrito was not bad this guy takes Crdit cards so that was a plus... However kinda pricey for a burrito and Coke which ran me 10 bucks.... I ate at the little table provided and it was funny to over hear the white guys doing their best to speak Spanglish More...


Zack H.

19 August 2015

$8-8.50 for a big delicious burrito in SF? Yeahhhhh I'm never going to chipotle again


Tycoon B.

2 June 2015

I don't know why this taco truck only has 3 stars I been eating at this taco truck for over 5 years and the food is Top Notch and everything is on point this taco truck deserve 5 stars, everyone else that left bad reviews are haters


Mike K.

23 February 2015

Walked by the truck today on Harrison and saw a line of 10 people. So decided to give it ago. I wasn't very hungry so I got one carne asada taco for $2. The taco was quite small but tasty. The steak was flavorful, the cilantro and onions were plentiful, the corn tortilla was good, and the salsa was spicy. Reminded me of the tacos I've had in Mexico. Definitely authentic. More...


Ness V.

10 November 2014

Pretty solid Mexican food! I have tried the tacos and burritos. All the meats I have tried have been pretty good! This includes: carne asada, chille verde, lengua and carnitas. The chille verde was not too spicy either, it was just right! The carne asada was seasoned just right, the lengua was very tender and the carnitas were not overly salty! The service is pretty quick and friendly. Close to my work so I will definitely keep going back when I feel the need for a good Mexican dish!Gotta try it if you haven't already! More...


Evie L.

2 November 2014

OH MY GOODNESS. Can I just say that their tortas are SUPER BOMB. YUM!Okay, so I always thought that I've never really liked Mexican food after having tried tacos and enchiladas multiple times, but I guess I just wasn't eating the right things because I AM IN LOVE WITH THEIR TORTA. Given that I've never had a torta before, I can't say that theirs are the best, but I will say they are DELICIOUS!I can't wait until I come back for another!  YAY! More...


Brent W.

1 November 2014

This is a pretty good little taco truck. It usually sits on Shotwell at 16th street. They have a nice selection of meats, and he'll prepare you some tacos pretty quickly. I wanted to try the torta, but the day I went by he didn't have any torta bread. Oh well, the carne asada tacos were pretty outstanding anyway.It's a convenient location and I'll definitely go back, but there are SO MANY taco places around it's hard to choose. More...


Julia F.

3 October 2014

Service and food is always top notch! The carnitas is the best in town! Their original family recipe salsa is the best I have ever tasted!


Denise L.

18 May 2014

Perfect place to stop by for lunch. They're pretty quick.You know it's legit when they have cabeza and lengua as an option of meat. I usually get the carnitas and asada and the flavors are definitely there for their tacos.  Tacos come with cilantro and onion mix and a type of salsa ranging from mild to spicy. If you want guac or cheese or what not, it's extra. So yummy! Whenever I have no clue what to eat, I come by here (which is right across the street from my office so why not?).  Their burritos are huge and full of ingredients. Not skimpy at all. They have Mexican Coke and horchata. Yum! Although, the coke is pretty pricey but I got one anyways once because I felt like I deserved it due to the day I had at work! Hah. But it is a big bottle for 3 dollars.**TIP** I love their fish tacos and if you want to try it, the owner told me they usually have em on Fridays. I always forget about it on Fridays and bring lunch. Maybe I should take my own advice! hah. More...


Chase L.

26 April 2014

The burritos are amazing! I have worked on Mission street for 2 years, and have tasted all the amazing burritos that this area is known for. I can't believe I have to walk to 22nd & Harrison to get the best Mission style burrito. It's definitely worth it. Get your ass over to the taco truck ASAP! More...


Mike L.

7 August 2013

The San Buena Truck is, LITERALLY, the closest source of food for me. They are a 'stone's throw away'; if you throw like a girl. Needing a quick bite before meetings, I ordered the Carnitas Super Burrito with no beans (no need for 'interruptions' during the meetings). I came at a good time because the line grew to 10 people within a minute. My order took a little longer than I expected and I went towards the window out of curiosity. The guy behind me in line ordered three burritos and his order was sitting ready to go out. Then I hear the cashier asking the cook about my carnitas super burrito, the cook said (in Spanish) that he messed up and added the 'pinchy frijoles'. The cashier told the cook to hurry up cuz the orders were backing up. When my burrito was complete, the cashier yelled out 'carnitas super burrito', to which I replied 'no pinchy frijoles?' He chuckled and handed me my burrito.The burrito was very good, nice portions for a super burrito (only $.50 for the upgrade). The carnitas was very tender and the burrito was smothered with guacamole =D. The amount of cheese and sour cream was pretty scarce, maybe a bite or two and one SINGLE bean in my burrito. I think the cook was trying to make a point. More...


Dick S.

18 July 2013

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this Taco Truck.  It was not the best I have ever had, but the staff was friendly, the food was quick, and it was great to sit and listen to music while enjoying a hearty, delicious, burrito!


Andrew C.

11 July 2013

I can't believe how short of a line this truck always has downtown.  Anything with their Al pastor is absolutely delicious.  Pricing is normal and it's by far the quickest burrito you can get around lunch time in the financial district.Why wait 20 minutes in line for curry up or chipotle when you can have delicious al pastor in less than 5? More...


Aaron Y.

27 May 2013

I f*cking love tacos. Aside from the Mexican food why else would we be living in the Mission?One night some buddies of mine came over and we decided to walk down to the mexican restaurant on 22nd and Harrison. For whatever reason the restaurant was closed, but right behind us was a taco truck. Figuring we already walked this far, lets just get some tacos from here and go back to the bar. I don't think anyone spoke a word while we were walking back to the Saloon on Potrero and Mariposa. I've only ever had the asada but I'd never give up a chance at their AMAZINGLY marinated beef. On top of that you're getting some great verde salsa (I'd also like to think of myself as a green salsa expert), and of course a few lines.Nothing fancy.. Tacos are $2. Service is great, the dude I normally see working the truck couldn't be nicer.  5 well deserved stars. More...


