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Suzy Peltier CMT, CHT, Reiki Master Teacher

San Francisco California, San Francisco

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Suzy Peltier CMT, CHT, Reiki Master Teacher logo

Suzy Peltier CMT, CHT, Reiki Master Teacher

San Francisco California, San Francisco

1 hire on Bark.com


I am a Holistic Healer with 30 years of experience as a Clinical Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman and Interfaith Minister. These skills allow me to work with the body, mind and spirit. Using Reiki and psychic skills, I can give psychic readings, clear and rebalance the Chakras as well as offering spiritual counseling and clergy services, My specialties are: past life regression hypnosis, pain-specific and body-mind integration bodywork, clearing energetic imbalances and enmeshment issues, addressing PTSD, depression and old emotional patterns.


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Rebecca K.

19 July 2018

I came to Suzy while struggling to recover from a traumatic event. I thought I was a little crazy for seeking out a psychic counselor, but I was ready for a Hail Mary at that point. I'm so glad it didn't stop me. I've been coming to see her for about two years now, and can definitely say Suzy has changed my life in so many ways for the better. Suzy is incredibly intuitive, but she's also the kind of person who will genuinely listen and take the time to understand exactly where you're at or what you're going through. No matter what you come for, she'll treat you with without judgment and with a compassionate can-do, problem solving attitude. Suzy is truly a special person, and I would recommend her services without reservation. More...


Jocelyn M.

4 October 2017

Look at your reflection in the mirror.  You want to feel better.  Where do I start.  My road to recovery was long with setbacks as you may well know.  The issue was that even though I had excellent health care, my physicians could not seem to resolve my issues.   I decided on alternative medicine.  Since my background is in medical research, I wrote down a protocol of how to begin my path to a healthier me.I am presently seeing both an excellent Naturopath and Chiropractor.Still, my extreme headaches were still existing 5 to 6 times a week.Well, after receiving a recommendation from my very trusted Chiropractor, I went to see Reiki Master, Suzy Peltier.The decision to seek professional help from Suzy, literally changed my life.  I do not write yelp reviews often, actually maybe 1 in 10 years.  Suzy will thoroughly explain the Reiki process of healing.  Suzy will be with you every step of the way.  You will not be alone.I am still working through the process, but now I have come down to a level of headaches maybe 2 a week which is huge.  You understand the relief I am talking about.I hope my review will reach many people, make the choice,  so you can start enjoying life again. More...


Laura Z.

28 September 2016

Suzi helped me with Reiki 1.  I loved how "real" she kept things for me.  Reiki is an abstract thing and you have to have an open mind so I appreciated her helping me understand how to address skeptics.  Thank you Suzi!  You're amazing! More...


Alexandra J.

