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Caleb Allen

1 August 2019

I came in from out of town and used table rock as my home for the last 7 days. They have everything I needed to get an intense workout. I had access to it 24 hours a day 7 days a week which was HUGE to me and my schedule. It wasn't over crowded so I wasn't fighting for equipment. The people in there were respectful and even had an awesome conversation a few times. I will be back next year and will definitely come straight to table rock. More...


Kurt Marszal

7 July 2019

A great place to workout!


Michael Miller

5 June 2019

Awesome gym. Great equipment and open 24/7


Marguerite Meheganmondore

23 May 2019

Love love this gym open 24/7


Erwin Vega

10 April 2019

There’s great equipment, good music, and awesome atmosphere. I highly recommend it and the best thing about it it’s 24/7.


Reba B

6 April 2019

This gym has a great atmosphere, a great vibe, friendly staff and is always clean and well stocked. It is open 24 hours a day with use of a secure access card to gain entry. I highly recommend this gym to others. More...


Luke Codington

6 April 2019

Great gym they have everything you need and more, price is right and the owners are very personable


Lance Madsen

22 March 2019

Owners are wonderful people , equipment is all up to date and the convenient access makes it a perfect fitness center at a great price


John Thompson

6 March 2019

Very nice gym


Christopher Hibbs

2 March 2019

This place has everything you need and a great staff!


Chris Altmann

21 February 2019

Fantastic people, extremely clean facility. Dave is an amazing trainer, too. :)


Elizabeth Suzanne Bishton

10 February 2019

Love this gym! Friendly atmosphere and great equipment. The new management is adding new equipment the time!


Jim Rossette

6 January 2019

Excellent local gym! It’s clean, there is plenty of space and equipment. The staff is friendly too. If you’re looking for a great place to workout, this is they gym for you!


Randy Cates

2 January 2019

great gym, friendly staff and everything I need, what more could I ask for?


Jason Grigsby

15 December 2018

Great place and very clean! Friendly staff. Can’t wait to go back.


Stephen Hollock

6 December 2018

The new owners are locals who truly care about doing things right, this is a big win for gym goers in the area!


Ethan Telfer

6 December 2018

Love it.


Mr B

6 December 2018

Very clean with locker and shower amenities. Open 24/7 with a large selection of fitness equipment. Friendly gym members, reasonably priced and approachable staff members.


Jay Shultis

30 November 2018

Super Clean, tons of Space and ALWAYS get my workout done easy. Chill crowd.


Chris Kelley

29 November 2018

Clean, affordable and friendly staff. Everything you want in a gym


Debra J Ackermann

26 September 2018

Just left another awesome workout me time is great great gym awesome people


Rob Baum

6 June 2017

I've been a member for almost 3 weeks. I had been a member of another local gym but wasn't satisfied with what it offered. I went to Train Hard Fitness and liked what I saw the minute I walked in the door. It's open and nicely laid out. The equipment is new and there were several weight machines that were different and better than the other gym. The number and variety of cardio equipment was superior as well. I was overweight and out of shape so I asked if they had personal trainers which they do. I was put in touch with one of the trainers who sent me 2 emails. They collected background info on me...age, height, and weight, etc. It also asked questions about any physical limitations I might have....blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, cardio-vascular, etc. It also asked what my goals were and over what time period did I hope to accomplish them. I knew right then that I had found the right place. When I went in for my assessment I met Zack who took me through several stretching, balance and mobility exercises. Before out first session we sat down and we went over the program he had set up for me. It was tailored to where I was and where I wanted to go. It's been great working with him. He pushes me just enough and has tweaked a couple of things. I started using the elliptical for my cardio program and when I first started I could only do 20 minutes. I'm up to 40 minutes now! Between active exercise and changing my eating patterns I've already lost 5 lbs. My goal is to lose 2 lbs per week and I know that is very realistic. It's only $20 a month versus $50 and a $30 charge on May 1st of every year. I like it more each time I go there. The staff are professional and friendly to a person. It's more than a job for them. There's no looking back. More...


Brayden's World

6 June 2017

Everything looks good so far, however, I just checked my email and noticed that I am going to be paying a $30 annual fee. I don't understand why I am paying that fee when I am paying the monthly fee already.

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