A E.

6 March 2013

So good. Yummie cheep and fast TACOS!


Jerry Y.

1 March 2013

I got a grilled chicken super burrito for 6.50. The burrito came out perfectly-- not too soggy and not dry at all. Perfect size and complimented with a tasty and spicy salsa. The best.



11 July 2012

If you're an SF native, you've seen your fair share of new trendy food trucks. Mexican, Indian, Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Sushi? What's your pleasure? You name it, SF has a food truck for it. I think we're probably one of the few cities that even has festivals dedicated to food trucks! Why do I mention all of this? I sincerely believe a lot of these trucks are more based on marketing and hoopla and not on quality and substance. The San Buena Taco Truck on Shotwell and 16th is not an example of such a food truck. It is the exact opposite. It doesn't have a zany design or flashy names for it's food products, but it's just darn great food. Objectively speaking, the food is good - it's solid good food. However, when you take into account the ridiculously cheap prices ($1.75 per chicken taco), then we go from good to mind-blowingly amazing and out of this world. That's why I keep going back for more. And don't forget to get some horchata while you're there! More...


William M.

6 July 2012

Just what I was in the mood for, and there they were, right behind the funny round building off of Market Street.Wonderful carne asada tacos. Hot and fresh and sooo tasty!$2!!! Yes!!!Enjoy! More...


Krista R.

15 December 2011

Cheap $2 tacos...full of flavor. Def what I was looking for. Service was fast and hands down the best Mexican food I have had in Nor Cal. This was my first taco truck experience and it was amazingly good More...


Winton W.

21 November 2011

I'm so glad this taco truck has the high rating that deserves.I tend to judge a Mexican place by their tacos.  I know what real tacos are like living in southern California, where they have some awesome Mexican food.  I haven't found many places in San Francisco, but this place is an exception along with Tacolicious (even though it's in the Marina, tacos are surprisingly exceptional).So far I've had everything except the buche (neck) and the vegetarian.  Everything has been solid and tasty for $1.75 per taco.  Lately I've been really hooked on the tripitas (which actually isn't tripe.  It's the lower intestines.  Ewwwwww).  I really like how crisp and semi-crunch because how they prepare it.  Not chewy much which I like.  Lengua (tongue) isn't unbearable at all, but not my favorite.  I default to their al pastor and asada.  The chicken was good too.Very nice workers and super chill (as everyone in taco trucks tend to be.  I personally prefer this place over El Tonayennse but I won't hate against them since they also taste good.GO HERE!!!! More...


Dorian T.

10 November 2011

One hand on my canteen. One hand on my carne asada super burrito. As I carefully unraveled the foil around this bundle of goodness, I knew it was going to be messy. I took my first bite - definitely one of the juiciest burritos I had ever had. I quickly tried to wiggle out some napkins in my pocket with my pinky (my hand was occupied by my canteen) in hopes that I would wipe off the delicious embarrassment off my face before anyone notices - it was not a pretty sight. I came here thinking the burritos were $5.75 because of the picture on yelp. It was not. It is $6.50 and that picture was taken 2 years ago. Anyway, burritos are cheaper than other places but other places provides a chair to sit on and chips to munch on. All in all a great experience, even though I spent my time turned away from people as I shamelessly scarfed down the burrito. More...


Angela K.

28 October 2011

Street tacos for $2!! Came here around 11:30 and only had 1 other person in line in front of me. I ordered a chicken and carne asada taco and was pretty satisfied, although I must say they were a bit on the greasy side. Good place to grab a quick lunch if you're in the mood for Mexican food. More...


Brock D.

23 September 2011

The tacos tripitas here are.... I'll say it. The BEST tacos I've ever tried, and I've been all over CA, NM, and Mexico looking and tasting. They are so flavorful and crispy and, well, if you want to try something magical and alchemical, you won't believe how great they can make the humble tripe taste. More...


Cat S.

19 September 2011

Okay.. so I am not a taco connoisseur.. at all. Just knew we had to get tacos in CA. Why? Californians say there is no place else for tacos like the kind they get in CA.So we are driving down a random street and see this truck parked on the side - immediately park and walk over there (we were running out of time, you see?).The dude was really nice/funny. I like nice people.. who doesnt? :)We ended up getting pork, chicken and beef tacos.. all so delicious~ More...


Adam E.

15 September 2011

I definitely agree with my buddy Blake B. about the quality of lunchtime scrumptiousness coming from the San Buena Taco Truck in the FiDi. Though the consistency can occasionally be hit-or-miss (I've noticed if you come earlier in the day, you get a much better and tastier product), it's still the best damn Mexican truck for blocks in every direction. My particular cholesterol bomb is the al Pastor Super Burrito with extra sour cream -- I can get a coronary happy! And this is coming from the city where Super Burritos were born... don't believe me? Wikipedia it! More...


Brent R.

27 August 2011

When I walked up to the taco truck and noticed that the burritos are $6, my hopes and dreams for a great taco truck quickly sunk. Later would I find out, my dreams for a descent taco truck would be fulfilled.I ordered a vegetarian burrito with no rice and as I unwrapped the foil I noticed that the tortilla had been perfectly toasted (okay, okay, now we're talking). When I took a bite I was even more impressed. I take burritos seriously so this means a lot. This burrito was more than I expected. I like my burritos spicy with a lot of salsa, and this was just that. Usually burritos are pretty dry, but not this burrito, amigo! There was a perfect amount of salsa, cilantro, and spice; it was simply amazing. More...


Maudie G.

14 July 2011

The taco truck business is a very interesting business .Some people wouldn't look twice at it and some people's mouth water at the mere thought.I am a mouth watering person and so is my whole family!! It's a very yummy after school snack as well as a gooooooood dinner. I would really advise getting it!!!!!!!!!-M More...


