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Your Go-To Place For Sweet Tables, Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Sweets 4 Me was created out of passion for baking and an aim to give the others the opportunity to enjoy the unique taste of homemade recipes and have beautifully designed cakes for any occasion – weddings, birthdays and celebrations of any other kind.


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Karen Cramer

1 October 2018

My girl just celebrated her first birthday and I wanted her to have the prettiest cake in the world. I found this cake shop online and saw just how pretty their cakes are and ordered one for my baby girl. It had all these wonderful pink roses and macaroons around it, with little blue leaves and glitter. And the taste was even better - chocolate cream filling with those fluffy pavlova-like layers. The grown ups and kids were so delighted and it’s usually hard to find the cake that parents and kids equally like. The lady who owns this shop said it’s her mom’s old recipe and I loved it. My birthday is in September, so I’m definitely ordering one for myself, too, maybe even an entire sweet table. More...


Maranatha Rimpel

20 August 2018

Nina is amazing! She has made birthday cakes, macarons for me. She also did my sweet table for my wedding. It was beautiful.


Suzana Suki Arnaut

30 July 2018

... a wonderful set of ideas, colors, creativity, a poetic spirit in everything ...


I've always loved baking. I used to bake with my mom a lot in my younger days, but then I started law school and I dedicated myself completely in getting my law degree. But God’s paths are strange and after I finished college, I gave birth to my daughter, got married, and moved to the USA. While I was waiting for my working permit, I spontaneously started baking again. Every single day, some new occasion popped up and I was asked to make a cake. I used my mom's old recipes, and the people were so amazed with the taste. The cakes from that recipe book are really so unique, you can't find anything like that in any bakery that I know of. Eventually, little by little, I started decorating the cakes. I caught myself watching lot of tutorials on YouTube, learning new techniques. I couldn't wait to get up in the morning so I could work and practice again. That's when I knew that this is my dream job.

I'm capable of working 24/7 just so every single cake that comes out of my kitchen looks and tastes perfect. I am very detail-oriented and I can say that I am a perfectionist. I put the same effort in the design as well as in the taste. I love what I do and I will continue to grow and to make you happy :). Kisses from Nina.