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We offer online bookkeeping, payroll, outsourced CFO, business planning, and audit support for your small to medium sized business.


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I offer something small from just basic bookkeeping clean up to major services like outsourced CFO services. I have the proven skills and success to be successful. While doing this in a safe virtual environment I am able to pass the savings along to the client.

Since accounting is a required thing that all businesses must perform it is imperative that it is done correctly the first time. Also you need to hire a great accountant because they are helping drive the financial success of the company.

I love being able to help solve problems in all forms and fashion. I love to be able to take something that has been bothering an owner to the point where they cannot sleep and correct it to make them a success. I also love being part of the growth story and know that my hard work has a direct impact into their success.

I have always loved the hard work and sacrifice to be successful. Owning my own business is hard but it provides me with the passion knowing that what I am doing for a business owner really means something and that I am helping solve a problem.

I always offer a free month of any of my recurring services packages. I am a huge believer in pay for performance so that is my way of earning your business. Also you hire me, not a team in the background, but someone who has 10 years experience as a CFO/Controller and knows how to get the job done.


All inclusive from very basic to advanced work. No job is too tough.

I charge a small fee to do payroll but this can be done as needed with full accounting and audit support.

I offer planning help for any sized business that requires the knowledge of a seasoned CFO without the cost to hire one.

Audits suck, let me help you through the process.