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Kent B.

30 August 2019

I am writing an update to say that the owner has reached out to me and we have reached a mutually satisfying resolution.  I plan to work with him on some new projects and I expect that the working relationship will be smoother moving forward.  Thank you for making this right for us. More...


nancy K.

26 August 2019

Beautiful custom shade structure made by Steel Werx.  They were so great to work with. They were easily able to create the frame and rigging support for the fabric panels.


Gene C.

9 July 2019

These people are amazing.  I came in this morning, with a completely random, nutty request--and they made things happen by this afternoon.  Truly stellar customer service, and I'm grateful!  I'll plan to come back with a larger project in the future.  Thank you!! More...


Corina F.

16 January 2019

These guys do an amazing job!! Came in and needed a steel plate cut and hole drilled into for my light pods on my truck and they did it up very quickly and welded it on same day in about 30 minutes. 100% recommended!!!


Jennifer J.

20 July 2018

I wanted some help with cutting corregated metal siding for my wall. This stuff is a PAIN to cut with DIY tools. Pawl was able to help me on a drop-in basis in a day. The pieces were cut much more neatly and accurately than I could have done. Really nice guy. Pictures of my finished project below. Photos from his other projects show how he has an eye for artistic detail. More...


Chris L.

17 June 2018

Paul worked out an clever solution to attaching a new tailpipe to my motorcycle. Highly recommend consuming him for any custom work involving metal!


Jim R.

12 May 2018

I had a small job that I needed help on and Paul was great. Happily took on the job even though it was small, and got the work done quickly and professionally.


Kevin T.

21 February 2018

I've been to Steel Werx a number of times for various projects. All I can say is, if you can dream it, they can make it!


Martin L.

10 November 2017

Little bit of a back story, on Halloween I was working at the fire house when we got a fire, so I quickly undressed from my station uniform and threw on my fire pants. After the fire I went to go change back into my regular station uniform and I notice my belt buckle broke. I called up Steel Werx and asked if this was too small a job for them to do. Pawl told me to come in and they will have it fixed ASAP. I came in the next day and met Pawl, super friendly guy btw, and showed him my belt buckle. He fixed it within 10 minutes and now my belt is better then when I first bought it. Now I know that if I have some metal work to be done, Pawl is my go to guy. More...


J K.

22 September 2017

Needed a custom stove trim made. Not a huge job, but tricky. We bought a new range/stove, and as we removed the old unit we discovered hidden issues with one of the cuts in our granite. No regular trim kit would cover it. We needed a custom trim made. Steel Werx delivered. Came out to my home, (outside of normal business hours which was great!) looked at my issue and came up with a great solution. Measured, and in less than a week installed a clean stainless trim that looks fantastic. I would highly recommend Steel Werx and hope to work with again. Top Notch service! More...


Garrick L.

22 July 2017

Highly recommended, I met Pawl for the first time yesterday and he was able to understand what I needed with same day turnaround. I want to install a security gate at my house and look forward to working with these guys again. More...


Kevin H.

30 May 2017

Great quality work, fair price and extremely friendly!  Looking to doing even more projects with Paul in the future!


Chrissie C.

23 May 2017

I feel very fortunate to have had Steel Werx, specifically David & Pawl, custom fabricate my steel side gate with wood handles.  I recently replaced my roof, doors, windows and siding, and my old wooden side gate was really showing its age and a lot of wear and tear.  Given that everything else was being updated, I decided the gate should be too.  I went through an exhaustive search of possible steel workers or fencing people, but when I called Steel Werx, Pawl was able to speak to me right away and was able to review my side gate idea.  David came out to measure the area while my siding was under construction and he enthusiastically welcomed my idea and suggested a couple tweaks to make it look even more formidable, as my primary reason for the new gate was security, in addition, of course, to being stylish.  The gate was fabricated without issue and they provided me with updates as soon as I would ask for them.  David & Pawl were able to remove the old gate & install the new one in one afternoon.  We had one issue where a different species wood handle finished with a different stain was installed, but after I asked David to change it, he was able to craft me a new one with the wood species and stain I initially requested.  Furthermore, they were true to their quote and their price was reasonable.  These are stand-up guys and I would definitely work with them again! More...