22 December 2013

My husband and I came to San Francisco to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I have two witches in my family and during a time, I am at total peace with myself, I have a HEALTHY sixth sense (so to speak) as well. Unfortunately I lost my balance, due to outside influences causing me inner struggle and severe mental hardship - 2012 was particularly a difficult year for me and although I recovered in 2013, for the most part, I never found this inner peace and balance again. I believe the universe guided me to Suzy - While I was surfing the net for temples, restaurants and lounges, I came across an ad by a hypnotherapist in SF who offered past-life regression sessions. I visited his website several times and his many reviews were/are all positive, but somehow I felt he is not the right guy for me. This gave me the idea to look for other hypnotherapists in SF to do a past-life regression sessions and several popped up on the screen, but I did not feel a connection to any of them until Suzy showed up. Before I even visited her webpage, I knew she was the one! She is not only a hypnotherapist who offers past-life regression sessions, but also a interfaith minister with the Universal Life Church who performed our wedding anniversary ceremony, a 3rd. degree wiccan priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master who cleansed all my negative energy, a massage therapist who helped my poor muscles, not to mention a wonderful teacher who shows you how to help yourself.I visited her four times during my stay in SF (two times my husband joined).Our first visit included an energy cleansing. My husband carries a lot of crap home from work, I pick up on (unfortunately). I held my aura close to my body, as a self-defense, to not pick up more negativity, than I can handle. Right after the cleansing I felt huge (not in body-mass ;) ), expended, able to breath, however the real progression of the energy cleanse I did not feel until I was back in Texas. I am able to remain super calm, no matter what. This does not mean I have become oblivious to things around me, it means I have a different perspective on life, that helps me to regain my inner peace and balance, not to mention that I have energy to do things finally again. My husband has flight-anxiety and Suzy helped with this as well. While his anxiety did not totally disappear (yet), she gave him tools on how to help himself lessen the symptoms. The second visit included our wonderful wedding anniversary ceremony. Suzy took care of the flowers for the altar and was an excellent host and minister. She included all of the details and wishes we expressed up front in the ceremony and added some new ideas on her own. I absolutely loved it, she even gave us a small wonderfully decorated cake after the ceremony.I went alone to the third meeting. This session included my past-life regression session. To my surprise I was not only able to visit one, but three lives. Since I was a small child I knew I was burned alive in one of my past lives and I thought it was as a witch. While I was indeed burned alive, it was not as a witch, but as a nun during the reformation. It was only a short visit into this life, however it gave Suzy and me enough information to know, that I had psychic abilities already back then, because it seemed, that I ascended out of my body, before the fire got to me. The second life I visited was in regard to my husband. We are soulmates and I always knew, that I met him in another life before. I lived in Boston and my husband was there as well, but he was much older and of a higher class, than me and we never got together. Somehow the year 1839 stuck in my head and after the session I looked up drawings and paintings from Boston around this time on the internet. The fashion, the horse-carriages and houses were exactly like I saw it in my past-life. I never visited Boston in my current life or showed interest in history around this era and/or area. In my third life I was a little boy in India. This may seem funny to some of you, but my husband in my current life, was my mother in this past life. She was a servant for a "white" family, they may have been British, but I do not know for sure. Unfortunately she died in a storm, however it was still a very fulfilling life, I had a hard time leaving it and coming out of the session. Just amazing.During my fourth and last visit, Suzy gave me the option to visit my past lives again or to get a massage. It was very tempting to go back in time again, but one of my goals was to get a good massage. Suzy finds all the little spots that give you trouble and has a few other tricks up her sleeves to get your muscles relaxed.I recommend Suzy, She is very kind, but also calls you up on things you should improve on and is very educated regarding her many expertises. She helped my husband and me tremendously in so many aspects of life. More...


Pamela L.

22 December 2013

I began seeing Suzy 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I saw her on the recommendation of my sister who also received prenatal massages from Suzy.  Suzy has now supported me through three pregnancies and all the back and muscle aches in between! She is incredible. For pregnant women (and anyone whose body would benefit from it), she uses specialized cushions for the expanding belly. This allows you to lie face down during pregnancy -- which most masseuses cannot offer. The reviews here are all accurate.  I would add two benefits about Suzy's practice and her work. -- First: her rate for her time is the time on the table! At most places, you pay an amount for 60, 90, 120 minutes etc but that amount of time is from when you walk in to when you walk out of the room.  Suzy's time is the time on the table...that is amazing!--Second: She does her best to fit you in when you have an "emergency." I have scheduled weeks in advance and have also called her in a pinch. She gets me in ASAP.Suzy focuses on so many aspects of the human body and its functioning that you will surely walk out of her home feeling amazing! More...


Sophie E.

20 December 2013

Suzy is an incredibly gifted intuitive healer with many years of experience. She takes the time to truly get to know you, listen to your concerns and then decides what treatment to conduct for you.  No matter what's bothering you emotionally or causing you physical pain, you will leave feeling as light as a feather! Deeply relaxed yet energized for life. It changes your aura and people will actually respond to you differently. It's amazing. She has helped me work through some emotional baggage that was beginning to manifest itself physically. My PCP recommended the usual medication route, but having tried that many times before, knew I needed to actually work through it and not temporarily mask it.  Her Craniosacral, Reiki and Hypnotherapy are just some of her methods to get you back on your feet. I had a painful neck injury right before the holidays and was worried I'd be suffering through it the whole time.  Right after our session I could turn my neck and wasn't in pain! We are so lucky to have her right here in SanFran. More...


Heather Rose D.

