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Dominique P.

4 August 2019

This is my second time using them, and I will continue to use them! The first time Greg's brother did our carpet, and I know it was not ideal, but he did great. He was running an hour late and by time he arrived I had an hour before I had to head to work, but he got the job done my carpet looked great. I have pets and all stains were removed and the carpet looked new mind you he did stairs hallway and living room in an hour! Today Greg himself came on a SUNDAY!!!! He was prompt and thorough my living room carpet looks amazing. It looks 3 shades lighter than I remember it ever being and it's only 2 years old. I have to say both experiences were great they were friendly and all information was given. I get my carpet cleaned every few months, and this is the best company I have used! Thank you! More...


Scott H.

30 June 2019

Greg was so easy to work with! He gave me a quote and then once we reviewed my issues on site he adjusted it to both our liking! He got rid of some spots that I thought were permanent! His team was in and out in a flash and provided a wonderful service! When I needed carpet stretching he referred me to Rick's Carpet Repair and he was top notch! I will use these guys again and would recommend them without hesitation!!! More...


Caitlin T.

18 April 2019

I requested a last minute appointment with this company to do my annual carpet cleaning. They responded very quickly and were able to accommodate my schedule with very little notice. I was impressed with the quality of their work as well. I'll be using them again! More...


Jennifer W.

29 March 2019

These guys are amazing!  They cleaned my carpets for my move-out and I couldn't be happier.  I've had Sears out here on three different occasions and they did not get out the pet stains that Superior did.  The carpets really look brand new.  I also had them clean the landlord's couch & chair that he left for me to use and they look gorgeous.  If I were going to live here again, I would definitely have them out once a year or so to clean my carpets.  No wonder they have a perfect 5-star rating! More...


C K.

21 March 2019

The owner Mr. Mincey and his colleague were polite and accommodating. I am extremely happy with the service. I appreciate the open communication and the accommodation with scheduling my appointment. I originally wanted to replace the carpet on the stairs as I felt they were too damaged. After the carpet cleaning was done , I changed my mind. The carpet looks great. I also want to mention that they cleaned my couch and tile/grout  in the kitchen. The before and after results are like night and day! I highly recommend Superior Fabric Cleaning. They are professional, serious, thorough. Thank you ! More...


Alisha P.

21 March 2019

I used Superior Fabric Cleaners to clean one of my chaise cushion (on my not even 4 month old couch) after my cat had an accident on it while I was on vacation. The smell, though not super strong, was set in and getting musty, and the more I tried to clean it, the more I became worried that I'd ruin the soft fabric of the cushion. I spoke to Greg at SFC and he was able to schedule an appointment within two days, and worked around my work schedule. Reggie called when they were 15 mins out, as promised, and when he and his colleague arrived, they were friendly, informative, and thorough. They did a great job at cleaning the cushion, and spent extra time going over it with the suction tool to remove the urine so that they wouldn't have to come back out. The cushion is as good as new! My only complaint is that the cushion was cleaned while resting on my ottoman, so both pieces were soaked through. I ended up moving the cushion to my dining table under a ceiling fan to help it dry faster, and the ottoman dried within a couple of hours. I don't blame them for this, as I should've given them more space to work - I only mention it so that others may be warned that to get the smell out, they really have to saturate the fabric and stuffing. It will be soaked, but it's 100% worth it for clean, fresh furniture! I would definitely hire Superior Fabric Cleaners again (though I hope the cat stops having accidents!) More...


Heather S.

18 March 2019

I first used them near the end of 2017, to steam clean my carpets, following the passing of my senior German Shepherd. She had developed a leaky bladder as a senior and even though I cleaned up spots as I saw them, I knew that my carpet needed some help. They came out and without judgement deep cleaned and urine treated all of my spots and it looked and smelled amazing! Fast forward and I have since adopted an adult rottweiler who spent who whole outdoors so potty training a 110 lbs dog was a bit of a struggle as one accident it a large amount. I stayed on top of the spots with my spot bot and now that we are good to go and accident free I had them come back out last week for another go at the carpets and added cleaning the tile floors as well. Again, amazing people and service. I could not be happier and will continue to use them on a yearly basis. Thank you. A++ More...


Bill C.

17 March 2019

I recently moved to the area. The prior owner's dog peed in a few rooms, which went unnoticed since the owner covered it up so well. I needed someone to come to my house immediately. Greg worked on a Sunday just because he felt so bad for my family. He's professional, talented, honest and caring. The carpet looks and smells brand new. Give him a call and you will not be disappointed. More...