Deep M.

25 April 2017

I needed a custom load bearing bracket made on a short notice for our kitchen countertop remodel. I found Steel Werx from Yelp and they got it done quickly. But most of all I really appreciated the way they listened to what i needed and got it done perfectly. Grt bunch of guys. More...


Jim D.

24 April 2017

This is the shop where you want to go to get any custom welding job done! I've done work with Paul a few times before and his work is flawless. I recently had him redo a skidplate for my car and asked him to make it exactly like my original one. Paul went above and beyond and made the ultimate skid plate with reinforced brackets on the bottom so I can have maximum protection for my oil and transmission pan. Very chill guy and is willing to work with whatever you may need done! Not to mention, super good price as well! Thanks Paul! More...


Matthew W.

15 April 2017

Above and Beyond!!!! Pawl, David, Saeid and the rest of the crew at Steel Werx will do your job well! I had a crazy idea for custom security bars to be installed in our Vanagon as we live in San Francisco and are TIRED of getting broken into. Long story short... I told Pawl "if we could get this project done in the next 2 days that would be amazing..." Pawl simply said "Well....lets be amazing then...". and 2 days later, amazing is an understatement. The Bars are super secure and look great. My wife and I can now sleep secure thanks to the hard work and dedication of David and Pawl. More...


Aaron S.

25 February 2017

Five star company five star service I recommend these guys 100%, I called four  other welding companies not one would help me or come out I called Paul once I told him what was going ona day and a half later he had my part made and ready to go at a price that was great. These guys made my welding experience fast and easy. I needed a part made for a fence at my house we are going to be having a pool installed so the fence needed to be fixed into a set position Paul understood what I needed and got the part to me rapidly, I recommend these guys for any of your welding needs. Thank you guys More...


Vivian K.

21 January 2017

I can't say enough praises about Steel Werx! I called today for a small project and needed it right away.  They told me to come in and they would do it on the spot! Even though it was a small job I could tell they took great care as it showed in the details. Thank you for accommodating my last minute "I need it now" request! More...


Ian S.

13 January 2017

I was very pleased by the results Paul achieved on my custom stainless garden gate, and his ingenuity and persistence surprised me.... stainless is not at all easy and he went the extra mile to satisfy me. So, very much recommended, no question. More...


Laura K.

7 January 2017

Steel Werx is the best- Paul is an amazing artist! I've worked with him on a couple projects and he always surprises me with his creativity.


Geof P.

21 December 2016

Straightup good work, no fuss, no games. Thank you, Pawl, Amber and the rest of the folks at SteelWerx for enabling me to get my Christmas project done in time! Looking forward to working together again soon. More...


Jenny C.

1 November 2016

I cannot say enough about steel werx. Paul and Morgan are awesome. Anything metal they can make. I came in looking for a custom made Simpson string tie eccq 8 5-/16x 3 1/2 3 gage steel brace for an I beam. Very specific. They got my info got back to me promptly and gave me a fair price. Delivered as promised. They also go on site. Make everything.I actually just ordered another one. Hey I need this fast. Sometimes I can't wait for special orders. Get it custom made is so much better. Will highly recommend to anyone! More...


Akiko I.

23 September 2016

I recently had them fix a broken metal mailbox. Morgan was such a pleasure to talk to in order to schedule the date for team to come out. It was a very small job, but they came out within a few days to complete the job. David and Max (I think) who came out to do the work was great and did such a fantastic job and even wiped all the dirt and pollen off the mailbox once the job was done. Highly recommend them. They take credit card payment as well. More...


Rawley D.

26 August 2016

The owner Pawl and his co worker Morgan are 2 good dudes that care about the customer needs. I had an old beer can heating duct from Burgermeister Brewing of San Francisco circa 1936 that they made a liner for to make into a trash can. Very happy with the results and price!Can't go wrong here! More...


Usua A.

