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I've been in the design industry for the past six years, and am currently working in the in-house agency for one of the top insurance companies in the country.

I have experience in the following areas of print design:



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I like to deep dive and explore for inspiration around what your looking for in terms of style or branding and find examples of pieces that really speak to me and start the design process from there.

I try to hone in on 3 different styles of designs and use those as a jumping point to get closer to a final product. I love working with clients and getting feedback through the creative process to ensure the best end result.

Any sort of style guide or brand guidelines you may have, what you're looking to get done, turn around time, specifications, what type of files you need for final product, and any inspiration you have or any sort of vision you have for a final product.

I love all the different avenues I get to explore. Graphic Design has endless possibilities in terms of design, but is also critical thinking in terms of how to best get the message across. It's a big art puzzle and no one puzzle is the same. It really makes every project I work on so much different than the next one.

I love what I do, and I work tirelessly to get to that perfect end result. I enjoy working with clients and really love getting deep into the creative process and having any opportunity to create anything. This is my passion in life and you'll see that once you begin to work with me.