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Studio F Pilates Conditioning is a boutique studio offering Private and semi-private Pilates sessions, Fascial Fitness and small group sessions. TRX, Water Rower, Zen-ga (vinyasa flow on the reformer). Specializing in Breast cancer recovery program.

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Amy Nattress Asay

30 July 2019

Absolutely! Samantha is AMAZING! I love the small class size and individual attention and corrections. This has been a lifesaver for me physically and mentally.

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By listening to my clients needs and developing a specific program for them. Regularly evaluating progress and changes in goals.

Finding a workout program that you enjoy and making it a lifestyle. Consistentcy in your training. I hate to call it a diet, but eating a well balanced diet. Everything in moderation.

It doesn’t feel like work. Seeing my students progress and achieve their goals is so rewarding. Watching them become mentally and physically stronger is the best.

Being diagnosed with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer 12 years ago I wasn’t given very good odds of survival. So I decided if that was the case I was going to something I loved, Pilates. I truly believe my Pilates practice and my Pilates business is the reason I am still here.

My attention to detail. Always keeping my clients safe and healthy. Understanding not one size fits all.