Kathryn G.

28 June 2011

Excellent regular chicken and fish tacos. Jalapenos and radishes (sometimes carrots) come on the side as it should be.


Raina S.

20 June 2011

We passed this taco truck on our way to the Thirsty Bear the other night.  I figured a taco off a truck would beat the food at TB any day.  San Buena did not disappoint!I ordered a taco al pastor for two bucks.  It was spicy and muy delicioso.  I could have eaten four more, easily.  My husband had a carnitas taco, which he inhaled before I could try a bite.  I notice they have cabeza here.  I'm a little afraid to try that, since Andrew Zimmern once said you have to watch out for bits of skull.    Now, that was at a Baja taco stand, but the idea of it has scarred me for life. More...


Julie L.

8 June 2011

This taco truck is amazingly delicious! There is usually a line but it goes pretty fast. Gotta love yummy CHEAP tacos. I haven't had their burritos yet since every time I go, I order 4 - 5 tacos. You can't go wrong here.


Kameron K.

30 May 2011

I met up with my friends from college here since its central to our offices.  They said it was really good.Got the Carnitas super burrito which was really good!  Highly recommend.  Really cheap price.  I can't say its AS good as papalote burritos since it was smaller, but it still was really tastey.  Only problem is there is no place nearby to sit so we had to bum it in front of someones office to sit and enjoy the sun.There's also a coffee truck next to San Buena so you can get some four barrels coffee while you wait.Suggest beating the lunchtime rush before 12PM or after 1:30PM.  We saw people waiting in line forever More...


Bruce H.

23 May 2011

My son fences at Halberstadt Fencing club every Saturday and as a ritual we would eat carnitas tacos at the San Buena truck right after. 3 for him, 4 for me. With a horchata of course!We both get spicy everything on it, cilantro, onion and pickled jalapenos and carrots. Perfect Taco every time.My 9 yo son wants to add, "These tacos are tasty, juicy and the horchata cools it all off." More...


Lia R.

7 May 2011

Fast forward a year and a half. Thanks to SF Magazine's review every yuppie now knows about this place. I can no longer go here because every time without fail there's a long line and the last time it took me HALF AN HOUR to get my food. Everyone think they're cool now to eat at a taco truck. Thanks a lot, jerks. More...


Philip G.

26 April 2011

I hired the Harrison street San Buena truck to serve food at my wedding. it was the best decision I ever made.


Tory P.

14 April 2011

I LOVE this place.  They are fast and delicious.  I eat here all the time and I am also fat.  Not sure if it is a causal relationship - I will let you do the math.Go here!


Daniel C.

14 March 2011

I was craving mexican food and was just walking around the FiDi and saw this truck. I ended up ordering the Carne Asada Super Burrito and 2 Carne Asada tacos. The burrito was huge and it tasted pretty good. The tacos were okay.   Overall, I give it a 4 star rating. It's a good place to get food on the go. More...


Dina G.

26 February 2011

Great place for lunch. Tacos are cheap and that green salsa is delicious!! The al pastor has just the right amount of spice, and the small corn tortillas have enough grilling to hold their shape and not be all soggy. Yum!The guys in the truck are super friendly, too, which is always a bonus in my book. More...


Niniane W.

20 January 2011

I love the tacos.  They are cheap ($2), fast, and taste great day after day.  The onions & green sauce go well with the meat.  The taco skin is a good texture.People keep telling me how unhealthy this is, but I don't see what's unhealthy about onions, meat, and tortilla.I've eaten these tacos dozens of times without getting tired of them.  They are a staple of my diet! More...


Sean E.

9 January 2011

This truck was at Crissy Field for a special event and I tried them out.  Ordered a chicken burrito - but there weren't any options.  Left me a bit worried.  What I got was a chicken burrito with pinto beans and tasty salsa.  I was pleasantly surprised (I really get nervous if I can't choose beans, etc).  Tasty burrito that I would order again. More...


David W.

25 December 2010

I came here with my office -- they call it the burrito truck, but aiya! it's a taco truck!  So I got the tacos.  They were pretty tasty, nicely spicy.  All in all, it's a very typical taco truck, with the same meats you expect to see.  It's a good option, and it's always fun to order from the taco truck.  Hmmm, really not much to say other than the pollo asado is tasty.  3.5 stars. More...


Paul K.

16 December 2010

It's a taco truck and that's all they are. San Bueno Taco Truck has some serious meat inside and possibly their most serious is the pastor which is rich and flavorful. I usually get the pastor burrito and it is a full meal. Prices are low and value is high. What more can you ask from a taco truck? This is as good as it gets. A plus is that they are usually in front of my Dr.'s office so I see them every three months...delicious lunch and medical advice all given at 240 Shotwell... More...


Eric R.

18 November 2010

I think they are only out during lunch, but they make a darn good Super Burrito or Tacos.  El Pastor or Pollo Asado are my favorites.


Hannah C.

12 November 2010

This taco truck is always packed, every time I go there are at least 5 people waiting but they are always quick to serve. I always get the tacos, I suggest "spicy". Fish Taco Friday is my favorite, at only $2 each, who can resist! It's cash only and don't forget to ask for chips and salsa, every time I've gone I have had to ask. More...


Michael H.

12 November 2010

This truck attracts people like flies to a flame. I had some tacos and I was satisfied. A little pricey for $2 per taco. I think because it was a crazy busy lunch hour they jacked up their prices, but who can blame them? If I ordered from them again I would go ahead with the spicy sauce instead of the mild. The mild is not even close to tingly for me. More...


Jake M.

10 November 2010

Very exciting to find a good lunch option in an area bereft of them. Very quick (at least when I was there at 12:15ish today), cheap, and the Carnitas was very good. I tried a couple other meats and they weren't as good, but the Carnitas is a good pick. I'll stick to that in the future, and I'll probably end up eating here 1-2/week! More...