31 July 2016

I work as researcher in a lab, and as such, interact with welders and machinists on a daily basis. The first thing that stood out to me when I brought my apparatus into Steel Werx was Pawl's intrigue and genuine interest in the purpose and use of my device. It is important that I note that this has not been commonplace for me. In my experience, this helps frame the problem and design a suitable solution. After catching him near closing time, he agreed to stay and help me after we settled on an effective course of action. While working on my piece, I got a chance to chat with him a bit more. I would describe him as a curious inventor who takes the time and designates much attention to detail in his customers' work. If you need a skilled craftsman that will help you on the creative end, Pawl is your guy. More...


S G.

16 May 2016

Paul and his team rock! We needed to put castors on our pool table to make it mobile - Paul suggested a simple, efficient design for a fair price. I dropped off one of the table legs and the castors at 2:30pm and to my amazement, Paul had the job done by 4:30pm - exactly on time as he had promised. The four "shoes" with castors were built solid and they fit perfectly!  The craftsmanship was great and the whole process was smooth, absolutely no hassle. These guys are sincere and good. We give them our enthusiastic two big thumbs up!! More...


G B.

22 April 2016

I work as a medium between big tech companies and their custom projects...most of the time, crazy & "dream" projects....I came across Pawl & Morgan when I was in need of a custom made sign for Square  HQ (the card reader) and all I had was a vision...and just like their website says "if you can dream it, we can build it" they did exactly that! They helped me find a solution to the custom made sign and took on the manufacturing of hundreds of them within a short time frame. Each one made with care and they even sent pics of the production process, which made me feel very confident along the way.A few months later, they took on a project for me at Google to make custom reclaimed wood carts...again I didn't know what they would look like or how they can be functional, but they took the time to even mock up some ideas and went piece by piece to help put it together ie: selecting the type of metal, the type of wood, even selecting the appropriate casters...100% from scratch and it turned out amazing to say the least. They even delivered it to the heart of the financial district during busy hours, which was really really helpful.And lastly, just a few months back they helped me with a steampunk inspired kitchen in South SF...they crafted a custom made steel hood that covered the existing hood...and man was it insane! This thing had all the trimmings, the iron banding, rivets, and they even coated the whole hood to make sure it would look sharp for years to come. Did I mention, it was all done within a few days Yes, they took on the project last minute and worked some serious hours to get the job done...can't say thanks enough for that.Basically, if you have a custom metal job you need done, don't hesitate, call them...you won't be disappointed. I vouch for these guys and they have made my jobs so much easier time after time...6 stars if i could do it. More...


K L.

11 April 2016

It was hard to find someone to get some custom metal work done. Called a few companies to try and get some work done. Most were either non responsive or the job was too small for them. Called Steel Werx and they've been more than helpful. Got them to do a small hand rail and basement door for me. More...


Frederic D.

7 December 2015

Took 2 (thick) metal bars in to get cut before the start of the weekend.  The guys at Steel Werx were very kind and were able to get the job done in time to get started on my weekend project.


Stu A.

17 November 2015

We had a tricky gate situation.  We have an old, heavy iron entry gate between two brick posts.  We had stone veneers put around the brick posts, and, whaddya know, the gate no longer fit!  (genius).  We looked at buying a new gate, or a custom gate to fit.  We didn't like what was available off the rack, and a custom job was very expensive.  Other iron contractors said they could cut the gate to fit, but we didn't like that answer either.  Pawl measured...twice...and said he could attach the gate in a way that would not require cutting the gate to fit.  That also resulted in a lower price than the guys who wanted to cut.  So we went with Steel Werx.  They also powder coated the gate as part of the job.  The results were great.  We kept the old gate, with a creative modification to the pull handle to open and close the gate to make it fit.  The paint job looks great.  Very happy with the results, and the price was very reasonable. More...


Chris D.

10 September 2015

Use this company if you want a truely beautiful product. I can't say enough good things about Paul. His approach to a project is all about making the best product, period. I have been using Paul on many different projects, all of them have exceeded my expectations. He is easy going and easy to work with. Trouble shooting seems to come easliy for him. I brought Paul a project that required more designing, and he created an even better finished product. He went the extra step to take care me. Looking forward to the next project with Paul. More...


