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Residential and Business internet services solutions including unique alternative fixed wireless network serving areas poorly or not covered by cable, DSL, or Fiber providers.. VOIP telephone service. Business IT service and support services, Cybersecurity, Security Camera systems, SEO and digital marketing.

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Jennifer J.

13 August 2019

They have wonderful service been with them for 3years. They'll let you know when you have a late fee on your account till email you and let you know when your invoice comes that you can email them and ask them if you have problems or technicals and they'll help you succeed.net is wonderful internet company they've always been good for me and my boyfriend but their price range is a little out there I guess and I'm sorry that I have to let them go. More...


Katja K.

7 June 2019

Succeed.Net has been my internet provider for a total of 12 years with no problems at all. At one point, I moved and had to sign up with a local different company that provided unreliable service, constant outages, weak connections and very poor customer service. After 8 month I moved location just to have better internet again and went back to Succeed. Net. I LOVE their outstanding customer service, very quick response, and very reliable and fast service. They are the best More...


Tony Wood

7 April 2019

Here you will find the best executive suites offered in the Roseville area full service reception phenomenal location next to the fountains shopping Center


Shawn Erbe

26 December 2018

I've been a Succeed.Net customer for over 20 years, great team and great support whenever I have an issue. Huge fan and always looking forward to the new changes and modernization that has happened over the years and I'm sure will continue in the future!


Linda Nay

31 August 2018

They are a quality company that takes care of the needs of the customer. ALWAYS on top of what issue is holding up the show and fixing it right away. Fantastic service.


Will B.

20 August 2018

A savior for rural customers who need high speed internet. Top notch customer service.


Percy Samson

7 June 2018

Absolute lifesavers! I operate a business from home and was seriously limited with satellite internet. I love to live in a rural area for peace and quiet and they are the best affordable internet option out here in Browns Valley. Super happy.


Bryan W.

17 May 2018

I cancel my previous internet provider which was HughesNet because they were worthless. I got a hold of succeed.net And my internet is amazingly faster and more reliable. So if you live in the Yuba County Foothills go with succeed.net they're worth it. More...


Karin Fisk

27 February 2018

Truly the best IT people I've ever worked with. Great listeners, stellar customer service! Thank you!


Cody Belleci

7 February 2018

Good speeds, great customer service, have had there service for over a year with no issues!!


Scott Pfitzer

7 February 2018

Great Internet service out at my farm in north Yuba. I had a competitor before and Succeed Net blows them away for reliability and speeds. Very happy with them. Cody their installer did a great job on the installation. More...


Percy Samson

7 February 2018

I was at my wits end with Comcast constant outages in my area and their support is just awful. Dumped cable TV huge bill and went wireless with Succeed Air fiber internet service and just use Hulu and Netlix now. Works great and now I'm paying less than half what I was before. More...


Aaron W.

24 April 2017

We upgraded our Succeed.net service from the 3/1 connection to the 10/2 connection and I am really pleased with the upgrade so far. We're getting about 18/4 on average, which is much better for our home as we have about 7-8 devices online. More...


Joshua F.

20 June 2016

I have had home internet service in Sacramento from this company for more than 15 years. They are stellar. They consistently have reliable connectivity and the best customer service and technical support of any utility or telecom company. I don't know why anyone puts up with the lousy reliability and terrible service of the big corporations. Call these folks instead - they will take care of you, at competitive rates. More...


NO 1.

17 October 2015

I've been using Succeed for three years now and I'm very satisfied. I've tried all their competitors prior to finding them and they are best solution by far. Support is very responsive and easy to work with. Speed and reliability are very good. If you're in the Yuba foothills, start with Succeed and you will save yourself the headaches of trying the alternative in Chico More...


Jim G.

26 March 2014

My business has used Succeed.net's services for several years.  Their quality of service and attention to detail and customer service has always been top notch.


David E.

16 January 2014

I have used in succeed. Net for over 10 years, from wireless internet, domain hosting ,server installation and workstation deployment. Robert is great to work with awesome at IT planning. I highly recommend him and his staff. More...


Ann W.

19 April 2011

I have had Succeed.net for almost a year and I love the service. I have yet to encounter a problem and the few questions I have had were answered by the wonderful people in the office. I would highly recommend them to any one. More...


Ruby H.

8 February 2011

I called at 8 a.m. and they sent someone out here by 9:30 a.m.. He took care of the problem right away. Excellent serviceman


Shawn J.

5 January 2011

Succeed Net offers excellent local internet with high quality service and support. They are hardly ever down, in fact they are more reliable than cable! Their prices are reasonable and they are very helpful! More...


Derek V.

12 October 2010

I have Succeed.Net for my internet at my job in Yuba City and I couldn't be happier with it. It's been the best overall internet experience I've had. Dealing with the other ISPs out there can be such a pain, but having Succeed.Net as my Internet Service Provider has been a great experience. Thanks to everyone at Succeed.Net! More...

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