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Helping hardworking professionals discover their inner strength in and out of the gym.

Fitness professional and competitive athlete in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

Pre and Post Natal, Strength and Conditioning, Matter of Balance, Crossfit Level-2, USAW Weightlifting Level 1, Individualized Meal Planning


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14 November 2019

Cory is a very friendly professional coach who believes in the process to achieve your goals. From mastering the basics to performing at elite level, Cory can make it happen for you.

Cory practice what she preaches and supported me on my fitness journey in NYC. Keep up the great work!!!

11 November 2019

Book any and all classes taught by Cory--you won't regret it! Cory was one of my first CrossFit instructors in NYC and made me look forward to every class. I finished my second 6-week challenge with her and came back to take her regular classes because I love her warm & encouraging style of teaching. She pushes you to do your best and go outside of your comfort zone without being overbearing or condescending. Cory also makes weightlifting super approachable, which is important if you're someone who's not familiar with CrossFit or heavy weightlifting in general. Our classes were always mixed with people of all levels and you could tell everyone was challenged in their own way. Cory was so good at establishing an equal playing field where we were all in it together, but helped us each work towards our personal goals and results. I also learned about counting macros from her which changed the game and helped me approach nutrition and dieting in a way I hadn't before.

She's also amazing at paying attention to and correcting your form to ensure that you're doing all of the workouts properly and safely, while also making sure that you're challenged enough and not wasting your time!!

Will definitely be booking her classes when I'm in LA next :)

9 November 2019

Cory is an amazing coach. I started attending her classes at a CrossFit gym in NY, and immediately knew I wanted to train with her. Her approach to personal training was tailored to me. She was thorough with my measurements and kept checking my progress on a weekly basis. Cory is the type of coach that's beyond supportive, pushes you to be better in a loving and caring way. Many times I've shared my concern that I won't be able to do a certain move or carry a certain weight, but time and time again she proved me wrong! On the flip side, every time I wanted to push my body beyond its capabilities, Cory reminded that I need to take it easy, and I'll get there in time. My favorite quote from her is " Rome wasn't built in a day". I truly enjoyed training with her as a friend, not a personal trainer. LA is lucky to have her, and we miss her dearly here in NY. More...

8 November 2019

Working with Cory has been a life-changing experience. I met her during my second time doing a 6-week Cross-fit challenge (which I entered with pretty much no experience). Shortly after the program ended, we began personal training sessions 2x a week, and soon increased to 3x a week, for an entire year.
Cory is very knowledgeable in mobility, physical fitness, and nutrition. She tailored my sessions in a progressive manner and helped me work through an injury I suffered to the left foot/hip 2 years ago. My excitement and eagerness grew with each session as we tried new things and I noticed my energy and strength increase. Not only did I look forward to each session, I'd feel incomplete if we missed one. Gradually I began to feel better and better about myself and my health. It was the first time in my life that I had found confidence AND consistency!
I can't thank Cory enough and very highly recommend her!

8 November 2019

The first time I worked out with Cory, I shared my goals, perceived strengths/weaknesses and physical limitations. Not only did she respect my requests, but she made each and every workout challenging, fun, and structured in such a way so that each session built upon the last one. Her professionalism, knowledge and positive energy gave me the confidence to push myself beyond my perceived limits. My strength and mobility improved noticeably after just a few sessions. I left every workout feeling a sense of accomplishment and belief in my abilities. Cory is extremely knowledgeable and demonstrates every move, ensuring correct form is always followed. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those motivated to work hard and are serious about improving their overall physical well-being. More...

7 November 2019

Cory is absolutely the best coach I have ever had. After my injury, she found the way to work with me and gave me many variations exercises that helped me rehabilitate a broken arm. She made my workouts fun and moderately challenging in order to improve my mobility. Thank you so much Cory :) More...

7 November 2019

I worked out with Cory a couple of times a week for many months in New York City. She helped me improve all of my lifts and skill and was there to see me set a few PRs. I appreciate how Cory not only focuses on primary mechanics, but also little things like how to breath, which many trainers overlook. Cory has helped me tremendously as an athlete and I give her my highest recommendation. More...

6 November 2019

Cory is a very well prepared trainer, thoughtful, fun to workout with and mostly a very caring human towards her clients which makes a huge difference in personal training. I would recommend her 100%!

6 November 2019

I was fortunate enough to meet Cory Etchason, during the middle of my Crossfit journey. Since day one she has been an extraordinary example of what a trainer, lifestyle fitness coach, and nutrition expert should be. Her workouts were exciting, tailored to my needs, and her knowledge of fitness was apparent . She pays attention to detail and explains the process. All Cory asks for is effort, she is understanding, consistent in providing an environment that is welcoming, and full of good energy. I
guarantee that your experience with her will be the same.

6 November 2019

I play professional rugby for New York City and was fortunate to run into Cory at EVF. She worked me out a few times and really challenged me as an athlete. The best part was the dynamic exercises that really tested me mentally and physically. I had a lot of fun working with her as well and highly recommend to serious athletes. More...

6 November 2019

I loved working with Cory, she is truly amazing! She will push you to your highest potential and motivate you , shes very detailed ,thank you Cory,because of you my back no longer hurts while I squat loll . Very knowledgeable in fitness She is such an amazing trainer!!! More...

5 November 2019

Prior to moving to New York City I was working with Olympic weightlifting coach on a weekly basis. I put my private training on pause and I was only focusing on group classes. I began to get frustrated, seeing everything that I had worked on fly out the window. I knew that I need to reach out to a coach to rebuild and improve all the skills and techniques that I had lost. I reached out to Coach Cory who instantly got back to me.

Working with Coach Cory she had me start with the foundations of olympic weightlifting. Going through all the positioning phases of my lifts with a pvc pipe, before we even picked up a barbell. Progressively, throughout my sessions with cory we would add weight to the barbell and would review video analyst for each and every lift that I would perform. Cory also had me come up with goals, for in the gym and also personal development goals. Working with Cory I have seen myself progress tremendously in the gym as an athlete, but also outside of the gym as an individual. I can’t thank Cory enough for getting me to the place where I am now. Cory is hands down the best coach I have worked with. She is extremely professional with her clients but also an extremely kind and genuine person.

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Coming up with a program that helps implement new habits to create a routine. Consistently checking in during our training sessions. Setting goals and working towards those goals in and out of the gym together.

Honesty and commitment to yourself. Which can be achieved in different ways! Starting in the kitchen.

Teaching others how to FEEL good. The relationship I create with my clients.

I have the best job in the world. First off, it doesn't really feel like work. I get so much fulfillment from helping my clients. It helps me grow tremendously as a person.

I have always struggled working in this industry underneath somebody else. A lot of hard work and dedication goes into making sure my clients keep progressing. Creating my own business allows me to be suited up for what my clients need!

We can laugh at ourselves and talk about our day.
Get a little vulnerable by trying something new, so we can work on getting stronger in the body and the mind.
I'll teach you how to exercise correctly while addressing any concerns and help you crush your goals.


Create a detailed program addressing your goals. Done session by session at one of my locations.

Grocery store trips together or I can do your shopping for you.

Bodyfat and measurements done to track progress

For athletes who do not live in or around the Los Angeles area.