Amy J.

4 July 2015

It's important that you understand what you're getting when you work with Steel Werx.  So -- if you're looking for a Silicon-Valley office-like, computer-controlled water-jet cutting white-painted office...  this is NOT the place for you.  You'd give it 1-2 stars and be very annoyed. Steel Werx -- specifically Pawl -- are artists.  As Pawl's business card says, "dream materializers" -- you sketch it on a napkin or wave your hands in the air, and they'll build it. SO, if you're comfortable with that, these guys are the best.  In my situation, my father in law was in the final stages of cancer.  He had been a mechanical engineer his whole life, and his last sketch was of a fireplace door for an impossible fireplace (someone else had built it, it was unevenly arched, and canted backwards too.  Stupid and bad.)I handed Pawl & Rob a foamcore prototype I'd slapped together, and my FiL's drawings. The team tolerated my repeated visits to the shop, mid-course changes, and general emotionally charged state (not good).  I was able to show my FiL the final framing and door the night before he slipped into a final coma (he was amused at the 'indestructible' level of steel used), and every time I look at the door (see pix) I think of him.Again: Artists. More...


Eric P.

26 May 2015

Good guy. Did what he said he would do and in a timely manner. Fair price. Thanks Paul.


Rick L.

25 April 2015

I needed a custom steel manufacturer to build a skylight frame for a large circular opening. The opening in my house turned out not to be a perfect circle.  This is the second time I've worked with Steel Werx for custom metal fabrication.  They are awesome. In particular, my main contact was Pawl and he was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and prompt. Here's a picture of the final product:  drive.google.com/file/d/… More...


Lynne R.

28 March 2015

My husband met Pawl on a job site.  Timing couldn't have been any better.  We were in need of finding a metal fabricator to fix our boat trailer.  Pawl was able to cut out the rusted areas and fabricate new parts. His turnaround time was amazing and he did an excellent job!  We highly recommend him for any metal work you need!  You will not be disappointed!  Thank you Pawl!!! More...


Jim S.

5 March 2015

I went here today needing something welded to hold the curtains that go around our orchestra "pit" for our school musical production.  Pawl was extremely helpful.  I had brought some pipe with me but he came up with a better solution and saved me money.  I also had expected to leave the stuff and come back another day to pick it up.  He had his guys get it done in less than 45 minutes!  I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for welding. More...


Sean S.

22 October 2014

I've had to have more than one job done by them, and they've always come through. Whether it's big or small, artistic or practical, they are the guys to go to for metalwork!


Steve B.

17 October 2014

This is a fantastic story.  I met with the owner Paul to see if he could take my vision of a sign for my new restaurant / wine bar I am building in downtown Campbell.  I explained the vibe of the place, industrial meets contemporary with significant warmth and comfortable ambiance.  We do nothing average and so my sign could not be as well.  I penciled out my concept on a scratch piece of paper.  I told him about our logo being oval but I wanted something awesome in this large half domed glass entrance way.  He took in my thoughts and came up with a brushed steel (somewhat star burst) frame that held the hammered copper sign in the middle that fit perfectly in this half dome.  He had a delivery time in the contract of 2 weeks.  5 days later, I got a text from him asking me where I was at.  Note, it was 7pm on a Friday.  I explained with my wife in Carmel for a get away.  He said, OK, I will talk to you next week.  30 seconds later, my text bell goes off.  I open his text and it says only one word...BAMMMM.  It was a photo of my sign already installed and looking amazing.  I am a business man who appreciates greatness, sense of humor through the process, doing more than what you say you will do and in the time frame you promise and integrity.  Steel Werx and the entire crew are fantastic on all levels and are highly recommended.  They are now fabricating my iron wine cabinets that we custom designed.  You can come by our store anytime to see the sign work and by mid December to see the wine cabinets and back bar work he has done.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!The Socialight (owner) More...


vien p.