Dana G.

10 March 2019

This one needs 10 stars. You can read below and see that I've used Superior multiple times both at home and in my office to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains, etc. The fact that I had them clean a sentimental 100-year-old piece of furniture should convey how I feel about these guys.I wanted to update for any folks out there dealing with clothing moths. After nearly a year of unsuccessfully trying to treat moths (that were destroying my clothes and sanity) I finally called to see if Greg had any advice. By that point, I had been let down by "top" local pest control companies, spent $1000's on home remedies and dry cleaning, and learned more than I'd ever care to know about various moth species. I just did not want to go the toxic mothball route.Greg knew just what to do--and took my chemical sensitivity seriously. It is now 6+ months later and I haven't seen a moth since!! It is a kind of relief that I think you can only truly know if your home has been invaded by these creatures. They must have been hatching in the carpets. Gross but treatable... so not only can Superior get stains out and have your place looking fantastic...but I would suggest calling with any fabric/flooring question. I have them to thank for restoring enjoyment in my house and giving me hours of worry and washing time back. More...


Chris H.

6 February 2019

Superior Fabric Cleaners did a great job with our move- in clean. Scheduling was perfect and the price was tough to beat. The crew was on time, courteous and clean. I would definitely hire them again for any carpet needs. More...


Kelly P.

10 November 2018

Super friendly, fitted me into his schedule super fast, completely removed the stain and my chairs look great!


John M.

5 November 2018

Amazing, Stress-free Experience with Superior Fabric Cleaners!!Need to get the carpets in the house cleaned for my move out process. Communicated with Greg with the Superior team over Yelp after requesting a quote the same way. Quote was one of the best, along with the high yelp rating and quick response, lead me to select them. Scheduling was a breeze, though I had a meeting that kept me from being at the house to let them in and pay. They were extremely accommodating and were able to complete the job and call for payment. Upon my review of the job they did, I was even more happy with my selection. Will definitely work with them again in the future. More...


Tee S.

31 October 2018

Spoke with Greg after reading the review by Puffy A. Hilarious!!!! However after talking to the guy I decided to give them a shot as he did return the call I had made earlier. We settled on a date and time after there was a slight odor to my sectional sofa after my neighbor left their hookah lamp burning on the balcony which resulted in the fire department coming out and doing what they do. The guys Reggie and his counterpart arrived and quickly got to work. They made quick work of the sofa and even went over the carpet surrounding the sofa I guess to catch up any water they may have spilled. The couch although a little damp seemed to be odor free and looked great!!!! I'd recommend these guys to anyone looking to have their couch cleaned. More...


Koosha A.

2 October 2018

Great people. We have used them for years. They usually do my stairs which get dirty periodically. They always do a good job.


Michelle C.

2 August 2018

They came when they said they would, they gave a heads up call in advance.  They gave me an accurate quote in advance so I could decide to use them or not.  They came in two days, and did it on a Saturday, which would probably be a high request day.   Two person team, both individuals friendly and hardworking. They did upholstery cleaning for a lot of furniture I'd had in storage for 10 years (brand new when they went in and high quality) - 3 chairs, 12 pillows, 2 hassocks, 2 sofas and then cleaned carpet on stairs, and in high traffic areas as they were there.  They quoted me prices and they were very reasonable on the additional work.  Everything turned out great - conditions for them to work on the furniture were not ideal as they were tight, but they got it done.  I will use them in the future. More...


April F.

27 July 2018

Greg and the team were amazing! I needed my townhouse carpet cleaned considering the previous tenant used Stanley Steamers and the carpet did not look professionally cleaned. Called Greg to receive a quote and a date to schedule. Unfortunately at the last minute I had to reschedule due to issues with my paint project. Greg was very accommodating and was able to reschedule right away. I informed Greg the house will definitely need carpet filtration (the dark stains along the border/baseboard of the carpet) as I had yet to find a carpet cleaning company who can remove the dark markings. Greg reassured me he has a technique/method that allows him to remove the stains. Day of cleaning, I received a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to the start of my timeframe window. The team was very diligent making sure I was pleased with their work in addition to me face timing my husband so he can see the final result. This is the best the carpet has ever looked, NO MORE dark stains. I plan to use Superior Fabric Cleaners in the future as I have another property which will need carpet cleaning once the tenant vacates. Thanks again Greg, you guys did an amazing job! Highly recommend! More...


