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We offer Hypnosis and coaching programs for a large variety of issues. If you are wondering if your issue is a fit, it probably is. We offer both local and long distance services. With today's technology we can easily do hypnosis programs anywhere in the world.



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Getting to see small changes make a huge difference in the lives of clients.

I became a therapist because I found I was being a therapist so I trained to do it professionally. At first I did general psychotherapy which often included hypnotherapy. In 1997 I decided to open a hypnosis center and focus on using hypnosis because it was the most effective way to results. In 2000 I became part of a franchise and opened 7 centers in 7 cities over the next 3 years. As the franchise company began to have problems, I left the franchise and began practicing on my own again and incorporated more and more long distance clients. I now operate from one location and see clients globally.

Excellent training and experience of course, but it is results that matter and my clients get results.. I have have helped thousands lose weight and make many other changes. We had one client who was featured in People Magazine in an article on people who lost half their weight. I have been facilitating transformational change for over 30 years and have given trainings in several countries.