4 July 2014

Didn't request a custom piece like other reviewers. Got a repair job instead. Drove up without an appointment with a snapped iron piece from my vintage stove and cracked backsplash.  Paul assessed the type of metal, and what it was used for, then said, "yeah we'll fix it. Come back in one hour." Got it done exactly on time, and it fit exactly as needed. The rate I was quoted at the time was $90/hour. So glad to be able to support a local business instead of sending the piece away to Emeryville to a referred welder. Will definitely go back should the need arise. More...


Hung V.

5 March 2014

I needed a brace/bracket to help support a spare tire carrier for my expedition Toyota Land Cruiser!   Paul told me to stop by, and sure enough.... 5 mins later, he started working on my project!  Even tho it took 3 hours, I'm glad I showed up!   He made sure I was happy w/ the outcome!  I'm sure I will be back for other projects! More...


John N.

9 September 2013

They fabricated a custom hitch adapter for me that no one sells. The staff was great to work with.  The finished product was perfect and they did it for a very reasonable price.


K. J.

27 May 2013

Paul graciously helped me realize a project that meant the world to me. He took iconic 1950s street signs from my hometown (legally collected) and created a way for me to display them in my home. My family recently sold our home in OH and due to Paul's artistic skill and professionalism, I will always have a piece of home with me! Thank you so very much Paul! P.S. I held back the tears until you left! ;-) More...


Rosheen G.

12 April 2013

I discovered this business from Yelp. I needed to have someone build metal leg extenders for a new vanity I was putting in my bathroom. We are tall so I wanted to raise the overall height of our 6' long vanity. No commercial product existed that would fit onto the existing legs, and give the height I needed. Enter Paul. A phone call, a visit to the shop, and poof! I had exactly what I needed & they fit like a glove. Not only was I thrilled with the final product, no one knows that is is added on, as it looks/matches the hardware on the vanity perfectly.Just as importantly, I saw all the fantastic projects either in process or hanging on the walls. I was most impressed with this child care facility's fence and gate - Paul was hand cutting animals from Noah's Ark. I still plan to drive by the facility to see it post-installation. It was beautiful and creative. More...


Roland L.

5 February 2013

I will certainly be going back here for any welding/metal work needs.  Paul and his team replaced the tongue on my trailer project.  Paul was very good at listening to my concerns prior to the job and the quality of the work was A+.  Thanks again More...


Joshua B.

7 January 2013

I'm making a custom dining table out of bamboo and steel. I started buying all the tools and parts that I'd need to make my apron and realized that I was very quickly blowing past my budget. So the Mig welder and Air tanks went back to the stores and I started looking for someone to make up my designs. After some searching, calling and emailing I found Pawl and Steel Werx! What was amazing was finding someone who could work directly from my Sketchup images and give me a quote, make some suggestions and turn the piece around all in the same day. Pawl and his crew rock and the next time I need anything metal they're the first place I'm going to call. If you go ask him to show you the MJ Shadow maker oh and his celing fan fan is pretty awesome too. More...


Jay S.

7 November 2012

Paul was awesome. He came in and we talked through my ideas. Within one day he turned a great job. I will call him if I ever need more work done.


Eugene T.

23 September 2012

I searched yelp for a place that does metal fabrication and these guys came up. I went down for an estimate and explained what I wanted - a rotor truing stand to verify the quality of rotors on a known good hub assembly before installing the rotors on any vehicles. The guys understood what I wanted and implemented their own design stand while incorporating my wheel hub assembly. I have been using the stand for some time and I am very happy with the design and the quality of the welds. More...


I C.

11 September 2012

Steel Werx did a great job on welding a steel base for a coffee table I built.  Pawl and the guys in the shop were really nice and took a personal interest in my little project.  I definitely appreciated their feedback, explanations on material choices. They were able to take a pencil drawing with dimensions and source the materials and give me a finished product in a day.  Good work. I'll definitely come back. More...


Dan N.

8 September 2012

I went to Steel Werx with a strange request: making some steel shoulder armor for a costume I'm creating as 'The Comedian' from 'Watchmen'. All I gave them to go on was a few pictures from the internet.In one week, they created the armor better than I imagined it, and fitted it to me. Their attention to detail is great, and they made me exactly what I wanted. More...


Kevin A.