Michael M.

1 May 2018

Greg was out to our place just this past Saturday. He showed up right on time and with an awesome personality! He took the time to listen attentively to our problem, then he set about his task of making our problem go away. He took the time to 'Black light' our carpet to find any problem areas which we really liked. Our carpets looked and smelled great once he was finished. We plan on asking him back to deep clean our hardwoods next. I can't recommend this company enough. Outstanding, friendly, attentive and courteous customer service. I would highly recommend this company. More...


Patricia S.

25 April 2018

My husband and I just moved to the Fredericksburg area and were looking for a company to shampoo our carpets prior to moving into our house. I found Superior Fabric Cleaners on yelp and after reading through the sterling reviews, decided to give them a shot. Greg was extremely responsive and was able to fit us in the next day. Greg and Reggie showed up on time for the appointment, and as they walked through the house were very knowledgeable about the service and even recommended some additional services that I'm very glad we got. Less than two hours later and our carpet was lighter in color and the rooms even smelled better. This will definitely be our go-to company for any and all fabric cleaning services! More...


Patricia O.

16 April 2018

I lived in a beautiful home for ten years and then moved (locally). I still think of it as my home even though it has been rented since 2012.The current tenants had some scary stains on the wool carpeting that did not come out when another company did the whole house. I certainly couldn't afford wool again and the spots were eyesores.I called Greg on Saturday and he offered to come out on Sunday! Due to too many cooks stirring the broth (me and the tenant), things got a little confused so the date changed to Monday, today as I write this.EVERY SINGLE STAIN CAME OUT! The carpet looked better than it has ever looked before.Five stars plus.Thanks, Greg. More...


Cheryl H.

31 March 2018

Superior Fabric Cleaners are top notch! Very responsive and very down to earth. I use them for my sofa and chair to be cleaned then a move out clean for the carpet and pet treatment. Outstanding job and decently priced. Highly recommend! More...


Andi M.

10 March 2018

Greg and Reggie were fantastic-- they got back to me right away with a (very reasonable) estimate, and we were able to schedule the cleaning almost immediately. When they arrived, they were friendly (including with our dog) and efficient. And, the results speak for themselves-- the rugs and couch look great, and they were in pretty bad shape before! I should also note that they knew exactly what to do with a particular rug made out of unusual fibers (banana silk, apparently?), which required special treatment. Highly recommend! More...


Danielle T.

26 February 2018

After seeing such high reviews I reached out to get a quote for getting all the carpets in our house cleaned (4 bedrooms) I spoke with Greg who's quick response and great customer service, and reasonable pricing made me feel at ease booking. On the date of my cleaning they were prompt showing up in my designated window of service. They were quick, efficient and my carpets look amazing! I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking they are the trifecta good pricing, great customer service, and superior service!! More...


Chris G.

13 February 2018

They did a great job cleaning the carpets in my condo.  They responded quickly to my initial inquiry, came back with a reasonable price quote, scheduled the service, showed up on time and finished on time.  Highly recommended!


Areeba R.

14 January 2018

They did such an incredible job. I had gotten many quotes from different companies on yelp for a full basement carpet cleaned but this company had given the best deal and had the best reviews. It was done in an hour and a half, not bad. We've had other carpet cleaners to do our carpet a year ago and they pretty much sucked. Greg and his team were very flexible and very easy to communicate with. No sketchy deals or extra fees like a lot of other companies try to do after the job is done. They were straight forward and trustworthy. They were extremely profession, fast, affordable and did a great job. We are going to have them do our hard wood floors next! I would highly recommend these guys to others! More...


Sean D.

22 December 2017

Superior Fabric Cleaners did an excellent job cleaning my carpets. Greg responded to request promptly and gave me a reasonable price for what I wanted done. I would definitely refer him so if your thinking about calling them, do it! More...


Rashida B.

29 November 2017

Greg & Reggie of Superior Fabric Cleaners did an outstanding job not only on cleaning my carpet but on my upholstered furniture as well. They took the time to let me know about their cleaning process and how long it would take AND how long I should expect it to dry which I really appreciated, especially with small children! I'm also grateful for the ease and cost of the entire service... simply unbeatable! Thank you again Greg and Reggie for your impeccable cleaning and customer service! I look forward to doing business again with Superior Fabric Cleaners in the very near future! -R.Bowlin More...


Rohit C.

