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cynthia barnard

28 February 2019

fabulous tasty!! Even though I don’t require a gluten-free I like to have it at my table for my guests and friends who are gluten free. Everything is always delicious, fresh, and reasonably priced. So glad they’re here in Ashland! More...


Roseanna Meyer

29 January 2019

This place seriously rocks, best gluten-free place between Portland and San Francisco. The owners are pretty cool and they always have dinosaur cookies which my husband loves.


Erin Taplin

29 January 2019

This is the only bakery locally we go to. The food is out of this world delicious and something we all look forward to devouring. Having a restaurant like this around has been a Godsend as it's one of the only places we can eat safely for my son who has many food sensitivities and allergies and it's just so nice to be able to get out and do something fun as a family. The BEST part of this bakery (well besides the food!) , are the owners. They are absolutely wonderful people, big hearts, and work endlessly (all nighters are common ) to provide some of the best food in the area. We've become regulars and have had the pleasure of getting to know this awesome couple. Thank you so much Kris and Anne. We are so grateful for you and for everything you do for people with food allergies and intolernaces. More...


Sam Smirh

1 October 2018

I went to gluten free paradise to pick up a birthday cake that I ordered. The gentleman behind the counter was an amazing help. When I came in he greeted me with a cheerful good afternoon and we had a great conversation about gluten-free and other dietary restrictions. He is a wealth on knowledge as he teaches classes on gluten free and helps out so many people within the community who are new to gluten free. The cake was beautiful. They were able to fill every requirement we had to suite everyone at our party. The cake was gluten free and vegan. Everyone else in the valley I called would not do both, only one or the other. But gluten free paradise cake though and was amazing. Outstanding customer service and a cheerful couple. I will refer everyone I know to come here. At the party no one was able to tell the cake was gluten free or vegan. The most amazing cake we have ever eaten. Thank you gluten free paradise. The owners have done a true justice to the gluten free world and th community as a whole. More...


Maureen Slack

1 October 2018

Gluten Free Paradise is my favorite lunch stop for sandwiches. The food is great and the prices are remarkably low.They grow organic produce to use in the bakery. The bakery offers almost 200 items (many by special order). Everything is baked in house and sold while fresh. They do not freeze anything. Stars and Dreams is a totally gluten free business which accommodates other food sensitivities very well. I know from experience that most people can't tell by taste that the products are gluten free. They just taste so good!!! There are 5 generations of people with Celiac Disease in their family. The owners are very knowledgeable and are happy to share information. More...


Carl Christy

1 September 2018

This is an amazing place that actually has a great selection and fantastic prices. I ordered three cakes and some other things and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't break the bank. Staff seemed very friendly to me.


Austin Henry

10 June 2018

Seriously delicious food.

I've never been someone to seek out gluten free food but when my Celiac suffering wife found this bakery on Google we were intrigued.

We checked them out we were pleasantly surprised by the entirely gluten free selection. Everything we got (2 muffins, 2 breakfast sandwiches, and a cookie) was super tasty and to top it all off the entire thing was less than $20!! Hell yes we will be back and hell yes we will recommend to friends/family.

The ONLY reason I am not giving a full 5 stars is the customer service we recieved. Now I am not someone who believes the warrants of a business are based on the way the people treat you. If I went to a restaurant that made amazing food I wouldn't give a good God damn how they treat me. That being said, for a small business, I believe that can make a good place all the better.

PLEASE make a conscious effort to beore personable. I want to talk to about how you make it your food and what plans you have to diversify your selection.


miss taila

29 May 2018

Wonderfully yummy cookies, cupcakes, and treats!! None of that spongy, overly dry, weird aftertaste stuff. Care is put into the making of these desserts and goodies!! The bonus is that everything is reasonably priced too. I've been to places where prices are tripled and doesn't even come close to the quality it should be. I feel I found a gluten free gold mine!! More...


Christian Burlingame

18 March 2018

Prices were good. Clean environment. Great and friendly people. Just took a moment to wake up!! Haha great coffee and conversation.


Raymond Hanson

5 March 2018

I had a great Sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich this morning. Great value! Good eating!


Cynthia Lukenbaugh

29 December 2017

Best gluten free breakfast sandwiches I’ve ever found! Hamburgers are delicious too! Great food and great prices! I can’t wait for our next trip to CA so we can stop in again!


Janai Mestrovich

9 December 2017

Not only is this bakery gluten free, it has scrumptious offerings such as slices of quiche, delicious hamburger on a phenomenal gluten free bun, and such a wide variety of baked goods. The owners are rock solid in their dedication to provide the best ingredients in the most delicious array of pastries. I learned their popularity has spread around the globe with orders they ship. It is the most exciting gluten free bakery I've experienced. And they love making others happier and healthier providing made-to-order celebration cakes and more. there is a reason it is called Gluten Free PARADISE....because it IS! More...


Chef Leo

28 August 2017

Awesome! The name says it all! Groovy place to eat safely and lavishly...and deliciously and..amazingly well priced! We so look forward to making the 450 mile trip knowing we will be fed and cared for like family. Actually a 900 mile trip but bring awesome baked goods home with us worth every mile! Did I mention we LOVED it! More...


Sydnee Steele

23 July 2017

I love this locally family owned business, best food, best prices, and the best customer service around! The food is cooked better than most regular food. This bakery is the best around. My favorite is the salted caramel muffin, and my son's favorite is the coffee cake. Thank you gluten free paradise for being here 7 days a week all day everyday! More...

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