Mike I.

8 November 2010

3.5. Not a bad taco truck. I had the el pastor burrito. Pretty good. A tad expensive for what you get, $7 for a super burrito that isn't big big. One downer was the chunks of el pastor were uneven some were basically mush others were big hunks which made the burrito someone hard to eat and didn't spread the flavor evenly. The quantity of meat was pretty solid just the random size of the chunks was weird. More...


Sarah Z.

7 November 2010

this truck has great salsas! i get carne asada tacos with spicy salsa but chips with mild salsa...because I love both!


S A.

14 September 2010

Another favorite spot of mine for probably the past decade now. I do the tacos; carne asade or pork. Always get lime on the side too. Cash only, but only $1.75/taco. They do to go too so you don't have to stand around and devours the yummy food. More...


Kevin L.

13 September 2010

Solid. The tacos are a good value, even at $2. Great flavor and a welcome establishment in the Financial District, where there is a dearth of Mexican joints for some reason.


Savannah P.

11 September 2010

YYYOOOUUUUU GGGGUUUUYYYYSSSS!YOU GUYS! This food truck is BOMB DOT COM!! First of all, I come from the best part of Los Angeles with the plethora of food trucks. I hail from the land of 4 course meals sold from a glorified van. Some of the best food I've ever eaten has been while standing on a stinky sidewalk. Okokokok- so, I move to SF and like, NO FOOD TRUCKS. There are street food vendors, uh, apparently- but I don't see them. BY MERE CHANCE we pass by, I yell at my bf to stop the car and pull over. AND THIS TRUCK HAS A RATING ON YELP. And!!! it's almost FIVE STARS! No question. It's on like kong. My friend was in from home for the long Labor Day weekend and got the carne asada "super" torta. (Super means added sour cream, avocado, salsa... like, amazing.) The bf and I went standard carne asada burritos. They were off the hook amazing. We mused to our friend, "what if it's just been so long it's just good right now?" and she said, "NO MY FRIENDS- this shit is TASTY." If you're in the area... no, forget it- GO TO THIS AREA and catch this truck. Don't forget to ask for the salsa verde- it has a limey and cilantroy over jalapenoy taste and accompanies your food quite well. PS, BTW: They have coke in a bottle. (!!!!)I mean... go. More...


F. P.

17 July 2010

Just found out that this is the same as the Tonayense Taco Truck (all one happy family).  So instead of trying something new, I was coming back to an old reliable, which was just fine ... porque es delicioso!$5.50 is a great deal for a massive carne asada burrito.  Maybe a bit too much rice but the beef was solid and you leave stuffed and satisfied.  If you're not as hungry, the carnitas taco was the bomb.  Quite small but at only $1.75, you get about three perfect bites of tender fried pork sprinkled with some crunchy greens and a kick of hot sauce.Next time ... the quesadilla (which I didn't see on the menu until after I ordered)! More...


Mollie L.

17 July 2010

This place is pretty awesome. They had no menu but they've got your basic Mexican food. I got a chicken Quesedilla for only $6, and that was WITH guacamole. They guy inside was really nice.Totally suggest you try this truck! More...


Jeanette S.

22 June 2010

OMG this place is so delicious!!! I ordered a carna asada taco today, and it was just enough to satisfy my salty tooth. Well, I just needed something salty cause I ate a huge cookie sandwich thing before that.And the food was really fresh, the guys were nice, and this place isn't that ghetto cause it's kind of in a neighborhood instead of on Mission St. I'm definitely coming back another day! More...


Lindonesia S.

6 April 2010

What a good sandwich/taco week  I've had.  First, the delightful fried chicken sando at Naked Lunch, followed by the best Vietnamize sando and Vietnam.  Then I was in the neighborhood to stop the San Buena Taco truck parked in an epic sunny spot in the heart of the Ad Ghetto. Sooo I did what is apparently their specialty, the al pastor.  I got a super torta, hold the sour cream, which comes out to an reasonable five something.  I used to have a (tortilla) chip on my shoulder about al pastor, I guess some not so great experiences, but this torta totally changed my mind.  Totally blew my mind!  The meat was super tender and full of chili flavor goodness.  The bread was soft, and everything melded together to make an awesome torta.  It wasn't a giant torta, I could have used some chips on the side, but was filling enough, especially for a fivesky.    I'd visit this truck, of maybe even the taqueria, again anytime, I'd take my parents, there, I'd take my grandparents there, I'd take take my rabbi (if i had one) there, well maybe not. There ya go..get yer bueana on at San Buena More...


Bo D.

23 March 2010

I love this place, its close to my work and ingredients they have is pretty fresh. I always complain about the line, I always have to wait stand around for at least 10min before I get my food, yes, 10 min to me is really long when you stand next to a parking lot wondering around. If there's one more staff in that truck, it'd be perfect.Carne asada and chicken tacos are the best, I know I know, but you gotta give chicken tacos a try when you're at this truck, they're extra tender and juicy. More...


Sean F.

23 March 2010

My colleague, Brian, has been raving about this truck for a long time.  I finally paid it a visit tonight to give it a try.  The guys are the real deal.  Legit.  I've had a ton of burritos in the mission, up and down the peninsula and throughout the 408 (which pales).  El Tonayense is top notch. Had the carne asada - guy next to me ordered an Al Pastor, which looked awesome.  Next time... More...


Scott L.

14 March 2010

I love the El Tonayense taco trucks!  However, to my disappointment, not all have the same flavor.  The one near the Mission Health Clinic at Shotwell and 16th is probably my favorite.  Also, because of its location, it's also never got a line.  My second favorite is the one outside of Best Buy on Harrison, but because of its location it is the busiest.  The one that consistently is my least favorite is the one on Harrison near the high school (around 19th St).  The one problem with the trucks is that they tend to run out of certain meats often.  In fact, at 11am on Friday, one of the trucks didn't have pollo asado!Now, if they would only hang around late at night. More...