3 November 2017

Amazing service! The before and after pics say it all!! It's even hard to tell from pics but in real life the carpet on the before pic was so dirty and after it came out unbelievably clean! Highly recommend. The guys took their time and worked tirelessly to get it perfect. My whole house that's over 10 years old is now like new. Thanks guys!! More...


Connie C.

1 November 2017

I can't say enough about how great the team at Superior Fabric Cleaners are!  Greg is awesome and worked with me to apply special coupons and guaranteed pricing, even though the job was a little longer than originally scoped.  The cleaning team also went above and beyond what I originally requested.  I have used them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. More...


Imran M.

24 October 2017

These guys are as good as it gets. I tried a dozen carpet cleaners over the years and they all show up with sub-par equipment such as portable strap on vacuums and weak sprayers. These guys take it to the next level. Seriously, they have a jet engine running out of their truck to suck the death out of your carpets and bring them back to life. Their crew is outstanding. They charge a bit extra to move furniture, but it was well worth it considering most of my furniture is over 200 pounds a pop. These guys came in and moved the furniture like it was nothing. On top of everything, the customer service was impeccable. The crew is down to earth and is very friendly and conversational. They show you step by step as they're working through the house as to how the progress is going. I'm not going to anyone else for carpet cleaning. These guys will have my business for a very long time. More...


Corrie F.

15 September 2017

Awesome Job! I was in need of a move out cleaning and called to get multiple quotes. I decided to go with Superior because they had such great reviews and I'm sure glad I did. They had great communication and were able to squeeze me in early. The tech was super friendly and personable. I would highly recommend that you check these guys out! More...


Chris R.

2 September 2017

Phenomenal friendly service. They were able to come out next day to clean carpets while moving into our new home. After seeing the great work they did to the carpets, I had them clean the garage and some furniture. The garage had a lingering pet odor and staining that they got completely out.Wonderful, friendly, timely service that I highly recommend. More...


David S.

16 May 2017

Our condo was damaged by flood water, and we requested quotes from 6 other companies on Yelp.  Mr. Greg was the first person to respond to our request.  We were very impressed with his knowledge and expertise, and he was able to accommodate our urgent request.   The crew was professional in attempting to restore our carpet.  Although our carpet was damaged beyond salvageable, they didn't try to upsell their services and products.  Mr. Greg provided us with a honest assessment and estimate.  The customer service was exceptional.  It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Greg, and I'd not hesitate to recommend them or employ their services in the future. More...


Trish K.

4 May 2017

hey- no complaints here.  They called me back (I'm STILL waiting for a return phone call from another company and another guy I called... well, he was SKETCH), were courteous on the phone and hooked me up with a sweet deal.  Got the brown microfiber sectional couch cleaned AND scotch guarded.  They called before they came out.  2 really nice guys came to the house and got to work.  They did need to hook up to my spigot.  No problem.  They let me know that they were having a bit of trouble with the equipment, so it took them longer than they expected.  That was OK with me because A- that stuff always happens to me, B- they CLEANED 1/2 my carpet for free C- they were cool enough to move my trash can so it got picked up.  I paid with credit and they were on their way.  So, Give these guys a call.  it smells better than it did before.  It's a brown sectional and it didn't have any stains to speak of so.... but I can say- it smells better, looks fresher and that's what I was looking for.  Good price, cool guys.... CALL these guys!!! EDIT- came downstairs to the couch this morning. My mom says "woah!  Those guys did a good job!  Your couch looks new!  It's very clean!"  Now that it's totally dry- i can see that it does look a lot cleaner. The white stitching is white again. So, if mom is impressed, you know it's THE company to call for a clean couch. More...


Marie M.

21 February 2017

Very pleased with my carpet cleaning. The techs were courteous, professional yet personable. I was stressed over my carpets in a new home and they made it look new again for the most part. I would definitely recommend them. My house smelled fresh!!!! More...


Kayla C.

12 December 2016

Wonderful work, to inclue removing a black rim from around the edges of the cheap white carpet in every room of our rental property. The black rim was there when we moved in and we could never get it off despite trying a number of different methods. They removed it without even trying. And the team was very friendly and accommodating, making our move overseas a lot easier. More...


C L.

4 October 2016

Greg was so helpful in setting up this appointment less than a week out.  The team made this process very easy and stress-free during a stressful time in my life - buy a house and moving out of a rental!  Thank you guys for doing a great job on our carpets!  They are spotless and I will get my security deposit back! More...


Tiffany V.

