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Lauren Bergmann

24 August 2019

Such a great place! Dr. Holloway is so awesome and really listens!


Elizabeth Holada

23 May 2019

Dr. Davis is a rock star! Amanda Anderson is an amazing, kind, patient, insightful LPC.Becky at the front desk seems to be running that place all by herself, & she is incredibly kind & understanding! I love this clinic!


Angie Anthony

6 May 2019

Dr. Gary Major is a guy who gets it. He cares, wants to see you succeed, and has a ton of resources to share. Consistently brings his A game and a positive, welcoming demeanor. Becky in the office is awesome!


jenifer schulteis

6 October 2018

Dr Holloway is one of the best psychiatrist around. He listens and understands I love him as my Doctor



2 August 2018

I had nothing but a good experience with Dr H, Pat and trish...thank u for your svc.


Rachel Gawrysiak Schwister

6 June 2018

Love love love Dr. Davis! Becky in the office rocks too! ❤❤


Grimm's Mama

6 June 2018

Dr. Holloway & Linda Bell are awesome and super friendly.


Cheryl R

29 May 2018

Pat and Dr Holloway helped save my life! I would reccomend this agency to anyone who needs some assistance with their mental heath...if you need to find a doctor, this is the place. Very friendly and helpful in all areas More...



6 June 2017

Dr Davis was a lifesaver. I was in desperate need to see a Dr., the office staff was fantastic, very understanding. They worked me into the Dr's schedule and Dr Davis spent all the time I needed to get me back on track.


Stephanie Meggs

6 June 2017

Dr. Holloway is amazing. He is very thorough and takes the time to understand me so he can better determine my treatment plan. He always makes me feel like I am involved in my treatment plan and makes sure I am comfortable with the decisions we make together. He has definitely earned my trust. More...


Serena Santiago

6 June 2017

I have been seeing Dr Davis for a couple years now. I seen a previous review that wasn't very nice. I feel bad that this person feels this way because I couldn't disagree enough. I think Dr Davis is a WONDERFUL doctor. She has always been attentive to my feelings and my needs. On days when I just started seeing her and I really didn't quite know what was going on with my condition, I'd call the office, leave a message, and Dr Davis would call me back at her earliest convenience and help me just by talking for those few minutes. When I'd come in for my regular appt, she would ask me how things were going since our phone conversation. I go for my regular appts and she always asks me about whatever situation, bad or good, that we talked about at my previous appt. Then she asks me how things are going at that appt. She always seems interested in what I have to say. I don't know Dr Davis personally, but if I did, I really believe that she would treat me the same way. She treats me as a person and shows me respect. She doesn't judge me or make me feel uncomfortable for having a mental illness. That is so important to me. I would recommend Dr Davis to anyone I care about or just simply someone that needs help. Sorry this may be a long reveiw, but I'm very happy with my care from Dr Davis and Stress Management. Thank you, Serena Santiago More...


Abonesz Bently

6 June 2015

Dr. Denise Davis-ABC Behavioral Clinic ! My Hero