Craig L.

12 January 2010

Great food, friendly service.  I love the way they season the chicken here.  Add some of their salsa to your burrito and you're set.  The restaurant itself is very simple, but the food is worth the trip.  The taco trucks are a savior too if you're not able to make it to the headquarters.My favorite is just a regular pollo asado burrito.  Awesome.*Bonus is that they even let you speak gringo Spanish without being condescening about your accent. More...


Tristan D.

7 December 2009

Wow! This is, by far, the CLEANEST, NEWEST, and NICEST taco truck (roach coach) in the whole world! No kidding. I was stunned by how clean and new it is. It couldn't be more than a month or so old. The inside of which I could see was literally gleaming, polished stainless steel everywhere, even the floor. Really, the metal was to a mirror finish. When is the last time you saw that on a truck?That being said...  the tacos were amazing. I got the pollo and asada tacos. And this is the first place I have come across in a long time that actually had the real pickled (and hot!) jalepenos and carrots.This is real Mexico-style tacos, not that crap you get at Taco Bell or even on those roach coaches that go to the industrial centers and serve quick-slop.$2 for tacos and $1.50 for the tamarino (which was fresca, not bottled). Nice.  OH, and good salsa too. More...


Teresa J.

18 November 2009

First off, the woman in front of me line requested no onions. Come on now - if you're going to eat tacos AND you're getting them from a taco truck parked in the middle of some seriously fine dining, "Hold the onions" should not be coming out of anyone's mouth.Now onto the food - GREAT!!! I like my food with flavor and spicy and these tacos are flavorful and spicy! Also the bonus for San Buena is they do Fish Tacos on Fridays! Oh yeah. If you are one of those people that 'thinks they like spicy food' and order it spicy but then complain because it's too spicy...yeah, don't request it to be spicy here. Also, if you are going to so 'no onions' come on now, it's a taco!It helps that I work 1 block away but I'd be willing to walk quite a few blocks for San Buena tacos. More...


Bella P.

28 October 2009

Flash back to high school....WHAT!?!?  25cents for a taco?!?!  AWESOME!!! The prices have gone up since then, but aside from that little else has changed.  The tacos at this spot and the other locations have yet to disappoint my taco craving.  The spicy salsa and jalapeno usually leave a diablo fire in my mouth, but like a fiend I can't help but still go back to. Nothing an aqua fresca can't fix... More...


Kaylan S.

9 October 2009

Sshhhh! i just discovered that they serve fish tacos on Fridays! (not as good as a fish burrito from Tlaloc), but pretty tasty and cheap ($2.50) nonetheless!


Arlyn C.

7 September 2009

Chicken tacos: 4/5Carne asada tacos: 5/5Service: 5/5Price: $I love cheese and once in awhile, sour cream. I ordered the carne asada tacos w/ both toppings and boy, they were generous! What more can you ask for?


Blake B.

1 September 2009

The San Buena taco truck has been a part of my weekly lunch routine for a few years now and it is great, inexpensive and relatively quick depending on how many people are ordering.  I love getting four carne asada tacos here with spicy sauce and all the fixings.  It comes out to $8 and definitely curbs my taco craving until next lunch time comes around. More...


M W.

25 August 2009

I thought it was kind of messed up that this truck was right in front of a mexican restaurant- isnt that like a slap in the face for the restaurant?I enjoyed the grilled chicken- it was delicious! The chips were a bit on the hard side and the salsa was OK. More...


Asher D.

20 August 2009

I've been going here a few days a week for the last few years and am still not tired of it. Someone cited having no quesadilla's as their reason for giving it low stars. Well they have quesadillas plus a lot of other stuff that isn't on their menu. But honestly their quesadillas are not that good. They also have mexican coke and other mexican soda's now which the lack of was another reviewer's reason for not giving it 5 stars.Their tacos are great. I always get al pastor, spicy. For tortas I always get their carnitas, spicy as well. The burritos are ok but with the tacos and tortas being amazing I never get them.Every now and again the the meat seems dry and underflavored but 90% of the time it is awesome. So if you go once and it seems terrible to you you probably went on a bad day (with the B or C squad working. A squad always brings their A game) More...


Nick H.

19 July 2009

Great burritos.  They're very fast with your order.  I go here once a week for lunch.  I hear their tacos are excellent, but I've never tried them yet.  Too much of a burrito fan!


Billy L.

17 July 2009

After going to the truck by Best Buy in the past, this truck is now my favorite.  The taste and portions are just better.  I'm told that even the two trucks have the same name, El Tonayense, they have different owners.  The food is not made in the same batch with the other trucks.  Yes, the menu, setup, and prices are the same.  The only drawback is that sometimes the rice or some meats are sold out around 5PM and I can't get my super burritos before heading home from work.  Other than that, I would definitely recommend.  Try the beef tongue.  It's not as bad as you may think.  I used to order beef tongue cold cuts from a local Italian Deli shop in North Beach before it closed, and this tastes just like it.  This one has definitely has my business! More...


Annie G.

16 July 2009

Awesome! In a rush back to the office I stopped on a friends recommendation. Only $4 later I was in taco heaven. So Good. Only issue was there were a couple pieces of fat I could have lived without for lunch. But I will be back


Charles R.

19 June 2009

Pastor burrito FTMFW.Best one I've had.  Get the Super size, and make it spicy.  You'll thank me later.And hey, the other stuff looks good too.


Sarah M.