23 April 2012

You cannot imagine how great it feels to know that my Emeryville based business gets the VIP treatment  irregardless of the project.  These guys TRULY understand the value of the word relationship.   Bring ANY project to them and what you will receive is nothing short of fantastic.  I was not a big fan of metal per se but after the TRX station they built for me, and let's do talk about the care in which they handle their work.  Top notch.  Paul sees everything and his staff that I met Rob and Nate Dawg represent Steel Werx very well.  I wish I could show you the countertop valance they made for me - you will never go back to any corporate franchise again to get that special piece or project completed for work, home, or auto.  Give these guys a shot and you will experience a wonderful community they have put together to serve YOU better.  Kevin Allen of Namaste Fit Club More...


Graham H.

30 March 2012

Since writing my first review, Paul has consistently produced wonderful work. We've done a drawer pulls, a desk, bookshelves, and cabinet together (i'm a woodworker). Consistently top notch work, affordable and fast as all blazes. bring him your crazy ideas and he'll make em a reality. More...


Steve Q.

3 March 2012

Needed a light hoist for installing dental track lights to a ceiling.  These lights are very long and awkward and can take up to 2-3 guys to install.  We gave our idea of having a hoist that would keep the light stabilized and would have a worm drive to raise the light into position.  The worm drive had to be operated by any electric type drill head.  Paul looked at our old crank type hoist that was apiece of ish....took our ideas and made it reality in 3 days.  This thing is amazing!!  I still owe him a video of the hoist in action and will be showing pictures to my other offices across the country.  Thank you Steel Werx!! More...


Max K.

30 September 2011

Paul down at Steel Werx is both a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to business.  We have tried to give him the most unbelievable demands and requests, but he and the boys always come through...and with style.  We had him design and build us the most amazing mutant bicycle for Burning Man this year, along with a custom designed roof rack to carry it there.  Their artistic portfolio is ridiculous...art cars, sculptures, bikes etc.  Not to mention being able to pull off any of the other mundane steel jobs people require:)....steel werx will complete any and all requests. More...


Hen A.

1 September 2011

dream in metal?...can be built here!...dilemma on a motard...steering damper installed...straight crossbar unable to clear the golden box...few visits to welders and benders...all unable...finding steel werx...presenting the problem...few measurements and uploading to the screen...computer fabrication and dimensions...printout of the plan...the project too small for any machines...must be done by hands, eyes, tools and a smile...self just watching...only able to provide a second eye to make sure it is exact with the computer printout...finished and installed perfectly back on the motard...only asking for $five....giving $ten and thanking the man...if you dream it, they can build it...steel sculptures, beautiful iron gates, trailers and more... More...


Blueberry P.

16 August 2011

Steel Wrex is the place for custom fabrications, and Paul is the man for the job. Paul had helped me custom a front spoiler for my car on the spot, three hours later, it was painted and installed. It was like he had pulled it out from his sleeves. He is an artistic and talented man. I am very satisfied with the job. More...


James D.

19 January 2011

I have to agree with the other two reviews. Paul is the MAN! As I pulled up he came out of the garage to greet me. I said I have a project I hope the could help me with and he replied with "You know we can." Great attitude. fast service. fair price. He fixed my office chair reclining mechanism, by welding two salvaged parts together to restore my favorite piece of furniture.. and he guarantees his work too. He for people to bring in their crazy ideas and he will make it a reality. Bravo. I'll think I'll go hang out there sometime at lunch. for some reason there is no link to their website on the google search map. More...


Ben K.

14 July 2009

I don't know what I would do without these guys. They not only embrace my harebrained schemes, but they encourage them. Reasonable pricing and quick turn-around mean that I can easily go in and get something installed right before a trip. And their expertise means I can rely on the work even when my life depends on it.Today they created a custom bumper for my fullsize Jeep Cherokee, but they have also fabbed seat brackets, installed mounting points for jacks and shovels, and built a winch mount onto my old Jeep's bumper. All of these items were designed and built from scratch, on-site.Just about anything you think of that involves welding or cutting of metal, they are glad to do.Highly recommended! More...