3 September 2016

I swear I've used Greg and his guys at least 4-5x in different homes (my parents, my BIL's, two rentals and my own house).  They do such a great job, really nice and work really hard.  They also have specials throughout the year so definitely be on the look out!  Some of these houses have never ever been professionally cleaned and they clean it almost like new.  A couple of the homes have pets in them so you know how that goes...and now it looks very beautiful despite all that!  I don't think I'll ever use another company.  They are super nice guys and Greg is definitely on point.  He's very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining everything.  I really appreciate how hard they work and what a great job they always do!  Excellent all around! I highly recommend them!!!!!!!!! More...


J J.

15 August 2016

Greg and Reggie did a great job on our mattress and sofas. Timely and very professional. They were very attentive to the areas that really NEEDED  cleaning. I will definitely use their services again! More...


Diane N.

23 July 2016

They responded quickly, came out and cleaned two couches, an arm chair, and an ottoman. We had a bad stain on one of the couch cushions and they were quick to respond, didn't try to oversell, and did an excellent job.


Katrina T.

21 July 2016

A big thank you to Reggie and John who cleaned our carpets today.  They did a great job!  My teenage son even commented about how nice they were.  You're doing something right when a teenager takes notice. :) More...


Andy W.

19 July 2016

My carpets haven't been cleaned in 6 years, with 3 dogs and a cat treading all over them.  I tried Superior Fabric Cleaners based off Yelp reviews and they delivered.  Reggie and John called to confirm my appointment and were on time and incredibly helpful about what they could do for my carpets.  They worked very efficiently (5 rooms, a hallway, and stairs cleaned in an hour and a half), and the carpets look brand new.  I've already marked the date on my calendar for next year to have them cleaned again by Superior Fabric Clearers.  If you're thinking about cleaning your floors, call these guys ASAP. More...


Chelsey D.

24 June 2016

Let me start by saying I called well over 10 carpet cleaning companies last minute to get a quote and to find out if there were any openings available for service today. I left messages, I received text responses versus a call back, and most companies were just booked.I called Superior Fabric Cleaners this morning and initially hadn't received an answer. I tried again after calling everyone else. Still no answer. What's incredible is Greg called me back! Within minutes from noticing a missed call from me. He was extremely kind and made time for my husband and I today. When I say it was last minute I mean needed services within hours of making the call. We initially asked for a time slot in the afternoon, instead of him telling me there are no openings, he offered an earlier time that happened to work out for us. This was truly a saving grace with the amount of stress my husband and I have been enduring with moving into our new home.We were running a tad late due to traffic and the gentleman that were there to clean our carpets were already outside preparing to bring their equipment inside. They were really polite! They didn't seem annoyed that we were running late (as most people do) & they got the job done in an excellent amount of time. Reggie was thorough with explaining how the company charges and John was thorough with cleaning the carpet. It was very hot in the home and they did a great job. We will definitely be using their services again and I highly recommend!Thank you gentleman! More...


Jasmine Q.

10 June 2016

These guys did an amazing job! I'm a renter and I was worried some of the stains from the previous tenants wouldn't come out but the carpet looks great! They were quick, efficient, and polite! Definitely going to be calling again in six months! More...


Raymond A.

17 April 2016

Great service great price they will clean it whatever it is they will get the stains out it will look brand new again


Nicki F.

13 March 2016

I spoke with Greg on the phone a day after I left an inquiry on their site about cleaning my apartment. I have a 170 pound Saint Bernard and a cat, so the fur and the ground in dirt from just foot traffic is pretty heavy, despite the fact that I vacuum 2-3 times per week. After a long conversation in which I explained what I needed done, he gave me several discounts and a decent price on carpets, upholstery and stain protection. We had to change the date of our appointment once, because my hours at home are limited, and he has one technician who has a portable machine. But he showed up yesterday and did an absolutely FANTASTIC job on our floors and our couch! The house looks and smells incredible! The stuff he used to clean our rug made it brighter and more beautiful! Very happy with the service, and will be using them again. More...


Tammy H.

31 December 2015

I found this company on Yelp and communicated with the owner through messages. He responded to all my my questions in a very timely manner. On the day of the cleaning his crew was excellent. Friendly, knowledgable and did a wonderful job. They gave me cleaning options and prices to make sure that I got what I needed in my price range. My carpets were cleaned yesterday and I waited to review to make sure when everything dried they wee still clean and the dirt didn't come back. They are still looking great! More...


Ray L.

