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Hannah Ainsworth

28 November 2018

Jenn was amazing! You will not regret making her a part of your special day, if anything you will regret not having her there!


Amber Woodson

28 November 2018

Jenn was amazing! She kept everything under control. She was very helpful and even stayed to help clean up a bit after my wedding was over.


Megan Foreman-Coons

28 November 2018

Jenn made my wedding day. She helped everything run smoothly and tried to keep me calm. My husbands suit was forgotten and if Jenn wasn't there I might have had a total melt down. But she worked her magic and I am so thankful I had her at my wedding. She kept the entire thing running smoothly. My guests loved that they weren't sitting around waiting! Thank you Jenn you are amazing! More...


Stephanie Rubalcava

28 November 2018

She coordinated my wedding and my friends wedding. I did all of the planning and she saw it through for me. I'm happy she's bilingual because she communicated everything with both our families. She's great!


Krista Williams

28 November 2018

I took a chance with Jennifer as my coordinator. She had messaged me on fb in a bride group and I booked with her without meeting her. My wedding is TOTALLY DIY. She came to my venue on a Monday night (an hour+ drive for her) and she helped me figure out how to arrange my tables and placement of cake tables, sweet hear table etc. my venue is literally a black canvas so I had no idea what to do. She came in and rocked it. She's so easy to work with. She balanced my mother in law, dad and 3 year old. Lol

When I said I needed hair and make up artists she researched and found a few in the area and got me prices. She was always one step a head of me. Any random questions like "how many cups should I order, what tables should I "reserve" for family members, how do I make my mother in law and my parents happy" etc she can help with.

I didn't think I would need a coordinator Bc of my type A control freak personality and budget but I totally needed one. I'm so glad I booked with her.

Brides... Do yourself a favor and book her today. You won't regret it!

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