15 May 2009

Feels strange here in San Francisco. With all the food choices, and undercurrent of epicurean snobbery, what's a girl raised on rather plebeian diet supposed to do? Hit a taco truck. Certainly it'll have enough sketch and danger to satisfy me? Nope, proudly displayed in the front window, health inspector's report card score: 100. The crack team of two gents in the truck served up my carnitas tacos lickity-spit. Made right there, they were piping hot, the meat tender, left me feeling totally satisfied. Only misgivings: The spicy sauce wasn't hot enough to make my nose run and there was no beer. Ces't la vie! More...


Lee S.

4 May 2009

Good burrito! I really like the rice they use... it kept the burrito juicy but not a drippy mess! Cheap, fast and pretty damn good; I'll hit'em up again for sure.


Aaron M.

1 May 2009

Best food I've had from a truck this side of a Pink Panther sherbet pop  (I'm a sucker for gumball eyes).My usual is the Al Pastor burrito, spicy, with a side of chips and hot salsa (only a buck more).  Fresh chips and a really yummy salsa that really isn't too hot to enjoy.  Just like yours truly. More...


Eric W.

24 April 2009

Super cheap, great burritos, chips and guac for $1.25.  Fast and convenient.


Jason B.

15 April 2009

$2 for a taco with freshly grilled chicken? This little truck on this random corner is what the mission is all about.


Quyen T.

9 April 2009

Damn.  I can't believe I seriously forgot to yelp the Taco Truck in the parking lot where I park everyday until now.  Seriously, there's nothing like some carnitas cooked in lard mid day while you're trying to finish up some crazy, difficult brief.  I love this place.  I always order two tacos--one chicken, one carnitas (sometimes al pastor (pork)).  I ask for some salsa and some pickled stuff.  Their pickled stuff is divine and I love how everything goes together so well.  Sometimes I get to work at 10 am, when they're already cooking the meat in there.  That whiff of cooked meat in lard can just make your mouth water! There tends to be a long line sometimes if you get there exactly at noon, so check it out closer to 11:30 and you'll be fine.  I know these tacos aren't exactly ideal for my waistline, but damn, a girl's gotta get her grub on once in a while! More...


Stacy S.

2 February 2009

This taco truck saved me from shooting myself when I worked right across the street at Woodberry Events, a hellhole on earth. It should of been voted one of the worst places on earth to work for, as they underpay employees, expect them to work 16-18 hours a day while on site and treat them like CRAP.  I digress...this is about the taco truck... While I was hating every minute of my job and the asscracks that I worked for, the only thing I had to look forward to was lunchtime so I can get the hell out of there to save my sanity!!! The torta with Al Pastor is a bit of heaven. It is Navidad in my mouth.Yes it is expensive, but worth every bite. I have since left the hellhole otherwise known as Woodberry. I do not miss it one bit. But I do miss the taco truck across the street immensely. More...


Maureen B.

13 January 2009

What's the most romantic thing you can do with your significant other? Sit on a sidewalk in between a taco truck and a "scraper" with a couple of pigeons,  a plate of three carne asada tacos, and a Coke in a bottle...DUH. And you should get those tacos at El Tonayense Taco Truck!!!! Ok, I didn't know about the 100% health inspection until now, but that's a great thing considering how much I looooove this taco truck. They don't only have tacos--they have burritos and quesadillas also! Get the tacos though. How can you go wrong with $1.75 a piece? They have carne asada tacos, chicken tacos, buche tacos, tongue tacos, brain tacos, tripe tacos...pretty much everything you can think of. They also have some sodas and horchata to wash down your meal. Horchata from ANY Mexican place scares me, so I didn't try it, but I'll definitely be back on a weekly basis for some tacos! More...


Johnny O.

29 December 2008

After trying the steak torta, carnitas burrito, and giving the steak burrito another try I had to raise the  rating to 4. Awesome stuff.


Michael G.

9 December 2008

Since moving offices to within 2 blocks of the San Buena Taco Truck I must say I am having lunch 4 of 5 days here as I struggle to identify something else as affordable, filling, and tasty. I have had the menu and like it all, but the Carne Asada supremo spicey is my favorite with grilled chicken tacos a close second. Great food, nice workers, its just an enjoyable meal from the truck, hopefully something else will pop up in the neighborhood because this part of town is weak at the lunch hour, hence a mobile taco truck creates one solution. More...


Mark G.

1 November 2008

This truck is a few blocks away from my office. I eat here at least once a week and have never been disappointed. It's not the best burrito in town, but it's certainly not bad and you can't beat the convenience. Compared to the rest of the area, it's certainly the best. Noon-12:30 has a decent line, but any other time, you are in and out within 5 minutes. More...


Diane L.

27 October 2008

How can you not love a taco truck that serves up delicious tacos AND has a 100% health inspection rating?!  A total oxymoron, right?  Well, not here!The guy working this truck was super friendly (unlike his colleagues at 14th and Harrison).  And best of all, he really piled on all the toppings (unlike his colleagues at 14th and Harrison).  My tacos ($1.75 each) had hefty servings of carne asada and al pastor, as well as generous amounts of my favorite pickled carrots and jalapeños.  The SO ordered a super carnitas quesadilla ($6) which was big enough and hearty enough to feed the both of us.  But we gladly walked off a bit of that insanely high caloric intake by making our way all the way up to Dolores Park.I don't care if this truck is located in a somewhat seedy part of the Mission district.  I've been to far worse taco trucks on Avenida Revolución in Tijuana.  So, really, I'll go anywhere for damn good street tacos. More...


Nathan M.

3 October 2008

Every taco this truck makes is like introducing you to a new best friend that you will eat within 50 seconds.Everything here is a juicy flavor-mess, and you get to play janitor with your tongue-broom.  Fucking best job ever!


Monika M.

2 September 2008

Using stars consistent with everyone else - NOTE this IS NOT in Laurel Heights as the Yelp map shows - THIS IS DOWNTOWN!


Gary T.