11 December 2015

I needed a carpet and home cleaning on short notice. We had just closed on a new home where the previous owners had 3-4 cats. With all of the cat dander and some furniture being delivered soon, I made an appointment with Greg and I can't begin to say how much I was impressed with him and his company. He responded quickly to my message through Yelp and was able to make an appointment for the day after. Since I also needed a house cleaner as well, he was able to provide a member of his staff who was stellar in her focus and work. He and his staff did an amazing job on the carpet and all of the floors and walls. They were friendly, focused, and professional. His staff member who did the home cleaning, made the kitchen and rooms sparkle. She was attentive to every detail. Greg and his team were simply awesome. I still have my old home to get ready for the market and I definitely will be contracting Superior to do the cleaning there, too. I truly can't recommend them highly enough. More...


Rebecca S.

3 November 2015

I have used Superior Fabric Cleaners multiple times over the last few years for carpet cleaning services and will continue to use them in the future because of their excellent work and service. They are always extremely professional in every interaction. They do a thorough survey of the area to be cleaned to identify any areas that need special attention and also ask if there are any particular areas that they should concentrate on. Their work is always excellent and they make my carpets look new again! Their prices are also very competitive, especially with the deals they run. I used other carpet cleaning companies before and Superior Fabric Cleaners offers better pricing and better quality work. More...


Jeanette J.

18 July 2015

Superior Fabric Cleaners is the absolute best in the area! This was the first time we had the carpet cleaned in our apartment, I must admit we had some heavy traffic stains but Mr. Greg did an excellent job of removing the stains. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at how much of an awesome job was done and I was given a great deal. I highly recommend Superior Fabric Cleaners for your carpet cleaning needs. More...


Tiffany E.

24 June 2015

This was the first time we had our carpet cleaned and they did an amazing job.  All the spots were removed from my carpet.  I contacted them through the website and a couple of days later and man (Greg, maybe) contacted  me. He was very nice. Reggie cleaned our carpet and he was very professional and thorough. Also, a suggestion is they get business cards so we can pass them out to friends and family. More...


Ky G.

31 May 2015

They did a really good job on my place. I had some nasty renters who made the carpet look disgusting. When the guys were finished, most of the carpet look like new again. I was pleased!


Carole C.

25 March 2015

We had Superior Fabric Cleaners clean the carpet in our entire house. We were so pleased! The carpet hadn't been professionally cleaned in years. Between people traffic and a new puppy, there was much to be done. They were right on time and explained exactly what they were going to be doing. The carpets came out perfectly. I couldn't have asked for more. We asked if they steam-cleaned kitchen flooring. They said they did and proceeded to do a fabulous job, even though it hadn't been scheduled. It looks like a new floor! We spent half our time joking and having a great time with Greg and Reggie. They were professional, beyond pleasant, and excellent at their jobs. We will definitely be calling Superior again. More...


D M.

13 January 2015

Wow. I called these guys to get a quote on a few large rooms in my home. Had to leave a message, but they returned my call promptly. Greg was very friendly, professional, and explained their process (truck mounted) well. He was very realistic, didn't promise the impossible and quoted an acceptable rate. I scheduled for the next day. The timeframe they gave me was between noon and 2:00. They called around 12:15 to say they were on the way, arriving around 1.  Upon arriving, they put down a cloth to wipe their shoes on. I REALLY appreciated that.  They assessed the rooms I'd asked about. These were really large rooms. The carpets had general wear and tear, but also stains from food. Additionally, we used to take care of my mom in law who was confined to her bed. So there had been a few 'accidents' when taking her to the bathroom. None of those things were a match for Superior Carpet Cleaners. They treated the stains and thoroughly cleaned the carpets. When I say I am pleased with the results, that is an understatement. My carpets are almost as good as new!  I'm pretty excited about them!While they were here I had them give me a quote on cleaning my kitchen tile grout. I'm so glad I did!  While I knew it needed attention, I had no idea until they were done just how desperately it did. It looks so beautiful now!  I swear even the tiles themselves look brighter. I'm in love. I DEFINITELY plan to use Superior again. I got a quote for cleaning my furniture that was very reasonable. Added bonus, this is a locally owned business. They take a lot of pride in their work and reputation. And it shows. I really wish I had taken proper before and after pictures. The difference is remarkable. More...


Jhere R.

