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Swift & Tidy

Hercules CA, Alameda

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Swift & Tidy

Hercules CA, Alameda

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We provide the following:

Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning
Post Construction
Commercial Office & Retail

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Shannon K.

4 September 2018

I hired Swift n Tidy to do a move-out clean of my two bedroom. I found them on Thumbtack, where they had a number of five star reviews. I found them to be very professional and courteous. Unfortunately I was not able to use them because my movers and packers had not finished clearing the rooms in time for the cleaner to be able to start in a timely manner. I explained the situation to the owner Marie and she was very understanding and agreed to refund a large portion of the cleaning fee that I had paid for upfront. Would definitely use then again. More...


Monika T.

22 July 2018

Zelda and I have this in common. Our mothers were both neat freaks. I wasn't sure how much I was paying for with my coupon, but Swift & Tidy gave my home a serious deep-cleaning. You know the details that other cleaners overlook? Zelda made them SHINE. Not just shower & kitchen counters, she wiped down the doors of the kitchen cabinets, the stainless steel appliances, she offered to do the inside of the fridge too, but I didn't realize that was on the menu. She got the dead leaves behind the plants, she wiped the tops of the stainless trash cans so they're nice & shiny, dust bunnies (and found lost stuff!) under the bed, vaccumme sofa, behind doors and in all the nooks and crannies. She even wiped down the wood floors! It looked so good now I have to *really* take off my shoes! So inspiring, and a great weight was taken off my shoulders. She won't leave until you say the cleaning is DONE, not just when the time's done. I was so impressed with Zelda's work! Thanks Swift & Tidy! More...


Nik N.

14 July 2018

I have a small studio and I provide care for an elder who has Aspergers and isn't comfortable with anyone in the apartment. I needed help with cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and doing laundry! The woman over the phone was kind and reassured me that they were professional and non-judgmental about what the space looks like (which I was concerned about, in addition, she was well versed about working around someone that had developmental needs. She offered a consultation with us and I took her up on that offer. When the woman showed up for the consultation I really felt a lot more comfortable with someone in the space with my uncle. We also had 3 huge bags full of laundry, including bedding and she quoted us a flat rate (not based on weight). The cleaning lady did an excellent job with the kitchen and bathroom. They also did all of the laundry we had and brought it back the next day folded. I loved the service and plan on booking them again especially for the laundry as it was a lot easier and cheaper to do it through them instead of the online services that exist for laundry. More...

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We have been providing exceptional cleaning services since 2010

We provide the personnel, equipment, and supplies.

Providing clean spaces with eco-friendly products for our clients, their children, guest, and pets.

As a work from home mom of 3, I know how overwhelming the day to day schedules can get. Between, carpool, clocking in, follow up on leads, cooking, and activities, who has time to really clean? I started this business to assist those who are entirely too busy to get into the crevices of their homes. We provide a service guarantee, recurring discounts, and go the extra mile for our clients.

We love cleaning, providing our clients with top quality services that are backed by our service guarantee.



Our Swiftly Tidy service allows our team 50% more time to focus on the details and any build-up throughout your home. Includes baseboard cleaning and window cleaning! START with this as your base rate, then add your bedrooms and bathrooms. Ideal for first time appointments, families with young children, allergy sufferers, and multiple or large pets. Also a great idea when the seasons change, hosting real estate showings or closing, or the day after a totally awesome party! For more details & to see our cleaning checklist, please visit our website at: http://www.swiftlytidy.com BEFORE your appointment: Please be sure to prep your home to take full advantage of our visit today. To do so, simply clear away as much clutter from areas around your home such as the floors, kitchen & bathroom countertops, and the shower area. In the event of extra clutter, we may either charge an additional fee or if needed, reschedule your appointment.

A Swift & Tidy is best for homes that have recurring cleanings or ones who have had a professional cleaning within the last 20 days. Start with this base for a cleaning of common areas and kitchen surfaces, then add bedrooms and bathrooms.

When you're moving out of your house or into a new one, the last thing you want to worry about is house cleaning. Moving can be stressful and exhausting, so let us take care of you as you leave your old home and move into your new one. We will make sure that your new home looks spotless and sparkling with our move in cleaning services. It will feel so awesome to see your new home sparkle that you'll want us back again! Just ask one of our team members about setting up a monthly, weekly or even hourly cleaning, we would love to see you again! Love us? Like us on our Facebook page & share us with your friends to receive 10% off your next cleaning! :D https://www.facebook.com/SwiftlyTidy