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Greenville, SC

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Still Water Financial Operations

Greenville, SC


Most small business owners don't have the time or the resources needed to fully understand their companies financial position, so we created a financial map that puts all of your info on a weekly dashboard and we then coach you on how to grow your business's profits.



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Still Water Financial Operations provides outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and CFO services. We are the firm that is dedicated to growing your business's profits and will show you ways to increase your business's bottom line.

Businesses that succeed in the 21st century are ones that are data driven. What differentiates accountants is the data they offer to their clients. A good accountant can provide your business with management reports that give you insight on how to grow your business.

I love seeing small businesses succeed. The transition we see take place over the course of our relationship is truly incredible. Most business owners are very frustrated when they first come to us. They are tired of the old accounting procedures where they wouldn't receive reports for weeks after the month ends and their previous accountants would rarely communicate with them. We have scheduled weekly calls for all of our clients and send them updates on their business's performance on a daily or weekly basis.

I wanted to provide small business owners with the same amount of financial expertise that large corporations take for granted.

We are the firm that is dedicated to growing your small business!


We update our client's books daily, so that they are well informed of their business's actual financial position.

Still Water Financial Operations offers clients the option of having our firm take care of all bill payments and invoicing for your business. Outsourcing these responsibilities gives you the ability to focus on core activities that actually drive the business forward! It also drastically cuts down on the chance of fraud occurring within your organization.

Management reporting includes reports, KPIs and scorecards used by management to monitor performance, track against plans and make decisions to increase profitability.

Cash is the lifeline of all businesses. Therefore, we prepare a cash flow forecast for all of our clients to ensure they never run out!

Still Water Financial Operations prepares a budget for each client and then provides weekly and monthly reports showing how the business is operating compared to budgeted results.

We examine our client's pricing strategies to make sure they are pricing their services/ products appropriately.

Weekly and monthly financial reports are automatically sent to our clients, so that they are always up to date on their financial position.