7 November 2014

I just had my 3 seater microfiber sofa and full sized mattress cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized today! I left a request online and was contacted that evening. I got an appointment two days later which was great!! Reggie called me around 8 am letting me know that they would be arriving around 8:30 (they were on time). Reggie was really nice and professional and was able to work out a deal so that I was able to get both sides of my mattresses cleaned for $40 less than the price that was quoted on the phone. I did inquire about the $160 deal since I didn't notice it when I located them on Yelp however it is off of regularly priced services and I received the cheapest price for all of my services. Thank you Reggie and John for doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work! I highly recommend them and will be using them in the future! More...


Ashley M.

4 July 2014

I called them to clean our carpets and upholstered couches because the yelp reviews were so great. I was NOT disappointed. They were super friendly and professional and fast! They did a fantastic job! I would DEFINITELY recommend. Oh and they took their time to figure out the best deal for me out of all their specials going on...bonus! More...


Crystal M.

21 May 2014

I was so pleased with the quality of work Reggie and John performed on my carpet.  They were very pleasant, friendly and did a fantastic job of cleaning my carpet. I cannot leave out Greg.  They all provided excellent customer service.  I will definitely use their service again. More...


Pavan A.

7 May 2014

Reggie and John were very thorough and consultative. Easy 5 stars. Took the time and carpets were spotless.


Naty N.

6 May 2014

I am greatly satisfied with their service. I have two puppies in training and the urine stains and smell were getting out of control. I called on a weekend, and they still picked up after hours. Very helpful and friendly staff. I was not home when they arrive, on the dot, but my fiancé was very pleased with they professionalism and they even pretreated the irons stains and knocked down $40. The urine stains and smell are complete gone! The carpets looks as if we got new ones! More...


Kimberly E.

23 December 2013

I used Superior several months ago! These guys are top notch!  Greg and his staff are absolutely professional and pay attention to detail.  My carpet was extremely clean and the cleaning lasted for several months.  Superior did an excellent job and I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future! More...


Andrea B.

2 October 2013

Had these guys come out to clean the carpet in our new house today. They arrived close to the time we scheduled and did a great job, fast , efficient and friendly. They went above and beyond what was expected. I will have them back to clean a chair and ottoman as soon as I get it moved in. I highly recommend this company and will use them as long as we live in the area. More...


Launie K.

16 August 2013

I had Reggie and team out today to clean my carpet, tile/grout and an area rug. They did a terrific job! They were very professional, knowledgeable, and clean! They showed up on time, took great care to not cause any damage to my hardwood floors, and really took their time getting everything clean. I had bad pet smell from the previous owners, but now it just smells fresh! They even applied a deodorizer to a spot on the concrete floor in the basement to try to counter the dogs smell. I was able to get a next day appointment, which was very appreciated, and I got a fantastic deal! I don't know if Superior Fabric Cleaners are the cheapest in the area, and I don't care because you get what you pay for and I wanted quality, professional work, and that is exactly what I got! The reviews don't lie! I will definitely use them in the future! More...


Ashley O.

30 May 2013

Guys like Greg and Reggie make me glad I joined Yelp; there's a reason everyone gives them 5 stars!After only about 30 or 45 minutes (to do a pre-treat, plus the usual services to two separate areas), they called from the other room to tell me they were done. As I emerged, I felt like a kid on Christmas - my carpet was almost whiter than the day I'd moved in!I had tried a few other businesses previously and none could get my carpet completely rid of pet stains, beverage blemishes, and other miscellaneous marks until I met these guys. Aside from being extremely efficient, very flexible, and surprisingly affordable, this duo is also the most genial pair of partners I think I've ever met.From me, they get the best marks for clearing my floor from the worst marks!Thanks, guys! More...


Nick N.

21 March 2013

5 STARS  ***** ***** ***** *****Ok, about Superior. My A+ wife can't deal with my C - habit of wearing my work boots in the house and dirtying up the sweet shag carpet we have wall to wall. I have shelled out a lot of duckets for carpet steaming/cleaning over the years, never happy with the result. I picked Superior because of their stellar Yelp reviews. These guys came and delivered. I mean knocked it out of the park. My rugs look like brand new. No chemical smell and got a smokin' discount to boot. The fellas that came were super nice and really put their backs into it. I don't mind paying for skilled work. Even without the discount it would have been cheaper than their competitors. They also have 24 hour emergency service. This is bonus if your wife watches too many episodes of "Snapped" and has a 6 foot , uh, Kool Aid stain to clean up in the bedroom. Just saying. Bottom line: Get your carpets cleaned by these guys...unless you live in a barn. More...


Kim T.