1 November 2013

I have been working with Suzy for the last five years and have experienced many different facets of her talented skill set.  She is a wealth of wisdom and has been instrumental in helping me to improve myself in both spiritual and mundane affairs.  Her Reiki practice of the Clean-and-Clear, which she developed herself, and her hypnotherapy skills with past-life regression and EFT/tapping blend with her deep knowledge of medical anthropology and human anatomy and physiology.  She is attentive to the whole being of her clients, and goes the extra mile to make sure everyone who comes to see her feels comfortable and acknowledged.  I have gone to her weekly for the last several months, and my life has transformed with great benefit as a result.  She holds me accountable for my unconscious patterns and guides me along the path towards healing and reprogramming those patterns with awareness and understanding that I can apply every day in the world around me.  I cannot recommend Suzy more highly for any bodywork, energy work, or coaching/teaching assistance.  She is such a blessing - a genuine, heartfelt, compassionate healer who really lives her mission in her day-to-day life.  If you have a session with her, you will not be disappointed! More...


Karen J.

21 October 2013

Suzy is an amazing healer! She has helped me with some health and emotional issues using Reiki and massage therapy. She has been available for emergency sessions within a few hours of calling and is always very caring. I would highly recommend Suzy for any of her many areas of expertise! More...


Marie Joie H.

18 August 2012

Suzy Peltier is an amazing healer and Reiki master, I found her quite by chance when my co-workers gave me a gift certificate for the Kabuki Springs and I asked for an energy worker. She blew my mind and body the first time she worked on me. Suzy is extremely well grounded and has 30 years of experience working on the human body. On a purely physical level she is an accomplished expert. On a spiritual and psychic level, she is a true master. Suzy doesn't waste any time with "feel good" mumbo-jumbo. she dives right into the depths of the soul and clears away any karmic garbage. Her ability to stay grounded, ego-less and totally compassionate during her work makes her healing very powerful!!I was so transformed by the first couple of Reiki sessions that I had with her that I decided to study Reiki under her guidance. I'm so glad I did.I've been studying Reiki with her for over a year now. Her classes and no nonsense approach to a nebulous concept has changed my every day life. Suzy makes no claims to phony authority and is truly humble about her gifts and talent. She makes Reiki a very viable and practical part of one's daily life.I would highly recommend her as a healer for anyone with physical pain and for those who are ready to tackle more karmic conditions-Suzy is phenomenal!Suzy is also a fantastic teacher for those who are ready to take that path. More...


Di A.

14 June 2012

We are so lucky as San Franciscans to have the opportunity to have someone like Suzy in our community. She has travelled a long road to get to such a place of healing and understanding.  The Craniosacrial work she has done on me for my migraines has given me the confidence to know that there is a world where I can live pain free. I recently had several sessions for severe lock jaw caused by TMD and each time I left her place I felt I had found real relief. This is an intimate form of therapy in that part of the session involves her massaging inside your mouth. But the time that Suzy takes to get to know you helps build the trust it takes to have faith in her skills. Her prices are very reasonable and there is plenty of street parking. More...


Linda B.

13 December 2011

I'm not sure I have all the proper words to describe Suzy. I went to her for some Reiki and a massage and wound up with someone I consider a trusted friend, confidant and healer of my weary body...and soul. Suzy's got a full bag of bodywork tricks. Whatever may be ailing you, she'll always have several ways to approach it so you can both find the best method for your healing. She's kind, funny, wise, compassionate and very deep. It's no exaggeration to say she has walked along side me through some very hard times this past year and in some cases, she absolutely helped pull me through. It's actually a little tough write a review for someone so special. I feel like there's no way I can do her justice. I think you just need to go see for yourself what a true healer she is. More...


Lianne S.

17 November 2011

I made an appointment with Suzy at the Kabuki Spa she was AMAZING! She combined Reiki with Craniosacral therapy to release some negative energy that I had been carrying. I left feeling both energized and relaxed at the same time. I actually felt happy for the first time in several weeks. I would recommend her to anyone. More...


Stephanie S.

4 August 2011

I went to Suzy in mid 2010 for a Reiki Level One Attunement. Great, amazing experience. For the price, I was extremely impressed with not only the depth and insight, but the level of engagement and warmth I felt in the group for the training. It made the experience quite memorable as well as valuable and enlightening in content. She was comfortable and at ease with issues that were hard and troubling for me that actually came up in the process of the attunement. Powerful healing was in the room, and it was clear she was generating it. She didn't bat an eye and I felt thoroughly supported in the process that otherwise may have made me shut down. I learned a lot, and it was a joyous experience with laughter and truly insightful guidance.   I also visited her years before that through Kabuki Spa for Reiki treatments. What she offered far outweighed the cost of the treatments. Suzy is a rare healer. Clairvoyant, intense, humorous, very caring and engaging. I ended up requesting her specifically because I felt not only validated, but opened up to my own awareness and healing capacity.   A powerful healer and Lightworker that truly stands out. I fully would recommend her as a teacher, and would suggest her if you want a healer that will engender you to feel safe, and empowered to heal and understand  the root of the problems than need healing rather than just a soothing balm with no penetrating lasting effect. More...


kelly f.