24 July 2008

The taco truck, hmmm... Well, it's great! Food is consistently good, portions are decent size, and the prices aren't too bad either. Their service is quick and the truck is kept clean, they even bust out a couple of chairs and tables for you to sit at. Definitely try their horchata, you won't be disappointed. More...


Marilou A.

3 July 2008

This taco truck is seriously RIGHT ACROSS the street from my office.  There may be a line if you go at noon, but the wait is worth it and not that long, anyways.  I always order the Veggie Burrito with Chips and Salsa.  The guys who work here are super nice and always give me extra salsa if I ask.  The only reason I wouldn't give this place 5 stars is because they don't offer tofu (okay, it's not as bad as it sounds) or fish as a topping.  Give this place a visit for quick, yummy lunch. =) More...


santiago g.

6 May 2008

This is what you want from a taco truck. Posted up in what most consider a ruff a$$ neighborhood, this truck serves up some jammin a$$ food. The  salsa they use for the chicken burrito is ridiculous good. There are other Tonayense's in the city (truck and location) but the paisa's who work in this truck get down. More...


Greg A.

7 April 2008

i just started working in the neighborhood and this truck was a very welcome find. the burritos are great, the location is very convenient, the prices are reasonable and the service is quick. a nice alternative to the expensive wine bars and business-people-filled pubs. More...


Adelina A.

26 March 2008

The taco truck can do no wrong.  Tacos are $1.50, which ain't bad considering it's the Financial District, and they're done just right.  The bistek takes me back to Guanajuato--cilantro, onions and meat, all you need.  Cleanliness is also top notch--the owners run a successful taqueria across town, so in spite of the street taco image, this isn't your average fly-by-night kind of place.Tortas are just what tortas should be--greasy and delicious--and they have some pretty tasty chips too.  The horchata tastes real, full of slightly bitter ground cinammon at the bottom so you know it didn't come from a mix.  Like it should be.  I heart the Taco Truck. More...


Rachelle Q.

27 February 2008

It ain't that cheap (7 bucks!) for a taco truck but they sure know how to make a badass burrito! This is the REAL DEAL. I've eaten at various "mexican" places around FiDi (Orale, Orale, Tlaloc, El Faro, Chevys?) but by far this is as close as you can get to burrito heaven without driving all the way to Mission (or International in Oakland!).  I got the supreme carne asada burrito and it was overflowing with meat, it's perfectly chopped (fine and thin),  and the best part is they didn't pile on the rice and beans. I guess my only complaint is that it is overflowing with meat, which is why I have to watch out for falling meaty juices as I unwrap its beefy goodness :) More...


Marco M.

17 January 2008

Wow, I was surprised that food from a Roach Coach actually tasted better than most Taquerias I've visited. The Torta was outstanding and your food is served up pretty darn fast; for a two man operation. Just another perfect example how the better things in life come from the least expected places. More...


Brokester C.

29 November 2007

even though there was a best buy right down the street from me on geary, i braved the annoying traffic on van ness to journey to the one on harrison. WHY? all for this surprisingly delicious taco truck. carne asada, pollo asado, or carnitas tacos with peppers, omg i swear it's the best i've ever had, and i don't even like corn tortillas. and they were so cheap and tasty! More...


riz l.

29 November 2007

One fiddy for a taco is a good price, but remember you get what you pay for. But the price isn't the highlight of this review, it's the burrito.When I worked in the FiDi I hit BART to 16th just to fuck with hole in the walls or trucks. yeah its worth it.Supe Burrit's wif sum carnay assada. Errythang and spiced on up! And if you get sick theres a hospital right there, cuz we all know it aint the most sanitized place. More...


jason l.

15 October 2007

You are kidding me that no one has written about this particular El Tonayense truck.This truck... this truck scares everyone I take with me when I get a taco. It's a sketchy little spot in the Mission- dirty, hookery... but God. Damn.For the last few weeks I've been having this weird sinking feeling that it's time to move out of SF. I've been here longer than I've been anywhere before, and something horrible had happened: I'd lost all desire to eat a burrito (or, in English, "food sock").Then today, walking home from a midterm, I was suddenly possessed by crazy lust for this truck (and the hookers standing near it!) (just kidding! ew!) (and there weren't actually any hookers!) (unless they were undercover). The truck itself is clean (98% food inspection), and when there's a line at all, it's older Mexican dudes who know what's up.This is the best taco truck in town. Awwww, man. Get a lengua burrito with jalapenos and hot sauce. Or the pollo asada. Or whatever. And remember: all the sketchy people around those parts are probably more scared of you than you are of them. Unless they have a gun. More...


spiff e.

27 September 2007

i had a sudden craving for tacos from a truck one day and searched for the nearest one. and san buena taco truck was listed as being just three short blocks away, so i recruited a coworker to join in my taco truck hunt. and hello(!), tacos for only $2?! that's like half of what i usually pay at tlaloc (which i don't think i've gone back to since discovering san buena). plus, they're good. so good, in fact, my coworker has not been able to stop singing its praises. he (almost) literally goes there every day for breakfast and lunch (and dinner if he could).tacos and chips are good. tortas are massive so i don't think i'll order those again. and they lack in salsa variety, but eh. very nice for a taco truck. super pristine diamond plating and a 100 point inspection card. More...


Leena C.

13 July 2007

I went there two days in a row now.  yesterday I ordered 1 carne asada and 1 carnitas taco.  They were delicious!  They were small, but for a $1.50 each, I can't complain.  The meat in both were Ono!Today I wanted to try their burritos.  I ordered a carnitas burrito for $6. It was huge but the meat was not the same as I had on my taco yesterday.  Yesterday the meat was very crunchy and flavorful.  Today the carnitas in my burrito was in big chunks and looked like it had been precooked rather than thrown on the grill when I had ordered.  When I asked for spicy, it wasn't spicy. I saw people ask for jalepenos on the inside of their burrito. Maybe I'll try that next time.I'm going back!   The third time will be to try a carne asada burrito.Oh yeah, their raising their prices. I hope they make things just a tad bit bigger.  I don't know if I'm willing to pay $2 for a taco when I can eat like 5 of them in one sitting. More...


