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Steve Edson is an award winning documentary and corporate photographer located in Arlington, MA. With over 25 years experience in shooting, Steve helps to tell the compelling visual stories about people, locations, products and services. From Fortune 500 to mid size company's to editorial publications, he works with clients to create memorable images to promote and enhance corporate brands across their various media and marketing channels.



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The secret is simple: Press the shutter at the most critical moment. Unfortunatley there is a lot of thinking and problem solving that goes into making a successful photograph prior to pressing the shutter that is just as important. I make sure that I understand my clients goals and know exactly how they hope to use the images after the project is done. The more I understand their goals, the better the results. I also bring over 25 years of commercial photography experience to every project I work on. I know how to use camera's and lenses and lighting to get the best effects that match the style we are trying to achieve. I have photographed everything from people and products to corporate meetings and events to annual reports for large financial institutions to fashion for national clothing department stores to corporate and residential real estate. In short, I bring a lot of different experiences which I apply to each of my client's projects and only helps to make my next clients project even better.

What is the subject matter?
What is your timeline to getting final images.
What are your goals?
Who will be involved in this project?
What is the budget for this project? We can dance around this question, but in the end, we need to know that we can do the project and there are adequate funds available to shoot the project to cover expenses and creative fees.

I am passionate and take enormous pride in making photographs which transform our everyday reality into images that communicate my clients goals and objectives. I also love working and collaborating together, helping people to achieve their goals using the still or moving image. If a photograph is worth a thousand words, a great image is worth an entire book.

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and self starters so it was all very natural for me to go into business for myself. I have a strong sense of discipline and organization which helps in running a demanding business while juggling the needs and requests of multiple clients every week while giving each client the total focus and follow thru with their projects deserves.

My clients work with me because they know they are going to get my undivided personal attention during our project. They also know that I have the experience and knowledge to get our job completed with exceptional results. I am passionate about making great images and I have the technical knowledge with lighting, and lenses and cameras to deliver stunning images. By the time a client project begins, we understand the needs, dynamics and schedule, so there are never any surprises at any point in the project. Ultimately, I appreciate our clients trust in us as their partner on a project and I am fully committed to delivering the very best and engaging images in every situation.



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