22 April 2011

I went to Suzy about 3 years ago for to do some work on my TMJ. We did a full cranal sacral massage and I felt great. I never forgot her and called her up last month and went for another session at her home. I got off the table and INSTANTLY had no pain. Pains that I have had in my hip and my back were gone. She explained to me that my epidural may have caused the pain in my back which made perfect sense. I wish I could afford to see her every month. More...


Katie G.

7 February 2011

Suzy is a clinical healer! If you have the sense of mind to know that your body's health is often a symptom of your emotional health, you will walk out of a session from Suzy feeling like a million bucks... AND your spirit will be uplifted as well. Suzy will entrench her powers so that whatever stressors you are dealing with in your life will stop taking over your shoulders, or hips, etc. I have happily seen her outside of her spa work after I had a horrible bike accident. She helped me recover very quickly. I trust the care of my spirit, mind and body to Suzy. More...


John S.

3 July 2010

Suzy worked wonders on my back. I was in a lot of pain and she took the time to talk with me about how the pain started and then was able to fill me in on how the pain could stop controlling me. Her massage techniques used cup massage which really helped my blood circulation. She also performed one of her specialties, she massaged my jaw, this helped relieve lots of stress I had for a long time. Suzy is definitely a go to person for getting rid of your pain! More...


Molly H.

12 March 2010

I absolutely love Suzy's work! She is able to pin point your specific problems, connect them to your emotional health, and work them out with her magical hands. She is a true holistic healer who will give you more than you expected, and make you want to see her on a regular basis. She doesn't just make you feel "good" the way that most massage therapists work, she actually heals you. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends! More...


Albert K.

31 May 2009

Suzy is amazing. Her "TMJ" or clenched-jaw massage therapy provided much-needed relief for my condition. I just couldn't get over how relaxing it was. Even my facial muscles relaxed and I looked and felt like I had received a facial. Her massage and Reiki therapy skills are truly gifted, plus she is a deeply spiritual person who makes you feel at home and spends a great deal of time getting to know you and your specific needs. I recommend her highly. More...


laureline a.

20 February 2008

Suzy is a true therapist who takes time to listen to your inner problems at the beginning, and after the massage to talk about the session. It helps a lot the massage to be deeply efficient, because she is working by knowing your body and your psychologie, and she tries with you to heal both. She is using Reiki, shiatsu, chiropractic, and hypnotherapie in a creative way that provides you a holistic treatment. I have never trust a massage therapist like her and I see her every two or three weeks to get rid of my old stuff, but also just when my body hurts and needs relaxation. Most of all she gives you a feeling of security in a very motherly way. She is also a master in Reiki who trains students, and I have started to learn with her. I absolutely recommend her in both ways : as a client and a student. A pearl. More...


Belle A.

28 January 2008

Suzy specializes her massage treatments to include whatever is needed for each client. She is a great resource for me to send people to who need more than just a rub down. Her background includes Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and a little Acupuncture style Acupressure. Sessions are longer than usual, as she takes time to sit with the patient on her cozy couch and listen to what they are feeling ..from this she gets plans what she's going to do.I get treated every two weeks by her. I couldn't live without her attentive, comforting therapeutic work. More...

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I love taking complex and challenging cases that have resisted the usual modalities. Often people see me with a long list of things they have tried before. I love" thinking out of the box" and using powerful techniques that can address the body/mind/spirit as a complex. I also enjoy teaching Reiki and exposing people to ideas and tools for their empowerment.

I like the flexibility to schedule people with enough time to truly focus on their issues, be creative in my approach, and give myself the rest between clients that allows me to keep my own life in balance.

My work is guided by three core values: balance, belonging and empowerment. If you've tried the basic things with marginal success or need a more holistic approach to your healing process, then I'm your gal. If you are looking for spiritual direction, you'd like to learn Reiki or need help with physical or emotional issues that you suspect are rooted in the metaphysical realm, then I'm your gal. Every aspect of my work is to address you as a whole person with trust in your innate wisdom to heal and grow