Gabriela C.

9 May 2007

The food is pretty good for a taco truck near the financial district. They get one extra star for good value, convenience and friendliness.  (and they were pretty speedy, too!) More...


Christine T.

3 April 2007

OK, so I'm boring...  but I LOVE getting the carne asada super burrito...   so good.......!Maybe next time I'll be adventurous and order the torta...


Ben A.

23 March 2007

Gotta give lurve to my parking lot burrito truck.  It's been said before, but I can't think of a better way to spend $1.50 than on these tacos.  My all-time favorite is the cabeza.  Yes, that's the head, yes, that sounds gross.  But it's beef cheeks, not eyes or lips or the really yucky stuff you find in, say, sausages.The torta bread is some of the best I've encountered -- much better than the spendy stuff you find at the Ferry Building.  But Mr. San Buena raised his torta prices, so it's no longer the lunch deal of the century like it used to be, back in the $4 days.  Similarly, the burritos have gotten rather slender as of late.  Still a good burrito, but not the 2-meals-in-1 size that they used to make.The carnitas is chunky and tender.  The carne asada is charred like a good steak.  The pollo asado may be the weak link; even though it's good, the meat is shredded, and is therefore a little too reminiscent of taco bell.There are one or two tables, but there are also abundant parks and benches in the immediate area.  Another reason why San Buena is one of my favorite nice-weather destinations.*************UPDATE:San Buena has significantly raised its prices.  A super burrito will now set you back $7 -- the super torta is $6.50 -- which makes it the most expensive taco truck I know of.  The burritos and tortas still taste great, but I've noticed they make more mistakes than they used to.  For example, today, they forgot the guac or the salsa fresca that I paid for.  Bummer, a few more instances of this and I'll demote this truck to 3 stars. More...


Adam K.

9 March 2007

Best tacos ever.  $1.50.  Awesome corn tortillas.I reccomend the Pollo Asado.


Jeffrey R.

5 January 2007

These guys are really good.  They'll make things any way you want it and they are super fast and friendly.The tacos aren't as good as you'll get in the mission, but they may be the best in the FiDi


Suo L.

4 January 2007

Being parked in an area with a relative dearth of tacos/burritos/tortas makes this place seem a little better than it really is.  It's the cleanest truck I've ever seen, with tacos or without.The food is very straight-forward but pretty tasty--no ill-advised flourishes like sundried tomato-spinach-whole grain tortillas or mango-yuzu salsa.  The regular burrito is just meat, beans, rice & salsa.  Another dollar will make it super, that is to say with cheese, sour cream and watered down guacamole.I'd say just get the regular.  Oh, and you can get any type of beans in your burrito too, as long as they're whole pinto beans.Good horchata too. More...


Amy C.

3 January 2007

I can't believe I am writing a review on a taco truck.  And that 13 other yelpers did too!  We so crazy.Anyway, in the spirit of making New Year's resolutions that I will actually keep here's #3:  Eat more burritos.So I went on over to the taco truck around the corner.  Or as my friend refers to it, the "roach coach."  But lo and behold there was nary a roach to be found.  Only a line of people (good sign) and a prominently displayed health inspection code of 100 (also a good sign).    I ordered the super chicken burrito for $6 and it was ... SUPER!  Juicy chicken (tho a tad drippy), rice, pinto beans, guac, cheese, onions and salsa.  The guys there are nice and are there from 9am - 4pm.  Hmm tacos for breakfast anyone? More...


matt l.

27 October 2006

I have been to the Taco Truck and it is damn good. I have to admit I was a bit skittish about this little lunchtime adventure but it was a fantastic burrito and a very clean truck. The sun was hitting the polished truck in such a way that I was temporally blinded and thought I was talking to god and god was making me a burrito.Truly an enlightening experience... I now go to the taco truck church about once a week in fact  I'm going over there right now. More...


Stephen G.

4 September 2006

A damn fine taco truck.It's close to my office and so very delicious. The carnitas tacos are the thing to get. My second favorite would probably be the al pastor torta. I like mine with extra spicy salsa and cliantro and limon. The horchata isn't bad either. Its good to see they have begun expanding and added some tables.*update*They scored 100% on the food inspector score. Congrats Lil' taco truck! More...


phil h.

31 August 2006

Only got $5 and 10 minutes to grab lunch?  Check out the San Buena taco truck...the tacos are $1.50 each with no frills (meat, cilantro, salsa, wrapped in two corn tortillas) but are oh so tasty.  Three of these bad boys and you're good to go for the rest of the afternoon. More...


Kenya l.

18 May 2006

this is a good taco truck. high marks from dph and delicious. its the guacamole and carnitas that does it.


Ariana N.

18 May 2006

How funny...the taco truck made it to Yelp.  I've given directions by this landmark.  "When you see the taco truck, ..."They are heavy on the onions and cilantro...you've been warned.  Bring cash (was that necessary to even say  I mean, it is a restaurant on wheels.) More...


Anna S.

29 March 2006

Time to celebrate!!  The taco truck has made it to the financial district!!! Woo Hoo!!! This truck is parked in a lot on Pacific Street between Battery and Sansome Streets. The guys there are sweet as pie and they can make a mean burrito!  Just tell em to go light on the cilantro if you are not huge fans and don't skip their spicy salsa. Mmmm. I am taking a bite as I type! :-) More...


Stacy J.

2 February 2006

Decent burrito. I really need to order their Super to give any kind of review because that's the one with guac and sour cream. Why did I ever order the Regular? Foolish.On the other hand, I'm just happy there's another place to get a cheap lunch in this neighborhood. More...