16 November 2012

Might as well just stop searching for the best price and the best job, or the balance between them. I did all the research, called around, checked reviews, blah blah blah. (Ya, cause I'm anal retentive about stuff like that.) We were moving out of our rental house and had about 1210 SF of carpet in our home. Like most lease agreements, we had to have the carpets cleaned prior to turning in the keys. (I was really surprised when we moved out the furniture.) I called on a Thursday asking for cleaning on Tuesday. On set Hurricane Sandy. I called and Greg was fine with moving to Wednesday. Then the DH decided Thursday would be better. Again, no problem. The guys arrived on time, were pleasant, didn't give me the himie-geemies like other carpet folks have, and did a fantastic job on the carpets (burber and pile). We are pretty clean folks, but had 2 living areas that were extremely grimey. Unfortunately, there is a slight residual stain in the high traffic areas, but I have no reason to believe this is a result of bad workmanship from the cleaning. I'm pretty impressed on how clean the carpet looks. More...


Joyce H.

13 November 2012

Superior Fabric Cleaners is a very professional company focused on customer service and making sure the job is done right.  The price was the most reasonable and Greg guaranteed that it would be the best job.We just moved to our new home and wanted our carpets cleaned immediately (even before our furniture arrived).  With a 2 year old and expecting a new baby in January, I wanted to be sure that our carpet was thoroughly disinfected of the prior owner's pet's business and marking left in various rooms.  Two men arrived to clean the carpet throughout our home (living room, dining room, master bedroom, 3 additional bedrooms, hallway, flight of 17 stairs to 2nd floor and flight of 14 to basement).  I watched one man go to work on the first floor, while the other went upstairs.  I did not follow upstairs, as the staircase carpet was wet from the pretreatment.  I was very satisfied that my carpet downstairs was getting a thorough cleaning.  I had to wait for several hours until the staircase was dry enough to walk on then went upstairs for inspection.  The overall carpet looked good, but the edges (Greg calls these filter areas) along the walls were still a bit dark.  Greg called me a few weeks after service was completed and wanted to know my feedback.  I informed him of the dark edges and his response was that he would come over himself to get those edges cleaned.He came as he promised and cleaned the filter areas thoroughly, spending an extra 1.5 hours and also re-cleaned the pet stain spots that were still noticeable.  Although the pet stains did not come out, I am comfortable knowing that the carpet itself is disinfected.  He did a $100 worth of extra filter cleaning services for free.  Our furniture and boxes had arrived at the house that week, but those carpet areas that were not covered, Greg went over and cleaned, including the 17 stairs!  Now, that is what I call FABULOUS customer service!I highly recommend Superior Fabric Cleaners for your carpet cleaning needs. More...


Ed G.

6 June 2012

After some poor customer service from another carpet cleaner last year, and a less than impressive job from another company, I was expecting the same this year.  Greg really did an awesome job and even called to let us know he'd be a whopping FIVE minutes late (which was no problem considering the carpet cleaners last year didnt call to tell us they'd be 2 hours late and then cancelled).  Customer service was amazing and Greg was great with our pets even.  Highly recommended! More...


Angela M.

16 April 2012

Greg and Reggie from Super Fabric Cleaners worked a miracle on our carpet! It was soiled with pet stains, years of high traffic, and God knows what else!  I wasn't sure it was salvageable, but it looks amazing now.  They also did a good job cleaning our slate tile in the entryway to our townhome (you can actually tell the grout is white, not gray now!).Further, besides doing a great job, they were professional: Greg called when he was on his way, as promised, arrived when they said they would, and they worked hard while they were there.  Plus, they gave me a good price.  I can tell they are dedicated to having happy customers, and I would work with them again. More...


Debbie C.

9 March 2012

I highly recommend these guys. Greg, the owner, was very friendly on the phone and I made an appointment within a week to get our sofa cleaned. Greg and Reggie were on time and very friendly. They also didn't balk when I asked if they could also clean and put a protective coating on our dining room chairs. Our couch and the chairs look refreshed and clean.It's hard to find many recommendations for upholstery cleaners but these guys are good. More...


Jessica M.

12 February 2011

Thank you so much! They knew we were pressed for time for the big Super Bowl game and came the morning after I called. Very nice customer service.


D. M.

1 January 2010

Fabulous job cleaning high traffic areas on berber carpet.   They have the "big truck" mounted system that leaves the van mounted systems in the dust when it comes to extraction power. My carpets felt dry as the guys were leaving.  Will definitely call them again. More...